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Has anyone watched this series yet? Can anyone say if it's good or bad. Either way, post your best Philip K Dick papes.
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A few others to share -OP
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Story wise its far superior to Black Mirror. You can tell that P.K. Dick wrote them. Unfortunately the CGI is not that overwhelming (which I hoped for)
He didn't exactly write them. Some of the episodes are based off his short stories.
The adaptations probably seem higher quality because they're short episodes (same goes for The Man In the High Castle). The track record for films based of Dick's work is pretty bad, and even the films that have been decent (Blade Runner, the original Total Recall) have barely anything to do with the source material.

I agree. I love Blade Runner but Do Androids Dream of Electric Sleep is an insanely awesome story. I almost wish they'd remake Blade Runner because of it. They took out all the religious themes.
Setting the bar as low as Black Mirror isn't really saying anything. However, I disagree with the plot being quality.

In every episode the plot is either changed entirely because the new writers think they know better than PKD or because they think the updates they've made are superior, or they change the ending (in the case of the first and second episodes) to suit their own personal views which are antithetical to the original theme of the source material.

There are exactly four episodes that work as television episodes: Impossible Planet, Autofac, Father-thing, and Kill All Others. Of those, Autofac and Kill All Others are the most successful even though they have both basically ignored the entirety of the source material. In my opinion, the decision to ignore the source material in the Autofac episode in particular is for the worse as the setup was extremely satisfying in the story, wherein they trick the warring autofac factions to intersect and cause enough chaos to make the attempt to shut them down. I'm not sure why they deemed this not able to be produced, but given the rest of the changes it seems like they weren't targeting the most cerebral demographic with the series. That said, it was still a somewhat satisfying, if overly simple, episode if only they'd excluded the telling scene with her in the bathroom that completely ruins the twist they were going for.

Impossible Planet has changed the ending to give a more 'positive' spin on the ending, instead of the penny being found after the old woman essentially commits suicide. Father-thing is likely the most respectful to the source material, in a way, but as a television episode the ending is a bit underwhelming because of the way they framed it with the #RESIST twitter shit, instead of just ending on the forest burning down and letting us ponder if they were the only ones sent. You know, showing instead of telling...a hallmark of the genre.

t. out of touch old man looking for a wallpaper.

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