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File: WHDQ-512817941.jpg (176 KB, 1920x1080)
176 KB
176 KB JPG
Had my 24th b-day yesterday. Single, depressed, in poor health and with enough mental instability to convince myself it ain't gonna get better.

Give me one piece of advice to make that change and a wallpaper to remind me of it...
(extra points if it's textless)

Stop telling yourself you need to get better, you're putting too much pressure on yourself to ever improve or be happy.

If you focus on where you aren't, it's too intimidating, and won't ever motivate you to improve.

Instead, accept that where you are is okay, you're only 24, you have a LOOOOONG lifetime to figure this shit out. Just don't make any truely fucked up decisions, that you won't be able to come back from (ie. don't stop going to work, whatever else fits here)

Loneliness is aweful, which is why it's essential to talk to people. If you don't have friends, start playing some kind of mmo, (don't let it fuck up your life) you can make "intro" friends there.

If you're not sure how to change, here's my summary (may be incomplete)

I'd say the easiest / most important thing to improve is diet and exercise, if you're not sure where to start. Getting diet and exercise in control gives you more self confidence, which starts a snowball effect in the (other direction) of depression. Just don't develop body dysmorphia.

TL;DR: Get comfortable in the situation you're in, there's no reason you NEED to do better. Only try to change if you know you WANT to.

Armchair expert, so fuck my opinion.
Thank you, anon. It ain't the wallpaper I was hoping... but the advice I'll surely keep.
I only started working out last week and I can already feel a change in my motivation and mentality so anon above me isn't wrong.

I'm 24 and struggle too bro but no where near as bad as last year, I've come a long way since then. Even obtained a job via group interview where I stood there shaking trying to convince them to hire me, competing with 20 others all staring at me ruining it. They chose me because they saw I was willing to give even when it was uncomfortable. Advice from me is when it's uncomfortable, for people like you and I, that's the signal to do it. Another thing is, and I know it's almost lost these days but, you are loved by God. Got saved and my life turned around. Try reading the bible my brother.

Piece of advice that sticks out to me that I received when I was very low was, when you have a mountain to climb, don't look at the mountain, buy yourself some climbing boots and keep your eyes on the map.

Love you bro
File: 1318482284391.jpg (430 KB, 1920x1080)
430 KB
430 KB JPG
Studies show that thinking about happiness is a sure way never to get happier.

Altruism and self-improvement. Focus on maintaining a level mental state. Seek out things that calm you but aren't destructive or addicting. Speak to others even if it's just the guy making your coffee.
File: 1501209060969.jpg (1.56 MB, 3872x2592)
1.56 MB
1.56 MB JPG
There's a lot of good advice in here. I'll definitely second the "diet and exercise" line of advice. I was in a similar state of mind when I was 25 and I think I've really turned myself around and am much happier now.

My advice is to set a date, maybe one month from now, maybe a week, it's up to you. And decide you're going to make a change in your life. It doesn't even have to be a huge change. Start with calorie counting and walking for 30 minutes a day. Do that for three weeks and I think you will be surprised at how different you feel. Also, if you smoke weed, make that part of your change. STOP. Maybe not forever, but at least until you get your life straightened out.

Another thing that helped me was moving to a new city. I know that's not an option for everyone, but I think that really helped me. Living in one place, you really get into your habits and routines and when they're not healthy routines, it's hard to break out of that cycle. Moving somewhere new can give you the opportunity to "re-invent" yourself. Decide you're going to live differently and then do it.

Can't give much advice about loneliness/friends/romance unfortunately. Get a pet if you don't have one.

Good luck.
File: sexylibrary.jpg (861 KB, 1920x1200)
861 KB
861 KB JPG
If you want to be wealthy study wealth.
If you want to be successful study success.
If you want to be healthy study health.
If you want to be happy study happiness.
Don't compare your backstage footage to other people's highlight real.

Its time to accept the fact that life requires a lot of work, pain, anxiety and frustration.

Almost every bit of that work, pain, anxiety and frustration is used to have an experience an infinite amount of people never born will not have.

I accept this and strive to live my life in a way that in the inevitability that I die, I have made more lives better than worse.
File: FinnJake.jpg (236 KB, 1920x1080)
236 KB
236 KB JPG
File: 2018-08-02_22-47-29.jpg (483 KB, 4480x1080)
483 KB
483 KB JPG
File: 1525422802162.jpg (975 KB, 1920x1080)
975 KB
975 KB JPG
my advice is to Be and give your love to those who can care for it and give it back unscathed.
File: precipice.jpg (332 KB, 1920x1080)
332 KB
332 KB JPG
You sound a lot like me at 24. I asked myself all the time, why do I keep living?

Once, on my balcony, I asked (whatever you imagine the Deity to be) and just waited in silence. For that sort of thing to work, you have to have an open mind. Maybe it's just your subconscious talking, but then somewhere inside you know why you're still alive.

Don't know what your particular ailment is, but I had (still have) mine. Depressed since forever: missed opportunities, aspects of myself that hadn't developed for reasons beyond my control.

I will make a few assumptions here, Anon: white male, American, not from a wealthy family? Welcome to the shittiest demographic in the country. No one really likes you, and they're sure as fuck not going to program exceptions and assistance into the system to help... but that's not the end of the story.

Not a religious nut, but existing at all is a miracle. I would never, ever recommend taking up Heidegger - but the core of his thought and others in that camp, roughly, could be useful. The "question of being" as he puts it - why is there anything rather than nothing at all - comes to us all in different forms, but there is no answer. The only real purposes our lives have are those we create...

Find something you like to do (creating, producing, fixing, whatever) and do the fuck out of it.
As others have written, just get used to the depression and keep on chugging. Nothing will make it go away, but a little bit of success will make it STFU for a while.
File: 1451103127305.jpg (1000 KB, 1920x1090)
1000 KB
1000 KB JPG
I'm in the same boat as you bro.
If you want to be law study law
If you want to be computer science study computer science
File: 1533003335992.jpg (903 KB, 3024x2031)
903 KB
903 KB JPG
The only way out of this is to start confronting your fears, right now. Find some things that make you uncomfortable and start racing towards them head first. It doesn't matter if you start big or small, because through the act itself you'll find the right balance as long as you don't stop. Overcoming and relishing the uncomfortable is the only path to escape what you're feeling, because the pain you're feeling is spiritual.
Wow, I didn't expect to see so much positivity in here from you guys. I mean... it is 4chan of all things.
Thank you so much.
Being single is best if you want to work on yourself, gf's are nice sometimes, but they sure do get in the way.

Grass is always greener anon.
/wg/ is one of the best boards on 4chan
>I would never, ever recommend taking up Heidegger
Just curious, why not? I've enjoyed the little I've read of his work
It would be nice if you replied to a few comments next time you feel down so people know they reached you in some way
Fuck this guy.
Fuck anyone who helps something expecting something in return. Then it stops being help, and instead becomes a "trade", except you pretended you didn't want something in return initially.
File: 0065191050.jpg (347 KB, 1920x1200)
347 KB
347 KB JPG
A piece of advice, huh? And a picture to go with it... let's see.

I once walked through a field of amber grain, just as they do in the movies (or as Russell Crowe did in Gladiator, anyway). It was October, the sky was crystalline blue, there was not a cloud in sight, and while it was cold in the shade it was warm in the sun. I walked around in it for about an hour before coming to a cleared area where I stopped and sat down for another hour. Ground was cold--distinctly remember my ass hurting when I got up, too. Spent some time there before heading out to a family function. I don't really remember what I thought about back then. I just remember enjoying it. Crisp, fresh air, a little blanket of warmth, and a sea of grain.

Find your field of amber grain and walk through it every so often. I'm not superstitious, but I think it's good for the soul.
File: 1500953268628.jpg (848 KB, 2560x1600)
848 KB
848 KB JPG
this is a great thread as someone who just turned 25 and feels similarly. happy belated birthday.
I think what makes me happy is that what's really real and life-giving is nothing properly human or symbolic and the Chinese like the Taoists sort of had that figured out. Check out the Zhuangzi. To me it's like we are part of a universal unity which is like a cosmic noos, self-sufficient and doesn't need us, and this sort of diminishes our ego-significance.
To be pedantic, I think his question of being is more like the question of the meaning of being. What does it mean to be? Having delved into his work for a few months, I sort of agree with you. The purposes ARE those we have to create, and it feels to me like Heidegger's writing is his personal journey exploring this question, but it doesn't have to be OUR journey (same goes for Nietzsche) but doesn't often say it as such. The closest he might come is Building Thinking Dwelling. But at the same time he's awfully obscure. Thanks for the advice btw everyone.
if you want to be fart, study fart
File: 1457622659227.jpg (1.26 MB, 1680x1050)
1.26 MB
1.26 MB JPG
If there's anything you've always wanted to learn about or learn to do give it a shot. Small things are best actually, like learning some card tricks or some stuff about a topic you've never pursued and it can really put you in touch with yourself sometimes.

Last year I went through a real low spot with some free time and just started learning little skills I'd always wanted to have, and reading on stuff that interested me. Even if it was just filling longstanding gaps in my knowledge on something it kind of seemed like I was moving closer to the person I'd imagined I would be, and that brought me some peace.

I'm 25 and like lots of others in here I feel you dude, but stay strong and good luck with your health.
I was born in Santiago, Chile. At five years old I was shot and survived. A month later Augusto Pinochet took over over the country as it’s worst dictators. He ordered tanks equipped with machine guns to roll through the streets and fire upon anyone out after 6:00pm. when the tanks rolled down my street they fired off a tank shell and destroyed the house at the end of the block. I, unfortunately, was standing at the front gate and witnessed the gunner shot two men and one woman with their machine gun. Their corpses laid in front of our gate for three days. We left Chile and moved to New York City (legally) when I was eight. When I was 21 I got married. Eleven months later she cheated on me because, as she put it , worked too much and was not around. I got a divorce and moved back home with my parents.
At 28 I met a woman, dated and moved in with. A year later our daughter was born. I could not have been more over joyed with my baby and girlfriend. My girlfriend wanted at least two more children. I wanted to go back to school. We could not agree on anything. The relationship ended when my daughter was four years old. I had my daughter every weekend over at my house and the years flew by.
When my beautiful daughter was sixteen she committed suicide. On that day I wanted to kill myself. My daughter was gone from this world and she took a piece of my soul with her.
Four years later I am still here and I have learned many lessons from life. The lesson I must pass on from one man to another: if decide to take your life then you will never realize your potential in this life.
I am now 50 and even though life is raw, cruel, unfair it is still beautiful. Stay strong you never know who you will meet tomorrow.
File: 1509023304481.jpg (690 KB, 1920x1080)
690 KB
690 KB JPG
you like vidya anon? Make a character with your stats or think of one similar to you and think of how to boost your intelligence, wisdom, charm, etc (whatever you want to improve) by literally making your life into a character.
You can solve a lot of difficult life problems by using this video game mindset
I wouldn't advise someone an mmo if they're depressed or have anxiety problems.. only gives them a place to hide.
just an acknowledgement to know if OP abandoned the thread or not

also, fuck you and anyone who jumps to conclusions
It's all good, I haven't abandoned this thread. I was feeling down at the moment of writing, that is true. So out of pure spontaneous feeling and with no specific end goal in mind I started this thread, hoping someone will reach out eventually.
It's just slightly overwhelming, because I didn't expect such positive feedback and people simply opening up or sharing their own stories.
I've been reading every single response in these past few days and had nothing but an open mind about my future and things to come. So I want to thank you all.
Jesus Christ, man, that's rough.
File: 1427599116954.jpg (1.03 MB, 1920x1080)
1.03 MB
1.03 MB JPG
>you never know who you will meet tomorrow
File: 1473299856332.jpg (464 KB, 1920x1080)
464 KB
464 KB JPG
Every single living person out there, wherever that may be, has their own 'life tempo'.

You're only 24, so why even mention that? Won't get into the discussion of time and why it's better to stop counting your years (I stopped at 18 and I'm off better)

The tempo. Everyone has different one. Gonna contradict myself here for a bit just to make you understand better, but I am 23 and I just finished Uni, still have no clue what to do with my life, but I'm starting to get a little jist of what I should try - anyway. My peers, and former classmates from high school are married, and some of them have 2nd child. But that shouldn't worry me at all - because life has no timelapse. Life timelapse was built by society's idea of standards. It's an illusion, never mind that - ever.

Just go on with your life, stop counting years, and realise the most important fact that time does not exist, neither divine reward at the end of your life. You have SO LONG yet to go. Do what you like, and carry on. Health will improve when you will stop putting too much thought into it (my health issues are gone too)

Just live, anon.
Think of it this way - if there's that many people in the world, surely there's a thing for everyone.
if you want to shitpost study... oh wait, you can already do that without all the hassle
File: 19640023000b.jpg (354 KB, 2000x1200)
354 KB
354 KB JPG
>board is literally called "Wallpapers/General"
>faggots still posting walls of text with no wallpapers
File: 1523990948407.jpg (69 KB, 650x842)
69 KB
what is your discord, i need positivity in my life.
File: IMG_20180805_124559.jpg (235 KB, 1460x1553)
235 KB
235 KB JPG
What's good?
File: silly.png (1.05 MB, 1920x1080)
1.05 MB
1.05 MB PNG
start small with anything you can handle. write it down. it could just be taking a step out of bed. it could be eat 1 vegetable. do this every day. take as long as you need to start building up these small achievements. one step out of bed will evolve into going for a daily walk. daily walks will evolve into regular exercise. the most important thing is to NEVER WAIT for MOTIVATION. you MAKE motivation.

well wishes anon, we're always here for you.
Had my 24th birthday a couple weeks ago. Was pretty sick of the way I was living, a 9-5 wagecuck desk job was torture, even when I was using my degree.
Ended up applying to the military just because I knew I couldn't keep going the way I was going and not want to commit suicide.
Also this. I've been going to the gym for 6 years now, it's hard starting out to keep it routine but once it's cemented you feel better just going.
The other thing as well is don't bother waiting for friends to do things with you, if you don't want to wait to do something just do it. If you're not confident then here's an opportunity to build some by being independent.
File: 1743094_1.jpg (45 KB, 630x630)
45 KB
Nuff said.
File: 4L_ewefVLZE.jpg (151 KB, 900x1385)
151 KB
151 KB JPG

If you havent seen the movie yet, I’d advise you to watch it. Try focussing on his personality and compare it to your own, and see with all honesty to yourself if its “worthy” to see yourself any less than steve rodgers.

Even though its a movie, you and I know sure as hell that there are people out there in the world who are just like him and fighting against the struggle everyday if neccesary. Those people have our respect, and we can be just like steve/them.
File: 1531879501953.jpg (240 KB, 2048x1365)
240 KB
240 KB JPG
Sorry my dude, im not really good at giving advices to people i dont know.
When ever i feel sad i just dig in my pape folder and lurk around, it's something that just makes me feel better, it may sound stupid but it works for me.
I'll leave you my favorite one, hope you like it and hope you figure it out soon anon.
File: catPlants.jpg (1.23 MB, 3516x2327)
1.23 MB
1.23 MB JPG
One of the best things I've learned along the way is that emotions are a gift. Things like anger and sadness are gifts given to us by life and because they are gifts it means that it's up to us to accept them.

A simple way to make life better is to try and accept less gifts of anger and sadness and accept more gifts of calm and content.

Life is beautiful always. If you're having a bad day it doesn't mean that life has stopped being beautiful, all it means is that you've decided to accept the negative gifts of that day which has clouded your vision. The negative gifts make it harder to see the beauty in life. By choosing not to accept the gifts we can always see the beauty in life; beauty in the flowers, beauty in a smile, beauty in a calm morning and cup of coffee.

Life is a gift, emotions are a gift both good and bad. Life offers us all of her gifts so it's up to you to choose to accept the good gifts and be thankful for them.
File: wallpaper-1192747.jpg (498 KB, 1920x1200)
498 KB
498 KB JPG
Read Joseph Campbell. You lack the experience of living.
File: bee.jpg (238 KB, 1920x1200)
238 KB
238 KB JPG
Just bee urself
Just stand up and go. The longer you sit there and wait for it to change the harder it gets. So take a step make a move and NEVER stop.
File: 1461624734933.jpg (799 KB, 1920x1080)
799 KB
799 KB JPG
Hey OP, I actually do have a little piece of advice for you; find friends. It doesn't matter where- fuck, just start talking to people at the laundromat, even. Just say hi and get the ball rolling and you will meet incredible people. Friends are the best asset in life- they aren't fickle like relationships and are more diverse and applicable in your life. I spent so long with the blinders on, relentlessly chugging for relationships, that I only now realize just how much my friends have been there and supported me. Combined they have given me more love than all my relationships times ten. So find them. People who like you, or have similar interests, or are just friendly people.
Hell, I'll be your first one. Nice to meet you, Anon.
File: 1533051153750.jpg (2.03 MB, 2560x1600)
2.03 MB
2.03 MB JPG
Christ is the only one that can save you, in flesh and in spirit.
Was in this thread and saw the edit, didn't save, thanks.
Secular Buddhism has the tools that will allow you to live a happy life regardless of external circumstances.
Read 12 Rules for life by Jordan Peterson
Have any of you niggas read Jordan Peterson's new book "12 Rules for Life"? It's pretty insightful on how to fix yourself before you can be you.

Know what I am saying, homie?
I've heard both positive and negative things about the book itself and J. Peterson's approach to things. A friend of mine even told me to skip it of some 'stagmatic' quality towards it.
File: WWI futility.jpg (697 KB, 2560x1536)
697 KB
697 KB JPG
You're gonna be fine, anon.
Just fine.
start the thread with more images. read the sticky you depressed shit
File: 1365053152655.png (805 KB, 1280x800)
805 KB
805 KB PNG
"Avoid small towns where the only sport is a gossip about you. Live in a big city to gain anonymity" would be my advice to you if you had anxiety. All of us here can give you any kind of advice but if it's just another way to make you feel a little warm inside, you are doing it wrong. It's your life. And it's in your hands. Good luck, OP.
as has already been advised, exercise is a relatively easy and often very effective step toward noticeable positive mental and physical improvement.

start with a few pushups, situps and a short run just to get your muscles working and breath going. consistency is key.

do your utmost to remove any thoughts or feelings of "trying to improve" being cringe. just try it, and view it as an experiment. if it doesn't work you can always stop. but try to keep it up for at least one month.

most importantly, always remember that you're not alone feeling like this. and it is also true that it is temporary, it will get better.

happy bday, dude.
File: 1494447595741.jpg (326 KB, 1920x1080)
326 KB
326 KB JPG
Unironically 12 Rules For Life
File: 1525005634883.jpg (357 KB, 1920x1080)
357 KB
357 KB JPG
When I feel bad I just read the Bible and drink some green tea. Avoid coffee and alcohol. I have been there.
Finding a way home is a difficult task, and everyone needs to take their time and keep open minded, because sometimes the path is hidden behind the bushes and we just turn around from there. Much love!
Can confirm. I felt like shit in my early 20s, started playing WoW as a way to escape. During the 10 years I played, it didn't make me feel better, just ok. My life outside of WoW got worse, and 10 years later, I regret using video games as a solution. They only way to feel better is to improve yourself, not some arbitrary numbers or a pixilated character who doesn't exist.
File: 1533681524980.png (244 KB, 1920x1080)
244 KB
244 KB PNG
Based boomer
My best friend just died. My best friend. I got fired, my mom got fired, I am in absolute shambles right now. I cut most of my friends out of my life and I needed to. My birthday is next week.

But I've suffered before as have you are right now. You need to start

1. Eating better
2. Excercising
3. Sleeping well, at night. Wake up early.

These are the three things that have made my life better.
(Forgot to mention)
This too, like don't feel cringed at the fact you're trying to improve yourself, or that you're doing less than anyone. Honestly bro the world is much brighter and better than it seems.

And happy birthday man, as I've said mine is next week too. I hope you lift yourself up a bit.
I just read this and holy shit. If there was ever more of a man I've read something about on the internet you're him.
It drives me knowing people like you exist and push through, you are a prime example of what it is to be a beautiful human being. After all you've been through you still say that life is beautiful.

I wanted to kill myself at 16 since I had problems at home. I was in the gifted classes and then I started hanging out with the wrong crowd, I was an only child also. I pushed through along with everything else that I've been through, up until now at 24. My best friend just passed away recently. And I hold your philosophy as well, life is beautiful and there is always more tomorrow.

I wish I had better words to appreciate you and your post. I hope this universe and life treats you better on the sole fact that you have an appreciation for the life that you have regardless of the circumstances you've been in sir. I know this all comes off as extra since I don't know you but you are an amazing human being. I can't believe a guy like you is literally posting on /wg/.
This goes beyond the "hurr durr girls liek ripped guys"
Your body literally rewards you for getting yourself in line. Endorphins get released from exercise, proper sleep helps clear shit out of your brain and correct nutrition allows you to function more efficiently. You will be amazed at how those three areas can affect your overall state.
right there with you anon til about 2 months ago
pretty much the same situation except im 2 years younger
met someone I knew I had no chance with. Fucked it up obviously and got really mad about it, used that anger to start improving my life.
I don't known what kind of a person you are and what advice might or might not work for you but I'll try and help you anyway.
just fuck everything and everyone. if life ain't worth shit to you then why should you fucking care about anything or anyone but yourself. get mad get really fucking angry at the shitty world that fucked you, get mad at yourself for being such a fuckup. get mad and use that anger to forget every thought of doubt and worthlessness about yourself. get mad and stay mad, use the "hype" to start lifting, get a better job/education, get gf. find one thing that gets you consistently mad and use that to power you through the day. never forget it, get as bitter as you want about life but never forget this world that fucked you up to the point where you are now. nobody cares so why should you and if you're close to ending it it doesn't really fucking matter if you actually try or end it today. so why not at least try for once. give it a year, maybe two and if life still sucks you can still end it then. its gonna be hard and you're still going to have bad days my dude but when youre down in the dirt just remember the thing that gets you mad the most and use it to get back up and start punching
File: 1508915799094.png (1.71 MB, 1920x1080)
1.71 MB
1.71 MB PNG
If you aren't motivated, then that's your first problem. I don't care if you're a self proclaimed retard, get your shit together. Lift the pain away, do cardio, talk to people even if you look like an idiot. Do more. Pape is fitting enough. Good luck, anon. Godspeed.
File: 1470876895173.jpg (643 KB, 2000x1000)
643 KB
643 KB JPG

this is such empty motivational claptrap.

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