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How do you guys deal with anxiety and irrational worry?

also: Post a wallpaper you want me to see
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>>7293361 I just remind myself that it will all be over before I know it and my worry is nothing compared to what others around the world are going through at that very moment so I try to be thankful of my situation.
File: wallhaven-113658.jpg (619 KB, 2560x1440)
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thanks for joining.

I'm studying at an expensive school and i feel like i'm going to screw everything up. My wife and I moved to another continent for my school and spent all of our money.

I hate feeling anxious because I know that it's not real. I know it'll feel better soon, and I even know that even if i fucked everything up and failed everything, my wife would still love me, I have my cat and we will manage.
File: 1531659157555.jpg (476 KB, 1920x1080)
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I just wait for the ride back up the mood roller coaster and enjoy it while it lasts
I never knew that phrase existed, thank you man
You're welcome dude.

I've only read Starship Troopers from Robert A Heinlein, but that book is really good. EVEN BETTER THAN THE MOVIES!
File: 1524423802653.jpg (1.57 MB, 1600x1067)
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I don't really have a fitting pape, but what I do have is that I fucked up in high school.
I fucked up in college, which my wife is now helping to pay my debt.
I fucked up and missed my chance to tell my grandpa I loved him before he died.
I do know that my wife fucking loves me, and I fucking love her. My dogs fucking love me and I love them.
Life is about finding those that love that you're a fuck up and it's sounds like you've already found everything that life has to offer.

You don't decide your life's worth, the people that you love do.
>You don't decide your life's worth, the people that you love do.

well said. thank you
File: Clouds.jpg (459 KB, 4096x2304)
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Shit doesn't really matter try to enjoy your life.
File: Sorry.png (103 KB, 1280x800)
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I like to think of bare minimum "silver linings". Like if there's somethings that can go wrong and even going from bad to worse I can count on those base line bads and I can prepare myself for scenarios with the good things I can count on. And even if I can't count on what I thought I could I look for ways around that. So basically I'm always looking for a way that I can come out on top while remaining calm and taking deep breaths (getting more oxygen to the brain in a calm matter legitimately helps no matter how stupid and basic it sounds) through out the whole planning and execution. And that in a nutshell is how I avoid excessive worry and/or anxiety.
Hope this helped, anon.
File: 1463849466675.jpg (580 KB, 1920x1080)
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i dont
File: cityscape_dawn.jpg (1.34 MB, 5035x3339)
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Thank you, it does help

Slowly chip away at it, day to day, it's hard, but it's better then drowning in it, i constantly remind myself not to take life so seriously
File: 1533250473542.jpg (430 KB, 1920x1080)
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Judge me all you want, but I turn to God.
File: 1447132007253-2.png (537 KB, 1280x800)
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File: Hishida_Shunsō_001.jpg (1.55 MB, 3000x1269)
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it just gets better with age, in my late 20s now and i wish i felt like this at 19
File: 910361.jpg (331 KB, 1920x1200)
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It sounds corny, but I remind myself that this is all temporary. Both in the immediate and the long term, whatever I'm worried about probably isn't actually going to matter. Of course, too far down that road lies nihilism...
dont fixate or "dwell" in the worry and anxiety. think about something else for a while and it will go away. eventually it gets easier to stop and then its not a problem
the brain likes to keep thinking about stuff it has been thinking about, and that applies to worry, depression, lust and even the work youve been doing.
youve heard about how your brain keeps working on problems in the background even when you stop and do something else. its just that but applied to everything else
File: 1379298477177.jpg (464 KB, 1599x1200)
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There's something past nihilism. If you can push through it, you can get there. Nothing matters objectively, true, but we each control our own subjective reality until we die. By ascribing meaning to the things we care about, we give them meaning until we die, and cement them into the past forever. It may all go away when I die, but it will always have been.
This is a really nice one, as an aspiring musician this is something that people rarely realize is as pervasive as it is. We can get so focused on our directors cut of our lives that we treat the highlight reels we get from other people as if that's just their entire life and it isn't.

Hate to be that guy but this. When you start growing up, you go from being sort of content to gradually realizing just how much everything sucks an how meaningless it all is and a lot of people get stuck there around the ages of 17 - 20. But there really is a lot beyond nihilism, it's just hard to see sometimes because nihilism is this big empty black hole of nothing by definition. It does truly feel that there's nowhere left to go but to anyone reading this, there is and getting there isn't always easy but it's well worth pushing through for. That's not to say I'm there or that any of us really "get" there, more that nihilism is like a wall and past that, an infinite tunnel. The wall is blocking you for now but once you break past it, there's a long road of meaninglessness ahead but it isn't the same as nihilism, it's more refined and positive.

Really, I think we all need to stop thinking now and then and spend a few moments thinking about the way things are in as objective a way as we can. The world in an inherently, objectively interesting place. Maybe the goal of life shouldn't be to be happy, but to be interested.

Hang in there anons, you'll get through whatever you're struggling with right now and the struggle won't end but if it did, that would just be boring. At that point, when there genuinely is nothing left to fix and suffer through, you might as well actually end it all but nobody will ever actually get to that point.
File: 1443863586565.jpg (375 KB, 1920x1080)
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I was anxious because I had a lot of pent up energy and nothing to put my mind to.
After doing exhausting physical activity consistently, for me Jiu-Jitsu, and putting my mind to something during the luls, audiobooks and writing, I rarely feel as much anxiety as I used to.
File: 62980012.jpg (613 KB, 1630x1080)
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Photography. Everything was utter shit for me up until I picked up a camera and started forcing myself outside and keeping myself busy.

I still don't do it enough, but when I do actually get out there it's incredibly rewarding.
Sometimes i can calm myself down. I also drink medicinally. (If i wasn't drug tested I'd smoke.)
nice pic, keep it up
File: 96180008.jpg (3.6 MB, 3091x2048)
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3.6 MB JPG
Thanks, Anon.

Hopefully you find this comfy.
Is there really anything past nihilism? I'm not trying to be a dick, but when your meaning is literally just admitting that you have to resort to subjective interpretations of reality, that doesn't seem like it's the strongest defense. I don't want to encourage those with suicidal thoughts or the like, but I also don't want to eschew reality. Rather than try and pretend that anything I'm experiencing matters, the only reason I've come to for not just killing myself right this second is that I don't understand the full impact of my existence.
This is a shallow sounding example, but one of my wife's co-worker's children just killed themselves. They weren't even out of high school yet. I don't know this kid, or to be brutally honest, even care about them. However, now I have to take time out of my life to attend a funeral for another person I don't know, to pretend to grieve for someone I barely even know existed. My wife did though, and I watched her grieve for this person in a capacity the kid probably wouldn't have guessed possible. What I got out of this is that it's nearly impossible to grasp the extent of your actions. If I kill myself, what do I fuck up? Sure I know (or can guess) how it's going to affect some people I know, but what about the ripple effect? Maybe, just maybe, it's actually a net gain if I don't give in and do what appears to me to be the logical thing and just fucking liquefy my skull.

Really most anything you do in the name of being happy and escaping such feelings should help.

>Hang out with friends
>Talk/flirt with a cute girl
>Do classwork
>Watch a great movie
>Listen to great music
>Read a great book
>Write stories
>Practice an instrument
>Practice drawing/painting
>Work out or do yardwork
>Organize something (folders, computer files, room)
>Plan week/day or make resolutions/to-do lists
>Find new music to listen to
>Find new wallpapers or interesting artwork
>Play a game
>Take a shower
>Take CBD/kratom/kava, etc.
Or if you’re feeling less “wholesome”:
>Drink alcohol
>Take some drugs
>Watch porn
>Jack off

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