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I'm not quite sure I know what you mean, my friend and original poster. Please do not get me wrong, this is an interesting thread but it lacks the required content for such a thread, and I am entirely unable to come to the conclusion that you have read the sticky. This is a wallpaper board. This is not a request board. You, as the original poster, are required to post at least more than one image.

If you lack the prerequisites to start such a thread, then you could consider lurking moar and checking the catalogue for existing threads pertaining to the content you are requesting.

It is possible of course, original poster, that the content you are looking for exists outside of 4chan, in the far reaches of the world wide web. There are many websites whose userbase is dedicated to collecting and sharing wallpapers of all themes, styles, and sizes. These websites can be accessed by the use of your browsers URL bar or via search engines, such as Google. Perhaps you could consider visiting some of those sites and saving wallpapers you like or are relevant to the thread you are trying to create so that you may also post them here and share with us the fruits of your digital labor.

Sadly however, I have so very few wallpapers for this request, original poster. Perhaps when you can contribute yourself, I too, can contribute

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