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I need your help.
I am sending you 2 .jpgs and you tell me if those 2 girl hands are of a same girl, I need to know if bitch is lying to me
second one
i seriously need your help
hard to tell on different hands but i'd say
thumb looks longer in second pic
darker hairs go all the way upto the wrist in second pic
sorry was looking at wrong pic i meant in the first for both
One is a right hand. The other is a left hand. She's definitely cheating, anon.
File: DpQ9YJl.png (21 KB, 700x700)
21 KB
I was about to say this as well but OP's specifically said if those hands are from the same girl so whether it's left or right is totally irrelevant
It's either the same girl or an elaborate prank.
He didn't say, my dude. He asked.
File: Rp3n8LE56T-4.png (28 KB, 300x250)
28 KB
>if those 2 girl hands are of a same girl
not if those hands are the same hands
>the hands shape are similar
>they both have the same fingernail color
>they both have a black hairband, which seems to be of the same material
>they both have similar sleeves

too many coincidences if you ask me, it's the same person
No, the hands in the first pic look much manlier, and she's not even wearing a watch in the second pic.
OP I'm not sure if you're blind or something but in the first pic there's clearly some dude's hand holding hers
File: Untitled-2.png (1.67 MB, 1920x1080)
1.67 MB
1.67 MB PNG
dont take light too seriously, don't think shes cheating

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