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Dear anons, I have an older Toshiba laptop running Windows 7. I want to do a complete reinstall but I can't download Windows 7 from the Microsoft page even though I have a valid product key. Microshit says the software came with the computer and I should ask the manufacturer, but fuck that. So I downloaded Windows 7 from piratebay with an "included activation". The torrent contains the Windows 7 .iso image but also a bunch of other shit - a folder with stylized zipper called Windows 7 Activation and what is apparently software called Windows 7 USB-DVD Tool. Do I just plug in a USB stick with everything into my computer? Or should I burn it onto a DVD? Or do I just need the .iso image and activate it later with a key from the zipped folder? Plz ELI5
use USB-DVD tool to make your USB a bootable one

Install win 7

run the activator in that folder after installing win7

skip the activaton code part obv
read the torrent next time
You don't need to put pirate shit on your computer.

Back up your license with OEMDump, then reapply it after you reinstall.
>Back up your license with OEMDump, then reapply it after you reinstall.
What does that mean...?
BTW I have already re-installed Windows 7 a few times when it coult still be downloaded by anybody. I even made a DVD with the .iso image but it is damaged now. A lot of stuff may have been wiped out, I have also switched the hdd for an ssd
OEMDump backs up the license information that came with your computer. You can then use that to activate Windows on that computer without needing any loaders or other dodgy shit.

I totally don't advocate downloading another copy of your manufacturer's SLP certificate then finding a list of SLP product keys and entering the appropriate one for your edition of Windows.
burn to dvd, install home edition, uses code written on underneath of laptop, activate with windows (sometimes you have to re enter the code), done
I have now burned two versions of windows 7 to three DVD, the boot failed from all of them. then I tried to use the DVD tool to make a bootable USB stick, but the program told me it was unable to copy my files, with three different USB sticks. I have now been able to find a workaround around Microsofts fuck-ups. Jesus Christ I hope that USB stick lets me boot or i'm going to smash that laptop to kindling. Fuck computers.
It wouldn't boot from the USb stick either, but then I booted it normally, opened the USB stick with the Windows 7 boot installation and clicked on the "setup" icon and hey presto it started reinstalling Windows 7, all fresh and sparkly clean. It even kept all of my old data on the drive, all the backups I made weren't even necessary.
i use e2b
also i just checked with a simple google search and
I had found this before, but when I entered my product key there came a message saying sth like "you software came pre-installed in a product, please ask the manufacturer". That limitation wasn't there when I downloaded the iso files from Microsoft a couple of years ago.

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