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File: Huion NEW 1060 PLUS.jpg (82 KB, 1500x1500)
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I'm looking for entry-level drawing tablet recommendations. The guide on /ic/ hasn't been updated for 2 years.

It's supposed to be used in Windows 10 and Ubuntu for the purpose of basically making reaction images or taking notes. Built-in screen not necessary, I guess.

Currently, I'm eyeing at the Huion NEW 1060 PLUS (82€, image related). I heard about the driver problems already, but the price-performance ratio looks just too good.
ask at /ic/
Taking notes on a tablet is way less comfortable with keyboard, and unless you're doing heavy photoshopping, i don't think it's worth getting one for reaction images.

That said, cheap Wacom series (Comic, Photo, etc. The small ones) should do the trick, and more reliably than a huion.
Still using a Wacom Bamboo here; had it for around four years now, I think. Works like a charm still. Highly recommend it. Just make sure to cover the surface of any tablet you buy with paper to protect it.
>Just make sure to cover the surface of any tablet you buy with paper to protect it.

That sounds weird.
The surface of a graphics tablet will become scarred with use. Wrapping paper around it will protect it, while giving more traction to the pen nib making for a nicer draw.
I have a different view on the bamboo, mine's pen broke after about 2 years. Now using the intuos
Theres third party sellers that make Wacom tablet skins, and a few Huion. I would just get a plain white one though. I really hate stuff with anime drawings all over it.


I'm planning to get one. My tablet is starting to get some scratches.

My oldest one has deep scratches, its like 5 years old.

Also a question for wacom tablet users. If you use Windows do you remove all of Windows pen & ink drivers? Sometimes I feel I get a lot interference with some of the Windows features. Like when you press down the pen for a while a right click menu appears.

Also sometimes I notice lag while I'm drawing. My PC specs are decent so I don't think its that.
Woah, those are expensive. Might as well not use them, unless you get a really expensive tablet.

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