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So I downloaded a full season of an anime in .mkv files, but the MPC-HC with (Kawaii Codec Pack) somehow doesn't allow me to view the built-in subtitles.
Any way to fix this?
the answer is SMplayer
KCP is busted
Ensure there are actually subs in the mkv.

It's just a container file, so you could just go download the subs and just drop them in the folder.

KCP isn't busted.
File: subtitle track.jpg (132 KB, 951x767)
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>KCP is busted
Seems like they're right. From the forum where it's hosted:
>It sadly has been about 3 years since KCP has been updated.For people like me that have been checking KCP for a long time, and it feels that either it is abandoned or it might take a while before it updates again, I can suggest to to try K-Lite Mega Coded Pack.

I've never used this, but if you need a codec pack this is similar to KCP and it's being updated.

>Ensure there are actually subs in the mkv.
Make sure the mkv has subtitles in it. right click anywhere in video screen of mpc-hc and Subtitle Track should be black just like the video and audio tracks and not gray like in pic related.
File: enable.jpg (132 KB, 922x767)
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If the mkv has subs it should like this screenshot. Make sure they're enabled with the checkmark, sometimes they aren't enabled by default.
Just use mpv, it's the /g/reatest media player

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