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I'm looking for games where it's impossible for the player to lose or die, like Animal Crossing. Most of the other simulation games I've found, you can get game over if you run out of money or the people in your town get upset. Even in The Sims, your sims can die from accidents or starvation, and the newer ones have dying of old age. The only other thing I can think of is Harvest Moon, but I've already played enough of that series. Also, I'd like games that have actual gameplay and depth to them, not simple flash or mobile games like Neko Atsume.
someone on /vg/ is working on a "animal crossing" similar game, it has a demo
- Pretty much every Point and Click game
- Cities:Skylines has a cheatmode irrc
I tried Dear Esther back when it was a mod, and found walking sims aren't for me. I'd rather read a book than play through a game that's the equivelent of having a book read to you. Likewise, I'm not interested in visual novels either.
monkey island games
You can die in some of the Monkey Island games. Usually in a funny way.
I'd be interested in things beyond just Animal Crossing clones, but I'll still be following this. Thanks.
Magician's Quest - Mysterious Times
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you can die in point and click games tho
I think they changed that in the remake, trying to jump there was either disabled or it just has him climb back up.
In Recettear, if you fail to make enough money at the end of a week you become homeless - but then you wake up and it was all a dream. Yet you still keep your inventory and merchant level from before. Does that count?

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