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hello, firstly sorry if i'm in the wrong section. However, im developing 3d mmorpg like world of warcraft somehow and i'm struggling with couple of things related to Networking, i looked in google and it wasn't helpful. also i didn't find any book about 3d mmorpg networking so if anyone knows some pdfs or helpful links please post. i'm creating the client in unity3d and server on c#, i managed to make the login and registration with mysql and everything. now im stuck in few things so here is my questions:
is MySql good for mmorpg? i mean concurrent connections and many operations, can it handle it? if not tell me the solution please.
every account has it ID and if that account has multiple characters, they also received unique ids? how can i manage that in mysql?
after login there will be character customization. in order to save the character on the server side the data of that character transferred is th outfits ids? (like network pkt: 0x1,0x6,0x9,0x6 and they stands for hair,shirt,pants,shoes. i just thought of that's how it would be) if not then how?
how can i send map data? is the terrain of a 3d mmorpg included in the client and server just send objects positions or its all dynamic?
for a big map, i read somewhere it has to be held by many servers every server holds part of the map (one open field without loading) is it possible? like if someone in area A of server 1 can see others in area B of server 2. if not, can a 1 game server handle big map?
Thanks all plz don't just reply with yes or no and plz remember to refer me some pdfs about mmorpg development im really stuck.
Have you tried asking in >>>/vg/agdg ?
OP, go read this. https://www.gamedev.net/blogs/entry/2250155-why-you-shouldnt-be-making-an-mmo/
back in vanilla world of warcraft used to use mysql for npc databases and such, not sure if they've moved on or not.
You should start with a 2d game or five before you jump to 3d ones.
yea i made a 2d mmorpg once, well.. kind of, it was server simulator then i created a client for it just cuz i wanted to try.
na bro i don't read articles like that, i prefer start and not finish better than no start at all.

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