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I have a phone wallet (android) with .001411 BTC in it. That is now apparently $7.20. I want to send whatever is left of the balance to the pirate bay, but the app says I don't have enough BTC to send no matter how small the amount. Is the transaction fee too high? How can I send it?

Thanks in advance to everyone
they might have a minimum amount you need to trasfer, i cant really tell
The standard transaction fee is something like .0000113 BTC, so it shouldn't be the issue, unless your app has something much higher than the norm.
$7.20 is not a high enough USD value for a legitimate bitcoin exchange, of which I'm sure you're using a secondary service, because the people with the most bitcoins control the payout by having all the mining computers that generate bitcoins overclocked during scheduled transaction times for unsurmountable advantages in receiving newly generated coins. Because they process such a high volume of transactions from speculators and investors on what I assume is a multi-daily basis, they decide to reject transactions of minor incidence, as they pose no threat to the false value of their giant rigged ponzi scheme.

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