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/wsr/ - Worksafe Requests

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It's porn. Namachichi Maratoro Pikun by kito sakeru.

Don't post porn on /wsr/, etc., etc. You probably didn't know though, so it doesn't matter.
it's not a pornographic image in any way my man. stop being a backseat janitor nobody likes them.

I wasn't. I even said it doesn't matter.
They won't post porn if you don't fulfill the requests, retard. You got played. Just let these rot.
The actual rule is "don't sauce porn".

What text and images you can post (anything acceptable on a blue board) and what you can request (stuff that isn't porn) are two separate things. The former is a global rule (because this is a blue board), the latter is laid out in >>1, and it's pretty clear.

As the only person in this thread who posted adult content was you, perhaps you should take your own advice?

I answer a request if I know the source regardless. I then told him to post it in the correct place next time (if he knows it's porn). Positive reinforcement is better the negative reinforcement.


>The actual rule is "don't sauce porn".
Exactly. I told the OP not to post porn on /wsr/ in the future if he knows it's porn. I then went to say that he probably didn't know his picture was porn and then said it didn't matter.

You guys are getting a bit upset when I wasn't even trying to be mean to the OP, but that's okay. All that matters is the OP got the source of the image.
>all that matters is that OP got the source of the image
That's precisely the problem. When you post porn anyway even though you know full well it's not allowed, you invite more people who should be goinf to >>>/r/.

You're the problem here, not OP. OP should be free to not know what something is, and you, knowing it's porn, should direct him to /r/. He's not going to go now because he already has his answer, and he's not going to go in the future because last time he got his answer here.

>and he's not going to go in the future because last time he got his answer here.

See, we don't know that, but if you can see into the future and have seen the OP doing that, then I stand corrected. I have faith in the OP that they'll do the right thing if they think their image is from a NSFW source next time.
Well I didn't know it was porn , thought it was a comedy skit because the noose is a panty anyways ty.
Spregs spreging yet again
>faggots see faggots answering porn requests on /wsr/
>faggots now think it's board culture to do thinly veiled porn requests and dumbasses like you get tricked into thinking you're helping

Congrats, you're the cancer killing this board!

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