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Is there someone who can draw a (badass) bulldog facing the cam laying on his stomach with its front paws crossed covered/underneath a thick layer of earth and grass with a blue arrow pointing down above it all.
It is to signify both 'underdog' and 'underground' at the same time.

Preferably as bad ass as pic related, but from the front.
ye that sounds brilliant, just tell the artist how much money you are offering for such a big job and i'm sure things will start rolling
I'm searching for people who like to draw awesome/brilliant (as you've put it) concepts like this for pleasure.
If i wanted a pro i'd walk to the nearest tattooshop seeing as how they'll be the ones who'll be putting it on my body in the first place, but i want something underground from someone who does this as a hobby.,
So, if there's someone up to have some fun, please do reply while i post more inspiration..
I was thinking about letting the head tilt down a bit to give the bulldog that aggitated and 'i'm bored with you' look, but i'll accept anything.
but can't you even pay say, 30 bucks via paypal? i've helped people in the past with similar stuff but since it takes at least an hour to do the sketch and the vector artwork it's just not worth it doing it for free.
-pic related paid me 40 bucks for that one when usually mascot logos cost anywhere from $50 to $500
not to mention that if you sell it as sticker or on some print on demand website you'll get your money back in no time.
I'm not experienced enough to do that, but it will also make great additional promotional material for you.
It's the only thing i have to offer.
I do like your work, it's very cool.
File: dd.png (754 KB, 2400x2400)
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754 KB PNG
Well, surely you can fullfill my request if you got the time to make that hahaha..
And i'm not cheap, if i showed you my bankaccount you'd be the one sending me money lmao.
Don't get a tattoo
Get a job
Request fulfilled
Not your choice.
Got a job and expenses.
Made a request, not an commission.
The request is not fulfilled.
File: 1507436751485.jpg (33 KB, 529x502)
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Quick bump
It will be very appreciated
You fucking dingleberry. Saying
>I'm not going to pay you but it's great promotional material
Is a huge turn off for artists, this is there fucking job, they aren't working for free just because "ill put ur name out there!!"

They can promote themselves, they don't need your help. They need your M O N E Y to S U R V I V E

This request is far too big to go without payment. You're asking for a lot.
>>414245 this >>414248

also i believe at reddit there's a freedesign subreddit where people asks for free logos just say its for a good cause or something.
Cool down, sunny.
When i was young (and i can go there) all we had was a pencil and a sketchpad.
I'd have finished a drawing like this in less than an hour, but my drawinghands aren't as good as they used to be.
The end result doesn't has to be as elaborated as >>413798 (despite it being awesome)
It's going to be a tattoo, so a thight sketch would even suffice.
I have not once stated that i'm looking for artists who want to get paid.
I said mutliple times that i'm looking for artists who want to do this, if you rather get money than contributing to something possibly awesome then hoorah to you, but i'm looking for that one Samaritan.

This is great advice.
I'll give it a try.
Why don't you ask the tattoo artist you are paying to do the tattoo to help with the art?

Artists are not going to help you for free, this request is too big. Pay up or fuck off.
File: 1505584352513.jpg (30 KB, 720x662)
30 KB
How about you stop the fucking shilling?
You're as annoying as a fucking Russian and equally bad at it.
If you want to give your opinion that bad go take some fucking polls ffs.
You're not the spokesperson for all the artists, miss unimportante.

And i'm asking, because i want to see it before i decide to take it and if the sketch is awesome than its this sketch i'll take or i'll have the tattoo artist brush it up a little.
Either way, not your concern.
>You're not the spokesperson for all the artists
There hasn't been a single artist here to tell you different from what I'm saying. Why do you think you're in the right?

Consider what you're even asking, you want someone to spend time that they could be using to make money and work for free for you because
>ill spread ur name around lol!!!

You don't get free meals out of chefs because of this
You don't get free books out of authors because of this.
This is a COMMON PROBLEM for artists, people like you offering no payment for work. YOU are a fucking nobody, your "advertisements as payment" is useless to me.

Pay up or fuck off.
>Pay up or fuck off.
no please just fuck off
and i took a poll everyone agrees
File: 1500051858479.jpg (66 KB, 960x952)
66 KB
No, the artist wanted money so i suggested that he could take solace into the fact that he/she could place the drawing in their portfolio.

>There hasn't been a single artist here to tell you different from what I'm sayin.

Really? Because it seems like you're samefagging a lot.

My friend is a chef, i do eat meals for free.
I just downloaded the Dammaphada and the Apologia in .pdf format for free.
I used to make music and guess what?
I did it, because i loved it, for free.
If you want to whore yourself out go do it somewhere else.
>i took a poll

I bet you did.
>Really? Because it seems like you're samefagging a lot.
Have you seen a single post that is anywhere along the lines of
>yeah ill do this for you for free
fucking retard

You're a fucking scam artist that the whole industry knows about.

File: VVV.png (829 KB, 2400x2400)
829 KB
829 KB PNG
here ya go bud
you can stop pretending ya gangsta now
>Have you seen a single post...

That's what could constitute as evidence that you're samefagging, buddy.

>You're a fucking scam artist that the whole industry knows about.

Now you're just asserting things.
If i wanted to scam you i'd have asked for your Paypal or Patreon account and then cancelled the payment after i received the drawing.

Yes, you should and the sheet agrees

Grove street 4 life!
>nobody is agreeing to help me therefore i am being samefagged
File: Untitled.png (30 KB, 1012x333)
30 KB
Anon, it's ok.
You want to be tokenwhore, but it just happens to be that you've found a grey member.
Perhaps your next client will be a big fat shark.
Sooooo, open bobs bb?
File: exposure.png (158 KB, 800x800)
158 KB
158 KB PNG

Pay up or fuck off
File: Putina.jpg (68 KB, 513x511)
68 KB

'Gaining experience is collecting mistakes you’ll never have to make again. Collecting those mistakes means you learn how to do your job better and faster.'

See? I'm just looking out for you.
You'll only benefit from taking this assignment.
The experience, joy, satisfaction, the gratification of a completed work and to be part of what the drawing stands for plus my own gratitude.
That's an astronomical nigh multiversal reward.
Is your head really this far up your own ass?
why are you so adamant on arguing with such a retard, it could be seen as bullying, special people have feelings too
File: megumi_front_03ss2.jpg (80 KB, 600x841)
80 KB
I do use my head 'n shoulders for more than showering, but what you're suggesting goes a tit too far i must say.

I'm sorry.
I did not know that watching people getting bullied was hurting the feelings i never knew you had for me.

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