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can somebody please draw me a wave
doesn't mater if its rough, neat or whatever it's gonna be vectored into a repeating pattern, all i need is for it to be original(even if you copied a design i'd consider it original if you free-handed it) and the starting point and end point be level(ish)
thank you
why can't you do it yourself??
gimme like 15 minutes
File: wave.png (143 KB, 6704x2857)
143 KB
143 KB PNG
I can't draw I can just work with what I have and I like knowing some pieces are original art

Thank you
But if it's a blatant copy I want it hand drawn (meant in the nicest possible way)
actually it's not that i can't draw (i can't) it's more i'm less forgiving of my own mistakes and see other peoples mistakes as part of the art, if that makes sense
File: wavething.jpg (520 KB, 2192x2808)
520 KB
520 KB JPG
Thanks, I'm not in work yet so I haven't had a good look, could you just do a single wave quite deep with the turn or whatever the top of the wave is called please
what are you using this for? no im fucking done for life btw
File: f.png (33 KB, 559x677)
33 KB
>no im fucking done for life btw
lol i can relate, a simple fucking wave stumps me too
there was this design i loved growing up in australia, i think it was famous but i can't find it, i just want to recreate something like it but original so i can use it in some designs as a pattern fill

i liked the first line on your upload but it didn't have a main wave with depth
the second line altho very noisy i liked the detail
the third line looked like sand (to me)
sorry i might whip something up just like draw with mouse i was having a bad day
File: wave.wav.png (48 KB, 1920x1920)
48 KB
done in krita with wrap mode so this can be tiled
we all have em

i fucking love this one
i think we have a winner
glad you like it, you want me to vector it or do u got it
File: red_h.png (50 KB, 960x663)
50 KB
ive got it from here mate
this is only a fast version but thanks again, i love it
also i smoothed off the bit on the main wave where your pen/mouse dragged and caused bobbling
hope you don't mind
yeah that was because i was zoomed way out when i drew it with the mouse. anyways its all yours, do what you want with it, enjoy.

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