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Is there an anime/manga which consist a group of characters not having a romance in it ?
Slice of life but none of them falling for each other.
It's not only limited to CGDCT I'm finding more on heterosexuals.
I can't seem to find 1.
Anything by Kyoto Animation, as their entire shtick is relationship bait that goes absolutely nowhere.

This is a pretty strange request and I don't know if my stuff perfectly fits what you're asking for, so if you've seen any of these, tell me if they're what you want. Also, do couples/parents that already existed before the start of the anime discount it?

Active Raid S1 and S2
Space Dandy (If you don't count that one QT episode)
Gatchaman Crowds and Gatchaman Crowds insight
Tesagure Bukatsumono
Dennou Coil (I haven't watched this in at least 5 or so years, so I might be forgetting something)
Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex S1 and S2
Little Witch Academia
JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part 3 (Stardust Crusaders)
Giant Robo (7-episode OVA)
91 Days (There might be something near the third quarter of the anime, can't remember.)


Romance not going anywhere is not the same as the absence of romance. Would you recommend Tamako Market because the main boy never mans up to try anything until the movie, yet a bunch of episodes have the possible romance mentioned? I guess the specifics come down to what the OP really wants. Even some of mine have romance slightly hinted at, like in Ghost in the Shell, but Tamako Market has it up front.
I haven't seen any of them.

I'm finding about a slice of life anime/manga which everyone are friends but they don't show signs of romance to each other.
Just friendship. No romance.
Mitsuboshi colors
Shoujo Shuumatsu Ryokou (so far)
Hyakushou Kizoku
Non Non Biyori.
Not entirelly sure but Kabu no Isaki, Kotonoba Drive, Kumachi no Koto, Azumanga Daioh.
Dennou Coil has at least two characters with crushes.

So did you specifically want slice of life suggestions then? From the OP, it seemed like anything was fine. Maybe I just misread.


>Non Non Biyori
Hotaru likes Komari.
>Azumanga Daiou
Kaori likes Sakaki.


My mistake. I've been meaning to rewatch it.
>Maybe I just misread.
He phrased weirdly, i misunderstood too.
>Hotaru likes Komari.
From what i remember she doesn't like as in she is gay for her but something more abstract.
>Kaori likes Sakaki.
Oh yeah, she is barely present so i forgot about her.
Nichijou and Nichibros
>From what i remember she doesn't like as in she is gay for her but something more abstract.
Yeah, I want to say Hotaru thinks Komari is cute not because she has a crush on her, but because she's small and "easy to pick up".
Natsume Yuujinchou

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