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Can anyone please help me find a place to watch this movie? A torrent, or even a link to buy a US DVD would be great. Been looking for a couple years on and off and I just can't find it.

It's called "Ci Chu Yu Bi Chu" or "此处与彼处" directed by Mao Mao


It's only 513MB so it's probably crap. I got a 1GB torrent from RARBG but I can't access them atm, they might be down.
Meant to say I can only find 500MB files on about 3 or 4 other sites too.
Thank you! I’ll check it out once I get home.

Downloading From :magnet:?xt=urn:btih:5e211f12118b9bd74bdcc701c4977e2b8c57a497&&&&...
Waiting for DDB initialization...
Metadata download created
Trying secondary lookup service
Secondary lookup failed: no sources found
Found 0
Oh, that sucks. Does >>426067 work?
Just tried that link and there is only a 513MB file so I'm uploading the 1GB file I have to Mega with english subs. I haven't watched it yet so I can't promise anything about it's video, audio, or subs quality. I'll post back when there's a link available.
Here it is.


I'll leave it there for twenty four hours (16:00 08-12-17 gmt) and then delete it. If you want it, get it before then.
it has a password

shit. I'll get another link
Try this. It's described as "link with key"


I'm new to Mega links and shit.
sometimes, i just don't know how people interpret the meaning of a 'movie' and how to define a 'movie' is a real movie. but there's one thing i'm so sure about 'movie' is that you've got to a workable screenplay, a guy who's capable of making those words, sentences, the dialog, the non-exist scenes to become visualized on a screen and the viewers could at least understand what's going on, what's all about and at least barely understandable what is what. but this so called 'here then' simply failed in every aspect. i just saw several lousy young Chinese, males and females did nothing at all almost in the whole 80 some minutes. the camera tried so hard to focus on something out of nothing, all of the so-called characters played by so so-called actors simply kept chain-smoking to get some attitudes and behaviors. most of the females in this pathetic brainless, meaningless and clueless piece of crap are either so plain or ugly to the extreme, except the last young woman at the travel service store exchanging 1,700 zenminbi then left under the gaze of one of the meaningless male character; she is a real beauty. there are some meaningless and pathetic sexual scenes on the beach and in the hotel, but these scenes are just crappy parts of a crappy big nada. this film should be titled "the walking dead in china, here and there" or just "Chinese zombies", because there's nothing but a bunch of worthless, sou-less, hopeless Chinese young men and young women just completely lost in the 12 billions population. it's nothing about a lost cellphone or a lost id, because nothing lost in the first place since there's nothing to lose whatsoever. if you dare to call this is a 'film', then you'd better have your brain checked asap.
>because there's nothing but a bunch of worthless, sou-less, hopeless Chinese young men and young women just completely lost in the 12 billions population. it's nothing about a lost cellphone or a lost id, because nothing lost in the first place since there's nothing to lose whatsoever.
Looks like rightwingisevil discovered the message of the film even if he didn't realise it himself.

Nice IMDB pasta.
>Nice IMDB pasta.
hehe t-tanks
b-but seriously what kind of people watch and like this kind of movie? just curious, not judging
People who like to witness the human condition when it sucks instead of when it's great.
People who want validation for their ideas that everyone else is shit.
People that like to see others suffer so they can be assured that their life is better
People who haven't seen the film before and want to know what it's about.

Take your pic.
>watch and like this kind of movie?

i haven't seen it yet, so i can't tell what kind of movie it is. i'm not going to rely on what bloggers say about it, because they all have agendas to push.
that looks like the same torrent, just from a different site; no seeds, one peer.
ok then i gonna pick one or two
enjoy it! it's a really good movie for someone out there
Bumping to remind people that the Mega link won't work after 16:00 gmt (that's less than three hours away). This is a 1GB version not the probably shitty 513MB one.

Here's the link again...


Get it while you can.

Tick tock tick tock.

Aaaaaand it's gone.
kek I guess I should've acted faster when I saw this in the catalog

I'll upload this to the Bay if someone could get me a link
You still here?
I always leave my tabs open. you want to up it again?
I'm the Megafag
Here's another link if you want it.


Let me know when you have finished downloading it.
File: 1495522864144.gif (1.39 MB, 500x210)
1.39 MB
1.39 MB GIF
I'm done. you're a hero anon
may your piracy days be long

I love depressing movies so this should be fun
wub wu

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