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It is my first time building a computer (trying to spend under 1000$, and would like to know if the build I made is decent.Criticism is appreciated. Thanks to anyone how helps. Picture related and the link to the components I choose is https://pcpartpicker.com/list/crLY6X
That'll definitely run anything you want to play on high settings. Idk about ultra settings fps speed (Intel i7 runs ultra well) but everything on high will take.
I'd personally get at least 16 GB of RAM if I'm aiming to spend *just* under $1,000. My current PC cost about $750 and has that much so I know it's doable, though in my case I ended up cutting corners in places to where I'm basically fucked once the inevitable need to upgrade the GPU comes about.
You have overspecified the PSU, CPU, RAM and heatsink.

The gaming performance of this computer will be dictated by the 1050Ti, which means you're just wasting the i5K. If you don't need an i5K, you also don't need the aftermarket heatsink, because non-K processors just come with one.

The PSU is just ridiculous overkill. You're using pcpartpicker, it's telling you how much power you need, so get that.
>oh, but I only spent $50 more
That's 100%. If you applied that thinking to the whole computer, it would end up costing $2000.
>It's an investment
How? It's going to wear out, and power requirements just keep going down.

RAM is all made in the same three factories by the same three companies. All the stupid RAM with the stupid pricetag and the unnecessary heatsink and the styling and the branding is the exact same memory chips that're in the boring RAM that isn't marked up.
this, save money on these things and go 16gb ram or ssd
get an ssd for the love of god even if it's only big enough for the operating system and a game at a time
Bumping the hard disk to an SSHD will be fine. No point in fucking about with two drives if you don't have to.
get an r5 1600 instead its cheaper and comes with a cooler so you would save money and have more cores

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