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Are there any extensions or userscripts for imgur.com that make it... less shit?

I'm talking about removing all social bullshit like comments and upvotes and "most viral images" and "browse the gallery" and "next post" buttons and just making it just do its job as a fuckin image viewer for looking at the image or album I was linked to. Ideally with some of the decent image-gallery views it used to have where you could fullscreen images and scroll between them one-at-a-time with the arrow keys.
you might be able to do it with adblock. There's a feature where you can select a part of the page and tell adblock to treat it like an ad and remove it.
That helps a little bit, yeah. But the main features I'm looking for is a decent album viewer, and removing the stupid feature where instead of scrolling to the next image in an album the left/right arrow keys browse to the next file in the "gallery" for retarded social network reasons. I'll be in an imgur album with chapter 5 of a manga, press left, and suddenly be staring at some fucking reddit adviceanimal meme begging for upvotes.

Imgur used to be a good minimalist no-bullshit image host. What happened?

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