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Does anyone know the name of the song in this video?
she says trance around the world with above and beyond and record something,

with that being said, if you search for above and beyond trance around the world on youtube a ton of records come out, so the bit on the video you linked it's probably an intro or part of one of those songs. Unless someone here knows exactly which one or gets lucky finding it for you, you'll have to do the tedious job and go through all of them until you find this part you want
ALRIGHT, so yeah the above dude is correct, this is from a group of DJ's and i'll post the link to their shit in a minute.

Apparently they have tracks they feature on a weekly basis the problem is they sound so damn alike. The one I found that even remotely resembles it is the following.

But on a different note I just went back and realized they keep their shit on top secret. I think the user was an avid player and just sampled their own shit in 'er.

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