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So I have this computer I'm being lent to from the school (it's a laptop that's why) but it has this annoying "feature" where everything resets after boot. I'm not sure if it's a .exe file or something but is there anyway I could disable it ?

I should mention I don't have admin access, which might be the issue as well. I think it launches this sort of VM machine simulator onto the "Student" account which just erases everything.

Also the reason I want to disable it is because it's bothersome to download all the programs and log into all the wifi every time I open the thing. Help anyone ?
I don't know a thing about user management in Windows but you could run a live OS from a USB stick and install it on the drive if there's enough room on the hard drive to dual boot. Alternatively you can make a persistent USB key to keep things installed/saved on it, but if you're going to use this long-term, I hear it wears it down rather quickly due to all the read-writes.

Or you could use an external drive with whatever OS you want installed on it so you have a persistent system to boot from that doesn't alter the laptop's disk and presumably has more room than a USB stick.
I like your idea regarding the external drive. Can I bounce an idea off you ? So that theoretically means I would just be using the laptop to boot into the drive and use it rather than boot into its own drive ?

Second question, is there a way to simply make a second Admin account ? I saw about some programs that would give the user a system password in which you make an admin acc but those programs were in the $$$$ of digits.
>So that theoretically means I would just be using the laptop to boot into the drive and use it rather than boot into its own drive ?
Exactly. When my mom replaced her laptop with a desktop PC last summer I took out the hard drive, put a USB adapter on it (~10 bucks on Amazon) and since I didn't bother to format it she can still boot into her old OS should she want to, in addition to using it as a backup drive for her photos. It's not exactly a pocket-sized PC since it doesn't run independently, but it lets you take your own system with you to use on any machine.

Again I can't really help with the user accounts. I'm pretty confident it used to be possible, but more recent boot systems and Windows versions are locked tighter I believe, so I don't know how feasible it would be in your case. Hopefully someone else here can help with that.
If I were doing it, I'd enroll my own key in Secure Boot, and sign the Windows loader for the specific image I wanted you running, then lock down the BIOS so you couldn't change anything in it. If you asked it to boot anything I hadn't signed, it wouldn't let you.

I'd use a self-encryting drive, Bitlocker and the TPM so that if you reset the BIOS you'd lock yourself out of the hard disk and if you wanted to be able to do whatever the computer was given to you for, you'd need to bring the broken machine back and apologise. I might give you a call if the image you're supposed to be running hadn't been booted and connected to the mothership in a while.

That's what I'd do, so if your IT department is at least as competent as someone who doesn't run an IT department, then you're fucked.

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