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Tech support issue I need help with.
I woke up this morning and my desktop wouldn't connect to my internet but every other device would. My phone works. My dad's laptop works. My TV works. Everything works except my desktop which is hard wired in and I tried hard wiring laptop in and it also works. I then tried teathering my phone to my desktop as I've had to do that before because I don't have a wifi card in it. And it doesn't work along with trying to use Xfinity as the teathering wifi and it. It working. I tried resetting the router/modem and flushing my DNS but none of it's working. I need this computer work and it just won't connect. Because of my work I run a VPN pretty constantly so I'm not sure from if that's causing and issue but it's not running right now so it shouldn't matter wanted to ask here before I just call Comcast and try to navigate their bullshit until they fix it
Tried disabling and enabling eth card again?
I have. Didn't work.
Just called my ISP. They said no problems on their end. Ran me through the steps said try to talk to computer repair of some kind
have you tried turning it on and off
power down, disconnect ethernet and power cord, press the power on button, reconnect both cords and power the machine back on
what NIC are you using in your laptop? If its Realte.. I mean Shittec, then good chance it's a hardware fault. What you could try is a different and/or shorter network cable. I had simmilar problems where every other wired and wireless devices would work except my desktops shittec NIC. However, it would work with a shorter cable, so closer to the router and therefor having less interferance.
tl;dr: buy an intel NIC for a few bucks online. new and used will do the job. In case of laptop peasant: but usb to ethernet adapter

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