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Guys i cant turn my laptop on, its stuck on a blank screen and a cursor(after the windows logo).
Is it dead?
Also pic related is a hard drive test and it seems undamaged
How long have you waited with the black screen?
Every 1-2 hours it turns off and turns on automatically and does the same over and over again
Yeah, that does sound frustrating. Can you get into safe mode? If you can try anything from this
It could be something to look into because it sounds more like something wrong with windows than your hardware.
No when i try to load the safe mode it does the same. Thanks for the help though
You could take out your ram for a minute then try again. If that doesn't work you'll just have to reinstall Win 10 unfortunately
It didnt work, guess ill have to reinstall windows. Thanks man
if you haven't wiped your laptop yet, you can make a linux live boot usb/cd and boot your laptop from it and you *might* be able to view and recover the files from it. you can also try dedicated recovery software.
Thanks, i dont want to lose files, can you link a tutorial or something
making a linux live cd is easy, you just need another computer or laptop. borrow a friends pc if you don't have a spare yourself.
first download a linux live .iso, you can use any distro. ubuntu is usually the go-to distro but for file recovery i use all-in-one system-rescue-toolkit (aka aio-srt)
download ubuntu: https://www.ubuntu.com/download/desktop?
download aio-srt: https://paul.is-a-geek.org/aio-srt/
next, download rufus. this is the program you will use to "burn" an iso to a usb.
download rufus: https://rufus.akeo.ie/
in rufus, select the iso you downloaded earlier, select the usb you want to place the .iso on, then click start. this may take a few minutes.
now boot off of the usb from the laptop, you can do this by key-mashing a certain key on your laptop immediately after turning on the laptop, it's usually esc or a function key, you can try looking up your laptop model to see which key it is.
select the usb, select "try linux without installing" and then you'll be in linux.
the windows drive should appear on the desktop, if it's not then look up recovery software for linux.


alternatively, remove the laptops internal hard drive (this is easier than it sounds) and use a sata-to-usb adapter to try to mount the drive onto another computer.
You can still access your files after reinstalling Windows; the installer moves them to \Windows.old\.
You can do all that shit, or you can run the Windows media creation tool on any computer to make a bootable USB, boot off it, and run startup repair. You can also reinstall windows using it, or press shift-f10 to get a command prompt if you want to have a look around, copy files, etc.

So long as you don't format or delete any partitions, all your documents will be waiting for you in \windows.old\.

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