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File: IMG_20180309_095135.jpg (38 KB, 530x397)
38 KB
My retarded parents are seriously considering falling for an email scam.
Some guy is telling them that he has a deal with the former king of Thailand to buy trillions of Zimbabwean Dollars with gold or something like that.
They don't believe the Wikipedia page saying that even if they were real, they've been worthless since 2009 (well, long before that if you count the value dropping to nothing).
They don't believe me when I explain how laughably bad the photoshops are.
They don't believe me when I show them this:
because it's not the exact same design.

Can you please help me find the source of these pictures?

Thank you so much in advance.
File: sc a.png (574 KB, 503x504)
574 KB
574 KB PNG
Here's another picture I'd like to have the source of.

It's blatantly fake but they won't believe me until I show the the actual original.
The guy's name (most likely false) is Sigmund Cerkini, and works for "Orhidea Asia International Co. Ltd."
I found this other picture on a Google Plus account, but nothing else.
File: BANF.png (2.13 MB, 1603x1285)
2.13 MB
2.13 MB PNG
If your parents are stupid enough to believe that some stranger contacted them per e-mail to offer them a great chance to make money, ignoring the solid objections of their child, they probably deserve it.

Sorry, anon.
I know they deserve it, but me and my brother don't.
We've already suffered enough because of their stupidity.
Found these FB accounts:

In the first one there's pic related, where he's wearing the same clothes as the ridiculous photoshopped pic here >>548900
Maybe there's something like a scam/fraud hotline in your country? Either make your parents call and ask if it's legit or do it yourself.

And if all else fails, you can probably go to the police.
I don't want any of that.
The guy seems to live in Thailand so I don't think there'll ever be justice. Just headaches for us.
I just want some definitive proof that it's false so they shut up and we can forget about it.
2000 billion us dollars
seems legit

What company dealing in billions of dollars uses a hotmail address
Also, if they ask the police and they get the obvious "it's a scam" response, they'll just say something like
>what does the police know about international finance?
>Surely this Dr. Cerkini knows better, since he's trading with the ex King of Thailand (which is very impressive, considering the psychic abilities he'd need to do that).

I know them very well. This isn't my first rodeo.
They're VERY stupid, VERY ignorant about everything, and consequently VERY gullible.
Being also very poor (unsurprisingly) doesn't help.
Yes, this looks like one of the 40 pages of the PDF I've been taking the pictures from.
File: NEWSPAPER.png (1.08 MB, 1159x697)
1.08 MB
1.08 MB PNG
Another gem.
File: 1526664120304.jpg (34 KB, 357x423)
34 KB
I'd imagine that a fluent translator costs less than 41 million dollars, but I never had to hire one so I'm not entirely sure.
File: actual copy.png (539 KB, 644x586)
539 KB
539 KB PNG
This is the copy of the newspaper he used for proof.
Notice how it's the digital version?

What makes it credible is that he photoshopped this digital version on the table here >>548900 as a single sheet of 2D paper, which he also included directly in the PDF.
File: index.jpg (7 KB, 400x79)
7 KB
This is the only archived page from his scam charity i can find

The domain expired in 2011 you could buy it and put on the site" This site seized for fraudulent activity" whit some official looking logo. Then show your parents it

You can access the pdfs from this page
by pasting the addresses into the wayback machine
for example https://web.archive.org/web/20101217074657/http://www.emoif-orhideacharityfoundation.com:80/Folder/Hospital_Business.pdf

you could show them that none of the projects were ever built
Actually, 41600000 is the number of individual 100-trillion Z$
In total it's 4'160'000'000'000'000'000'000 (4.16 sextillion) Dollars, which it seems as if they're treating it as USD.
Thank you very much Anon, but I can't show them this stuff or they'll think it's a legit company with legit documents, etc.
They won't trust anything short of undeniable proof of them lying, such as seeing the original of the photoshopped picture.
They're convinced that anything put into a PDF with some numbers and stamps is 100% legit and official.
But thanks for the links, they'll help me dig through information some more.
File: Untitled.png (894 KB, 856x402)
894 KB
894 KB PNG
Lmao they just copy-pasted shit on top of itself to make more of it.
Photoshop's content aware fill was too difficult.
Even just finding a bigger building/land picture to use was prohibitive.
Copy-pasting a two-story building onto itself to make a four-story one is the correct solution.
At this point I'd say you're better off commiting an unfortunate accident where they die, you'd do them a favor.
Sadly that means that you and your brother are left with some poor house which even if you sold it would be worth pennies and above all you'd be left with their genetic baggage.

Just how poor do you have to be and in what side of the country do you live that your parent's immediate reaction isn't "EWWW 5th world country, absolutely-disgusting!" "I wouldn't touch or interact with a 5th world country if my life depended on it".
We're in Europe, but my parents are immigrants from a relatively poor country where seemingly everyone is this retarded.
The two address i can find associated with ORHIDEA ASIA INTERNATIONAL COMPANY LIMITED

1418 6/8 Phahonyothin Soi 15
Khwaeng Samsen Nai, Khet Phaya Thai
Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10400

You can do a google map street view to see the addresses
Thank you, but I'm not finding anything.
Not even with the address I have in the PDF.
It seems like a pretty run-of-the-mill scam, not something highly targeted to your parents, right? So it probably goes back to some kind of mass-mailing spam or letter.

How about tracing it back to the origin and starting your own conversation with them, posing as a new victim? The could figure out they never contacted you rather easily, but if they're not smart they probably just start the scam with anyone and everyone who replies. When in doubt, make up a story (your boyfriend got the mail and deleted it, but you think it's legit and reply from a different account, or you found the letter in the trash and can't believe someone threw it away, etc, etc). It should be easier to either find inconsistencies and lies when comparing the scam between you and your parents, plus you can use your conversation (once established you're on the hook) to push for some more absurd results to show your parents.
Maybe I can try that later when I get on their computer to see the actual emails, but that's gonna require a few days of back/forth emails with the guy, so I need something quick that I can show them before they send him anything compromising.
Found something else that might be useful:
>orphan and blind kids
man, this guy doesn't fuck around

Not sure if it's the same guy or someone using his identity, but I found this YT channel that liked many Arab videos.
Makes me think that the poor Dr Cerkini is just a victim of identity theft.
>They're convinced that anything put into a PDF with some numbers and stamps is 100% legit and official.
Photoshop the text to make this announcement a warning against the notorious scammer Sigmund Cerkini who falsely and shamefully claims to have a deal with the crown which besmirches the names of the beloved recently deceased king and his successor.
Then put it in a PDF.
Another of his scam sites
How old is your brother? Sounds like you need to get a job and your own place.
Lmao I'll try, thank you.

I stumbled upon that earlier too.
Seemed pretty random and didn't lead me anywhere.
Looks like one of those "Lorem Ipsum" sites to showcase themes or something.
Thank you very much anyway.

I'm in my mid twenties and he's still in high school.
He's got a good future in front of him, but I'm completely fucked thanks to trusting my parents over certain important things when I was younger, and I'll probably never have a job or my own place.
I don't want to get into details because it's besides the pont of this thread, but it's pretty bad.
File: Banana.png (30 KB, 530x457)
30 KB
Found these accounts:
Most likely useless.
I've been reverse-searching all his pictures from social media (on Tineye, Google, Yandex, Baidu, and Bing) but never found anything.
found op of box https://plus.google.com/109758699119297414855/posts/jXD4qUH8siM
Thank you, but that's where I found the image in the OP.
The one in the document I have is a much lower quality and has a date written on it in pen.
God damn OP this must be hell.
It is.
OP I can do some 'shopping of my own. Can you give me your parents first names? I can work up a couple shops that show how easy it is to trick someone.
1. If they're stupid enough to believe this, then make your own one with better "value" as a counter-offer and pocket all the filthy luchre yourself.

2. If your parents are this fucking stupid, I'm curious what they do for a living.
I'm pretty good at photoshop myself and despite knowing it, they still don't believe me.
I think that the fact that they believe this thing to be legit makes them find excuses for all the individual clues that would otherwise convince them it's false.
Like the photoshopped photo is just a low-quality photo that looks weird because you can't see anything anyway.
Or the box being sold on Aliexpress is the fake one trying to copy the original ones like the one the guy owns.
That's why I need something that's absolutely undeniable.

>If they're stupid enough to believe this, then make your own one with better "value" as a counter-offer and pocket all the filthy luchre yourself.
I don't want to scam them, and they're very poor.

>If your parents are this fucking stupid, I'm curious what they do for a living.
I'd rather not say.
You could just give it back afterwards to make the point.
>inb4 OP is the actual scammer here, getting Westerners to help polish his scam.
Get access to their computer
block his email address
You got me.
I'm really only here because I can't tell if the shit I posted earlier is realistic or not.

>You could just give it back afterwards to make the point.
Nah, that would prove nothing. They'd just think that I ruined the actual legit deal that the other guy was offering.

They talk on the phone too (on some app like WhatsApp or whatever).
Besides, I want to prove to them that it's fake.
If I don't, the same story is gonna repeat next month.
scammers don't really need help refining their scams. there are tons of people who can't wait to give all their money away to even the most obvious of scams.
correct. in fact, there is good reason to believe that all the broken English and obvious ridiculousness is somewhat intentional. if someone with half a brain gets an e-mail in broken English about a transaction in Zimbabwean Dollars, they immediately delete it. that filters out anyone with critical thinking, leaving only the dumbest of targets, i.e. the ideal victims. you don't want to invest time setting up the scam only to have your target back out when it comes to money actually changing hands.

tl;dr: it's not a bug, it's a feature for selecting promising targets.
OP, how about getting a fake phonecall you'd record from said Doctor saying he has nothing to do with it all?
Im a good actor if you wish, and god knows I'm not going to fucking charge you for it.
Also I could get a friend of mine to act as a fucking secretary or whatever, this will make it more believable.
I really appreciate your offer, but I'd rather not reveal any personal information to 4chan or strangers from here. I hope you understand.
Besides, the first thing they'd do after receiving/listening to his phonecall from a different number (with a different voice), is to contact him and ask for clarifications.
They're not gonna abandon the (in their mind, real) possibility to make billions from a random phonecall without first making sure it's the same person they trust.
Nigga if it keeps your brother in school I don't mind taking a few calls during a week or two.
And I understand that you're weary, but I'll keep this thread in watch in case you need my help. I'm not here to fuck anyone over.
>if it keeps your brother in school
Honestly I'm not too worried.
They literally have no money for any meaningful payment he'd be requesting.
I just don't want to risk the possibility of them sending the little they have anyway, or get into some kind of trouble (like those scams where the end goal is to just meet up and mug the victims for what they have on them, or even legal problems).

Thank you very much. I really appreciate your offer, but the risk heavily outweighs the benefits, so I think I'll have to pass on this one.
My mother was recently convinced that Microsoft needed her to call them because of a phishing popup. The same one she asked me about a month previous. They took her for almost $700 Dollars. When I found out an hour later I immediately cancelled her card and put up enough of a stink that I got a chargeback going.

They still call pretending to be microsoft occasionally so she just hands the phone to me now and I waste about 20 minutes of their time before laying into them with funfacts about their ethnicity, Flips usually.
How old are you anon?
>I waste about 20 minutes of their time before laying into them with funfacts about their ethnicity
Fucking LMAO
What do they say usually?
Sorry to hear that Anon.
We don't get those calls here where I'm from, and I don't envy that you do, but part of me really wishes they would call once in a while, just so I can have a lttle fun y'know...
Some guilt-free destructive pranks like the ones on YT where they Syskey their whole system or shit like that would be a lot of fun.

>How old are you anon?
Mid twenties.
I start out like I believe them and that I am deeply concerned about the viruses they have found. I let them give their speech and tell them to hold for a minute or two while i boot up my computer. then I play dumb about operating said computer. I wait until I no longer think I can keep up the dumb act to not have to download anything and then I start asking questions like which computer is infected. (answer is all of them usually)

The question that always catches them "What operating system are the computers using." I usually get the response of

>The computer is running The Microsoft Operating System
But which one?
>The Microsoft System
Obviously, which version?
>Sir it is The Microsoft System of Operation
Stop saying "The Microsoft". You just have to say Microsoft. Is Tagalog really that difficult to transition to English?
Nothing, you should be able to tell me the OS of the infected computer if it is sending you virus alerts
>Sir the computer is telling me that you have a virus
Then you should be able to tell me what OS it is using
>It is using The Micros-
WHAT OS! 3.1, 95, 98, 2000, 7, 8.1, 10? WHAT OPERATING SYSTEM IS IT USING!
>Sir it is using The Windows Microsoft.

At this point I start blaming the Spanish American War for gifting the US with his shit protectorate and that I wish "The MacArther" would have left them to the "Jap Rape Monkeys". Then he usually claims to be from Texas because that's the most American thing he can think of. The conversation further devolves but they never give up even as you insult them. I sometimes feel bad because this poor bastard is just trying to make a buck but it isn't an honest buck so I keep going.

Can't you tell I am doing this to fuck with you?
>Sir your computers are infected.
No they aren't. Give up.
>Sir I am from The Microsoft and I want to help you.
I've been fucking with you for the past 20 minutes. No one here believes you.
>OK then sir do you want to buy a laptop?
I just wanted to know if you were able to get away from your parents and write them off. It's clear you will never see any kind of inheritance from them so if they are this hell bent on destructive behavior then cut them out of your life. Or at least wait until your brother is able to escape them so you don't lose contact with him. He will be your only immediate family connection and it's important to have that.

I would love to know what your parents do for a living. We are all anons here and everyone is on your side judging from the thread so don't worry about being made fun of, other than a little friendly banter if ti's something stupid like used condom salesman.
Living on my own away from their decisions has been my ultimate goal since forever.
There's no day where I don't think about it.
Sadly, I have a huge list of very severe problems (caused by the cards my parents dealt me, and by how I played them) that make me unable to get a job and start my own life.
So I'll have to endure this shit until I somehow manage to "make it" from home (quite unlikely) or I kill myself.

>I would love to know what your parents do for a living. We are all anons here and everyone is on your side judging from the thread so don't worry about being made fun of, other than a little friendly banter if ti's something stupid like used condom salesman.
I'm not worried about that (I called them retarded first thing in the OP).
I just don't want to reveal too many details about my (quite unique) situation, considering there are archives and whatnot.
File: teboq514152.gif (272 KB, 278x173)
272 KB
272 KB GIF
>At this point I start blaming the Spanish American War for gifting the US with his shit protectorate and that I wish "The MacArther" would have left them to the "Jap Rape Monkeys".

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