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What do skinwalkers/fleshgaits actually look like?

From reading all the stories here I couldn't gather a particular description except that there are different creeps out there. Rake or Golum from LOTR resembling creatures - pale and slim, can mimic voices, Gnomes that walk diagonally, the "original" skinwalkers which are shapeshifting indian shamans, deer-headed humanoid creatures/spirits, even a fucking manticore.

How come there hasn't been any concise description yet of a fleshgait? Even in stories where there was a direct encounter not much about the physical appearance was said except it having fur. The only visual that comes to mind is something like pic related.
Skinwalkers look like whatever they're trying to imitate, like a dog, but in a very poor attempt

Fleshgaits are just an /x/ Reddit thing
>Skinwalkers look like whatever they're trying to imitate
but what's the original form? Not talking about indian shamans, or is that what you mean?
>Not talking about indian shamans
That's what a skinwalker actually is though
Skinwalkers are just dudes who had to kill to transform into whatever. They'd wear the coat of whatever animal they killed to transform into it
The disguise was only as good as their knowledge of the animal they're pretending to be, and there's always something to tip off the victim because the disguise is never good
alright, and what about those that mimic human appearance?
True Skinwalkers are people who transform.

Fleshgaits are a name /x/ gave to an unknown entity that a few anons have described over the years. There are also stories of a similar creature all over the internet. To my knowledge, Fleshgait was used first by /x/. But who knows. Reddit may have coined it.

Fleshgaits may be numerous different things. We don't know. The reason they got called that is because the stories are all the same(ish) with a few differences in what they said the creature did/looked like. (Since it shapeshifts)
File: KF2Cyst.png (1.03 MB, 998x561)
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1.03 MB PNG
File: Crawler_2.png (1.53 MB, 686x585)
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1.53 MB PNG
Here's a chart that describes the differences, but be warned: It could be compromised by Skinwalkers if the "not a threat" comment is anything to go by.
To me the native american skinwalkers are the scariest. I give most of a shit about them since they are supposed to be human already, and just downright nasty people.

Goatmen seem pretty cool. And Fleshgaits seem like they would be...i don't know. Easier to get away from than something that is already human but with supernatural powers.
The Indian true skinwalkers are easy to deal with. Don't have any booze or certain drugs laying about
Whatever they are, we need to kill them. All of them.
Oh you.

Le drunk indian memes.

The true culprit is spraypaint silly. Their lungs have adapted to breathe it like air.

I wouldn't mind meeting a goatman. They seem cool.

Also, are YOU going to go out and kill them? Or do you mean people like me and others with guns and experience being out innawoods should kill them for you?
I wanna do it. I have experience with firearms, and love hanging out innawoods.
Also, I said "we". That implies my own participation, wouldn't you agree.
We on /x/ tends to mean "you, while I watch."

Anyway. What kind of funs you got?

I have all my bases covered except for a shotgun sadly.
I'm a Leaf, so my viable options are limited to pump shotguns and a nice SKS for the funsies.
I thought Leafs could get pretty much anything, you just had to do a bunch of arbitrary shit and pay a lot of money.
For outdoor use? Anything deemed "restricted", like most "assault rifles" and all handguns are not allowed.
File: 1485019437166.jpg (128 KB, 800x1200)
128 KB
128 KB JPG
We have access to tons of assault style rifles. Semi-auto is your best friend. Anyone who depends on a fully auto spray and pray is an ignorant hack. As for handguns you can carry them all you want. Using common sense is the key though.
Not in Canada, my friend. The RCMP will be on your ass, and you could face jailtime for carrying a handgun around like that. As for ARs, it depends; you can only get semi-auto up here, but some are deemed restricted (most, if not all ar15-styled guns) while some are non-restricted. (VZ58 and the ar-180b) The distinction between the two is nonsense, and regardless of being restricted or not all magazines are clipped to 5 rounds. This latter bit is an easy fix, though not a legal one.
>can't use outdoors

But...some handguns are the best thing to use against large and/or dangerous animals ( not hunting of course, but if attacked and you are two feet from a bull moose, bear, mountain lion etc.)

That seems...stupid.

Full auto anything is for use against people who also have weapons You use it to make them keep their heads down.

Or for fun. Full auto plinking is fun.

>tfw the only thing keeping me from a Ma Deuce is ~$40,000.

Gods...i'd kill so many of those stupid feral hogs...
File: RCMP.jpg (73 KB, 800x800)
73 KB
Canadian gun laws are fucking absurd, you have no idea.
Come to Texas and don't ever vote Democrat.

And our healthcare is honestly not ss bad as everyone says it is. It basically just comes down to getting a good job. Which is not hard if you live somewhere outside of the overcrowded shitfests such as L.A.
File: 1473267166929.jpg (35 KB, 300x400)
35 KB
If I could immigrate into the US, I would. Fuck, if I could just get a greencard I'd join the army\marines to get citizenship, and gladly.
Or get married.

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