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Have you ever had a near death experience?
I almost got hit by a truck about a month ago.
this is a good one

I've been at a status that is near death, where you're blacking out and feel as though your light is really about to go out for the last time. It's happened many times over the course of my "career" or whatever you call it.

It's dark, it's scary, and it's not something anything should pursue. More than likely it was DMT being created by my brain when this happened;

>Blacking out due to reasons I won't say
>Life doesn't even flash before my eyes
>Gives me comfort
>People's lives flash before their eyes only when they're actually about to seriously die, right?
>This has happened before, I should wake up soon
>I hope.
>It feels like I'm just floating in a pool for the longest time.
>Eventually the ground beneath me is solid and I can stand.
>I already miss the dark.
>Infront of me, what appears to be many miles away is a gigantic figure.
>Walking does not allow me to approach it.
>Running away doesn't make me get further away from it.
>Figureless, it was humanoid.
>Transcluent, it had no features whatsoever.
>I couldn't tell if it was looking at me, but for once I was REALLY terrified. I didn't know what it was or why my brain was making me see this thing.
>I knew for a fact I couldn't be dead, there's no way this is what's waiting for us on the other side.
>This being says nothing to me.
>It does nothing.
>There's a somewhat mutual connection I feel to this being, as if I've seen it before; as cliche as that sounds.
>Soon, I began sinking back into the ground and once more into the void.
>Wake up with a shock to find out I've been out for a little while, only a few hours.
>It felt like I had been gone for days.

The vibe that thing gave off was one of rejection. Have you ever fucked up really bad? And you just get these "looks" from the people around you after fucking up? That's what I felt. I felt as though I was being rejected, as if I wasn't wanted.

It made me terrified; did """""God"""""" not want me?
Because I've never heard of someone encountering such a thing while in a near death state, to this day I've just assumed it was something my brain made up in order to bring me back via shock.

It's definitely traumatized me though. I felt this odd feeling of rejection for the next few days, I was super depressed but after using some rationalization I allowed myself to recover.

Though to this day I wonder why my brain would make such an image. Most people see God, Heaven, Hell, or perhaps demons when in near death, so why would mine create such an odd scenario?

It makes me wonder what my fate will be when I die; which is why I've pursued eternal life. I hope that technology will advance for me to live forever.
> Because I've never heard of someone encountering such a thing while in a near death state, to this day I've just assumed it was something my brain made up in order to bring me back via shock.

That, or some military goon was field-testing classified magnetic/microwave toys on you. This exact feeling you described? It can be induced at a distance.
harvey fucking dent
May you weren't being rejected by god like "hey, fuck you buddy." but being rejected from death like "hey, it's not time for you to come here yet."?
I feel like you have a shit ton more near death experinces than you think. Like walking cross the street with a driver almost checking hos phone the wrong moment and shit like that. Imagine if you got to know how many times you were one action away from kicking the bucket. You'd probably get noided as fuck.
had a couple, I'll greentext one and try post more if there's any interest

>at preparty with group of friends
>starting to get kinda drunk
>friend says he wants to get some cigarettes and mixers at nearby gas station before girls arrive
>don't feel like going but eventually he talks me into it
>it's cold af outisde so I'm dressed for the occasion, big winter jacket etc
>there's a traintrack you need to cross on the way to the gas station
>get there, the bars are coming down and the alarm is going off signaling that a train is coming
>it usually goes off at least 2 minutes before the actual train arrives so decide to cross it anyway
>he goes under the bars first
>see train coming in distance
>fuck, I'm in the middle of the tracks already
>rush to get under bars
>jacket gets caught on some metal thingy and I can't get it off
>I'm stuck
>train closing in, starts honking horn
>struggling to unhook jacket, being drunk
certainly didn't help
>see size of headlights growing in periphery, getting a little spooky
>finally manage to get if off
>train like 50 metres away at this point (160 feet)
>get on the under side and stand up
>train swishes by like one second later
>continue walking
>tell story at party later

didn't fully appreciate the serioussness of the situation until I sobered up later
Almost drowned to death when I was like 12 or 13years old I don't remember much but I remember actually having my life flash before my eyes I guess it happened really fast but I could see all individual moments clearly like I had all the time in the world to look at em and I was struggling real bad to not give up and to keep moving my body and when i got out of the pool I felt really fucking angry
Didn't see god tho, haven't believed in him ever since
>the bars are coming down
>decide to cross it anyway

Always, ALWAYS a bad idea. You almost earned a Darwin Award.
My judgment was impaired from the alcohol but yes it was an idiotic fucking move
I was hit by a car and busted my face. I lost 2 teeth, broke my nose and split my lip in two .I flew in the air really high up. It kinda felr like doing a cartwheel in the air. At least thats how my head was moving. I was in the air for what felt like 5 minutes. In the air i figured once i landed i was going to die. Like my head popping like a grape on the street. So i just completely let go. Everything was black and i didnt feel anything. My body did like two more flips before hittinf the ground. I woke up from feeling the wind on my face after the first spin. Felt lile the second i chose to die my brain was like "nah man" i went spread eagle before i hit the ground and landed face first. I got up immediately after cause i was going to beat the driver for running a red light. Aside from my face being busted, i was fine. Rode my bike as usual the next day. I also busted the right sideview mirror with my knee. I didnt feel any pain after. Strange day that was.
Multiple times.

Docking around with buds in the backyard, axes being swung. One particular swing nicks the top of my skull.

Same backyard, a fire and a plastic gas can. We ended up lighting the pouring nozzle on fire and it went up as a giant fireball once enough oxygen could get to it.
>walk at around 10 PM with a friend
>just walking to his house, street is empty, we walk in the middle of it
>after passing a certain spot, we walk for another 5 second then we hear a loud *CRASH* sound from behind
>a fucking huge window was shattered in the middle of the street
>in the middle of a fucking empty street, no one was around, there were no buildings near that place
>spooked the shit out of both, still get chills to this day
Yeah, Birth. and my parents fucking filmed it the sick fuckers.
>bacterial menengitis as a kid
>mom thought it was flu.
>last memory I have of my old childhood home is vomiting blood all over my mom

Tons of stuff happened on the outside world, but to me...

>blacked out and had no concept of time
>literal days jam packed full of activity passed but to me I went from blacking out, to my NDE, to waking.
>seemed like a short time, like dreaming.
>in my NDE I woke up in my grandfather's truck
>i was younger (my feet didn't touch the floorboard anymore, I couldn't see all the way over the dashboard)
>but I could see out the side window
>I knew where we were going
>as a kid I loved to go to work with my grandpa
>the route we were on was to his office

>through the ride I didn't ever look at who was in the driver's seat.
>i just watched out the passenger side window.
>the radio was on.
>we were listening to a talk show that my grandpa loved
>it was a comedy show, and they made a joke about a fat, rude waitress they met
>"There are 3 kinds of fat, husky, big, and OH MY GOD IT'S COMING THIS WAY"
>that made little me laugh.
>and we simultaniously pulled up to my grandpa's office (I could see the sign, despite being too short to see the actual office.)
>my grandpa's voice said "Alright Bowie (his nickname for me), time to get out."
>I finally looked at him, and to my surprise it was a total stranger.
>he looked like he was aging rapidly.
>his hair stayed white, but his face shifted betweem being very young, and then growing to be much older looking. But none of his faces seemed familiar.
>shocked, all I could say was "O-oh...k-kay."
>as I opened the truck door, the scene went away and I was hit with blinding light
>which was actually me opening my eyes in the hospital.

Tons more to the story. But that was the NDE part. Come to find out U texhnically did "die" on the helicopter ride to the bigger hospital.
Almost got my head crushed by a truck after falling off my bike. Just kinda lay there calmly thinking "Alright, cool I guess."

Then realised I was alive and got up.

Not exactly paranormal, but there's that.
I was infected with meningitis as well, when I was 2 years old. Manifested as pneumonia.

I went to the ward for extremely sick children and all of the others there at the time died except me.
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I almost drowned when I was 4-5 years old, I fell into an underground water tank like pic related. Being a stupid little fucker I thought hmm, maybe I should start screaming my mom's name... I had this weird moment of peace where I figured out I was going to die since no one saw me fell down there, all I could see was the light shinning trough the square entrance and suddenly the light was blocked by something and I figured out somebody had shut the door. Turns out it was this friend of my mom and dad who jumped down to save me. I've almost drowned two more times but that one is ingrained on my memory. Felt terrified about it at first but at the end it felt really calm.
Forgot to mention that the lid of the one I fell into was like this but not hinged or stuck to the side, you had to completely separate the lid off by pulling it up.
kind of
> one day i got a panic attack for the first time of my life
> went to urgent care, heart rate 150
> doctor said theres something wrong with my EKG
> says i should be sent to ER to rule out possible blood clot in heart
> never been in US healthcare, and when he says that the ambulance is 10K freedom dollars, i know that this shit will be expensive trip
> ask for his recommendation, and obviously he says to go for it, though that take a taxi instead lol
> in a taxi on my way to ER
> in ER got pulled into IV and constant EKG
> they make blood tests for heart blood clot
> tests come positive
> doctor tells me i might die, or at least that what i interpreted it as
> best drugs ever kick in
> the patterns in walls are flowing, everything feels nice
> they run X ray and EKG
> nothing found
> no more opioids :(
> get a bill of 15K and get discharged
> on a later visit get rediagnosed that i drank myself to IV with coffee
> poisoned my stomach with too much coffee
> seemingly 60oz of coffee per day is too much
> get mental disorder later on from the experience

fuck you US
Yes. And a coma for over two weeks. Woke up with an oxygen tube in my trachea. Had to physical rehab to walk again.
I have, twice. Never had any of the trippy experiences people talk about though. One time I started having gran mal seizures out of the fucking blue and they could NOT stabilize me. Almost didn't make it. Other time a LOAD of benzodiazipines and alcohol were involved. Don't remember anything, except I had to go to fucking PT for like two months because they let some training EMT do my IV and they fucked it up TWICE, while I was unconscious, no less! I still can't straighten my arm all the way.
File: IMG_2181.png (2.59 MB, 1080x1920)
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2.59 MB PNG
What I experienced, and saw has been seen by at least one other person I met who was in a coma. A stranger who I talked to for a few minutes. My feeling, is that it isn't something we all get to see. At all. Nor was it any proof of an afterlife. So there you are.
This thread just had a near death experience, trufax
I was hit by a Tahoe when I was 11. I was ruled dead for about 5 seconds, and don't remember the incident at all. All I can remember is that one of my shoes got knocked off me, and I never found that shoe.
I've had a few overdoses from heroin and benzos, also had sepsis before, nothing really weird happened during any. Kind of just felt like falling asleep except for sepsis, was hallucinating from having such a bad fever and being up for days, saw bees buzzing around everywhere in a hospital, ended up going into a coma for a few days, not sure if it was medically induced or what, didn't get much information about any of it besides being told that if I went to bed that night instead of going to the hospital I would of died in my sleep since my body was about to shut down
Don't do drugs, kids
Windows can crack and shatter if it gets too cold
File: 1406899772876.jpg (34 KB, 500x375)
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>on page 1
>afraid of 404
It wasn't on page 1 when I bumped it, dumbass.
I almost drowned when I was little.
Twice, and I didn't have any of the crazy experiences. Things just went black.
I've od'd off smack 3 times
Fade to black
Nothing special, was almost run over a couple of times but I think thats quite common.
Oh and also I fell off a horse, I could've lost my ability to walk because I fractured my spine, luckily the bone didnt make any shards that could damage the spinal cord
Horses need seatbelts
Lel that would be funny. I saw a protective jacket linked to the saddle, if you fall while wearing it as soon as it is disconnected from the saddle it works like an airbag and blows up
That's not a bad idea.

I was kind of joking, but seriously, think how many people have been injured, paralyzed, or killed from falling from or being thrown by a horse.
>Most people see God, Heaven, Hell, or perhaps demons when in near death, so why would mine create such an odd scenario?

A lot of people who have seen hell in their NDE have described it as being cold, alone. That's what it is, Hell is not the protestant vision of fire and demons poked you with a stick. It's the absence of God. It IS rejection.

pay your damn bill and go back where you came from

So, were you drinking 60oz or meters or whatever the fuck you third worlders measure coffee with in a few meter-minutes, or was it over the course of a meter-day? Because my mom would drink an entire pot of coffee by mid-morning and it didn't phase her.
>Almost Drowned
>Almost got hit by a truck
>Almost died on drugs before I did them

Now I'm in the military and will probably have more.

Oh, while I was at basic. A battle buddy kinda of flagged me with an M4 when we were low crawling during Battle Buddy Live Fire.
*when I did them.

those would have been some awesome drugs to kill you before you even did them
>It's dark, it's scary

Well yeah, once you actually hit death you experience nothing.

God doesn't exist so you have nothing to worrry about. It was just the DMT being pumped into your brain due to the extreme shock of being on the brink of death. Let me rip off that bandaid for you right now.

When you actually die, it is a void. There is no thought, love, hate, enjoyment, or boredom. It simply is the equivalent of becoming an object.
Got hit by a car. Both me and dad saw an angel. I don't remember that but he remembers it.
Any details on how the angel looked? What do you and your dad remember?
How did you dad know that it was an angel?
My dad and I both are atheists. Well actually my dad is buddhist. He said that the angel looked like a normal person but with an aura.

I do not remember anyhing of this because I was baddly injured. My dad had no injuries.
Anon, when people see angels irl, that's often enough to get them into believing in a higher power. If seeing the real deal doesn't change your outlook on life, what will?

It didn't work for you?
Stop pushing for conversions. It could well have been a hallucination, or they saw something that still doesn't apply to your magic sky daddy.
When I was 8, I used one of those toy water mobiles in our pool when suddenly, it flipped over. I'm black so naturally I didn't know how to swim, had I drowned, no one would notice for probably like an hour, but for some strange ass reason, I managed to swim out, my swimming looked like utter shit, there was no logical way I should've been able to start swimming.

I managed to swim out with my arms flailing everywhere and ran back inside fast as fuck. After that I never even touched that pool again
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it depends on how you define "near death"

>7 years old
>go to the beach with my dad and my sister
>we explore the rockier parts of the beach, with mini cliffs and stuff
>sister and dad want to go to the other side of the beach, so we have to cross some narrow rock ledges which are above kind of shallow water
>I fall off the ledge
>land in water that goes up to my chest
>while I'm trying to stand up straight from the water I suddenly feel like I trip or something
>get some scrapes while im tumbling
>next thing I know Im looking out of the water and I see the shoreline 40 feet away from me
>I try to swim to shore put that just pulls me under
>oh god please help i dont want to die like this
>cant see anything because the water burns my eyes
>next thing I know I'm waking up what feels like the next day
>anon we're going to the beach today???
>my mom takes us to the beach instead
>its cloudy out and we go to see some tide pools because its at low tide
No way does an ambulance legit cost $10k. They wanted to take you for a ride in more ways than one. When I rode in one, it was $400. That was after someone hit-and-ran my grandma's car, so her car insurance picked it up.

Not sure wtf "IV" (as a place) is. There's the regular rooms and then there's the ICU (intensive care unit). $15k sounds ridiculous for a few tests no matter what.

You're not from the US? I'd just fuck off back to wherever you came from and send that bill back with LOL across it in giant Sharpie writing.

And that's why you should stop doing heroin you fucking junkie
Why can't bigs swim idgi
You reloaded a previous save
File: 1488906671348.jpg (41 KB, 550x512)
41 KB

i didnt want to end up like those poor plebs who dont save and just die
>The vibe that thing gave off was one of rejection. Have you ever fucked up really bad? And you just get these "looks" from the people around you after fucking up? That's what I felt. I felt as though I was being rejected, as if I wasn't wanted.

If that was the realm of death, you were being rejected, because it wasn't your time.
>you experience nothing
That suggests there's a you to experience it.

Death fascinates me because it is utterly alien to the state of being human, but all humans experience it.
My neck was pinned against a shipping container wall by a few hundred pounds of boxed bed frames. My phone fell out of my hand as I tried to call for help and it did not seem like anyone could hear me. My breathing was fairly shallow and my vision darkened. Eventually, I passed out. I ended up dreaming about a swingset on a grassy hill. It was incredibly peaceful. Then, all of a sudden, my vision returned to normal as this guy pulled the boxes off my neck.

I am still surprised by how peaceful it ended up feeling. The oddest thing to me is that I still occasionally have this nagging feeling that I am still in that shipping container slowly dying. At this point, what does it matter? It's beyond my control.
One time I drank and smoke to the point where if I stopped paying attention I would stop breathing. Going to sleep that night was terrifying. I was passing out but kept jolting awake gasping for air.

Another time I stopped breathing in my sleep, and in my dream I immediately fell into an ocean and was unable to swim. At some point during that I realized it was a dream, but that I actually couldn't breath or even wake up. I've never been so sure I was going to die than in that moment. I was eventually able to wrench myself from sleep and breath..

I should probably get checked for sleep apnea.
>be about 6 or 7ish
>Driving home with mom, older brother in front seat
>Go over a set of train tracks
>The second the car is of the tracks a train WOOSHES by at full speed
>The borders never came down
>The lights never came on
>The bells never rang
>My mom hit the breaks for a second and looked back at the train, we all look at eachother
>Brother "What the fuck?!"
>Me: "Did we almost die?"

My mom remembers it but my brother strangely doesn't despite being about 15ish at the time.

It was scary.

A few months later a guy came to our school to talk about the trains and I tried to ask him why this event happened (Why didn't any of the safety precautions trigger?) but he never called on me and my class left right after the assembly when he was meeting with kids and letting people ask more questions.

Stuck with me though.
This isn't really an NDE per se, but it's as close as I've gotten.

>Sleep 3 hour night
>Wake up at 5am
>Work at volunteer facility loading up boxes with food until noon
>Don't get home until 3pm and fall asleep in bed
>Have dream that I'm in my car and go full lucid
>The second I realize I'm dreaming a powerful white light pulls me out through my sunroof
>I can't describe the light but it felt like every feeling of happiness, sadness, anger and fear I've ever had in my life hitting me at 1000%. I couldn't believe it was happening
>Stand in this white room and in the middle is a glass tablet of my life's appointments shown as blue check boxes
>wake up
I was shot in the liver a few years ago in a drive by shooting. I wasn't the target, just unlucky. I remember intense pain, looking down and seeing the blood and then went into shock. It didn't help that a bunch of people ran up to me to help (pro tip, don't surround people having a medical emergency). Anyways they rushed me to the hospital and I went under the knife for like 6 hours. I'm fine now.

I've died a few times.

Most people in this plane are already dead.

What controls where you slide? I cannot figure out.
Interesting. That sounds very much like an actual NDE.
As a kid, I hung around at the pool of a family member. I was playing with a cousin of mine, all while on the shallow end of the pool.

One time, he was chasing me, and I left the pool, probably standing there until he got out of the pool. I ran away from him, and I jumped back in the pool.

Thing is, I jumped in the DEEP end of the pool. I didn't know how to swim back then.

This left me panicking and gasping for air as I moved for my life. Had nobody been around when this was around, I would not have survived. Luckily, somebody came and rescued me. The rest is history, and later on I would learn to swim. However, this is seen by me as my closest NDE,
Definitely. Get some oxygen, bro.
File: fate_com2.jpg (701 KB, 617x900)
701 KB
701 KB JPG
File: 2522.jpg (16 KB, 500x275)
16 KB
spoopy dubs must be a truth that mere humans cannot understand
That fucking sucks
File: 1487509545863.jpg (45 KB, 474x469)
45 KB
ok I might as well post an actual near death experience too
>be 11
>going fishing with my dad my sister and my cousin
>cousin and I dare each other to run up 60-70 degree cliff to see if we can
>do it on different parts or something because I dont remember seeing him in my peripheral vision when I tried
>its very steep but manage to do it quick enough to not slide down in the dirt
>theres some rocks i could use as leverage too
>finally grab the top and pull my entire body up so my upper body is resting on solid ground
>my legs are still dangling
>look up and see what looks like a fucking mountain lion or something right in front of me
>fuck no
>let go in fear
>start sliding down 30 feet of cliff
>all those rocks dont look helpful anymore
>pray to god for the one moment i need it most
>feel like im going to be ok the entire way down
>dont get a single scratch
>my cousin got kind of a deep cut in retrospect
>dont know if its related or from fishing or something
Could have been some sort of premonition man, this is a very cool story even if it isn't true.
Why shouldn't we surround people who are having a medical emergency? Most people that gathered were probably not only concerned getting you medical attention, but also that you didn't drift away. Keeping someone awake after they're shot like that is vital to their survival. Anymore to this story of the drive-by? How could you mental go back to where ever you were at at the time that you were shot? Tough as nails man.
Maybe in some other reality your still there slowly dying or your already dead
I have thought about it, but if this is death then I am all about it.
I fell approx. 40 feet off a cliff and somhow only broke my right foot. The initial break wasn't so bad, but crawling to find help was by far the most painful experience of my life.

I had intense tunnel vision and came close to blacking out multiple times.
I was skating and I thought I could make it across the highway. A woman in a car with her daughter had timed out their light turning green and were coming to the crosswalk at like 35mph. I must have missed them by like, 5 inches. Looked into the drivers eyes. 3/10 for the adrenaline rush, would not recommend. Nothing profound came of it. Although a few weeks afterward I did discover the Mandela effect so maybe that timeline died.
When I was 18 I visited Australia. I was bombing a hill in Sydney on my board and turned a corner and crossed a really busy street. As I go down the other street I turned into I automatically go to the right side of the street since I'm from the US. I barely miss getting flattened by incoming traffic.


>almost died during child birth
>almost thrown out a 5 story window by a meth head at 6 months

>almost choked to death on a subway token at 2
>also when 2 was in my carriage when some drunk forgot to put his parking brake on
>it rolled down the parking lot hill in knocked my carriage over
>some how I was barely harmed
>also was in a car accident at 3
my guess is that was serving more as a vision. For a higher spiritual being than you/an aspect of your entire self to be disappointed in you shows there is potential there in the first place. If you were actually dying you'd see something else. It was known you were going to wake up so you were shown something thatd be useful/affecting in the rest of your life.
Mandela effect is bullshit and needs to stay out of this thread
Believe it or not, I know how you feel.
I also feel as if ive been "tethered" to that reality ever since.The TRUE fear and TRUE rejection have never gone away.

I like your DMT idea though.
>be me
>be skitzo
>decide to "kill" one of my personas
>grab grandfathers 22 revolver and a bullet
>load gun
>make mental picture
>cock gun with bullet in chamber
>make mental picture
>put gun to right side of temple
>stay this way for some time to, yup, make a mental picture
>de-cock gun and rotate cylinder to empty chamber
>cock gun and put to temple
A few days pass and nothing comes of the event untill,
>wake up one day and hear voice antagonizing me to commit [REDACTED]
>finally say fine and quickly run through the events in my head as a fail-safe for not actually doing it
>just as i pull the trigger, thinking of the loaded chamber in my head, a gunshot from my neighbors house rips through the silence
>i am frozen
>where do i go from here
Turns out the neighbor was firing his gun to "assert dominance" over his domain being that his 4-wheeler was stolen hours prior.

Does coincidence exist /x/?
Chance is merely a word for law not recognized
Only one, pretty generic I guess

>with friend
>he's driving, kind of a retard
>speeding around on back roads just shootin the shit
>notice a 'hard turn ahead' sign
>going 60 mph when we hit the hairpin turn
>fucking oops
>brakes, squealing tires, airborne, see the world turn outside the windshield
>'oh my god I'm going to die, this is really it'
>last thought is of my mom before crashing back to earth
>upside in a fucking stream, car totally fucked, windshield busted in on my side
>by a fucking storm drain
>less than 8" from cutting my head off
>have to scramble out of the car as it fills up with mud and water
>vomit up glass
>both of us are somehow totally unscathed

But then

>can't sleep for days on end
>constant nightmares, relive accident everytime I sleep
>have hallucinations of melting walls, hear the sound of shattering glass, ice pick headaches, feel like I'm not real like I'm not supposed to exist, hear bugs scuttling around in my spine
>every night see creepy figures getting closer and closer to my window, afraid to sleep
>end up in the nuthouse
>eat chicken nuggets and risperdol for a few weeks
PTSD is a bitch, man
>be 17
>go to store to buy something to eat,drink
>go to checkout
>tall guy about 6ft5-ish comes up to the cashier
>aims with gun tells to give him money
>she was scared and didnt know what to do
>he hit her with the gun
>get pissed but scared also
>decide to be hero
>grab the gun out off his hands
>somehow he shot me on my liver
>didnt feel it, was like a pinch
>he bailed after i got the gun
>pain gets to me, i black out and wake up in the hospital

never green texted, guess you can call it a NDE, still chat with store girl now
And then you woke up?
you're a good person if this is true
does a failed suicide attempt count?
i guess
> one day i got a PA for the first time of my life
> went to UC, HR 150
> doctor said theres something wrong with my EKG
> says i should be sent to ER to rule out possible BC in heart
> never been in US HC, and when he says that the ambulance is 10K FD, i know that this shit will be ET
> ask for his recommendation, and obviously he says to go for it, though that take a taxi instead lol
> in a taxi on my way to ER
> in ER got pulled into IV and constant EKG
> they make BT for HBC
> tests come +
> doctor tells me i might die, or at least that what i interpreted it as
> best drugs ever kick in
> the patterns in walls are flowing, everything feels nice
> they run X ray and EKG
> NF
> no more opioids :(
> get a bill of 15K and get discharged
> on a LV get rediagnosed that i drank myself to IV with coffee
> poisoned my stomach with too much coffee
> seemingly 60oz of coffee per day is too much
> get MD later on FTE


This is how fucking stupid your texting looks.
You seriously just wrote out another post, by someone who's probably not a native English speaker, to make it even more unintelligible? Fuck off, retard.
>to make it even more unintelligible
That was the point you fucking mongoloid. His acronyms have little to no context at all and that has nothing to do with being a native speaker or not.
It made more sense than your dumb shit. I repeat, fuck off.
Of course it made more sense you retard, mine was a satire of the original. Holy fuck how slow can you be to not get it?. Fuck you.
File: 1427483586738.jpg (10 KB, 460x276)
10 KB
Did the dude get caught?
Yes. Almost drowned.

Sometimes I think I actually did die and I'm living in some sort of purgatory that will repeat itself after I "die" again. That is my greatest fear.
If this is purgatory, it's not so bad.
If it's going to be as shitty as this is turning out, don't bother.
>be me
>cant swim for shit
>in large swimming pool deep end hanging on the ledge
>decide to swim across to see if I can make it
>get to the other side paddling, but hand slips when I reach for the ledge
>freak out
>losing air
>gonna die
>feel an arm pull me up
>realize I was going to die if life guard did not spot me in time
>Thank him
>still cant swim till this day, scared of water

wew lad. I get teary eyed when I talk about it. I dont htink even the lifeguard knew how close to death I was. That incident scarred me for life :( in both good way and bad way.
you should probably learn to swim just so it doesn't happen again
Got in car accident lost a lot of blood.
Heart stopped, don't know for how long
Medics resuscitate
Heart stopped again
Resuscitate again

My experience, I went from extreme pain while conscious to nothing. No visions, nothing at all. It's like someone just stopped the movie then restarted it again.

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