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What is voodoo and how do voodoo dolls work?

(pic unrelated)
>(pic unrelated)

>Internet a click away
>can't be bothered to find an on-topic image
>expects /x/ to type up a bunch of info for him
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Its spelled googoo

Pic unrelated

This it's the hollywood version.
Of all the many forms of supernatural, it is only one way to access magic.
A small amount of people can control its power and mostly it is all myth, but the supernatural is real and those with the ability can focus it to do many things. Clairvoyance, healing, or voodoo curses.
Voodoo is a religion that has many branches

Hoodoo is folk magick and witchcraft
Voodoo dolls aren't really part of voodoo/hoodoo

They are called poppets
They're psychological. Same thing with voodoo sorcerers convincing people that they're undead by inducing paralysis that the victim mistakes for death.

Its a very intimate version of something that already happens all the time. The important thing I'd that the victim knows that the doll is supposed to represent them and theycan see the "prick".

We see it on tv a lot and famguy is a good example. They create a fictional "effigy" of a real celebrity, voice act it, make fun of it, embarrass it, etc, and viewers react as though its the real person. Even the person who's being made a character of reacts, even though nothing is actually happening to them. This can apply to stereotypes too for a "mass voodoo doll".

If I made a statue of you and pissed on it, depending on your temperament it might offend you even though I haven't directly referenced you or done anything to you at all, but it wouldn't if it was someone else or no one at all. If i manifest my ill will by following you around with a doll and stabbing it, eventually you will feel it.
A angry black female can stare at you with murderous intent. The glare may cause you discomfort despite no physical action.
The hobo on the street can you names, with the intent of hurting your feels.
A sjw liberal can sprout nonsense and lies, typing words at you, trolling you until you boil.
Real voodoo is more than that. Magic is like a invisible intangible bullet. Unverified claims of causing extreme inexplicable sickness, pain, and even death have been reported.

Voodoo is nigger magic utilizing parasitic spirits that they worship as if they were gods and "voodoo dolls" are a Hollywood creation. Poppets are from European witchcraft (and I don't mean "Wicca").

Even in today's modern first world countries, it is alive and well.
How many practice it in secrecy?
Should get banned for that shit
"wiccans" make me want to shoot up my school.

one time in my sophomore year, so dumb cunt straight up told out chem teacher that she's a "wiccan" and he just looked at her all wide-eyed like she was fucking crazy (which she was) and said "okay"
What form of European witchcraft are you referring to? (i.e. what region/tradition)?
Originally, the doll would be stabbed, burnt, etc in front of the intended victim.

It was based off of empathy. The person would see the doll, who looks like them, getting hurt, and would "feel" it themselves.

Like when you watch a vid of someone getting their balls injured and you shudder, as though it were happening to you
I remember an edgy friend who was Wicca tried to cast a spell on my algebra teacher because she failed a test

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