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I just had an incredible experience meditating today.

>Finish working in basement of building
>Find dark quiet room where no one is around
>Close my eyes and begin the journey
>Nothing serious at first, thoughts slip in and out
>Focusing on breathing
>Suddenly I'm struck by the terrifying image of a beast
>I had conjured it into my thought space and it began to terroize me
>The dragon was similar to pic related ready to tear me apart
>Fear coursing through me
>prepared to give up, leave my thought space, and open my eyes, ending the spell

Had been dealing with fear like this for some time now, often in the form of aliens at night. I understand it's not real and only my thoughts, but it's enough to startle me from a pleasant spot. I had had enough

>Time to face my fears
>Tried to tell myself it wasn't real
>No dragon there; can't hurt me
>Doesn't work
>Creature becomes more terrifying, emboldened by the failure
>Really want to open eyes but need to fight it
>Next recall the line "...nothing to fear but fear itself"
>Helps me realize that I am fighting fear, not beast so I just need to conjure something to kill it
>Finally, call upon my spirit guardian (was made up as far as I'm concerned)
>Imagine the ancient protector composed of golden light, striking the beast down with a mighty blow of its radiant hammer
>The beast recoils and leaves
>fear subsides.

I had trouble focusing from there as I got too excited and proud of myself, imagining all my spiritual role models congratulating my victory.
I just had an incredible experience shitting today
>took a shit
Roflcopor, shop the wop do a barrol roll and i just lost the game
you and i had a nice day the both of us
>nothing to fear but fear its self


also cool that you could make a spirit guardian
i can make something that can "guard me" but its never kind to me, always really abusive
i attribute it to my abusive mother and my traumatic childhood

it always "helps" me, it'll fend off the nasties but it insults me, makes sure i know im helpless without it, etc

text book abuse/trauma shit.
So you're proud of something you only made up in your head?

This is just sad; there is nothing paranormal about this. At least the alien threads have a pretense of paranormal.


Yea, and the sleep paralysis threads are paranormal too, not just very likely hallucinations. This is /x/ worthy, go away.
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>had a similar experience
none of this actually happened
You don't think someone was sitting alone in a room, got scared of a monster because his eyes s were closed and the. Imagined killing the monster so it runs away?
This is the whole point. Op is happy because he recognized worry and fear which was unfounded.

We all fear things we don't have to because it's not real and didn't happen.

What if I get fired tomorrow? What if that lump is cancer? What of the world ends soon because yellow stone errupts. What if I say something dumb during a job interview? What if she doesn't like me? What if God is real? What if there is a giant dragon about to devour me?

We worry and fear so many things.
You didnt passed your lesson.
He will be back
Here is a website that can help you master your mind

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