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As a child I used lucidity to end nightmares. Now I want to relearn the skill to try to push the boundaries of my mind.

I'm really looking for advice on
>how to dream more
>techniques on achieving lucidity
>experiences you've had dreaming
>how far you pushed your dreaming and any fun experiments to try

If it helps I only wake up and remember dreaming during the night maybe once a week.
I've been having so much fun in my lucid dreams that I don't want to live in reality anymore

>tfw no fireball spell
>tfw no flying
>tfw no hordes of low level enemies to wipe out
Having more dreams and achieving lucid dreaming is actually possible. For the first couple of weeks you pretty much just repeat ,,I will remember my dream,, in your language, before you will try to fall asleep. Repeat it 10-20 times in your head or speak it out loud to yourself.

After 1 week you should be able to remember much more from your dreams which is like 2-4 different dreams every night. (Optional) You can write these dreams down in some notebook to remember the old ones aswell.

After you reach the level of 4-5 dreams each night you can try changing the phrase, that you repeat everynight, to ,,I will be lucid dreaming,, in your language aswell. After few days your dreams will become more real and you will gain ,,control,, of whats happening but it will take even more time to recognize the moment you are able to do anything.

Important thing: achieving lucid dream is harder during night because of ,,deep sleep,, you fall in. It's much easier during random nap time because your mind isn't that exhausted and it will be more active.
Sorry for bad english tho, but I think you will understand.
Thanks will try this tonight and post results in the morning
I'm able to do lucid dreaming, but I find that nowadays it's often cruel more times than not. Of course, I can choose to just turn off the dream or go somewhere else... But there's always something not quite right about it.

I've been lucid dreaming since I was very young. It started out with me as a seven year old just imagining characters and fun scenerios in my head before I went to bed. It got to the point where I would feel disappointed if I accidentally drifted off into sleep as opposed to living in my elaborate fantasies. After a while, I found that I started doing this exact same thing but while I was entirely asleep.

A lot of my dreams involve flying, creating nature, cool environments, all of those things. I also have reoccurring characters in my dreams that I've had ever since I was a child. There's one man in particular that drifts in between being good or bad for my dreams. I find that I'm typically able to control them, but whoever this being is in my dreams- he can control them as well.

For example, I'm having a dream I don't like and I shut it off so I can sleep, he turns it back on so I have to live through it. I wondered at points if maybe I wasn't actually lucid dreaming, but it all escalated into horrible sleep paralysis and at times when I have torture-esque dreams I'll wake up feeling the after-effects of genuine pain for four to five seconds and it scares the fuck out of my roommates. It's like I go in between battling whoever this is in my sleep to adoring them, and I 100% don't get it.

It's very strange, and I wonder if I may have fucked myself up from lucid dreaming so much as a child.

The worst is when I can control my dream, but then I'm put to sleep by whatever this being is and I can control MY dream, but not the dream I have while I'm already dreaming. confusing af, but this person snaps me in and out of consciousness and can also put me back into a dream even if I wake up for 30 minutes to do something then go back to bed.
It won't work the night you start it, at least it didn't for me. Dreams were easier to remember after 1 week.

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