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File: 1489974484832.gif (1.96 MB, 220x165)
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I will start. I have several but I'll just do one for right now.
Here it is:

>I live near Miami and work in a convenience store in a bad part of town.

>I work the night shift and usually do my shifts alone.

>Doesn't really bother me too much, but sometimes it does get to me.

>Anyways there was one night after my shift ended that things got creepy.

>First of all at around 12:30 the lights turned off in the store then came out again a few seconds later.

>This happens again around 30 minutes later.

>I'm a bit puzzled though not creeper out yet.

>The rest of my shift is uneventful.

>I close down and lock up for the night preparing to go home.

>As I am walking through the parking lot to my car I spot something out of the corner of my eye.

>I turn my head and stop dead in my tracks.

>Near the edge of the building there is a man who at first appears to be crouching.

>However I realize that he is instead on all fours crawling around in the darkness.

>I stand there for a second not knowing what do, when he slowly starts crawling on his hands and feet into the parking lot.

>I book it, run to my car and drive away.
>I tell the manager the next day and he sort of brushes it off.

>He tells me it was just a meth head or something(since they are common in our area) and not to worry to much.

>I also told him about the power outage and he said he would look it to it.

>I still don't know if that lunatic had something to do with it or if it was just a coincidence.

Anybody have any theories? I have come to accept my manager's explanation that it was some freak high on something but sometimes I just dont know man.
If anyone else wants to hear more stories just let me know
I want to hear more!
Anybody got any they want to share?
Sure thing!

>Be me
>Be 2013
>Be in the kitchen 11:00pm
>washing dishes
>Door behind me leads into laundry room
>Feel a presence
>Suddenly feel movement
>Hear someone loudly say "Bloop!" as if to playfully get my attention
>As I look toward the sound, I see a movement as if it was hiding its head quickly around the corner
>Be frozen
>Walk quickly to front porch
>Shut front door behind me
>Call friend to come over

Scariest shit


Why. What's the big deal
Personally, I like the spaces, makes it easier to read.
bump, ive been waiting for a thread like this.
Fuck you
What does it matter you OC autist.
That guy you all keep cussing out has a point. Double spaces are unnecessary and annoying to read.
Bump. More stories less bitching.
I thought that spring break ended. Don't you have to wake up for school tomorrow bud?
Not OP, but here:
>be 13
>freshman in high school
>early november
>taking notes in environmental class
>get a feeling of deja vu throughout the day during school
>this feeling continues throughout the entire day
>this feeling continues on for a week
>cant figure out why I'm having deja vu when I'm getting enough sleep and not stressed at all as these classes are easy
>one day I wake up and decide to write down on a piece of paper all that I remember from my dreams
>its just notes from some of my classes
>throughout the day I pull out the paper and compare it to the notes Im taking
>by the end of the day I have written word for word whats on the piece of paper
>continue this the entire week
>week 3 on monday
>wake up and remember everything I dreamed about
>It was 9 exact hours of me in school taking notes, talking to friends, eating lunch
>write down most of it as it would take too long to write word for word the notes
>school day plays out exactly like my dreams
>it felt fucking amazing, like I was Neo bending the rules of the Matrix to fly and shit
>during that week I remembered a pop quiz one of my teachers gives
>during that morning I write down all the answers on a separate sheet
>shes my first class of the day and when I walk in I decide to hand her the sheet with all my answers
>she looks confused at the paper
>then realizes its the answers to the quiz
>starts asking me how I know the answers to a quiz she came up with last night
>my stomach fucking drops as I didnt realize how freaky this shit will seem to other people
>week 4 I could now recount my entire dream and select segments to play for me
>like choosing which part of a movie you want to re-watch and you know the exact moment where that scene starts
>copy word for word all the notes in my notebooks and go to class
>dont even have to lift my pen as its all 100% accurate
>still have the deja vu feeling though
>getting annoyed of repeating the same conversations with everyone
Cont. in Part 2
Part 2:
>in week 5 it gets very meta
>start waking up with dreams of me waking up and writing down my dreams
>along with myself throughout the entire day of school
>enter the full deja vu phase where I cant discern dreams from reality
>throughout the school day I poke my thigh with the point of a pen to make sure this is real
>the next day I have dreams where I'm in school just sitting there and stabbing myself in the thigh with a pen
>that day I time myself, where every 15 minutes in school, I poke myself with a pen
>dreams show me doing the exact same thing
>cant tell if im asleep or awake anymore
>try to force myself to stay awake all night
>a night of no sleep
>no fucking dreams
>head off to school, never been more excited to take down notes all day
>throughout the day I nod in and out for about 30 to 45 seconds
>learn this is called microsleeps, where a person suddenly falls asleep, but regains consciousnesses in less than a minute
>wake up from a couple with the same result
>remember 30 to 45 seconds of a dream where I wake up from a microsleep and a couple of minutes of school
>it all plays out exactly the same
>after 3 days I go to the school psychologist
>tell her I havent slept in 3 days and think I have deja vu
>asks me why and i come out clean
>gives me a weird like look im a nutjob
>goes to the teacher I gave the pop quiz answers to before she gives out the quiz
>teacher confirms my story and says theres no way I should have know
>says I've been falling sleep in her class, but waking up seconds later
>school psychologist recommends I see a real one
>finally fall asleep friday as I've gone 4 days without any sleep except for random microsleeps
>think a real psychologist will help me
>wake up and remember my dream
>remember every word the psychologist will say when talking with her
>write it down and bring it with me
>meet psychologist, whos a nice short 40 year old latina with probably DD cup breasts
Continue in Part 3
Are you joking?
what do you mean?
Are you being sarcastic when you say "spooky
Part 3:
>asks me why I have a piece of paper
>tell her its my insurance policy to make sure this is not a dream
>asks if she could look at it
>tell her no as it would ruin the experiment
>she agrees and we talk to an hour about my condition
>put the paper flat on the written side on the table so she cant see
>asks me regular shit like do I hear voices, am I suicidal, do I think of stabbing people in the eyes with a fork
>tell her I stab myself in the thigh with a pen to see if im awake or not
>gives a concerned look
>tell her I'm not crazy and spent over a month documenting my results
>she apologizes and at the end recommends me these sleep pills from a pharmacy
>tell her to flip the paper over
>its everything she ever said, including the sleep medication and the exact dosage as well as the pharmacy she will email the order to
>she never mentioned the type of sleep pills, dosage, or the pharmacy she'll order from yet
>gives me the same look as my teacher
>ups the dosage and tell her to read the last line
>the last line describes her increasing the dosage to the exact amount
>sends me out in a hurry
>go to pharmacy and pick it up for free
>thanks Obama
>remember in my dream I took the exact recommended amount
>decide its time to leave the Matrix for good
>take double the recommended dosage
>fall asleep listening to a 10 hour sleep music video on youtube at the exact time I saw in my dream from friday night
>wake up
>feel like my body is renewed
>like when you sleep when you're sick and wake up cured
>cant remember a single thing that I dreamed about
>remember the friday night dream that includes me waking up at an exact time
>slept 3 hours part it
>for the first time in years I slept 12 hours
>keep taking double the dosage
>for 3 weeks I cant remember my dreams
>run out of pills
>keep getting it renewed for years for free thanks to Obama

And thats it. Scariest time of my life and thankfully I have yet to have a repeat episode.
Your story was so unbelivable that the avengers looks like a documentary comparatively
What? That isn't fucking spooky at all, if there was blood on the wall or something I can agree, but just "BLOOP"? Fucking stupid.
>be 12 years old
>be visiting my Dad, who was the manager at a local Pub
>during holidays the Pub owners would sometimes go on vacation, leaving my Dad in charge
>we'd stay at the Pub to look after the house and their dog, Ben, a Jack Russell
>goes out one day to see friends while Dad was working
>comes back, gets keys, and heads upstairs
>closes front door and look up, halfway up the stairs is Ben, he's sitting there licking his balls
>"Hello Benny Ben Ben Ben!!!"
>dog ignores me, keeps licking his balls
>approaches dog, looks closer
>he isn't licking his balls....
>he has an 8 inch cut going from his dick upto his chest
>his intestines, liver, lungs.. whatever, are literally laying on the carpet between its legs and it's licking them
>i panic, and without thinking scoops up Ben into my arms like a baby, his guts laying on his chest
>runs downstairs and outside, still in shock, don't know what to do
>Ben looks up at me like "Help"
>runs into Pub, probably 30 people in there
>"Dad!!!! LOOK!"
>Dad just looks at me in shock, doesn't say a word
>whole Pub gasps in horror
>fuck these guys.jpg
>run back out of Pub, wtf wtf wtf wtf
>remembers there's a Vet's surgery about 5 minutes walk away
>starts running, Ben still looking up at me with sad eyes
>gets to Vets, bursts in door
>receptionist starts walking over says
>.."Sorry, there's a Queueooooohhhhh shit, DOCTOR!!!!!!"
>Doctor comes running out of a door behind her, ushers me into the room and I put Ben on table
>they quickly usher me out, gives receptionist address and number
>goes home
>2 weeks later, Ben is patched up and fine, gets released to owners
>owners ask Doctor wtf happened?
>Doctor says Ben had 2 broken ribs, a broken leg, and the massive gash on stomach
>Doctor says it looked like Ben had been attacked by something BIG, like a Rottweiler or Pitbull, but couldn't explain the broken bones
>mfw Ben hadn't been outside that day, and they owned no other pets
File: 1487025072163.jpg (65 KB, 411x412)
65 KB


I welled up writing that. Remembering his face looking up at me. Thiose feels man. He was so helpless. I saved his life, it makes me proud to say that.

Doctor had no explanation as to the extent of his injuries. My Dad and I had no idea. The owners probably thought I'd done it or some shit, but the doctor was certain it was an animal.

What fucking animal I don't know.
How was his story scary? There was no blood or anything like that...
Wow, look at my GET
meth head dropped and was looking for his pipe is my theory
posted in wrong thread, meant for here
Man, that's creepy as shit. How in the world can this be explained?
nice GET
Right? That's what I said.
This is probably kind of a stupid story, but I'm posting it anyways just because I want to tell it.

>be me
>5 or 6 years old
>watched the Wizard of Oz pretty much every day
>only tv with a VHS player in the house was in my mom's room, across from her bed on top of a dresser
>this means i'd always just lie down in her bed to watch my movie
>one night
>my mom is smoking in the garage and my stepdad wasn't home
>i'm watching Wizard of Oz for the thousandth time
>lying on the left side of the bed with my arms crossed
>feel something weighty and warm grip my left thigh
>look down and there's a big hand covered in brown hair splayed out on top of my leg over my pants
>immediately super scared
>pull my leg out from under it and stand on the bed
>it doesn't make an effort to grab me and drops onto the mattress
>i jump on top of the nightstand next to the bed and try to swing myself around the frame of the open door into the hallway
>run to the garage and tell my mom
>she doesn't believe me
>it smells like cigarettes
and that's all I can remember about that
Holy shit, that is terrifying!

You saw the monster in full? What did it look like? The Cowardly Lion?
have another
>around 13 years old
>summer break had just started
>stay up all night playing games and watching tv
>go to bed but feel really anxious and nervous as soon as i lay down, cant put my finger on why though
>fight it and go to sleep
>wake up in giant building, like an empty department store, dead quiet except for my steps and breathing
>follow the tile pattern in the floor, then up some stairs to the second floor
>giant, gaping hole in the middle of the room, like something fell from the ceiling
>floor collapses, fall back down to first floor then into the basement
>layout is the same as first floor, but everything is filthy and rusted
>follow the same path but find a set of doors with a big blood pool where the stairs were
>doors fly off the hinges and a skinless arm pulls me into a black void
>wake up to find seven pairs of eyes in a circle looking down on me in bed
>scream then throw up on myself
>go into bathroom to clean up, feel very sore and drained; vomit was very dark, reddish brown
>throw off my clothes to change and see bruises and cuts all over my torso with two big ones on my stomach
>sit down on toilet and fall asleep
>mom wakes me up when she gets home from work, asks what happened to make that big mark on me
>say i fell outside and go back to my room and sleep until the next day
i still got a few more if you want
I'd love more, but why wouldn't you tell your mother what happened?
File: maxresdefault.jpg (58 KB, 1280x720)
58 KB

you did good, anon.
because she is more than a helicopter mom, she wouldnt even let me stay the night at friends houses until i was in high school or go on trips without her
>high school, around 16-17
>eating lunch alone as usual
>look across lunchroom, see pitch black figure standing in doorway on the far side of the room
>heart skips a beat, drop sandwich, look down to pick it up and figure is gone
>later that day, during last period, get bored and start looking around the room
>see same figure standing outside, directly facing me
>stare at it for a good while before teacher calls my name to answer a question
>answer then look back to the door, figure is gone
>period ends, walk out and head to bus
>see same figure inside my bus, in the seat i usually take
>friend bumps into me and asks why i stopped
>start to tell him about the figure but get a sinking feeling i shouldnt
>look back to bus, gone again
>dropped off, start walking home, hear my dogs barking when i get close
>get home, see dogs barking at my window
>call their names, they seem surprised and run to me, whining
>get extremely nervous, open front door, figure directly in front of me
>black out, come to in hospital
>mom says she came home and found me in the hallway outside my room babbling nonsense
>doctor said i had a serious concussion and that i was out for roughly 2 days
>still see figure occasionally to this day, although never as violent
some people have no life
Well I thought it was legit spooky, that's the sort of thing I could see happening to me.
That went on way too long and was way too confusing.
I'm enjoying these, keep 'em coming if you got any more.
This one might be kinda lame, but it happened to me and I haven't told it here before.

>be me, early 20s
>go to 24-hour grocery store at like 2 am
I know it already sounds like I was on drugs, but I wasn't.
>walking past aisles, looking for whatever it was I went there for
>see trail of fluid the color of old blood, but still wet
>it's going up one of the aisles
>get to aisle
>turn my head
And there, in the aisle, was...something. Something so awful that my mind blanked it out - I know it's a cliche, but that's how it happened. Sometimes I think back on the incident, and I can almost remember what it was but then my mind NOPEs on out of there.

I've had other paranormal encounters, but they're either ones I've told before or "standard" stuff like shadow people.
I call bullshit. You would remember it.
If I were gonna make something up, I'd make up something better than that.
Ok I believe you.

No wait, no I don't.

Damn now I'm confused. Fuck this thread.
People DO blank out traumatic events, but it would probably have to be something like a murder victim. Maybe a cashier got capped during a robbery gone bad?
aight, only got one more thats at the same level of "fuck that" as what ive been posting, most recent too
>in college, around 20 years old
>had awful sense of dread and anxiety past week or two
>blame it on finals being soon and try to focus
>cant shake this feeling of impending doom creeping up on me, losing sleep and track of time easily
>wake up one day, feeling completely gone, not even residual doubt about a decision ive made since it started
>few days pass, finals come and go, parents ask to help them move and clean up the old house before its torn down
>feeling instantly sets back in, say yes anyway
>show up the next morning, completely on edge and antsy
>go inside, start to get deja vu, like i know exactly where to find things before they even ask for it
>feeling gets worse and worse as day goes on, almost sickening in the afternoon
>sit down for a minute, mom says a storm is coming and to head into the basement and turn on the power if im staying
>heart sinks for no reason, silently get up and trudge down there
>hear unfamiliar voice call my name as soon as i open the door
>find breaker, feel breath down my neck
>whip around, see giant face in the wall
>tell me things i had forgotten about since childhood and memories i had repressed, then says its going to keep watching me even after i die, then melds back into the wall, leaving a big dark stain where it was
>run back upstairs in blind panic, parents are nowhere to be found
>head outside, sun's completely gone, pissing rain and thunder
>hear same voice scream my name along with very loud crunching sound
>get in my car and floor it back to my dorm
>parents call next morning, said a basement wall had collapsed from unseen water damage and that the house had caved in
Nice of you to embarrass your grand dad like that to total strangers.

He must be proud to have such a cunt of a grandson
>be me at 15
>Hunting trip with Dad and brother around Fort Leonard Wood in Missouri
>Brother and I leave camper to go use the bathroom
>Bring lantern and shotgun
>Stop about 20 yards from camper
>See a set of glowing eyes in the woods
>Get excited because we think it's a deer
>Stares at us, then hides behind tree, then pokes it's head out again
>Starts moving backward into the woods while staring at us, going behind other trees
>Follow it for a minute or two
>Steps away from tree and realize it's like a 6 foot tall humanoid creature
>Brother yells "RUN!" and we book it back to the camper without stopping
File: FILE0005.jpg (1.99 MB, 4608x3456)
1.99 MB
1.99 MB JPG
When I was a lot younger, I lived in this really bizarre house. I'd get really bad paranoia/anxiety when going downstairs by myself at night, among other things. But the weirdest thing was this one room in my house that no one would ever go into or even really acknowledge. I tried later after we had moved to talk to my parents and siblings about it and no one knew what I was talking about. I would have thought I was imagining it except that occasionally I'd find new stuff in the room and take it. I was young and the stuff wasn't there the last time I went in, so I figured it had been left for me. Kid logic, whatever.
The room itself looked like it had been burnt by a house fire and if the lights in the room even worked, I never saw them on. Everything in the room seemed greyscale and just generally devoid of life, which was why the things I took from the room stood out so much except the cross.

Pic related is the stuff I managed to keep across several moves. The cross was the first thing I took because I was young and it managed to shine in what little light the room got from the outside. After I took it, that's when the rest of the stuff began to appear.

I know it's not especially scary but to this day, I have no idea what the deal with that house or room was.

As a sidenote, the baseball, which was the second thing to appear after the cross, has looked like this since I got it.

On another note, the clock/timer thing hasn't worked since I got it. If I mess with it a lot I can sometimes hear faint ticking but that's all.
File: 1488592819275.gif (1.43 MB, 640x357)
1.43 MB
1.43 MB GIF
Here's another one:
>I was driving back home after spending the day over at a friend's house.

>It was late, probably around 3 a.m.

>The road was completely deserted as I was driving through a rural area.

>Forest surrounded the road on all sides.

>I drive for about 30 minutes before I notice a light coming up behind me.

>Think it's another car coming up behind me.

>Look behind me and see its just a single orb of light (motorcycle?).

>Light follows me for a few minutes.

>Then it suddenly turns into the woods and dissapears.

>Don't hear a single noise or sound.

>Couldn't have been a car or other vehicle.

>Probably just my sleep deprived brain fucking with me.

>Could have been an ayy lmao don't know.

That was the worst damn story I've ever read.
File: 2-bill.png (1.05 MB, 823x515)
1.05 MB
1.05 MB PNG
>be me
>be creepy
>browsing /x/
>skellington popped out
Cry more, shitposter
Cry more, janitor
If I was a janitor, I'd just delete your shit. Now go cry somewhere else.
Why are there do many retards in this thread today?
Where was this room in the house, just wondering?
Cool story
Wait so where did your parents go?
> what i think of as a demon/negative entity used to haunt my dreams and kill my whole family when i was a kid
> we would play a 'game' he and i, really he was just playing with me
> i would chase him and try to stop him from executing my family by finding weapons to use against him or finding my sisters so i could get them out of there
> i remember one really vivid time when it took place in a hotel
> he always introduced me to the game by letting me know he had already killed my parents and now i had to protect my four sisters before time was up
> no matter how clever i was he was always two steps ahead of me like sherlock holmes
> but he was pure evil. i would gamble everything i had in a single climactic moment at the end but every time he would stop me by playing a card that he hadn't shown was in his hand
> then he'd smile and push me off a ledge or put a bullet in my head
> always smiling this huge, joker grin
it went on for years and i think it was either the source or the manifestation of my feelings of impotence. our house was haunted. my older brother, younger sisters and i all had encounters there
underrated post
File: 2.png (16 KB, 877x317)
16 KB
dunno if im a believer or not, but have experienced some weird shit in my 35 years
File: 1.png (7 KB, 547x161)
7 KB
File: 0.png (10 KB, 660x259)
10 KB
File: 3.png (11 KB, 541x268)
11 KB
Keep going.
>clean up the old house before its torn down

>why shoot a man before throwing him out of a plane
I knew where it was going immediately but I still enjoyed it
At least you can spook, who are you?
only have like one or two more stories; will greentext them and post them l8er today

Oh please do!
>be me and friend somewhere in tropical jungle
>small, poor fishermen village @ colombian pacific coast
>all tipsy after having some beers
Don't know if related to what happened next, but before heading to campsite we decided to visit the tiny local cemetery.
>giggling at funny, wrong spelled names on the tombs

Few hours later in tent
>Very heavy tropical rain
>ready to go to sleep
>hear something moving Very fast from the "main", unpaved road to where we are, 15 feet away
(tent is over a wooden platform held by por wooden pillars)
>the thing zig-zags in the vegetation down below us very rapidly between the pilars
>at not-normal speed. No animal/person can move that fast
>we have no idea what is going on
>friend is also kind of skeptical of the paranormal, but
>it leaves for some seconds, then comes back and does the same thing
>repeats several times; we're just there listening
>after a while, all we can hear is the rain falling
>continue to listen while lying down on sleeping bag
>suddenly hear it again coming from the road
>no zig-zaging this time
next thing I hear is like a claw slowly scratching the wooden planks Right below where my head/ear was
>jump scared as fuck, asking my friend if he heard that
>spend the rest of the night awake, listening
forgot to mention before the scracth, the thing had just rammed hard against one of the columns that support the structure
Welp the thread is dead
>t. newfag who doesn't know /x/ is a slow board
Fake and gay
how have more people not checked these quints anon
I work in a shop and had a coworker who had a car start in gear and smashed him between a wall and the car and then drug him out into the parking lot.
I remember hearing him say shit, looking up to see him try to get out of the way and then him laying under the car in the parking lot.
The mind definitely blocks shit out that you don't wanna see.

>was 13-14
>me and all my friends were really into skateboarding
>was this church me and my friends also skated at
>some of my friends would go on about it being haunted
>claimed they saw a pale all white lady with no feet that appeared to hover
>even friend's who were atheists swore by it
>wasn't sure whether to believe it or not
>one night me and my friend's were skating there
>it's my turn to do the stair
>getting ready to push off when suddenly
>hear a BANG BANG BANG on the glass door that is 2 feet behind me
>see a really old pale lady in an all white dress
>we all freak the fuck out skate away across the parking lot
>as my best friend gets to the end of the parking lot he hits a crack
>his body goes flying and rolls half way across the street
>we pick him up and skate home as fast as possible

Looking back it was most likely just some weird old lady but was scary as fuck at the time.
File: 1471983984046.png (7 KB, 87x97)
7 KB
>be me, poor beaner
>Work in Factory
>Monday is official holiday so no work.
>Except us poor fucks of the warehouse dept, at least extra hours are doubled.
>Factory is fuckhuge, I am talking about 8 Olympic Pools of area.
>All areas are pitchdark, even the main hallway.
>Enter with a coworker so we can make the 300m pitch black walk together.
>We get to our area, shit is fine.
>Out of pallets.
>Dang it
>Have to look around the entire fucking factory for pallets in the darkness rolling around a pallet jack
>Cant find shit, scared to turn on lights in case i turn on something that i shouldnt.
>Finally find some empty pallets in the machines area.
>Go for them.
>Suddenly i feel my jack pretty fucking heavy even though it was empty, as if i had been carrying 2 tons
>Dont watch back, dont look sideways, dont do shit
>Breath in.strenghten my grip on the jack and make the run for the illuminated area.
>Nearly 150M running as hard as i can with steel-toed boots and a jack pallet.
>Get to my area.
>Tell the story to my coworkers who had gone to the hallway to see the fucking mess i was doing with my running.
>They tell me the guards usually see some shadows or a little girl around that area during graveyard shift.
>Never work at such conditions again.
That story reminds me of the Evil Dead movies desu
When i was 16 > In my room, sleeping on the top of a litter > I sleep on my head covering the sheets > I woke up at dawn, like at 3 am, > Wtf, I feel a presence in the room > I raise the sheet to see > In front of the litter, at the height of my face, I see 2 yellow eyes shining, looking at me > I'm terrified again > After a minute I uncovered and quickly turn on the light There was nothing I think he was some kind of witch or something. (I had already passed something similar in another house, located in Limache, which means the land of sorcerers)
awful go rp elsewhere
>Freshman in high school
>Late at night in bed, I can't sleep
>Never had trouble sleeping before or since
>Hours pass and I'm still awake, must be 2 or 3 am
>Get up to go to the bathroom, wash my face, stare at myself in the mirror
>Don't feel right
>Crawl back into bed
>Suddenly scared
>Why am I scared, I think? There's nothing-
>Hallway light goes out
>Alarm clock next to me still on, this isn't a power outage
>Hallway light goes on, and off
>Mind racing, is someone messing with me?
>Alarm clock light goes off
>There's something in my room
>Multiple things, they are standing at the edge of my bed
>I inch closer to the wall to get away from the edge
>I'm crying, I clamp my eyes shut
>Please let it be morning
>Suddenly it's the morning
>Alarm clock shows correct time, definitely no power outage
>See my mom, she's crying
>"Anon, your friend Kyle killed himself last night."
>Never tell anyone about the night because I don't want them to think I'm attaching myself to or associating something occult with Kyle's death

What happened to me that night
Kinda weird. What do you mean you didnt hear a nose or sound though? Even if you weren't playing music the sound of your own car could have hidden the sound.
Where did this take place? Just curious.
Stfu nerd.
Wtf do you mean by litter?
Real story time

>staying up late
>on the computer
>my room is opposite end of the house from where my dad and his gf sleep
>suddenly hear my dad's gf talking very loudly on the phone to someone, right outside of my room
>hear my dad's gf turn on the television
>it is loud as fuck
>she continues to talk on the phone
>think to myself "That if fucking rude as shit"
>think to myself "Thank god I'm not sleeping or else I would be pissed"
>continue to just be on the computer
>Don't know/Don't care why or what my Dad's gf is doing outside my room
>Dad's gf stops talking
>Hear footsteps come from my Dad's side of the house to outside my room
>TV is turned off
>hear footsteps go back to my Dad's side of the house
>assume my dad's gf just went back to bed

next day
>Dad's gf: "Did you have a girl over last night and have the tv on?"

We both heard a female's voice
I never heard footsteps before the speaking and I only heard it from one directional path right before the TV was turned off.
It was very freaky.
I unplugged the television and said "If the TV turns on by itself now, then we got problems"
The TV never did turn itself back on. But that doesn't explain the female voice.

Before I moved out I would also wake up with scratches all over my body. Super freaky place.
Apparently in my town there are stories of a ghost/paranormal activity that happens on that mountain that my dad's house is at.
god i fucking hate nu /x/ you all fucking suck
Getting old shit that you left behind most likely
Ooooh I've got one

>traveling through California on vacation
>11:00 at night
>driving somewhere between Yosemite And San Francicso
>long twisty road through the hills
>see headlights off in the distance
>a car is coming
>dad slows down for car and waits
>keep waiting
>car doesn't come
>to our right is face of the hill cut out for the road
>to our left is a solid drop into the valley below
>didn't see any tunnels (none that were lit anyways)
>me, Dad, sister and stepmom all saw the headlights
>where did the car go?
Go fuck yourself, dumbass. Why is /x/ so fucking underage?
>inb4 a bunch of rectumravaged teenagers lose their mind and get mad as fuck
>europoor in the middle of the night in my room on the first floor on University campus in South Africa, Cape province,
>heavy rain outside, starting to get really cold inside, heating was broken
>try to get as comfy as possible
>in a state of semi-consciousness still thinking about stuff
>at some point feel that something warm, the size of a small animal starts crawling next to me
>slowly walking behind me in bed
>thinking it was the cat I saw around the building the other days and she got inside to get rid of the rain and get warm
>wasn't scared at all just thinking I'll have to clean the bed sheets from the mud the cat left on her paws
>I feel it getting closer to the back of my head and stopping
>suddenly realize I sealed the windows shut for the night as I always do
>thinking to myself "If she didn't get through the window, she didn't get through the door, how did she get in?"
>"easily" a calm voice replied from behind me in my native language
>wake up and jump out of bed, checked everything, see nothing
Spectacular failure of greentext, mate
Nothing to worry about, sounds like a typical cat.
i like the way you think
You sound butthurt
You're an absolute fucking retarded faggot.
File: image.jpg (896 KB, 3264x2448)
896 KB
896 KB JPG
>go to bathroom in gas station
>there are clowns fighting inside
>with other people around them
>staff from the same circus most likely
>they all stop since they notice I'm there waiting to take a piss
>they get out of the tiny ass bathroom
>5 or more people come from inside
Took a photo of the van they got in afterwards
It doesn't even have to be that sensible. Drugs make you do some bonkers shit. He was just tweaking.
File: success.jpg (10 KB, 500x385)
10 KB
Imagine how you'd feel if he had died. yfw you saved his life.
Oh man, my grandfather had some crazy experience similar to yours. Not nearly as terrifying.
>Middle of the night when he's woken up by knocking on the door
>He goes to answer it
>it's his twin brother in a white suit
>he's like what are you doing at this time of night? dont just stand there come in
>he turns around and goes inside and when he looks there again he's gone
>next day turns out his twin brother is gone
It's so strange how this shit happens. I don't really believe in the paranormal but you get weird stories like this from ordinary people.
Stupid and unbelievable. The only case in which that's believable is if the person telling it is absolutely bonkers. This is haunted video game cartridge tier bullshit.
Would have been better if it turned out to just be a hobo. You have to have some element of believably otherwise your story just sounds like a little kid's tall tales.
Humans have very good internal clocks if we pay attention to them. I have never needed one to be up on time for work because the one in my head works fine.
I used to have the same thing happen except I always looked at a clock at 3:57. Which I thought was a sign that I had to blow my brains out with a .357. Later I figured out that I was merely subconsciously spooking myself.
That was good.
Simple, effective, spoopy.
First some backstory.
Middle child of 3, when I was 15 dad passed away to cancer, mom didn't want to stay at our house so we moved in with grandma. Grandfather passed away when I was 4, he was a big shot lawyer and they had this huge old house, few weeks after moving in
>little brother, 12 at the time, starts having night terrors
>wets the bed and everything
>gets so bad he eventually starts waking up screaming
>mom decides to send him to therapy, feelings about dad and everything
>doesn't really help, he now takes some medication but still screams in the middle of the night
>few weeks later overhear mom on phone with psychologist saying it's not about dad and he doesn't know what's going on
>sister and I decide to ask brother, maybe he'll open up to us
>he gets very nervous when we ask, says he'll be punished if he speaks
>we both were very confused
>in comes grandma, deciding to do the same as us
>grandma was super sweet old lady, almost blind
>she talks with brother, no idea what about, and then convinces mom to send him away on summer camp, she didn't want to because he clearly had issues
>they send me along to watch over him, summer goes by without any issue, no night terrors, no bed wetting, no screaming
>when we get back he is visibly scared and sweating and doesn't want to go into his room
>so we switch rooms, at this point I had decided it was something supernatural and the room was haunted or something
>I have restless sleep, feel like I'm being watched, but nothing more than that
>brother sleeps calmly, for about a month
>then grandma has a stroke, which leaves her pretty much like a vegetable
>brother tells me it's his fault, he should never have left the room and begs me to change back
>we do so, night terrors start again and he gets really thin
>he still eats and goes to school and plays football (soccer for you Americans)
>but is now rail thin and very pale
>sister goes off to college, gets an apartment with some friends
CONT phone post patience
>sister is away, so I convince brother to take her room
>he accepts and starts looking less pale
>few weeks later I hear a lot of noice in his former room (next to mine)
>like furniture falling down
>I poke my head out of my room and I see vegetative grandma walking out of brother's room and into sister's
>by then I'm convinced it's a paranormal thing and there's a ghost or demon or something
>brother starts wetting the bed again and I decide to lay some traps
>I put empty soda cans with a string outside grandma's room, after my brother is asleep I put some toys behind door, so they'd make noise if door was opened
>didn't sleep that night, at around 1 am I heard the cans and I got out of bed and went to open the door
>surprise, it's locked
>I banged and banged until mom came over and demanded why I'm making so much noise
>I told her I had been locked in and there was someone on the house
>she got spooked, called the police and unlocked my door
>police came in, looked around, and while they didn't find any signs of a break in they did agree someone had been there, since my can trap had been destroyed by someone
>and with destroyed I mean someone or something had destroyed the cans, tear them apart
>they looked into the attic, none of us had any idea we had an attic, not even mom, and there were footsteps on the dust
>mom got spooked and we moved away, took grandma with us
Fast forward 2 years, I went off to college, moved in with sister, grandma passed away, brother never had night terrors again but if you ask him about them he gets literal panic attacks, can't breathe and needs to lay down and breathe slowly for like 5 minutes
He's in college now, gained back weight and color, still has panic attacks and refuses to go back to the old house

Still not sure what it was, sister says he was sexually assaulted, mom doesn't want to think about it, I still feel something spoopy happened to him.
grandfather had similar experience with his mother.
the day she died, he kept swearing that he'd talked to her on the phone the night before, reminiscing about shit that happened when he was a kid.
she was in the hospital, though, and we didn't know - doctors there said she didn't phone anyone..
Spooked by grandpa ghost or attacked by attic rapist? Either way, I feel sorry for your brother.
I have always had creepy experiences, since I was a child. When I turned 18~20 things stopped, but some months (I'm 30 yo now) ago I started to experience weird shit again. Never done drugs. Never been drunk. I'll start with the latest and you bombeiros you want to know other stories.

>be sleeping in a hammock because I like it and don't want to spend money.
>Share house with work colleague .
>always lock my room's door because colleague is weird.
>wake up to the sound of steps and think it's him going to the bathroom.
>weird. Steps sound too close.
>inside my room.
>sit straight and turn lights on.
>nothing. Steps continue.
>it's as if something invisible is walking randomly through my room.
>no furniture for something to hide
>it walks even in the space my hammock is.
>can't sleep all night. Steps go on for hours until the first light. 6am in the morning it stops suddenly.
downstairs/upstairs neighbor?
Nope. It's a simple, single storey house. No basement, no attic, no ceiling. Solid floor and simple tiling.
no one cares
File: maxresdefault.jpg (68 KB, 1920x1080)
68 KB
l have seen person with this face on bus last night
Chile? Quillotano here.
All Ancestors Standing Beside Your Bed

There are times when ancestors appear in your dreams to give admonishment.

Just because it's your ancestor doesn't mean he/she has a word of advice. In fact those ancestors who stand by your dream pillow are said to be the visualization of the unconscious alert of the mind.
what is the significance of 3:00 am?
Would love to know, since that is the exact time I was born.
It's called "the witching hour". Supposedly, that's the time of day when supernatural entities are most active.
Sorry, correction: it's called the "devil's hour".
Probably someone on drugs, you might want to invest in something for self defense, there is always stories of people on drugs doing horrible Shit in Florida
You're lucky. I live in Tampa, were the meth heads shoot you when jacking your car.
Everyone will either one day come to the realization that they do not control their fate or die. The mirror moves
AKA "total bullshit".

Tell me, do ghosts adjust for Daylight Savings Time?
Shut up, roleplay fag.
I'm with you, it just made it annoying to read, like I couldn't help but put some fucking foreign accent on it as I read because the layout was so fucking stupid.
I wouldn't know, since I don't believe in this stuff.
I require moar
Quints. Fucking nice
Im the anon who posted >>18803259

yes, supposedly its the devil's hour.

Im also not sure if I believe in that,,,

But pretty weird/remarkable since it happened for several days/weeks.
I would just automatically open my eyes looking directly to the clock next to me, see 3:00 am, then go back to sleep.
Fuck it, today's my day off and I have a few stories that fit the bill. First one incoming.

>Be me, married for five years, have two kids ( one boy, one girl)
>End up getting divorce (found out the bitch was cheating while I was working) and get custody of both kids
>She gets house, so I end up buying a place about ten miles outside the city
>Sits on about a dozen acres of land, mostly brush and pine thickets, needs some TLC
>Fast forward a year, place is fixed/cleaned up, little ones have settled in, things are great
>Eventually start working night shifts (better money and benefits) so I get my younger sister to come over the nights I'm out to watch the place
>Things are going great for awhile, when I come home one morning and sis says that the two kids (they share a room for the moment) had been talking to their window around one something that morning
>They're still fairly young, so I figure they might've been talking to an imaginary friend
>Ask them about it later, they say they were talking to 'Mister Longarms"
>Tell them that's a funny name to come up with for a friend, they tell me he's the one who told him it
>Figure whatever, little kids have weird imaginations
>Few weeks go by, Sister reports the same thing every now and then
>Decide to put a trail camera up facing the kids window for shits and giggles, and as a just in case
>Never catch anything on it when I get the 'Longarm Reports' as my sis and I call them
>Son gets sick one day, sick enough he has to be admitted to the hospital for a little (Scarlet Fever, didn't wanna take a chance)
>The nights I'm with him, my sis is watching my daughter
>About three days later, I'm at the hospital when I get a call from my sis
>Someone tried to break into the house using the kids room as an entrypoint
>Tell her to call cops (she already had), then tell my son what's wrong
>Stares right at me. "Looks like Mr.Longarms tried to get inside. He's always wanting to come inside."
>Ask him what he means
>"He always wants to come in so he can take us somewhere magical, where there are as many toys to play with as we want!"
>Tell him to rest up, then head out to the house
>Get there, about three sheriff cars are parked in the front, one a K-9 unit
>Doggo unit and a pair of officers are following a scent they picked up under the window, another pair are in the house with my sis and daughter
>One of them starts asking me questions about if I've seen anything weird
>Say no, but tell him about trail camera
>We walk out to take a look at it
>Guess what - it's busted all to hell
>Go inside and talk for a little while longer, K-9 unit and company roll back up, looking confused
>They'd followed the scent until it hit a clearing in the thickets, and then it just vanished.
>Some more talking and conjuncture, they pack up and leave
>Go and talk to my daughter to ask what happened
>"Oh Mr.Longarms saw that brother was still gone, and decided to come in and keep me company!"
>Okay, this has gone on long enough
>Ask my sis if she can take my daughter with her for the evening, she says yes
>After they leave, I go set up a few more trail cameras higher up, then go back in, grab a shotgun and some shells, then post up in the kids room
>Night rolls around, almost no moon, so I turn the back lights on so I can see if anything walks up
>Nothing happens, so I end up drifting off
>Jolt awake, look at watch, says it's 3 in the morning
>Wonder what the hell made me wake up when I hear something like metal on wood
>Realize it's coming from the window
>Slowly stand up with gun in hand, then as quietly as I can I walk to the window
>Scraping noise intensifies, and the top of a head pokes over the windowsill
>Pale white, wisps of hair sticking up everywhere
>"Heeeeellllooooo litttttttttle chiiiiiiiiiildreeen"
>Head pops all the way up, looks like a fucking Auschwitz survivor
>Yell something, cock the shotgun, it sees me, makes a weird ass shriek noise and reaches inside
>.."Sorry, there's a Queueooooohhhhh shit, DOCTOR!!!!!!"
That had me craking
>Holy fuck the kids weren't playing when they named him longarms
>Reaches a good eight feet in and takes a swipe at me, I awkwardly drop to dodge and like an idiot pull the trigger
>Sadly it misses the thing, but blows one of my daughters stuffed rabbits apart
>The shot seemed to catch the thing off guard, and it recoils its arm back out the window
>I get up as fast as I can, pump another shell into the chamber, and slowly walk towards the window
>Hear a scuttling noise down on the ground, and see the thing scrabbling back away from the house, it's too long arms pulling it across the yard
>Take a potshot at it, miss, the thing shriek/hisses, and runs off into the woods
>Decide that maybe living in the city isn't such a bad thing, clean up the dead rabbit with the gun within reach, then call my sis up to tell her what happened
>Long story short, son got released a few days later, he and my daughter stayed with my sis while I put the house up for sale and get things packed
>Didn't see the thing for the week or so I was there getting the place ready
Stop with these lame, formulaic skinwalker stories.

Scarlet Fever is still a thing?
same. quality shit
damn anon can't believe you're alive
>>"Heeeeellllooooo litttttttttle chiiiiiiiiiildreeen"
is the rabbit ok?
And let me guess nothing on the new trail cams
Old Spaghetti pasta

Anyone seen this creepypasta before?
File: 1489126440425.jpg (14 KB, 480x480)
14 KB
>so I was working out
>I workout at home in my garage
>it gets pretty hot since I live in Texas so I leave the garage doors open
>I tend to workout at night for no reason at all
>so there I am just doing my sets until the lights start to flicker
>I put down the weights take out my head phones and head to the light switch
>but for some reason I looked out of the garage door and saw a cat sitting there
>nothing unusual so I looked away and as soon as I did it barked at me
>I looked back and it was gone
>not really creepy or anything just odd
That's what happened
>be like 7
>in room playing vidya late at night
>TV suddenly goes to static
>stare at the TV, almost hypnotized
>suddenly hear a deep voice say "WHAT ARE YOU DOING" to my left
>snap out of it and look around, freaked out
>dad is asleep in his room, and it didn't sound like him anyway
>go to bed shortly after, terrified
Your grandmum was a vegetable and you found her walking one night? Holy shit thats beyond spooky!
also why not hire a priest to bless the house to get rid of the ghost
I got a weird one.

>one day all the keys in the house dissapear
>look for them everywhere
>can't find them
>next they they are all piled up on my bed

still weirds me out, also noone was fucking with me or anything, another one when i was younger.

>Put my mp3 charger on my keyboard
>leave for school
>come back home, charger is nowhere to be found
>ask everyone in the house if they lend it or seen it
>noone took it
>next day come back from school
>mp3 charger is back at the exact same spot on my keyboard where i left it
This happened to me as a kid, I was laying in bed and heard what sounded like someone saying "bloop" off in the corner of my room
File: nes.png (898 KB, 900x828)
898 KB
898 KB PNG
Not really paranormal, but still creepy

>Be me, 9 years old
>Get new NES game for Christmas
>Invite friend over for sleepover
>Pop in cartridge
>Wouldn't start
>Friend smacks NES
>Frowning face made of small Xs appears (pic related)
>Freak the fuck out and run upstairs

Don't ask what game it was. I don't remember.
This is by far the weirdest thing that has ever happened to me, bearing in mind I was suffering from a serious lack of sleep from staying up all night before but anyway,

>2014 on the train home from college
>about 5pm in the middle of winter so it was pitch dark outside the train
>the entire carriage is empty
>i was sitting at the back of the train reading a book in that kind of half asleep half awake state where everything you do is on autopilot
>hear a woman whisper my name in a kind of paniced tone as if to alert me to something
>spin around in my seat to find nobody behind me
>think to myself that i must have been daydreaming
>sudden itching on my arm, i check to see what it is
>3 wasps crawling up my forearm
>freak the fuck out and shake my arm frantically before realising that there were never any wasps on me

Not the spookiest story but 100% real and freaked me out at the time
Prove it
yeah... lack of sleep is hell of a drug
Spooky inna woods story.
>a few years ago
>visiting mom
>her place is inna woods
>she's getting old so I do stuff for her
>stuff like chopping wood, stacking and getting things ready for winter
>she leaves the house to me for one night and goes to visit a friend
>fine with me because I have this nice secluded place to myself
>gonna spend all day splitting rounds then get drunk and watch anime that night
>get to mom's house early, there was an early snow so I need to get going on the wood
>talk with her for a bit
>she leaves
>I spend a good seven or eight hours just splitting these huge ass rounds by hand
>tired as fuck and sun is going down so I stack most of it in the shed and start bringing some inside
>she has this old walk in freezer thing kinda like the one in The Shining
>It's inna woods so the house was built to have enough food to make it through the whole winter
>the weather is never that bad so she uses it to keep wood inside
>the freezer is in the laundry room near the front door
>so I'm bringing in wheelbarrows of wood and stacking them in there
>it's getting pretty dark and the sun is now totally down
>I have the porch lights on but the wood shed has no electricity
>every time I go out for more to bring in I have to bring this shitty little battery powered lamp
>the porch light has a motion detector so if I don't fill the wheel barrow up fast enough the light goes off
>leaving me with just this pissy little lamp
>the light had gone off when I'm out in the shed loading the wheelbarrow when it goes back on, like something walked past
>I peek out of the shed
>of course, nothing is there
>so I figure I just set it off myself or an animal
>so I'm bringing in another load when, from inside, I see the motion light go off again
>I look around from the window
>still nothing
>now I'm feeling pretty spooped
>I start feeling like it's time to wrap this shit up
>I have plenty for tonight and I can stack more tomorrow
>I go back in to stack what was left on the wheelbarrow
>as I'm in the freezer I hear this weird slapping sound
>Shit my pants when I realize it sounds like footsteps in the house
>like the kind of slapping footsteps someone makes if they're walking barefoot with wet feet on a hard floor
>three steps in quick succession then nothing
>I stand there in the freezer for a few seconds, afraid to look out
>I finally jump around the corner
>thankfully nothing is there
>I fucking bolt out to my car and grab my .22 rifle
>put a round in the chamber and let the bolt loudly
>with the rifle on me I felt safe enough to just fucking lock up and get inside
>dump the rest of the wood on the floor and fly out to the shed
>throw the wheelbarrow in
>lock the door and haul ass back inside
>lock the knob, deadbolt and chain then proceed to clear the house
>I checked fucking everywhere a person could hide
>under beds, cabinets, closets, in the attic, in the fridge
>literally everywhere
>finally I feel as confident as I can that nobody is in the house
>don't even want to drink I'm so paranoid
>literally every little shadow in the house is someone skulking around
>spend the rest of the night drifting in and out of sleep on the couch with my rifle next to me
>just fucking waiting for someone to pop out of nowhere
>finally mom comes home the next morning and I finish what little was left to do with the wood
>tell her what happened and now she's freaked out
>she and I agree that she should keep her revolver real fuckin' close for the next few days
>enough time passed that she eventually relaxed
>now when I go up there I make damn sure I'm done while it's still light out
>and always lock the door behind me and when I come back in
>best case scenario, it was just an animal or I was already scared and hearing things
>worst case scenario, some fucking barefoot crack head saw an open house and decided to sneak in but either heard or saw me and took off
File: 1476173710665.png (137 KB, 526x436)
137 KB
137 KB PNG
>Before I moved out I would also wake up with scratches all over my body
>Voilently raped by ghost slut
some people have all the luck
Poor Ben RIP in peace lil dude one like one prayer ANGELS TAKE HIM <3 <3 <3
>Kid in Halloween costume
>Sells house

lol, k
>I do many retards

What did he mean by this?
File: 1485060092452.gif (471 KB, 300x300)
471 KB
471 KB GIF
>11 years old
>Mom gets a new boyfriend who has 3 kids
>middle one is a girl my age, also 11
>she's constantly sick and has a pacemaker due to something fucky with her heart
>I always suspected she was faking it for attention, because I was a little retarded
>She has an innocent pre teen crush on me
>I don't mind her, shes more fun than her retarded brothers
>She sleeps in the bunk bed above me
>One night shes coughing especially much
>I get annoyed with her and kick her bunk, not particularly hard, and tell her to knock it ofof
>She attempts to apoligize but shes coughing too much
>Instantly feel bad, so I get her some water and apoligize, then fall asleep
>She died during the night
>Next night Im lying awake staring at the bottom of her bunk, my child mind trying to comprehend the concept of death
>suddenly my bed is kicked really fucking hard
>jump out, literally piss myself
>clean up, go to bed
>actually feeling happy, knowing she is in a way better place now and has the strength to troll me
nothing ever happened again.
Will-O-Wisp/Fairy/Forest spirit
When I was around 5 I also saw a hand hovering. It was not hairy, but it was always wearing a red glove. It still terrifies the shit of me when I think about it.
>"Heeeeellllooooo litttttttttle chiiiiiiiiiildreeen"

This is where you ruined it.
Haha wow epic ghost trole my dude.
I'd say he ruined it here
>say they were talking to 'Mister Longarms"

>6 same numbers

Wtf mate. Right before I read your comment, I looked at the time and it was 3:57. What are the odds? Damn, the synchronicity.
it was five you retard
File: fucking kill me.jpg (39 KB, 564x763)
39 KB

Yeah, I think you're wrong there faggot. Ever get tired of being so fucking embarrassing?
Fucking proper!
Can you even fucking count you retarded fuck?
File: 1487959772231.gif (1.59 MB, 320x240)
1.59 MB
1.59 MB GIF
You saved that doggos life. Now seek revenge.
Holy shit are you joking or are you just that mentally deficient?

>being this upset
>being this embarrassing
>being this retarded

>starting shit on 4chan like a retard

>"starting shit"
>being this cringe

10 year old detected
Legitimately sent a chill down my spine.

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