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Welcome to Divination General!
Come here for readings and discussion of theory/practice.

Every method is welcome: Tarot, Runes, Cartomancy, Scrying, Pendulum, Cleromancy, I-Ching, Tasseomancy, Necromancy, etc.

>If you're NEW, please READ the STICKY:

>Guides made by some of our readers:
Rustig wrote this to help beginners on how to choose a deck and start with the tarot:

Thoth, made his own tarot and rune guide:

GDfriend's MEGA resources and notes:

Hijink's revised divination guide:

>Some useful tips before posting:
-If you're a reader post that you're offering readings and what information is required from the querent; same goes for trading.
-Look for their posts in the thread to determine if there's an active reader, what's needed and before posting, check if they finished reading already;
-Some readers will refuse to do certain readings - respect that choice.
-Bullshit queries will get bullshit answers;
-Making an air query (not addressing a reader in particular) is possible but doesn't guarantee an answer;
-Avoid making the same question over and over and/or to different readers in a short period of time, as this may lead to more confusion than clarification;
-Please refer to the Dream General threads for dream interpretation
-Provide feedback when applicable. We're a growing community, and many readers are starting.
Let's help each other to improve.

Respect your fellow readers and querents!


>Discord Servers:
/div/cord: https://discord.gg/Fvpgm3h
Suit of Wands: https://discord.gg/CKGqezW

Previous thread: >>18796041
I'm here to talk about tarot and tarot theory. Not doing any readings, though.
I asked if someone would miss me while they were away on a trip and got 9 of wands, two of wands, and three of swords. Thoughts?
isn't three of swords sorrow?
Either way, why would they miss you? A trip is supposed to be about something else, not you. If they're missing you, then that's actually a sign that something is wrong.
not that anon but people do often miss others when they're away from them for a period of time.
Means there going be ill. And choose not to miss you because of the three of swords.
Actually they might just walk out on you.

Better git gud scrub at interpersonal relationships
Illness? What are you using for your meanings? Is it just intuition at this point?
Hey, Ches, if youve been wrong in the past doesnt it mean that I cant and shouldnt trust any of your readings?
What the fuck??? Are you a cat or dog IRL?

Or are you just a autist.

Unless your a lover or a parent there's literately no fucking reason to give a shit about you.

>Tfw all you want is a marine to think about you while deployed but your Canadian and no marines even know you exist
>I hate this gay earth
Because the nine of wands is a illness card but it's more for sunburns and ecoli and travel related stuff.
Be sure they get shots. Or They might come.back with goddamn malaria
Ok like I care.
Could be you changed it or I was reading a family member.
Do you know any marines.
File: 1469248802000.png (6 KB, 493x402)
6 KB
>"people" now means "I"
is there anything to look forward to in the next few months for me?
File: 1490032027557.jpg (25 KB, 600x402)
25 KB
>Ok like I care.
Kek, expected that.
>Could be you changed it or I was reading a family member.
Or you made a mistake.
>Do you know any marines.
Oh, I know they do, I'm human myself, or so they say. I'm familiar with the feeling.
But if you're taking a trip, there is a reason. They should focus on the reason, not on anon.

I mean, if they do miss him, that's okay I guess, but if they don't miss him, well, they have other things that need tending to, whether it's relaxing, business, or alchemy.
She is not a bad person but only a tormented soul who does not know the time to stop
Oh probably but then who would read.
I guess a beta fags wouldn't be able to be near chad let alone know one.
The news will be great for next few months.
I'm seeing a possible career change. And I do see a new show you'll like.

I think there will be a family situation soon with a female relative soon like a engagement to someone who isn't accepted.
Hey Cheswick! long time no see! :P
Could I trouble you for a scry, to see if my scry was accurate? and in return I'll try to scry for you? I feel I could use practice.
Capricorns don't need to stop.
Nice rare pepe can I steal.
Also do you know marines.
Unless your a lover or a parent why would you think about anything but your phone and yourself on a trip.
File: Jeremy-Renner-GQ[1].jpg (426 KB, 900x1201)
426 KB
426 KB JPG
my sister's long time boyfriend is probably going to propose finally but i think he's accepted

anything love related for me?
What are you trying to say?
I'm not >>18799206
>dying for the jew
Now that i think of it, arent you half kike?
>Nice rare pepe can I steal.
Yes you are.

Seeing st Patrick's day. Around you still.
What's your race anon?

Seeing a lot of tans in your house and wall.
I did see a fish tank but it looked like a friends.

Seeing stress with a very close woman. Could be mom could be a gf.
Black hair white medium height.

Saw some nice MP3s but what's your favorite one. Cause some I don't like.

Also seeing fencing around your house or somewhere you go by and meditate almost.

Seeing a plant that needs some love and water. Plz halp.
I dunno there something about him. He's a dick on the inside. Feels fake to me. Watch out for your sister ok.
I thought I was till 23and me.
Thanks for the pepe anon.
File: avengers-hawkeye.jpg (344 KB, 860x442)
344 KB
344 KB JPG
Hey Cheswick, where is my current relationship headed and how should I handle it?
>I thought I was till 23and me.
So what are you now?

Cheswick, how many times do you make people waste their time, lead them wrong, for what purpose?
Well no that's not what I was talking about.

What I was saying is like...
could you scry this guy, we'll call him "T" to protect his identity.
Could you try to scry if T did what I think he did? which is something kind of gross, unfortunately.
Maybe you think I lead people on
>in your own mind.

I'm 95%irish 5%Icelandic
You still owe me a scry.
You didn't really scry what I wanted but sure.

What should I scry for you
>>in your own mind.
Huh? ha.
You see Cheswick, i just know that you have been leading me into doing stupid shit.

Can you know the identity of each poster?

>I'm 95%irish 5%Icelandic
Congrats on easy mode.
I'm at a crossroads in life and would appreciate a reading if anyone wants to. I'm new to this thread though so I'm not sure if soliciting like this is poor form. If so, apologies in advance.
Will my improvements yield the results I want?
So I'm new to divination and got a Rider deck, I've been liking it and I'd say it's helped me out personally so far.

I just have so questions about how far my questions can go. Right now it only feels right to do a reading for myself. But, I hear that is sometimes bad because we interpret subjectively instead of objectively. But, I thought that was part of it was your own interpretation of the spread. Doing spreads for others or asking a questions not related or connected to me at all feels weird.

Maybe what i'm missing is the true nature of tarot? Does anyone have any insight or reading?
File: 1159876181406.jpg (71 KB, 400x1200)
71 KB
Need a reading please, anybody available
Yes a lot of whites have disappeared and I'm.seeing a lot of darker skinned pepole.

I can scry the poster most do that like moonie and others.

Your self sabatogeing yourself too.

I dunno if it's easy mode I'm now In a country were I'm a minority. And Arabs here hate me and my doge.
File: 1991573[1].jpg (304 KB, 960x640)
304 KB
304 KB JPG

Am I going to be with the artist or the scientist?
I meant on here on div. Not in leaf village.
Your a funny guy I'll read you first.
I wish you would be with the artist it would last. But I'm seeing tonight you'll eventually end up with the scientist. I'm feeling the sci is in nuke tech... Is that true or am I scrying someone else.
Cool, I've been working hard to sort myself out. Some gains so far but not all that I want. How much further do I go before I get where I want to be?
File: 1489692666026.png (14 KB, 681x194)
14 KB
>Yes a lot of whites have disappeared and I'm.seeing a lot of darker skinned pepole.
Yes I kind of feel something like that too, I've never know if my intuition is strong but I can sort of see it.
What do you think its the cause?
What are your opinions on it?

>I can scry the poster most do that like moonie and others.
Now I can understand him better.
Is he accurate? Is he "unconventional" in its methods or delivery?

>Your self sabatogeing yourself too.
Why do you say that?

>I dunno if it's easy mode
Lets not trick ourselves into thinking its not, that the present circumstances in Canada are not at your favor is another thing.
Oh I remember certain conflict you had/have with a neighbor.
No he's a nigger as in a west African slave.
Also Its there a way to avoid being seen through paranormal methods.
Could ruin future (possible) plans?
I would actually prefer the artist. Why won't it happen? I feel we get along better. The sci is an engineer.
>No he's a nigger as in a west African slave.
Oh yeah, remember that now.
I would like to trade with someone who can read occult queries well. I can give a tarot reading in return.
I'm seeing you very happy with a nuke tech.
Maybe you have a affair or something.
I am feeling marriage with either one you choose.
Yes with Chi work.
Nice books on your shelf I've read some actually.
Seeing about two years until you actually achieve what you really want.
you can scry my ethnicity?
>Chi work.
Chi work, i may look it up one day.
>Nice books on your shelf I've read some actually
Which ones?

You see Cheswick, how can i truly know all the details about my fate?

Having some doubts of your overall mix? or just trying something new?
but yeah i scryed that ape of th0th has had sex with a farm animal and likes big muscular men. That's what I was asking you about.
Well what I really want is to share one milkshake with two straws with you bb. You're saying two years until that happens?
i bet you cant tell my ethnicity u homos
Can someone do a reading of me please, I am obsessed with this, really making my life miserable. I am 23 yo and tall. Why is my love life such a failure. I think I am attractive and interesting, and confident, educated. Speak 3 languages, I have hobbies.

I only ever been with one woman and since then all of them run away, ghost me, ignore me, or just sense that something is " wrong" with me. I tried bars, online dating, and at work.

What is wrong with me. WHy am I having trouble with something that all the other people do normally

please help
will I get into a program in my state?
Hispanic, rigth?
You wont believe but i had the feeling.
If not, i was wrong but im guessing so eh
File: glasshouse_01.jpg (595 KB, 818x580)
595 KB
595 KB JPG
>good times
>good times
>good times
>take it in your hearrttttt

Such a pity, isnt? All quiet and all dead?
Do you believe in fate, anon?
i rather call it probability.
if you're still doing reads, I'd like one.

Here's my query:
Will I be getting into a meaningful relationship anytime soon?
Thing is I feel like the concept of fate is inconsistent, there being many epics and stories of breaking fate, and taking control, I think its nature is that of probability. Every moment there is a chance to do something differently, a probability and these different decisions add up to the path, possibly changing it.
What happens in the occult for summoning stays in the occult.
Not nearly as bad as killing a animal. Or some of the shit that happened in Rome
That pic is creepy as fuck. Glass houses are fucked up.
File: 1473827543556.gif (1.46 MB, 248x189)
1.46 MB
1.46 MB GIF
Im Puerto Rican

nd i have never identified myself as white to someone, im like pale caramel.
Pale Carmel....

You make being Mexican sound tasty
4 u
>I think its nature is that of probability
Actually believed you had just left, thanks for taking another path and proving me wrong.
>Glass houses are fucked up.
But they are really pretty
Could you answer that question, reader?
>Can fate be changed?
hit me, i might be able to help
Yeah if you can learn to remote view you can change just about everything.
Have you seen a doctor recently?
What methods do you practice?
>remote view
How does remote viewing fit with changing the future? Seeing outcomes? Seeing hints of changes to do/avoid?
Tarot, asking higher powers or nearby entities, and a personal dream method I'm working on.
Well, you're right because I have tan skin.
I'm ready to read with my new custom 140 cards deck
Even Donald Trump is a card

I'm a dreamer btw, dreaming questions welcome
File: 1460189957340.jpg (60 KB, 944x638)
60 KB
Will do a few reads tonight.

Name/alias and your question are all I need. Method is scry

If you have a cute picture to share I'd appreciate it a lot, staying sober tonight so cute pics would really help me stay motivated enough to keep reading.
Name is Alex.
What does K feel/think about me?
Will I be getting in a meaningful relationship anytime soon?
How will my spring and summer go

File: Sapporo.jpg (799 KB, 1920x1080)
799 KB
799 KB JPG

Forgot the picture
File: qt2.jpg (9 KB, 284x177)
9 KB
Welcome back :)

Scry my next gf and how we're going to meet ,please?
how does p feel about me?
Will they reply to my email?
File: IMG-20170320-WA0019.jpg (45 KB, 600x800)
45 KB

Im feeling really sad today,wanna know some part of my life where i Will be happy
File: 1458053928585.jpg (76 KB, 751x960)
76 KB
I been having a couple dreams recently about going on adventures with old friends i havent spoken with in years, im at a pretty anti social stage with a small circle of friends im not really that into. Does this mean im going to reconect with them or make new memorable friends?
I'll take a read.

Can you do a 7 day forecast on my life? More specifically, a 7 day love forecast.
woops frgot to reply

Oh, interesting. You could very well be of some help.

There is a possibility that someone has performed some sort of spell work on me. I would like you to verify if my suspicions are correct or not, and if so what they were trying to achieve by it.

Feel free to leave your query and I'll read for you as well.
Future relationship and how it will go?
Alias: Onika
File: 1430611314100.png (81 KB, 571x658)
81 KB
A crab slowly moves across the ocean floor, scavenging bits and pieces of really whatever it finds down there, it samples a few morsels off the sandy floor, a plant here, a discarded something there, but really doesn't stop much unless something really catches it's fancy.

I think they're in an experiemtnal phase of their life where they're looking at the potential for things and are willing to give multiple options a try, just have to have something be interesting enough to keep them there and from wandering off. They're in a searching kind of mode as I see it and need something to wow them if they expect to put any time or effort into that endeavour.
Should I include my current girlfriend in my future plans? I mean, does she see herself with me in the future?
It's not hints like with water scrying or quick magic scrys. It's methodical and you actually see your entire life.
Hey have fun.
What's the cutest picture you've seen.
What do you think of Anubis.
File: 1426561756810.png (300 KB, 329x747)
300 KB
300 KB PNG
You'll meet someone a bit over the top, a hyperactive little person, someone with a lot passion and always smiling and laughing. They're not gonna be the relationship, but they'll coicincidentially be the one to introduce you, or play the part of a kickass wingman. THey'll have the confidence and lack of social boundaries to really bring people together oddly enough. Maybe you already know someone like this, but it seems as though someone who's a bit of a spaz, but a bro at heart, will be the one to convince you and this other person to get together, or at least in some way fascilitate it.

Doesn't say much about timelines or how long that'll take, but I'd say it's worth making a friend like that anyhow if you can, or maybe you already have. basically seek an accidential wingman, and it should go well.
reader do i have any magic potential?
File: IMG-20170320-WA0018.jpg (304 KB, 1280x720)
304 KB
304 KB JPG
Any signal to identify my next gf
Agnew (called by my last name)
do i have any magic potential
if so how much?
Can someone give me a reading about my boyfriend and me? Pls
File: Hugsy.jpg (52 KB, 513x636)
52 KB
can i have a general school/work reading for this months please?
or a love one wold be great too
I already know a few people like this, though none of them are near me. I'm separated from all my friends for the time being, and I probably won't be seeing any of them for a long time. I hope it won't be too long, I really need some company. Thank you very much for the read, I've heard similar things to this already, so I guess it's some confirmation. Any input on what this person I'll end up in a relationship with is like?
File: IMG-20170320-WA0015.jpg (44 KB, 600x600)
44 KB
File: 1490068161486.jpg (443 KB, 1280x720)
443 KB
443 KB JPG
People are not posting dem qts for my boy stray.

I got ya!

What's J's opinion of me?

Also nice dubs
also does christina feel the same way
File: 1417118345998.jpg (974 KB, 1080x1920)
974 KB
974 KB JPG
They'll be strange, I saw a very strange looking girl, she had white hair, and two long curved horns that alternated in coloured bands of red and blue coming out from the sides of her head that arched backwards, She looked like a normal human aside from that, not really apt to call her a demon or a mythical creature or somethingsince aside from the horns she seems like a normal person more or less. She sat on a performance stage with one leg up on an amplifyer.

This is a weird one honesty, might suggest tht you're gonne see a sick ass concert or something, honestly to me it speaks more of meeting an exotic person, likely a girl, who will captivate you just be sight alone and will be someone who will make you think a lot of what you've experienced and what it is you think about things, she had very piercing eyes and walked a fine line between surreal and normal in a strange way.

>Hey have fun.
Make me :^)
I tend to save the cutest pics that really strike my fancy, usually stupid animucrap or cute puppers.
>What do you think of Anubis?
Not sure if that's a reader here or something, but as far as Ancient Egyptian deities go Bastet a best.
File: 1490062170592.jpg (109 KB, 714x1000)
109 KB
109 KB JPG
Thanks for the read, I appreciate it
File: 1490018729406.jpg (440 KB, 1282x1423)
440 KB
440 KB JPG
>Sorry cheswick
File: 1489883042341.jpg (3.96 MB, 3300x4072)
3.96 MB
3.96 MB JPG
Will I be able to be together with her?
post a tom hanks
File: 1480635026422s.jpg (6 KB, 250x140)
6 KB
File: 1441941948580.png (49 KB, 173x180)
49 KB
Muh nigga of the highest degree, appreciate the moe image shipment.

B-but what is Cheswick is the one bullying me? ;-;

High maintenece type of individual, she's wearing a uniform of some sort that resembles a police officer's uniform, but she hardly seems like a cop to me, something about the body language and movements seems less protect and serve and more "I enjoy the authority". She seems nice though, kind of a magnetic personality, and is oddly likeable despite her haughty attitude at times and her way of doing things that seems a bit rash. short brown hair cut in a style that's a bit above shouler length and reminds me a bit of a more fashion inclined "Velma" from scooby doo kind of hair cut for lack of better descriptive terms.

Not sure how you'll meet as there wasn't really much in terms of that, just got a bit of a snapshot of a person, who knows maybe she's actually a cop and might use the cuffs on you after pulling you over or something :^)
File: 1490050421787.jpg (213 KB, 1169x1157)
213 KB
213 KB JPG
Do you think it's gonna be a while until we meet or it won't take that long?
Would our relationship be a good one?
She'll be the one getting hand cuffed :^)
File: 1489806267813.png (318 KB, 587x562)
318 KB
318 KB PNG
weebs why do you need to shit up the thread with unsolicited shit. he asked for cute pictures, not shitfus
Sorry i dont know whats cute
File: 1403119687175.gif (2.11 MB, 300x169)
2.11 MB
2.11 MB GIF
probably like you ruined christmas for them.
As a grinch of sorts myself I understand where it is you're coming from, it's okay you can still eventually turn it around and save Christmas for them this year :^)

Okay jokes aside,A solid piece of white frosted strawberry shortcake, looks like something out a home magazine or a fancy teashop bakery. It's flawless in terms of aesthetic appeal and probably tastes wonderful too. It's got a sense of youthful purity and well intentions behind it, like something special and made for a special occasion kind of deal. Though it takes a lot of preparation to make something like that. I feel this person certainly has something in store for you in terms of a sweet interaction, but they want it to be perfect before moving forward.
so im a cake and he wants to eat me?
How can I make 'MA' happen as soon as possible?
File: 1435110017352.jpg (41 KB, 1024x576)
41 KB
>weebs why do you need to shit up the thread
A-alright I'll leave :^(

That's one way to word it, but I can't say you're entirely wrong with that interpretation in a metaphorical sense. I think it's a patience thing and they want to make it work when the time is just right or something, dunno man people's emotions and feelings are weird.
File: 1489896964659.jpg (465 KB, 628x1200)
465 KB
465 KB JPG
You're welcome, stray :^) *insert those hurtful words in here*
ty, hoping im not too sweet
File: 1452293143640.png (448 KB, 1107x1400)
448 KB
448 KB PNG
Maybe one drink tonight won't be too bad an idea after all.

A person sits under a tree looking at old photographs, they flip through casually untill the sun sets, they put their photographs away into a jacket pocket go back inside sit at a desk lit by a lamp and write a bit, old fashioned pen and ink, and seal a letter, they go to sleep looking at the letter, maybe they'll mail it in the morning, depends on if they want the person to know exactly what heartfelt things they put into that letter, basically dragging one's feet for a bit, but knowing that the letter must be sent and will be, just when they absolutely feel they must. Doing things on their own time so to speak.
so they will or not? :'( I didn't wanted to say much in the email...
That's pretty interesting, I had a similar sort of thing happen a few months ago. Could you give me any details? If that's a risky question, I understand.
Ok here you go
File: 1490064109775.jpg (218 KB, 1200x1200)
218 KB
218 KB JPG
Yo, if you have the juice to try and see how/where we would meet I would be thankful ;( am lonely.
File: 1411860476169.jpg (135 KB, 1400x1112)
135 KB
135 KB JPG
>I'm feeling really sad today
What a coincidence, me too :^) We have so much in common.

A youthfully designed room, with glimpses of a few facets of the room, a quilt homemade and soft, with yellow red and blue patches, it has a cartoonish looking rocket ship sewn onto it, in the corner on a shelf is a small toy soldier, looks like a french revolution era kinda guy. He's got a bayonet and musket and a silly old hat.

I think you'll find a lot of joy in taking care of a young son someday, or even being an uncle or something, point is I can see a the joys of parenting a child in your future being a potentially happy time for you.

(either that or I just glimpes a strange infantalism fetish that will consume your life as you decide adult life is a drag and want to be a baby again, plz don't do this m8, it's no way to live)
Is dv always thinking of me?
name: patricia
No I can't. I do soul quests and such, I'm connected to kinda distant parts of the nagual at least compared to the diviners I see here and on youtube

I will do seven "forecasts" for you

Ruthlessness as a problem: trusting the pure knowledge that's already solidified in you will bring the harvest. Being attached to the lower, impure forms of it, though, will bring stagnancy that may be the end of your opportunities

Next ones in the next post
File: 1452229781043.jpg (8 KB, 189x350)
8 KB
They will but give them a little time, they're gonna be a while getting back to you, but will certainly reply.

Post actually best S;G girl and I'll see what I can do for you :^)

(I'll catch it on a reply to another read, just working down the line at the moment, I gotcha m8)
I hope you're right about them replying, thank you so much reader <3 I hope you're feeling better (hugs)
File: 1486473068617.png (369 KB, 480x470)
369 KB
369 KB PNG
Is there a chance between us this time? , can we be together?
i have had constant dreams where i get pulled up through my roof and all physical objects by a reaper like creature until getting within a inch of the moon and then i get dropped and fall through the earth bypassing hell and going through space in a fetal position
File: AAAAAAAAAAAA.jpg (81 KB, 460x590)
81 KB
a general reading; or, how long should I wait?
Oh man that's some Jerry Springer tier shit there.

I think there even was a episode were the guy comes clean to his gf in a pool of pink jello simulating a fetus sack.
File: get.jpg (14 KB, 286x190)
14 KB
Will I get a job soon?
File: images.jpg (8 KB, 343x147)
8 KB
I think im not into that kind of fetish. My dream always was to be a father so i think is that.
Ty stray
File: vyaPT.jpg (152 KB, 1200x776)
152 KB
152 KB JPG

will i find a job this year?
This is right up my alley, keep em coming.
File: 1479267552085.png (251 KB, 425x1275)
251 KB
251 KB PNG
I get the feeling of an author revisiting the events of their life in a memoir, an account of a war long fought but still tangible in their mind even though it ended a long time ago, when they were still a young man. Nostalgia but also definition through the past, an acceptance of the things that heppened and the things they wish could have been done differently. IF they cant forgive it, they forget it, and if they can't forgive it, or forget it they forgive themselves for feeling that way. Basically I think it's a message of what's importsant to you is what you remember and long for. What is it that is tangible and still in your mind as the desirable and preferred option? It's not a guarantee of sucess by any means, but at least it's a step in pursuing what it is that would make you happier socially speaking.

Problem: knowing what to do with your "ready" potential
Solution 1: Being consistently (not anxiously) "alive", present in whatever you are doing, not forgetting the knowledge and never digressing away from the fire within. This brings all the colours of the rainbow in the form of sweetness
Possible solution 2: trusting your intimate relationships which will bring a colder kind a maturity with time.

Problem: your effect on people. Solution: sharing and interacting in creative ways. This will bring more evolved types of instincts (basically making your life bettereven when on autopilot)
Alternative: doing the same thing over and over again and developing purity only in the relationships you already have established (getting kinda stagnant in comparison)

Interesting, have you ever had a dream of reaching nirvana, those super good dreams wioth the same intensity? How constant are those reaper dreams? Does it feel magnetic in nature (the movement)?

You may be getting ready for a spiritual rebirth (don't worry your body will survive), start writing in paper and notepads everything you know (philosophy and spirituality) that could be useful for your next life.

Hmm, well earlier today I asked my personal pendulum a one-off question having to do with someone that I used to be in contact with. I didn't expect a serious answer but it's rather adamant that there was something going on. It could be nothing honestly, that type of thing seems out of character for him, but my curiosity has been sufficiently aroused.

I don't want to say much more as I might be giving up too many details.
File: 1488170175921.png (259 KB, 502x485)
259 KB
259 KB PNG
A kind of one sided interest type of thing, hard to say where it's coming but I get the feeling it'll be an admirer of you that you just don't feel the same way about. There'll be a lof of clinginess if you don't set boundaries (and even when you to though honestly) Learn to be firm and.

Vision was an animal begging for food from a person eating and the person being half tempted to feed em a little bit, but also knowing they shouldn't. It's the animal being a pestering lil shit that's making them reconsider if they should just give in this once, but that kind of thing sets a precedent.

Basically looks like your next one will be an obsessive one, (again it could be either way, but I get the feeling it'll be directed at you, rather than you being the obsessive person here) Just play it cool and careful, who knows you may actually like them back, but just not be as intense about it as they are. Either way approach with caution.

>Jerry Springer tier shit
That's actually a good analogy for the feeling those reads that go south real fast embody.
no dreams of nirvana however i have had dreams where i've watched a norman nobleman named richard ag-something in the first crusade the dreams have been in sequence and mostly historically accurate (based off the very small amount of french i can understand) however the dreams feel like im there feeling the wind and other sensations associated with the area

the reaper dreams have be repeating on and off for months ever since i was 5 the movement feels like gravity forcing me into it despite me not fighting it

the reaper
Stray do you just trance out and see stuff. I do the same thing. We're like twins
He likes the weeb stuff

Let's keep the readers happy
File: E6JtmSR.jpg (51 KB, 500x356)
51 KB
Pro tip about pendulum is it moves to your thoughts not what you say out loud.

I mean you could have been thinking about tasty ice cream and it would have agreed with you since it is tasty
File: 1461724652114.jpg (226 KB, 1350x788)
226 KB
226 KB JPG
Outside, public space, looks like a park for big kids, and by that I mean a place with grass benches and a sidewalk, like the place hipster go to jog, and old people go to feed the pigeons and worry about the degenerate trends of the youths these days, like jogging while dressed "like that". There's a small water element and some ducks. Looks like any generic park in a normal town, fresh air and exercise I get the feeling she'll be walking a dog. Just go ask to pet the dog man, everyone loves dogs it's the perfect angle. Like hell I don't even want to get with this gal, but I still want to pet her dog. Small dog, hard to tell breed but it's a small little brownish golden shorthair thing.

Pretty much, just kinda think about is and feel or see things. Got bored one day to see if it was legit or accurate or just BS, never really did find out but I'm here anyway, some people seem to think it's legit, but it's still so weird to me, jut trying to get used to it is all. How long you been at this kinda thing?
>Problem: knowing what to do with your "ready" potential
>Solution 1: Being consistently (not anxiously) "alive", present in whatever you are doing, not forgetting the knowledge and never digressing away from the fire within. This brings all the colours of the rainbow in the form of sweetness
>Possible solution 2: trusting your intimate relationships which will bring a colder kind a maturity with time.
>Problem: your effect on people. Solution: sharing and interacting in creative ways. This will bring more evolved types of instincts (basically making your life bettereven when on autopilot)
>Alternative: doing the same thing over and over again and developing purity only in the relationships you already have established (getting kinda stagnant in comparison)

Ok, from this I get that I should be mindful of everything I do. The second bit has me a bit confused, I do have an interesting "effect" on people, in that I'm constantly dropping knowledge bombs on people that show them how they can make their lives better, but it's not something I have control of, it sort of comes out on autopilot. Most of the time I'm an awkward/weird guy, and I have issues connecting with people. I have no clue as to how to get better at social interactions, and my social abilities as of recent feel rusty.
Hes much older than me, but do I have a chance with him?
Problem: acting in a moral way
Solution: Having the goal of FUN with spiritually mature people, of sharing higher forms of pursuits and such, the result is being a master of all elements plus spirit. Or developing purity and having access to all kinds of energies.
Alternative: desiring something specific. This thing will pass and leave a memory, a shadow. Is it worth to pursue specifications? Developing mastery over energies is the other option.

Something different
Problem: wanting a 7-day "love reading"
Imaturity with the use of fire, but with pure reasons. Knowledge is being passed instead.
lternative: wanting to know everything, result is turning into a petty tyrant over yourself

You have the potential to be a dreamer I guess
Suggestions: focus on some songs you really like and try to dream them. Always looks at your palms in the daily life as a check "Am I dreaming?", notice your every breath getting them to be deeper, be conscious of your own every movements and decisions trying to get to the "why it happened, where it started". Or go read all those books: https://www.absolutoracle.com/PowerLessons/NagualShamanism.htm

The card was The Double (effect on people), so it means the INEVITABLE negative effect that involves our personalities. The goal is not to be considered perfect by everyone, but to actually BE the best possible (and the main benefactor will be yourself, due to the freedom and energy gained)

Sure, but I am of the habit of thinking before speaking. I suppose not everyone is.
If you're still doing them, I'd like one:

My question is, is there any chance of reconciliation between C and myself?
File: J-726-A.jpg (1.29 MB, 1008x1032)
1.29 MB
1.29 MB JPG
Don't be afraid of the bad ones, they change stuff in you. My most important dreams were the "hell" ones. Being scared may be the thing that is making you lose the progress and then the dream has to happen again and again. Masturbation is terrible for dreams.

The good ones, the control over them and the developed "intuition" makes them worth it
File: 1468293353377.jpg (762 KB, 1276x4298)
762 KB
762 KB JPG
>He likes the weeb stuff
>Let's keep the readers happy
Careful that kind of stuff feeds an ego and creates a monster out of strays. Don't pet the stray or else it'll think it has a home, and become a pest.

It starts small, sure I like weeb stuff, but no need for people to trouble themselves by posting tr/a/sh on /x/ of all places. Before you know it my read requests will start reading like "I need you to give me a name/alias, picture of animu waifus, a bottle of booze, and a virgin sacrifice" if you start catering to my silly interests.

point is don't trouble yourselves over me, i'm just a stray wandering by from time to time who tries to help other people in despair like myself out, there's a reason I post anon and all that, honestly weirded out I have people who remember or keep up with my posting style or think of me as a fixture or personality here.

/useless metapost/ I feel dirty now.

>should I include my gf in my future plans
I would hope so m8, why you dating a gal you have a hard time seeing a future with? Sounds concerning anonichi.

Held hands and a white picket fence outdoor bbq with the neighbours. It's like a 21st century leave it to beaver episode and everyone's happy and doing good wholesome fun type stuff.

I think she idealizes a future together with you if anything.
>Something different
>Problem: wanting a 7-day "love reading"
>Imaturity with the use of fire, but with pure reasons. Knowledge is being passed instead.
>lternative: wanting to know everything, result is turning into a petty tyrant over yourself

It's just been so long. I'm turning 25 this year and my last and only relationship ended when I was 13 years old, and it wasn't a particularly good relationship either. As time goes on, more and more I feel like a failure. I am considered to be a 10/10 looks-wise at least, but it hasn't helped me much at all, I guess my social skills is what holds me back, but I just don't know how to be something I'm not.
>tfw you're shipping out to San Diego in October
Do I qualify?
>why you dating a gal you have a hard time seeing a future with?

She can be super distant sometimes and I'm not really sure if she wants me there for the long run... I'm just super insecure about this relationship but you gave me a bit of hope, mate
File: 1489942324628.jpg (193 KB, 1157x1046)
193 KB
193 KB JPG
Don't worry, I'm going to mail you the dog. I will be evrything she needs :^)
I hope she's a cute and I don't really know where to find a place like that in my city.

Thank you so much.
Sounds serious. What kind of relationship you want? How intensely do you feel when you see Disney movies and such? (could be any movie or music or looking at people in public, how intense do you feel the imaginary emotional connections)

Do you have a job? Live with mom? Does someone control your every move?

Were you sexually abused? Any joyful friendships?
File: 1435931596916.png (236 KB, 500x568)
236 KB
236 KB PNG
You'll probably know for sure when she refers to you as "her boyfriend" In my experience that's usually one of the best indicators a girl will use to signal that to you :^)

She's gonna be the type to initiate things, at first she'll seem more like a sister or a friend interested in romance, someone who takes a vested interest for whatever reason and keeps going back. It's a long shot but ever seen that trashy anime "Welcome to the NHK"? reminded me of a strange situation like that, where one party is interested in the others wellbeing at first and it becomes something more, just not as contrived and overdramatic as that animu crap since this is real life son.
File: 140437994662.jpg (44 KB, 704x396)
44 KB
>magic potential
A bit outside my area of expertise, sorry, but I heard a sweet urban legend that if you make it to 30 you get to be a wizard, maybe try that out and report back to me :^)

Sass aside I really have no idea how to read for that thing, might be a bit biases since I'm not really much for caught up on /x/-stuff like paranormal shenanigans and whatnot so I might be a bit biased as a general skeptic and might taint the read for you that way. Sorry m8.
I am madly in love with a specific girl. I had some type of "awakening" in an encounter with her, and I understood then that she was the one girl I was going to marry. During that time I also was coming into mountains of knowledge, and in wanting to share it with her, I somewhat ruined things with her. I haven't heard from her since December, when I finally told her that I love her with all my heart. She didn't feel the same way and didn't want to deal with me anymore, though I still feel she's the one, even with all this doubt that is plaguing me. I know she treasures the moments we shared, and I know my friendship was very important to her. I know I'll hear from her someday again, but in the meantime I'm over here staring at madness.

I do not feel anything really when I see Disney movies, I'm already aware of the effect those kind of things are supposed to have on people. I don' watch much of anything anymore.

I do feel an intense connection with her when I leave my mind run it's course, it is pure fire and passion. I need to encounter this girl again.

I do not have a job, though I am frantically applying everywhere related to my field (software development), but I've had no luck as of yet. I live with my aunt, and well, since I'm not employed, I depend on my mother for the time being. This is a big limiter to my freedom yes, but I'm trying my hardest here to break free of this situation.

I was not sexually abused, and I've had very joyful friendships, though some ended badly for me, as I was just too different. I did have a VERY traumatic experience late last year with my closest friend at the time, and I'm still somewhat recovering from that shock, but I think I'll be OK, I just need to have people around me that love me for who I am and that I can trust.
did you scry anything about the other question
(same as everyone elses question Will i get poon)
File: IMG_2662.jpg (108 KB, 600x628)
108 KB
108 KB JPG
File: 1453601292955.jpg (127 KB, 590x417)
127 KB
127 KB JPG
>Will i get poon
That's a vulgar way of putting it, it's honest I'll give you that, but now I feel dirty reading that.

Basically depends on if you're they type to take action and willing to fight out other potential suitors, basically are you territorial? If so you have a shot, if not you're gonna sit by and watch someone else steal her away,
Whew you are not as damaged as me
I can relate to that extreme connection, a feeling of spiritual union. But for me it's A LOT of girls and just seeing people like on the street may start this kind of chain reaction.

How pure is it though. Developing purity in those "dreams" and getting rid of self-importance if what you actually need. You don't need the specific girl even though you do actually have a super duper connection, what you need is the capacity of holding that current. It's too strong for your current body and it didn't work out. So work on purity of intention in your every move, to take care of your body and surroundings so they are ready for holding that type of relationship
thanks lad have a good one
im off to bed
You were looking to trade for an occult query. I'm here now. What's your gender and query?
File: images (1).jpg (36 KB, 382x385)
36 KB
> I Read the plot of welcome to nhk.
Its some harleen quinzel kind of plot i bet.
ll keep with the role-playing Just for Fun.
As for how pure it is, I don't know. But I do know that this feeling for her has brought me out of very very dark places, and at times, has even kept me alive when I faced incredible danger. I want to give her the world. I don't want anything in particular from her, I just want her, I want to hold her, I want to have her with me, I want to sleep next to her, I want to wake up next to her.

We had a natural connection, unlike anything I've ever encountered before. With her, everything felt so natural, it didn't feel like I was actively pursuing her (though, in hindsight, I was, but it didn't feel like it), it just came naturally.
File: 1416949813549.jpg (52 KB, 580x308)
52 KB
power hour short and sweet ones to clear the backlog a bit. Might crash for the night soonish and don't want to leave peeps hanging so a short reply is better than none right?

boring and slow likea snail that carries it's burden withit but reinforces it with the things it finds around, odd read of a snail living like a hermit crab by placing worldly objects on it's shell to gain mass and presense.
Several jars of preserved fruits in varying sizes, but all the same fruit. Seems you're gonna have a lot of limited options disguised as a lot of choices. basically slim pickings made to look like a lot of potential for change, sorry m8

J wants to be there as a companion, like a tag team partner to go on crazy adventures with, but also do nothing with but sit and talk sometimes, someone to share time with and to be a dynamic duo.

Only if you keep an eye on Lancelot, let he attempt to lot his lance at your queen. Trust me I read it in a book once :^)

But it seems like;y, she appreciated homemade heartfelt gifts more than materialistic ones basically if you can be genuine and sweet without worrying too much about appearances she'll react nicely to that and really open up to the potential of something there,
Tell me more. Genuinely interested.
Did that setti the sun king guy ever get to the bottom of why bird watch us.
I've had that and it faded with time in favour of others

This made me sound like a womanizer but I'm a virgin, these things are hard to explain
But you don't need explanations, you need someone to tell you what to do
Look for signs everywhere. There may be even better possibilities all around you
Why ain't you on discord.

Wew. I wasn't sure you were going to show up and I queried someone earlier in this thread. I'm now uncertain if they will pull through, so just in case my query is here >>18799773 and I am a female.

Go ahead and ask me whatever, but I'm not fully confident in my skill so keep that in mind if you plan on asking something you'd want a more definite answer to.
File: 1408775205461.png (1.33 MB, 1007x1132)
1.33 MB
1.33 MB PNG
Assertiveness, basically don;t be a afraid to call out incomepetence or make your voice heard when it needs to be, don't be demanding or bitchy, but still make it clear that shit needs to get done and it'll move along again. KInd of like a manager having to remind people to keep on track or to "keep up the good work" when they're slacking to get em back in a moving forward mood.

Originally read that as is "div" always thinking of me and was going to advise you to find some better friends.

Their mind is similar to me, it strays but for some reason it always comes back to a familiar place. They're a loyal one for sure even if they're a bit distracted or silly at times. Their heart is in the right place with it all even if they make some mistakes. A real supportive kind of looking out for the other person type of "dv" this one is

Where there's a will there's a way, unfortunately their will is now in the way. They just aren't interested it would seem, they want to move on, and really already have as they see it. It
s just a matter of phasing it all out and pretending it never happened for them.
Is there an essence of duty behind my learning?
I think I read this for you. Was this you?
Fuck the whole show he needed to just get laid. It would have solved every single problem.
He would stop thinking about himself and start thinking about pussy. It's the instant depression cure.
File: 1409881787800.jpg (201 KB, 704x2422)
201 KB
201 KB JPG
A time of learning approaches and will catch you by surprise, but the lessons it will impart wil surely be of use later in life, really more of an experiential type of learning than anything else. More like muscle memory or gaining a skill than a strictly intelectual endeavour.

August seems to be the month that will have to most potential for you, when warmer summer times turn into fall weather and ironically the cooler times will be the more reassuring ones, but you should still continue the search until then, I just feel like August will be the moment when it all really sinks in

august? are you sure it's not sooner? i can't wait that long...thank you thoug
The thing is, as of yet, she's the only person I've had such a connection with. And I am confused as all hell about what my "awakening" actually was, because well, if my senses didn't lie to me then, she's definitely my woman.

As I am now, I am a mess. I can't coherently hold a conversation with any stranger. It's as if I'm not interested in meeting anyone new, even though I'm dying to. Sure, I may see some hot ass girl walking around and even pop a boner, but it's like I don't have it in me to push things further. I feel that it has to be that kind of natural connection that will get me interested in someone else, and I just can't find it in anyone else.

Anyways, thanks a lot for listening to my situation, and for the reads. I'll give you a song that I've been jamming to a lot recently, and it's somewhat related to all this.

File: foggy.png (308 KB, 392x516)
308 KB
308 KB PNG
Jason, What will happen with my career?
File: stand alone complex.jpg (83 KB, 400x574)
83 KB
To me August is the settling in moment, it feels like the point where it feels it's alright, wheter or not that means you'll ge tthe job in August or finally feel at hoe and in the routine of things by august for a job you got earlier it's hard to say. I'm sorry I can't be more detailed, but that's all I got from it.

If worse comes to worse I could always support you bby :^)
But stupidity on my part aside, I really do hope it all works out anonichi, sounds like a real shitty situation and I hope you turn out to be alrigt in the end of it all.
Literally just started browsing /div/ I got my first Tarot deck just last week.
I'm just a 20 something year old who's enlisting in the Marine Corps. Going for a non-combative MOS.

So all I need to do is keep moving forward?

i probably won't be alright at all but thanks

No. This is more of a hunch that came to my attention earlier today. I didn't put any thought into it before then.
File: 1485198383687.png (71 KB, 612x396)
71 KB
>he's much older
Oh, don't even have to read for this one, obviously that never happens in real life, it's all about the christmas cakes and "ara ara~" types these days, men never marry cute young girls much younger than them. :^)

Honestly tho I see a chance for it here, you just have to be able to treat it like any other relationship, it'll require the same types of things and movements a normal relationship would carry. Basically just put your best foot forward and make it apparent you're interested and if he feels the same he'll act on it.

But just to be safe bring Chris Hansen along with you in case things get shady.

Yes, but it's gonna take swallowing of pride from one party super hard and unfairly perhaps, but it's the only way I see it being fixed.
File: 1407979523552.jpg (311 KB, 1280x720)
311 KB
311 KB JPG
>Is there an essence of duty behind my learning?
Could you reword that so that I'm not confused and feel like I'm trying to philosophically unpackage what that means?

>He would stop thinking about himself and start thinking about pussy. It's the instant depression cure.
Isn't that why so many people are depressed? Thinking way too much about the pussy and they can't get it. Most depressed fucks out there are probably drinking themselves stupid over some gal anyway. Seems dames cause more depression than they cure if you ask me.

Honestly though that is a fair assessment, he stopped being a little bitch when he finally got together with that chick, so you aren't 100% off there. But the end was also a fucking cop out and ruined the whole point of the characters. Like existential look at life turned into, happy endings for everyone is BS, life aint like that shit at all.
File: 1446007105048.jpg (147 KB, 648x639)
147 KB
147 KB JPG
>i probably won't be alright at all but thanks
Don't say that, need another read or something? shit like that really gets to me.
I'll read it for you, but I'm having a hard time latching onto your suspect. Please give me said subject's gender and a moniker of some sort.
Julian 28 Capricorn, can you give a read of my near future? I'm currently living in a foreign country and a read would help me a lot:)

Will everything be okay with my job ?
File: 1439336578468.png (155 KB, 622x344)
155 KB
155 KB PNG
Yeah basically, just keep moving forward and nudge anyone else helping who's falling behind to keep up the pace.

You'll probably work and receive money for your efforts which in turn can be exchanged for goods and services :^) that was a silly question m8, you know that already.

Look to find one company and stick with it your years of commitment will pay off and they tend to give raises and promotions within the company so it's within your interest to find one career or company and stick with em for some time.
Whoops. here my pic
Ah jeez, thanks for the heads up!
File: 1413143306290.png (155 KB, 400x400)
155 KB
155 KB PNG
This was a weird one, but a group of two individuals set off to face off, one is parasitic and needs the other to survive, and the others feel exploited. So war ensues, the parasitic group is seen as evil, painted as monsters, as vampires of sorts draining the vital blood from the non parasitic group. Riots ensue and they eventually anihilate the parasitic group. It's a bittersweet end really, if you tell it from one persepctive it seems like humanity trumphed over a monster, but in some sense I get the feeling the parasitic group wasn't all that bad or evil, just condemened to a set of circumstances that made it hard for them.

Odd shit aside, to me that seems to indicate a time of moral grey, a place where an action or set of options presented to you will elave you curious as to if the outcome was really a happy one or not, sure it'll be fine, but you'll be unable to not see it a bit differently and almost bittersweet at best, it's not gonna be sad or anger inducing, you won't be hurt or lose anything, but you'll gain a curiosity about it all that might keep you up at night, or make you wonder if there's really more to it all.
File: 1464045239876.jpg (80 KB, 600x800)
80 KB
i going to be alone more time ?
>Could you reword that so that I'm not confused and feel like I'm trying to philosophically unpackage what that means?

It was as difficult to write it, I understand. Rewording as best as I can imagine, has a sense of duty been the causality behind my desire to learn more, or just mere coincidence that I've encountered shit that drives me towards finishing my learning?

Male. Let's call him J. You could also liken him to the Knight of Pentacles if that would help.
File: 1439336471116.jpg (87 KB, 640x360)
87 KB
Yep, simple process, easy come easy go, vision was an indepth travel of a cell in the water cycle, things seem dry at some points other times you're on top of the world, and later it's all falling down, but you still remain intact and are able to maintain a lifestyle that's predicatable if not fully understood.

I think it'll be just fine.
Thank god.. I was really worried that one day it all will stop and at the end it will be my problem. In that case I would be fuk'd badly.

Thanks for reading !
File: 1455243449240.jpg (172 KB, 857x711)
172 KB
172 KB JPG
Both, it started as a pursuit of interests, pure and simple but as time went on it became a goal a challenge, a competitive spirit in it all came about from you, it's like leaving something unfinished and tht seems unacceptable for whatever reason here, you want to do more to be more. It reminds me of people who play a game for fun at first then find out about achievements and feel the need to prove they enjoyed they game by getting all of them even if they know it's kind of a silly thing to do sometimes.

Between you and me, everyone's kind of alone in some sense of it, even those who have people ho love them or families, everyone dies alone and by themselves, eventually we come to the point where we realize that we're all we have to be happy and anyone else is just temporary and filler to that sense of self created meaning. But that bs aside, let's see whatchu got :^)

You'll find a similar person to yourself, someone who is strikingly similar in terms of personality and appearance, like if I didn't know better you made this person in your image to be the one to share things with and to be cut from the same fabric, if I believed in soulmates this would be an example of it here.
Hi, you did a read for me earlier >>18799752

However, I came into another question that I'd really like to hear an answer for, if you don't mind.

Have I been a target of witchcraft recently? (Say, from Summer last year to present times) If so, am I free from it?
Will I have any sort of relationship with her in the future? how will it be like?
File: 1489983368656.jpg (273 KB, 2474x1602)
273 KB
273 KB JPG
>Have I been a target of witchcraft recently? (Say, from Summer last year to present times) If so, am I free from it?

Kinda /x/ related for me, but I can give it a crack if you'd like anyway.

You've been the "target" only insofar as someone has tried it, but doesn't really know what they're doing, so like bad intent but not with a lot to back it up. THe vision I saw was a person aiming a sniper rifle and looking down the sights, but having the gun in a totally unusable position, and the saftey was on, and furthermore it hardly looked loaded, but they felt like they were ready to get there with their gun.

Basically it seems that someone out there is probably trying their best to make something bad happen to you, but it's kinda shitty attempt at best, like a half-assed attempt and thinking they gotcha real good. I wouldn't worry about it If I were you.

Also would you consider a Witch kniting you a homemade sweater witch-craft? Witches have a hard enough reputation, cut em some slack, some of em are even real nice qts.

anyhow hope the read was helpful.
So like rear echelon.
So what's it like being you.
How did you like your childhood. What was your life like.
What's your favorite cards.
What's a mos
Hey how cute do you look in your fatigues.
What's your favorite foods
What is your favorite type of girl
Where abouts were you from.
What your favorite workout.
Do you enjoy swimming.
Do you like dogs.
What kinda shows do you marines like to watch.
File: 1470433967273.jpg (139 KB, 1234x673)
139 KB
139 KB JPG
Nope. She's not gonna bite, string you along for a bit and then crush your heart into a fine powder, but reciprocate, probably not brah. Getting real bad vibes about this one, don't get too attached or you'll get burned real bad on this one. just my interp, but ask around if you'd like, I know it's hard to give it up based on some strangers words, but I'd advise it.
File: 1448219733_1832745012.jpg (1.9 MB, 1600x1600)
1.9 MB
1.9 MB JPG
many thanks take another rare cat
General reading if possible?
File: get.gif (1.41 MB, 280x253)
1.41 MB
1.41 MB GIF
What happened to our friendship and will we be friends again? We always got along great before.
File: story of my life.gif (1.71 MB, 400x300)
1.71 MB
1.71 MB GIF
>>18799744 is done reading for a while, night /div/ dunno when or if I'll be back, but see you all around maybe.
>Both, it started as a pursuit of interests, pure and simple but as time went on it became a goal a challenge, a competitive spirit in it all came about from you, it's like leaving something unfinished and tht seems unacceptable for whatever reason here, you want to do more to be more. It reminds me of people who play a game for fun at first then find out about achievements and feel the need to prove they enjoyed they game by getting all of them even if they know it's kind of a silly thing to do sometimes.

Yeah pretty much what I had in mind, better to remain pragmatic amirite. Thanks yo.
File: Marie_portrait.png (333 KB, 722x871)
333 KB
333 KB PNG
You'll be charmed by a dashing yet oddly cynical shitposter on a divination thread of a animeshitposting imageboard :^)

I saw a monestary and the actions that take place from the dya to day life, so either you're becoming a nun, or more likely I think it's speaking more of a lifestyle of simplicity and working hard for the simple things that bring enjoyment, self discipline and a sense of well organized things bringing hope and purpose to it all.

Basically it seems that a time of structure and enjoyable routine lies ahead, a place of comfort and understanding. Hang tight and it'll all be alright, it'll all be just fine.
My cards are still being stubborn. I drew a few times, and each time they gave the vague message that you should look at his emotional connection to you, and it should be obvious. I scried a man sitting in his room hunched over a desk in the dark. He seems to be performing some sort of sympathetic magic, pretty basic, like something you can find in the book of an old kitchen witch or on a voodoo website.

Anyway, I tried drawing again. I started with Strength.
>Intended Effect:
The Fool, supported by The Emperor and 9 of Swords, leading to 5 of Cups (reversed)
>Flanked By:
10 of Pentacles (reversed) and 5 of Wands
>Actual Effect:
Queen of Wands (reversed), Wheel of Fortune, 8 of Wands, Princess of Pentacles
Is there a way to get rid of addiction by using magic ?
Yes, the cards are still saying there's something in your past relationship with this person he seeks to remedy or with which he seeks to shake things up. The work seeks to unbalance your emotions, but it feels very simple, not the kind of thing that would realistically get very good results. It doesn't feel very competent, like he doesn't know what he's doing. The cards are still saying to look into emotional connection between you two and perhaps at relationship dynamics. There's something from your past interactions with which he's unsatisfied and wishes to remedy. I can't seem to squeeze more detail out of this because the work was so sloppy.

Just a hunch, but had you two lost contact? The actual effect points to communication being reopened after a period of no contact, but this wouldn't make sense if things never got quiet, unless you just got less close than you used to be as a result of a disagreement. Egh, it seems to have a positive effect on you, even if his intentions may have been somewhat selfish. I feel like it was one of those situations where he may have argued that it wasn't selfish, but it actually was. He might swear good intentions up and down, and it might be convincing even to him, but he seems to have wanted something out of it for himself.

There were too many emotions involved on his end, and that's what seems to have made it so sloppy, in addition to the fact that he doesn't seem to be terribly skilled. I wish I could give more detail, but whatever that work is a sloppy mess, and it makes it hard to read.

If it makes sense, let me know what kind of query you would like to read for me. Otherwise, have my apologies.
I just use "witchcraft" as a broad term, sorry if I offend anyone. Anyone knitting a sweater for me is putting some "magic" into it, be it a witch or normal person, we are all "witches" technically, we just don't all know it.

I know for a fact a close friend of mine at the time did throw several spells at me, he even got me to drink his piss (of course, I wasn't aware of any of it then, it all came to me later)

Thanks a lot for your reads. I did find this very helpful, as it gives me confirmation. I did feel like his attempts had failed, but I wanted to know if there was more to it than what I felt.
File: 1452551173629.jpg (219 KB, 1280x800)
219 KB
219 KB JPG
>I just use "witchcraft" as a broad term, sorry if I offend anyone. Anyone knitting a sweater for me is putting some "magic" into it, be it a witch or normal person, we are all "witches" technically, we just don't all know it.
Nah no worries, just messing with you and wanted an excuse to post a silly image.

>drink his piss
You need better friends, that's fucking weird.

Anyhow hope it all goes alright for you, best of luck and try not to get into anything too out there and spooky, lotta strange people out there these days.
Theoretically, yes. In practical terms, it's pointless. It requires will to make magic work. In order to override a habit, the strength of the magic must be stronger than that of the habit, which, in the case of an addiction, is accompanied by chemical basis, not just psychological. To this end, it is a practical impossibility to enact will that is stronger than something you don't have the will to override with your willpower.
Good night Stray
File: vOfatAg.jpg.png (620 KB, 1920x1080)
620 KB
620 KB PNG
I wasn't exactly into "witchcraft" then, and I'm not exactly into it now either, but I do know quite a bit about "witchcraft". I also wasn't aware of that persons intentions until he let them slip briefly. We were "best buds", but I cut off all contact since then. Not only do I need better friends, I need friends in general, I don't have any close friends anymore.

Thanks again, and best of luck to you as well.
I'll leave you with a picture, as I didn't include one in my post.
Wow this is a very weird one as you said, I don't know what could it refer to.. Maybe my love life? Thank you so much for answering and if you have more info or details you could give me I would really appreciate it, thank you again!

Thank you. That makes sense, and is what I was expecting to some extent. I'm open to reading mostly anything right now, but keep in mind what I said earlier about a lack of confidence in skill.
Thanks for the reading!

For the monastery though, I think it might refer to the Catholic University I'm studying in right now, so there's that.
File: MC-Scena-06-300x169.jpg (8 KB, 300x169)
8 KB
I used to had a unbreakable will. But then addition took its place step by step, I hope it can go the other way. I hate that part of myself who let the addiction take it's course, how could I haven't seen this thru. For as far as I can remember I told to myself that I will never be a drug addict, was so confident about my willpower that I let myself try this and that and suddenly I realized that I went to far, It took over my will and life, I fucking hate it but it's like i'm blind every time when time comes to chose the drug or not to, I realize what have I've done just after i've consumed it, regret follows thru whole "high" so it's always bad. Really need help.
Wait, are you doing readings? Or did I misinterpret this?
It's a decently sad state right now being me. However it's deifnetely getting better.
I could have had a better childhood. I was the bastard offspring of a married man. Lived in poverty for a long time.
I feel really attached to the Wand suit. Something about them speak to me. I feel connected to the story they tell.
Military Occupational Speciality. Fancy military word for job.
I think I look pretty good in them. Haven't worn my full Marine camies yet.
Chicken. I eat it almost exclusively.
I'm a big traditionalist and like my partner to be as well. I believe strongly in the classic nuclear family. My ideal life would be a loving wife who takes care of the kids and the man works and supports them. Really that's all I want to do is support my significant other.
Can't really say I'm partially partial to any.
I do. Mother was a lifeguard so I grew up in a pool.
I love dogs. Think every family should own one.
I can't vouch for the rest of the Corps but I'm a sucker for shit like The Americans.
No, I was responding to someone I set up a trade with.
Hi, I'm a J, and this sounds an awful lot like me. If you are L, hear this:

Yo no te he tirado ningun "hechizo", yo no practico "brujeria". Y si, tenemos mucho pendiente, pero yo no te he hecho nada. Yo te quiero entregar el mundo, tu eres mi pololita, yo te amo con toda mi alma. No se si ese amor que siento por ti te ha hecho pasar por cosas que no desearia nunca para ti, si es asi, te pido perdon, si es asi, nada fue intencional. Yo no soy la persona mas confiada en sus abilidades, pero se que soy tremenda bestia (de buena manera). Yo voy a ser grande, y voy a ser grande por ti. Aparece un dia de estos, yo estoy loco por hablar contigo de nuevo, me mata todos los dias todo lo que queda pendiente entre nosotros.

If you aren't L, I apologize for my autism.
File: orzhov-tan.jpg (339 KB, 560x800)
339 KB
339 KB JPG
>Catholic University
Cool beans, glad I was at least somewhat accurate on some part of it. Hope that goes well for you, I always admire people who have that kind of faith, and can truly live by it all. If you don't mind me asking, what do you plan on studying? I was a religious studies/philsophy double major for my undergrad so I think that kinda stuff is interesting in terms of religiously oriented universities.

Good on ya m8, hope your studies go well and that your life goes well too. I bet that having a strong faith conviction like that will help you out in terms of life as well. Use it wisely and stay strong annonichi.
>abilidades (se escribe habilidades imbecil)
>faltan acentos
>mala gramática

Dios mío sos un gilipollas neanderthal que no sabeis escribir
It's weird we have exactly the same ideals.

I like doing the babby weights
I swim erry day
I own a dog
I would like five kids
I like house of cards. It's thinking show.

I'm really sorry to hear you grew up so hard anon. I wish there was something I could do to support you other then semantics.

Isn't Illinois really tough.
Don't get your hopes up, I don't paint L as the type of person to even think of typing "4chan" into her browser, much less be actually interested in the occult or tarot. The L I know is very "religious" and probably sees these things as the devil's work.

But it does sound quite lot like my situation with L, as J.
¿En donde te enseñaron a escribir en el conalep?
Excuseme tio, llevo mucho tiempo sin escribir español asi. Y bueno, chupame la verga.
What's this all mean. I had to learn French. Why can't it be in French.
It's not meant to be read by you, so don't worry. You stick to reading your cards.
I'm an IT major.

Well, I'm really not all that religious, it just kinda happens that it's the only good college within my hometown, that's why I'm studying there. But since it is a Catholic University, we're still required to study 4 semesters of philosophy and theology.

Well, I shall gambarimasu too and ganbare to you too!
Apoco vos sos el gilipollas que se cree americano pero sus padres vienen de México?
Cards.. I talk to ghosts directly I scry the runes and cards. It's such a hassle shuffling and picking them out I found.
House of cards are on my list. I've got a backlog though.
It's all good. I like to view the hardships as just times where mettle is wrought and shaped.
And it's pretty eh. Illinois is just a shitty state because Chicago basically runs the state, and they voted for massive absurd pensions and now we can't pay them.
No, yo vengo de una islita pequeña, la cual deje a los 18 años. Si soy ciudadano Americano, si vale de algo, pero no me considero Americano, me considero nativo de mi isla. Vete a hacer una paella por ahi españolito puto.
So what do you think of the occult what drives you forward while you read cards
Will you read your buddies in the unit when you start training.
Do you think you'll get the sharpshooter badge
File: 1418438966655.png (926 KB, 1200x1028)
926 KB
926 KB PNG
>IT major
good choice in major though, that'll get you places.

>not really all that religious
Kinda figured you couldn't be all too staunch strict catholic if you were on 4chan and /x/ of all boards, sounds a bit heretical to some folks out there. :^)

I feel you on that though and I was a religious studies major, it's a fun experience of people getting really into it, and you awkwardly sitting there hoping they tone it down a bit. Hope the philosophy and theology goes well, philosophy is my jam and I think everyone should love it as much as I do, so try and have fun with it. :^)

Thanks for chatting a bit with a silly stray like me even if it was just me asking silly questions. If you ever see me around in these threads again hit me up for a read sometime, you seem like a real nice anon.

Ganbare anon-chan,
Hey Cheswick!
Quebecfag here, how you doing bby?
Hey how's your day. Did you write a song about me yet.
How's the skateboarding.
How's the gf search.
>Hey how's your day.
Good, how is yours bby?
>Did you write a song about me yet.
Haha not yet lol but i recently built a mini studio set up and i've worked on a song today, wanna give me some feedback on it? It's far from being done and i forgot to track the guitar part at the end
>How's the skateboarding.
Haven't shredded in a while :(
>How's the gf search.
lolwut ain't nobody go time fo dat
I've always be partial to the Occult, I probably read way too much Lovecraft as a kid. I've also occasionally browsed /x/ over the ten years I've been on 4chan. Something about it always drew me in. I got into Tarot because I've hit a pretty rough patch and I believe that I can find solace and wisdom in the cards.
I really want to do readings for my fellow Marines. I feel that I can really do some good and help them.
Hopefully I do. Despite owning a firearm I've never shot one. So I have the advantage of not having learned any bad shooting habits.
If I may ask what draws your attention to the Marines?
I think that your branch has the kindest and most protective part of the service.
I don't honestly see anything but a perfect partner in them.
Mentally emotionally physically spiritually.
There just is nothing wrong with any of you.
Go on div irc I'm sure you could see the chiron dick and start gagging. Since you obsessed with dicks.
My day is fantastique.

What happened the guitar disappears :( spooky music I like it a lot. Thank you for sharing your story in music with me. What does the middle part instrumentally mean
>What happened the guitar disappears :(
Believe it or not, recording music is a pain in the ass, especially when you're a nutcase perfectionist like me

Everything has to be tight and on time

I tracked the guitar part earlier but there was just a note that was off from 1/16th of a time and i deleted what i recorded

There's also the fact i need to change my strings cause my tone is really blunt

>spooky music I like it a lot. Thank you for sharing your story in music with me.
Yay thanks :D
>What does the middle part instrumentally mean
I was aiming to do a space/sci fi themed song so try picturing wandering in space
Those are very kind words. I wish that every Marine lived up to the ideals you hold them too, however every branch has the less then good members.
No who told you that. This is literally killing my morale...

I bet your excited about San Francisco.
Also every marine is 10/10 never seen a ugly one
Doing some rune readings, havent done any in a few months so no guarantees.
File: IENL907.jpg (556 KB, 1800x1150)
556 KB
556 KB JPG
What does my future hold for me?
Will he and I end up together at some point?
What's your take on Odin's rune. You know the blank one.
In case you didn't see it, I am curious as to what's influencing my dreams at the current moment. Thank you.
Probably a black ghost or a succcubus.
what's a black ghost?
File: image.jpg (1.35 MB, 4032x3024)
1.35 MB
1.35 MB JPG
Sorry for the delay

It looks like you are going to have a very happy and succesful future ahead of you.
Do you do palm readings?

thank you very much.
A rare poke

Also shadow People
Did I fuck everything up with this girl, or everything is going with the flow as It should?I'm a male,Cancer(If needed).Thanks If someone takes this.
Is anyone on reading?
Thank you! This makes me feel a bit better about it, I was worried that my crush on him was completely useless
>male cancer
it's already over
should i end things with alaina and remain friends? or should i keep trying to make the relationship work?
Shadow people are proof that blacks are parasites.
I'm serious, stop shitpostng
I mean... You can't really do anything to him. It's an anonymous forum.

If anything you'll probably falsely accuse him of being someone he's not and cause a shit storm.
if you were serious, you wouldn't be asking 4chan of all places for their opinion on a randomly generated output about your "important" relationship
Not that anon, but I'm pretty sure it has no/limited historical basis.
Out of curiosity, How are you in the Marines and never fired your firearm? Where I'm from you are required to become a proficient marksman in almost every branch.
Can i get a reading from anyone on?

I have been applying for alot of good computer jobs lately and really want to improve my future. Any insight into my career future?
more info... im 18 and an aquarious
So my post who states true facts got reported for racism but this didn't?
who da fook are you
>my post who

are you saying your post is a person? that it has an identity?
this thread has died and is at bump limit anyway.

is anyone reading?
You're fucking blind. The post counter is at 290~ and bump limit is at 310.
Ignore the troll, please.

Anyone doing readings? Air query for general love, if anyone's available.
I'm enlisted but I haven't shipped out to boot yet.
Sorry, didn't mean to kill you're morale.
I don't know about San Fran, but I'm excited for San Diego, I've never been to California before.
I'm here to talk about tarot and tarot theory, if anyone's interested.
What do you think about custom decks?
I believe this is all about doing more intricated and "evolved" connections, so having cards with a lot of personal meaning can accelerate that a lot.

I have more than 150 of them and use a lot of different methods and am starting to pick the cards intead of just drawing them: leave 3 to 5 options and pick the one that makes more sense

This is good to get a quick meaning for all the cards that are to be picked, and I'm starting to use it to write short stories.

You think you know exactly what you want, and that's dangerous. Get rid of the excessive conceptualizations, and understand what is auspicious, what is destiny and what is desire. If you try to force specific things to happen, it may happen, but in the end it will bring also suffering and fear. Everything is temporary anyway.
Thanks for the reading. And yes; I think you're right about the dangers of knowing what I want.

Also, about the tarot; I'm not a fan of custom decks if they don't retain the symbolism that was originally part of the original decks they're based off of. It's one thing to make a personal deck, but another to make one that still can capture the emotions of other people.
Can you read me please?
Should I contact B or continue to not do so and wait for her to contact me again?
I have a crush on her, kind of
Can I have a reading?
You are an Aquarius Rabbit, your love is very valuable and spiritually atuned. Whatever you choose is likely to be correct, don't try to make a single decision like this, go more with the flow, trust your instinct.

I see Alaina as glamorous, demanding, and attached/controlled by her parents (in the past maybe). She goes her own way without caring much about your opinions, she knows how life works, knows how to attract mates and is going to be with someone else very fast. This is the "current destiny", could be a warning to get ready or a warning to change, only you will know.
And maybe the description is not true in the physical world, just in the aether realms.

You have found a Beauty and want the communication to be two-way.Next cards call to wake up the fire, to get out of darkness and seee if you can get a hold (just a hold, not a desperate grasp) of any external value, resulting in happiness and wisdom of the use of your abilities.

.Holding on to your own value, hiding it and dreaming pure dreams with no energy behind them, will leave you controlled by your own weakness, a slave to external karmas.
Okay, thank you. I think I see what i must do then
I'm this person: >>18801779 btw
Can you do a reading for my meeting tomorrow?

Yeah; since the other /div/ thread here is clearly a troll thread that's turning to shit once again, I was wondering if anyone would like to talk about tarot or other forms of divination casually, until we actually reach bump limit.
It wasn't a troll thread, lol
>Posted when this thread was at 290 posts only
>Not even the official thread according to IRC's topic

Anyways, you interested in having a general conversation related to divination, or would you rather just settle for the circle-jerking & general autism of the other thread?
I will just sit and watch, as I alwayus do.

Feeling to shit to do anything right now.

Good luck, mate.
>So many fucking normies asking for readings and wanting to learn about divination
Umm... That's the whole point of /div/

But hey; what's stopping you from making your own community elsewhere? As long as it's in good spirits, why not?

nothing related to div will ever be in "good spirits".
I beg to differ. Both discords actually have full libraries and regularly post books and other goodies. Sadly, it's just that some people don't like the idea of community and will try to destroy it at any possible chance they get. I hope you're not one such person, but if you are, whatever. It's up to you.


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