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Hi guys, desu i always dismised this conspiracy about the so called chemtrails thought it was bullshit at first. But now aproxx the recent month, i see this contrail lines frigging everywhere in the skies whenever i look especially early in the morning, in the Country i live in no joke, starting to get a little nervous now...

So can someone please redpill me on chemtrails, if the conspiracy is true, then what is purpose of realising that shit in the atmosphere etc.??
It's silver oxide and it's used to encourage precipitation and cloud formation. It's nothing very interesting. Kurt Vonneguts brother invented it.
Shut up now.
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>Shut up now.
Sorry I meant silver iodide
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why are they forming clouds? alot of people say it has to do with haarp. Dont know what haarp is, hahaha lot of reading ahead boy.
But i think it goes deeper, srs tinfoil guy ova here.
I think the "RADIO TOWERS" that are placed everywhere in a 2 square mile radios from one another are power chargers for haarp itself. I personaly beleive that they are using these "cell and radio towers" to built charge for the haarp system itself. Therefore spraying trails that form into clouds, and then they can push them around and manipulate the weather. This year alone we have had a very very wet spring in indana. I think it has something to do with fucking up the swing of things naturally. Ranking up prices on the farmers who have to replant 3 times because their feeds get flooded out.
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It would also make sense for the cattle mutilations to be part of this conspiracy to fuck with Indiana farmers.

Because the world isn't producing enough drinable water to sustain the shitton of inhabitants consuming it, and if we don't up rainfall then it's gonna be fuckin Waterworld where drinkable water is worth its weight in platinum.
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Come at me bro
It's for weather control
Big cities need to quit fucking shit up for the rest of us, and it starts with raising water rates. Let the free market price water and some of the hyperurban shitholes will redistribute their people to places where water sources aren't so overloaded.
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>Someone is gonna post the video of a weatherman saying the air force is testing chaff and say its proof of chemtrails
If you had the technology to control or influence the weather.

Why WOULDN'T you use it?
>anti-fluoride HURRR MUH GLAND
>anti-"chem trail"

just a list of things retarded people are paranoid about. i'd ask you to do some research, but i know how gullible you guys are, and how selective you are when it comes to reading material. :)
Not if it would completly fuck up our planet no
>them cityfolk!

Gee Cleetus how about you take a look at how much water is wasted on our retarded farming practices before you start advocating for forced depopulation?
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To sum this up...

First of all..H-A-A-R-P- has nothing to do with Chemtrails..there is absolutly no evidence for that and a Scalar Weapon wouldn`t require a network of antennas to work...
So, what are those towers made for?
Simple Answer...Cellphones..
The Frequency Market is coming to full swing since everyone of you requires more and more Bandwith to check your Faceshit Status in Realtime..
Are Chemtrails meme? Nope, they aren't..
Truth is that Cloudseeding and Weathercontrol are a thing since the 80's..considering the changing Climate conditions worldwide its a simple Solution for most elaborated States to manipulate the Cloudpatterns. What for?
Another simple answer...To balance Floodings on the one and Droughts on the other hand...



Even by conspiracy standards, believing that air condensation from airplane exhaust is a poisonous cocktail of chemicals is some of the most retarded shit I've ever heard.
they secretly try to make clouds to save us a few degrees

Covering the sun so people get deficient in vitamin D ?
This is the real answer. It's hot as fuck and nobody likes it, so they use cloud seeding technology in jet fuel. It's covered up because they can get sued in 30 years if there's health defects from this.
>>anti-fluoride HURRR MUH GLAND
regardless of YUH GLANDit crystallizes on neural receptors, meaning your braining get less and less efficient. Its also highly toxic on its own.

people have the right to be, regardless of their reason. In all control test groups for every vaccine there is there has been adverse reaction from a negligible portion of the test group. apart from this over use of things like vaccines antibiotics not only potentially weaken your immune system and that you will pass on to your children while also creating bugs that are immune to these.

maybe you should do some research before becoming complacent
No it doesn't crystallize on receptors. And vaccines are harmless.

Drop dead fucking faggot.
>No it doesn't crystallize on receptors

>And vaccines are harmles

>Drop dead fucking faggot.
you can't handle the truth
So do you have any peer reviewed articles to post or are is it all sensationalist dribble from anti fluoride sites.

Also yes, some vaccines have side effects but that still a lot fucking better than dying from preventable disease. The key term here is "side effect" which means it happens a very small amount of times to a very small group of people.

Theres you're fucking truth you sperglord.
I mean, ex-CDC scientists have come forward about being forced to alter the results of their tests for years. Nothing is perfectly harmless.
The byproducts of burning jet fuel are water and CO2, and under the right conditions (which happen to be the same as regular clouds) you get lingering trails of water vapor.
Here ya go. Bit of a long vid, but this sums itup pretty well.
inb4 - muh fish eye lense,
> notice how straight these lines are reaching to the horizon,
>and how tiny the sun appears to be
inb4-muh CGI, this is a real pic
>why are they forming clouds?
to hide the truth, buyer beware:
>To hide the sun?
from sunlight to grow plants, and give warmth maybe for economic reasons

To hide the trails themselves more likely
>to make it rain?

nah I dont think so, the govt pays subsidies for people not to grow crops in some places to keep the prices from making the farmers go broke, but in reality its so the rich don't thats a catch 22
If all farmers grew all the crops they could, would it be too much to give away like food stamps?
>what would be the point in feeding a starving world?
>population control?
Ive heard this agenda time and again

hide the light to control the population?
this one just irks me to the point of cognitive disodense
>cognitive disodense
tfw you realize anon doesn't even realize its pronounced cognitive dissidents
You have any peer reviewed evidence of the contrary? As I recall you are the one that made the clams of falsehood, so onus is on you not me chump
I don't know what jet fuel your talking about but you must e burning something like h2c2o + O2 which is defiantly not jet fuel
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