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No arguing about what is real and what doesn't real. [arguing about what is *right* and *wrong* morally is okay]

No arguing about the authenticity of what's posted.

This thread is not for contemplative or theoretical discussion of magic.

It is for spells.
Magic from a book isnt fucking real you LARPing faggot
i put on my robe and wizard hat
I... I basically probably agree with you, but I wanted this to be totally open ended. And I liked that attractive "look at me, I'm a book" image.

This is supposed to fill the hole left by the Occult and Magic Generals since the mods decided to take them out, because they were all sitting around screaming and jerking off.

It's an improvement. I'm wanting me some spells niggah

Imagine if /x/ actually had a compendium of spells to employ toward various uses. That would be something we might be expected to have.
So, wanna start off with a spell, OP? Like, at least one?
Yeah you're right I probably should have. I did no research.

Here's one that I picked up from /x/:
>person no like
>write name
>put in apple
>bury in "place of power"
>apple rots, so do they

a guy said he wiped out his entire second grade class by doing that or something, I remember reading. or no wait, that was a different one. I'll post it if I find it.
The problem with that is there are so many methods and most think that their own is the right one. My suggestion is to learn meditation and energy manipulation first. Learn chaos magic after that and be able to use any method eventually.
"My power is weak let me speek to my power inside"

- http://www.spellsofmagic.com/spells/spiritual_spells/power_spells/7783/page.html
Where would be a place of power?
>arguing about efficacy is not okay
>arguing about morality is okay
You're not gonna make it, bro

A similar one I picked up ages ago, back when Polaroids were a thing.

>Take a Polaroid picture of your intended victim.
>Place that picture under running water.
>As the picture fades, their life fades with it.

It'll take a few days, you'll run the fuck out of your water bill. But hey, cheaper than a hitman.
I apparently have an ancestor in the late 1800s and early 1900s who alledgedly had magic powers and was able to stop blood pouring out from wounds. Also apparently tricked strangers to drink "corpse soils", i.e. drinks with soil from a graveyard from them.

>Tfw great-grandpa going senile and losing knowledge of this
>No arguing about what is real and what doesn't real.
>Magic from a book isnt fucking real you LARPing faggot
Well, we're off to a good start.

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