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If you have a high IQ, he's a terrible public speaker; He's incapable of articulating his stories coherently.

What are some other public speakers that talk about futurism, but come across as fucking autistic?
>If you have a high IQ, he's a terrible public speaker

>can't articulate

The ironing is delisius
He'd ram his fist up your butthole and show you a first hand encounter of a probing OP you gay cunt
its because he's spouting conspiritard meme bullshit mixed with new agey type crap
>"I communicate with aliens with my thoughts"

like most other Alien/UFO "truthers"

In order to articulate coherent ideas and concepts, one must either be discussing facts based in reality, or have a complete "Fictional universe" so thoroughly created that it is virtually seamless and creates a somewhat believable "tapestry" by virtue of a set of complete and thoroughly detailed descriptions.
this would have to be on the level of Tolkien, Bradbury or Asimov in terms of having a believable but completely artificial fantasy world.

people like Greer sound like they're full of shit because they are just spewing a large collection of mismatching conspiracy stories mostly. Sure he may have some amount a real factual info mixed in but it will never be completely coherent because a pack of lies is like weaving spiderwebs
I've said it before but it bears repeating: he has been claiming that "Disclosure" will occur any day now since the Art Bell Show 20 years ago.

I have heard stories about bizarre contact with aliens, he us their leader on Earth, etc.

Seems like an obvious bullahit artist.

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