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File: flatwoods ish.png (86 KB, 1447x1266)
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Hey guys! I'm back to draw more stuff if you guys got the stories for it.
If you ever had an encounter with something or someone strange, supernatural or paranormal but couldn't quite find pictures of the thing, i'd be willing to draw it for you
Last thread I did stuff like this pic, where it's got that stipply effect, but i can do other normal draws without the effects too if you'd like
When I was a little kid, I woke up in the middle of the night and saw a ghost cautiously walk across my room, he stopped in the middle, and looked around, then kept sneaking forward. He had the outline of a person, a bright white, shiny outline, but was invisible in the middle. I got the sense that he was my Guardian. Happened about the mid 90's Whichever technique you'd like to use is fine.
>be me
>investigating a cemetery in BFE enveloped by trees
>we decide to split up, he gets maybe 75 feet away
>suddenly a loud noise starts above my head. Sounds like a jet engine
>can't see the source of the.noise but you can tell the source of the noise is moving from my spot toward my friend
>after a few seconds noise stops

Some reason in my minds eye I see it as an orb. And having the perspective like that off of an evil dead movie where they do those floating shots going through trees.
File: ghost.png (37 KB, 579x737)
37 KB
Like this?
For a while I had reoccurring nightmares of this thing that would kill me
He wore a doctors coat, and dark slacks. He always had on one of those masks things on, but instead of covering just his mouth, it covered his eyes and nose too. He was really tall, bald, and pale. His arms and fingers were really long

Now that I think about it, he just kinda looks like a bootleg doctor slenderman kinda dude
Yeah, pretty much, good job!
Sending you good blessings in return, thank you
File: orb.png (214 KB, 1524x1374)
214 KB
214 KB PNG
How's this?
That is great! Thank you, new phone wall paper
>me and friend walking down sea wall at like 1am
>I'm like 8 feet ahead of my friend
>feels like something pokes me in the side of the head real hard
>didn't see what it was
>turn round to see friend still some way behind
>he says he just saw a boy run across us and dissapear
>he's genuinely shitting himself
>a ghost fucking poked me
File: 1494517572678.jpg (400 KB, 1000x1288)
400 KB
400 KB JPG

>be me
>be visiting museum in my City, broad daylight
>old building, at least 200 years old
>was an office Building during Dutch Colonial
>was a prison during Japanese occupation
>it was pretty crowded that day
>seeing and photographs artifacts and paintings, typical museum visit
>walking through a long and tall hallway / corridor
>my "what the hell is going on" sense is tingling
>realized everyone vanished, only me
>nothing, nobody, not even any sounds like chattings or ambient sounds
>suddenly i heard women crying and footsteps, like boots
>on the far side of the hallway, suddenly a black shadow popping up at the floor, like someone is present there
>the footstep sound comes nearer like its approaching me
>suddenly a shadowy figure passed in front of me
>i recognized the outfit as Japanese Army Uniform (history nerd here)
>mfw ghost of Japanese Officer suddenly passes in front of me
>mfw he has sinister looking eyes, vengeful or sadistic nature
>i immediately run outside
>i puked
>mfw suddenly everyone is present again, visitors and guides, even at the hallway where i met the jap ghost
>mfw i was thinking that i warped into another reality for some minutes and met the damned jap ghost

and it happened in broad daylight, full of visitors
File: IMG_20170715_042504.jpg (490 KB, 1600x1200)
490 KB
490 KB JPG

Sorry just bored. Waiting to see some more of ops work.
not sure i was puked because my stomach was riflebutted by the jap ghost, but anyway thanks anon
I got one for you op, i saw something in my house once, or rather where I lived at that time, never been back there for obvious reasons. Had to get cleared by like 2 doctors and a priest afterwards.

So i walk in my living room right, i walk on through it and get my keys and come back because my living room links my bedroom to my kitchen.

The house was unbelievably quiet, it's what I noticed first and it's the bad kind of quiet. When i get to the living room door i see this figure in the corner of the room, it's just standing there and i guess it was facing the corner or maybe facing me i couldn't really tell. This thing was like some sort dead zone, it was like a light absorber and was super dark but i could vaguely make out the shape of a head, not really much of a neck or chin but it had shoulders, I don't remember seeing arms or hands though. It was too dark at its feet to see legs and what scared the living shit out of me was I almost missed it coming back through, it was between a 5 foot dresser and a china cabinet that are on either wall, it was between them in the corner. Then this bitch swells up a little and the lights in the room blew out, i just made out its shape sliding under the China cabinet right before i dove the fuck out the window that was like 5 feet from me, tore the blinds up and cut me up pretty bad but I ran like fuck to my car and floored it the fuck out of there, had movers come get my shit and burned the China cabinet.

Had to pay land Lord for the window.
Doctor said it wasn't normal and could have been stress or something but not sure, I got no signs of the loonies and my family had no history of it, priest told me that it may have been an attempted possession by something horrible and that I should have the house blessed, i just never went back and told the land lay to burn the fucker down instead.

Talked to a medium once, he said it could have been many things from a shadow person to a demon to some sort of extra dimensional being.

But to better describe the thing, imagine a person, average size, sunk into the floor about to their knees and the flute is almost like a pit of darkness that they are...i dunno if it was rising from it or what. They are sort of looking down like they are checking their shoe laces.

The type of dark wasn't a "oh turn on a light it's dark in here" it was more like the thing was sucking the color out of the room and everything is almost greyscale now and half the light in the room is being sucked out kind of dark. And it was night out so the only light was coming from the chandelier which had like 10 bulbs in it and it's like a foot across, and there's a small lamp by the couch.

There was no sound, it's like the house wouldn't even creak if you hit it with a sledge, and there is a highway like 50 yards out the front door so that's not normal either. It was almost like a bad dream where nothing makes sense and your just before waking up when what you perceive as reality starts breaking down. It didn't stop until I was outside and running to my car, i could just hear again all the sudden and my car looked normal inside.

I was losing my shit all night after that, it made me realize that after all those horror movies where i said "I'd never be that stupid, I'd just leave"; where the fuck do you go? Can that thing follow you? Is it in the fucking car right now?
I lost my shit and just went to a hospital, they admitted me for a few days until I calmed down and talked to a therapist, they still don't know what would have caused it, no history of drugs or mental illness. To this day i think it was almost definitely supernatural, i just don't know what the fuck it was but I'd rather not find out.

Apparently people live there now and aside from the odd noises they haven't seen anything, lucky bastards i guess.
>>Visiting Grandma house in summer
>>the nights are hot as fuck
>>Windows are open
>>Try to sleep
>>The wind blow the curtains
>>Theres something black and grey with big yellow eyes in a tree across the street
>>Owww shit!!!
>>Calm down maybe it just an owl
>>The thing raises a long human-like arm to hug the tree
>>Awww shi!!!
>>Dont scream, dont draw his attention
>>The wind blow again the curtains
>>The thing stares to my window
>>I lost my shit and scream
>>My parents enter the room
>>Theres nothing outside

That summer a lot pets dissapear
2 summers ago, i saw a typical white orb in the corner of my room, thought it was just me being sleepy since it was 11:41 pm, but at 11:47 pm, i unmistakably saw a headless figure in a suit, the suit was kind of white with black polkadots.

was genuinely spooked tbqh
These are fucking great. Were there more from the last thread?
hey, this got me interested. i got a story.

>late dusk, not night yet though
>i was around 10 or something so i was out catching fireflies
>spot it much further down the trail i was on
>it was hunched down behind some cut logs
>it was blurry, but gray
>it had deer antlers, but human hands and a human-shaped head
>i think it had a primitive bow on its back
>it stands up, was really tall, like 7-8 feet
>i see its legs, it had hooves
>book it home

i'd seen it a few more times after but i've moved out from there.
so this happened when i was like 11 on something.

>be me
>school day, it was pr and we we're in the forest near our school
>walking around with old classmate, he asks if we should go left at one point in our path
>we check the map first, and then head there since there was the nearest checkpoint
>After checking the map and deciding we should go there my friend goes ahead of me
>that's where is spot it
>a huge owl-like animal sitting on a branch up in the trees
>like it could've just swept down and grabbed me
>mind you this was in broad daylight
>i ask for my friend to come back and ask if he sees it as well
>"no anon, where is it?"
>pull out old nokia with a camera and try to point it out to him with it
>cant seem to find it with the camera but i see it in the trees
>after a while i notice it dissappeared
>without any noise
>decide to leave it at that and continue to the checkpoint marked on the map
>that thing was just staring down at us from atop of the trees

also i'm sorry if my sentences sound weird since English isn't my first language
are you sure it was "it" you saw more or if it was "them"?
i don't know. i did only see the bow once though.
atleast you're in the right place you fit in
i would've booked it home faster than usain bolt
I'm just gonna copy paste it here to hope OP delivers.
I had this strange experience when I was twelve and I need help making some sort of sense of it, it doesn't keep me up at night but this is something so obscure and weird it horrifies me more than any other paranormal encounters I've read of or have experienced.
When I was twelve sometime during 1 in the night I decided to go to the bathroom in my new apartment, I still live here. At the time, for background I was obsessed with maggots and botflies, it was my new fear. I wasn't really scared of it but it was stuck in my mind.
By the way I'm not greentexting this, this is not a story I need actual answers.
I has walked to the bathroom to pee, and ended up looking to the side. On my shoulder I saw a maggot, about 1-2 inches in length. Fucking gigantic, The best way to describe it was, very similar to an antlion grub from Half Life, pic related.
It wasn't exactly the same, I made a drawing to show it better.
It was long and skinny, thin. It wasn't a spectrum from white to bright greenish yellow, it was once sole mixed bright color, it has two red dots on it's head. Those were not eyes though, other maggots have those on them, but I forget their function. I'm inferring the eyes are very small and near the mouth but I never saw the face. Out of fear I blew it away.
But I never found the carcass, and keep in mind that it was an inch long, easy to find.
I saw it clear ass day, MOVING too, Sort of like a Caterpillar I want to say but the entire thing was so surreal and my memory alters a lot, I can't say correctly. I don't remember how it felt, I don't even think I could feel it.
Was I hallucinating?
What the hell happened? Can anyone give me closure?
I know this sounds fake but trust me I lived through this, I can't offer any evidence, except maybe a photo of my bathroom but that won't help whatsoever. Please help me /x/.

This was from another thread so don't actually pay attention to specifics.
Also sorry for the typos.
Before anyone asks "Why does this scare you?"
Because it's so unnatural and has no explanation.
Flashgaits, skin walkers, ghosts, reptilians, telepathic communications, all have multiple cases, with identified traits, we've made logic of them. But this. This happened solely to me. There is nothing. No explanation, not even a full case. I am alone and left questioning what could have happened to me if I hadn't killed that thing, or what did happen to me and I didn't even notice.
if you're interested in the other two stories i can tell them
These were replies I made specifying more details
It wasn't only for a moment though, I looked at it for 3 seconds DIRECTLY and it was right there moving, I brushed it away quickly, I don't know how hallucinations last that long.
I brushed it away and it was still physically there, it never left until I looked away. Fairly sure I killed it, yet no carcass was found.
No I was actually staying up during the weekend I still do, I'm a night person.
And it wasn't just for a moment, I remember it well enough, I looked at it for 3-5 seconds directly and it never left, I directly brushed it off and once it fell I lost it.
sure, it'd be nice to hear about them
good to hear someone cares.

now, one was around the campfire.
>we were all chatting, eating chips, hot dogs etc
>i think someone had an instrument
>but then we hear rustling
>seems like only i got a tiny glimpse of it
>panicking in my kid mind, so i just stayed put
>have had hallucinations before this though
>went in soon after

and during this one it was storming heavily

>i, my mom and my sister went out to see how the creek was doing in the rain
>there was lightning
>creek was way overflowing
>but when we get down there, i see it
>i dont remember the details of how but it was distant and i saw it very briefly
>tell both of them about what i saw
>sister freaks out, she's seen it too once
>mom tells me to stop scaring her
>after a minute we go back in
those we're some cool short stories
especially the first one
it "rustled" my jimmies
hey, thanks. i don't tell it often.
i have some stories that really arent encounter stories but kinda spooky

>be me, chilling home
>brother is at his godfather, probably playing

I didn't have a phone at that time, i was too young

>think to myself "damn, I want to play (insert game here)"
>brothers godfathers kids own it
>after the weekend, brother comes home, look at him from our room to see he is holding the same game i wanted to play
>ask him "why did you loan that game?"
>he answers "just felt like playing it"
>get creepy vibe about brotherly connection
>later asked him about it and told the story of how i felt like playing it
>he just shrugs it off
>still bugging me to this day, because after that this has happened a few times
File: Reference.jpg (68 KB, 1152x648)
68 KB
>Be me
>House-sitting for cousin
>Bought a new toy shotgun in town that day while me and my mom went antiquing (Grandparents' hobby, you can find neat stuff)
>Playing around with it while my mom naps on couch

The house was set up like pic related, so when this happened I got a nice view of the doorway and whatever it was that ran by (I assume it was a ghost, but it seemed to be very much present and opaque, so it could have been something uber paranormal.).

>Standing in front of the doorway to the hallway
>Uh oh, the gun got "shot" out of my hands
>drop it and bend over to pick it up
>grab gun and raise back up just in time to see (Not fucking kidding)
>A nearly 7-foot being, completely bald, grey, thin, lanky limbs, completely naked
>it runs past the doorway
>didn't get a great look at its face but I remember it having white dots in the general area of its eyes
>I stand there for a solid minute or two, not daring to move or make a sound
>I was terrified of creatures as a kid, but more-so afraid of provoking them, hence why I stood still, didn't want to make it upset at me or something
>finally turn, run to mom, wake her up and tell her about what happened
>She's into paranormal shit so she believes me and hugs me for a while

More spooky shit happened in that house after we moved in and I saw a (for-sure) ghost, I can tell it if anyone wants but it's not as spooky as the lanky running creature.
bump for more spooky shit
File: 162745364.jpg (2.14 MB, 4608x3456)
2.14 MB
2.14 MB JPG
Now, it's nowhere on the scale of the running ghoul, but it's stuff to make you think.

>be 13 now
>mom and me are living in house
>she got a flag that was flown in an AC-130 fire mission over some Middle Eastern country for her service in the Marines
>She keeps it in a special box due to it's importance
>Keeps it in her room, typically on top of her dresser
>One day she's looking for something and tells me to go check her room while she looks around elsewhere
>I go into her room and do a quick walk-around
>just looking for whatever it was (Can't remember, just something small)
>walk over to her dresser and slide the flag box back, since it's on top of one of those sort of weight-y wood/glass boxes that serves as a chessboard with glass pieces, I have to move that back too
>Notice, I push it further away from the edge, looking for the item
>Don't find it
>Don't re-arrange shit, it's fine how it is
>"Did you find it, anon?"
>"Nope, but you can look for yourself, if you want." (Had a tendency to graze over stuff when I was looking for something, I'd typically get my mom to go back in and look for something if I wasn't sure I had actually missed it)
>Mom nods and walks off to her room
>I go onto the couch and start watching videos on my computer
>Couple minutes later
>"Anon, anon, come here."
>I was hoping that she found it, but her tone in voice said otherwise
>Walk into room
>I see it before she even says anything
>The weight-y game box and the flag box are on the floor in front of the dresser, both boxes neatly organized on top of each other
>Audible "Oh." escapes my mouth
>Mom laughs it off, again, she's into spooky shit
>I just stare at it for a while, don't even think about touching that shit
>She still has the flag to this day

File: E vil.jpg (112 KB, 690x390)
112 KB
112 KB JPG
>Be me
>Laying on the couch late at night
>Watching spooky ghost shows cause shit, why not?
>Feeling at the back of my mind like I should be uneasy
>Feeling grows stronger
>And stronger
>Now I'm starting to feel uneasy
>I'm never phased by these ghost shows, mom desensitized me to them
>Just laughing at the stupid shit Zak Bagans or whatever his name is is doing just to ease tension
>Suddenly, literally out of fucking nowhere
>P A N I C
>I feel like I need to fucking get out right then and there
>Pull blanket over my head and shut my eyes tight
>Even as a 13 year old I had a fear of the dark, the fact that me and my mom believed the house was haunted (it fuckin was, if you couldn't tell) made it tenfold worse
>Literally shaking at this point, there's something in the room
>Just curled up under this blanket for a while, probably around ten-twenty minutes of just burning fear
>Finally get enough courage to peak, maybe even find a way to run to mom's room and get her to wake up
>Pull covers down just past my eyes
>All sound, TV and ambient noise, cuts out except for this deep airy, whirring sound, like I'm standing at the entrance of a wind tunnel
>An old man, elderly. is looming above me
>Can't make out significant features since the TV is silhouetting him over me but can see the wrinkles on the outside of his face
>His arms are either by his side or tucked into his pockets, couldn't quite tell
>I fucking tear the covers back over my head and hide like that for another 30 minutes while crying (I should point out, I'm guestimating on a lot of the time, but every time I hid it felt like forever)
>sound comes back once the cover comes over my eyes
>After a while I bolt out of the couch to catch him off-guard and tear ass to my mom's room
>end up sleeping in her bed, I was too fucking scared to sleep back out there with the old man

M O A R ?
I saw a super pale white dog, bout the size of a husky and looked a bit like one, move into bushes and disappear. I was at an angle where I could see it move into the bushes and hear rustling, but I couldn't see it inside the bushes, which were too small to cover a dog it's size.
That sounds scary as fuck bro
You have no idea, but that's enough for tonight.
I think I'll just wait for OP to work his magic.
I mean, he doesn't have to, but I'd love to see his take on the lanky running ghost.

Any guesses as to what the running thing could be, other than a ghost?
I'm lost. Sounds like it'd be a ghost.
I would love to see your impression of this >>19299668
File: Evil Friends 4.jpg (2.55 MB, 4608x3456)
2.55 MB
2.55 MB JPG
Possibly, or a Greyman.
Well, all I have are a series of re-occurring dreams.

They are always about a maze of randomly generated doors inside of a basement. Eventually there is a sense that part of the maze intersects with another dimension. There is a horrible feeling of 'fight or flight' that builds. Something else is in there waiting.

Curiouser, I have never even seen this thing fully except for glimpses in my dream but I know what it looks like.

It's a two meter tall humanoid. Skeletally thin, naked, whitish marshmallowy skin. No apparent gender. It has whisps of black, stringy hair on it's head. The eyes are huge and have blue irises. Pin prick pupils. The mouth is just a black hole shaped like a :D expression is just 'fuzed' constantly in this shape I guess. Fingers are like talons hanging down from spindly arms. It has a piercing, shrieking laugh.
also have an entity from reoccurring dreams thats pretty fucked up. She was about 8 feet tall and was wearing a light blue floral pattern gown. She had a gigantic, swollen, gray, veiny head with sparse white hairs on top of it and what I can only refer to as goat eyes. Remember the little bits guy from rick and morty? Her head was that size. She didn't have shoes or anything but carried a giant needle with her. I remember that she would walk up to you and say "Blinded by a kiss" and proceed to gouge you through the eyes wither her fucking needle. Shit is mad fucked up and she goes around fucking maiming people in my dreams whenever she shows up saying that phrase, "blinded by a kiss", and I still have no clue how I'm supposed to respond to that.
A few months ago I was asleep only to wake up at midnight to a fever that left me with very little ability to move. I then felt a cold chill and found a purple light was creeping up the stairs to my room.

It lasted thirty minutes, I could only stare helplessly as it crept closer and closer until it went through me.

It left right after.

Asking for a friend.
I had a dream something was following me, and it turned out to be some sort of a man made entirely our of cooked white rice. I said something, and he mimicked in in the way a skinwalker is said to. What could this rice figure be?
Since I was a child I've been haunted by a cloaked shadow figure. It began with him appearing in a corner of my bedroom when he would walk from corner to corner each night. Eventually stuff would get flung off shelves and door knobs would jiggle. My extremely religious parents took notice and asked the church to bless the house. It appeared to work because the rest of my time living at home he didn't appear again. Fast forward to when I move out on my own. Shortly after the move I would awake to a horrible smell in my apartment and I would find my belongings scattered across my living room floor the morning after. Door knobs began to jiggle, items would be flung off shelves and then he began appearing in the corner of my room again. I remember one time I woke to a knock at my bedroom door and when I turned on my light the door began bowing inwards as if there was a giant leaning against it from the other side. My friends started seeing him too. It got to he point where they refused to come over and my relationships were strained because of him. Fast forward again to a few years ago and I'm moving out with my then future wife. She knew all about him and with her also being religious, said prayers to keep him in my old apartment. We move in together and marry. Soon we become distant with each other. I had a dream one night I we got into a car accident. I'm pulled from the car where I can see my wife bleeding to death from a huge wound on her abdomen. The man who saved me said there was nothing to be done and he's going to get me to safety. We arrive at a weird ancient Greek council hall and he tells me to wait there while he gets help. I'm surrounded by people in white robes. I feel a hand on my shoulder and I see the black cloaked shadow when I turn to investigate. I'm too afraid to yell. He then proceeds to slit the throat of every person there then in the same voice as the man who saved me he says something like
The only thing that I can think of is that you accidentally made a maggot tulpa? I'm not well educated on tuplas so I hope someone will help me confirm if this is possible or not.
"See? They're all going to leave you in the end. I'm all you got and the sooner you accept that the sooner life will be easier" I look down and the faces of the people he killed morph into the faces of my family, my friends, and my exes. I look back at him and I finally see the bottom half of his face. He has what appeared to be red face paint on on his jaw line in a jagged zig zag pattern going up to his lips. He repeats "I'm all you got" and I wake up. I tell my wife and she tells me he's trying to wedge himself between myself and the people I love and to realize with God, Im stronger than he is. She asks for a divorce a few months later. I move out but still kept in contact. Come to find out she was pregnant so I desperately try to fix things with her. She gets into a car accident a few months after we found out which resulted in the miscarriage of our unborn child. I was broken. Hell, I still am. I became angry with her that she would leave me. Then I had another dream where I was in a cellar of some sort? Stone floor and walls and it was dark. He appeared to me again with his jagged red burning bright on his jaw. He repeated that everyone will leave me but he'll always be there and to accept it. I remember feeling defeated like he was telling me "I told you so". He then presented a tall glass jar radiating pink light. He told me he could make her know my misery. I don't remember what I said or if he mentioned a price but he handed me the jar. As I opened it the light flooded the room and acted as paint on the walls. It was beautiful, honestly. Then the paint turned into black flames and I woke up. He's appeared in a couple of dreams after always repeating "I'm all you got" and I haven't spoken with my ex wife but I feel like something bad will happen if it hasn't already and I'm sure I haven't seen the last of him.
File: 3spooky5me.jpg (15 KB, 232x299)
15 KB
Alright, here's the crude story of the most direct paranormal encounter of my life. There's been stuff like objects moving or "I did a ritual for money and won a 100$ prize the next day" and shit like that, but this is the only "there's something 3spooky5me right there in front of me and there's no way I'm dreaming or tripping balls" event.

>Be me
>Be like 16, parents jobs have them working out of state for a week or so at a time.
>Be home alone at like 1:30am, it's summer so I've been playing the fuck out of WoW late the whole time.
>Need to take a shit
>Don't bother closing door because who cares, it's not like anyone else is here.
>House is closed up because desolate shithole that is southern CA and it's still 90' outside. There's a floor fan blowing down the hallway that my room and the bathroom are on
>Sudden burst of airpressure, like getting smacked by a rifles shockwave.
>Look to bathroom door.
>There's a roundish mass of smoke just floating there, sorta like pic related only that grey blue color that vape smoke is.
>Thing stares me down for a solid minute, I blink, double take, expecting the classic ghost story of "And then it was just gone!". Nope, it floats there, sorta coiling but the smoke isn't moving from the fan.
>I decide fuck it, I'm going to touch the ghost, hobble off toilet, reach out to poke the spooky thing.
>Tendrils of smoke feel really cold and sorta dusty.
>The thing does not like being touched, smoke pulls away from my hand and wooshes down the hall past the fan and vanishes.
>Finish taking a shit wondering what the actual fuck just happened.
Good thread
Well I have a couple. But the one that creeps me out the most has to be this one.

>See when I was a little lad, me and my brother used to share a room
>I was terrified of the dark, but he wouldn't let me use a night light most of the time
>So my imagination ran wild.
>I saw all sorts of monsters and weird things, but they'd only appear once
>Except for one
>It was a goblin like, withered old scared and mumified looking old man that would crawl on the walls and look down at me
>It scared me the most, and I'd hide when it showed up.
>it only did like three times, but it stuck with me
>anyways, I thought it was just another creature from the depths of my mind for years, and forgot about it
>Until me and my brother were talking about paranormal experiences we've had
>and he described a story from when we shared a room
>How he heard a raspy, dry breathing by my bed
>and when he turned, he saw an old man peeking out of the board hanging over my bed
>watching me
>the way he described it was nearly identical to what I saw those years ago
>I never told him, or anyone else about what I saw in the middle of the night, never brought it up or even mentioned it before.
>That brought back the horror I used to feel with gusto.


Last night, in my third eye, I saw extremely clearly, a tall deer, standing upright, with skin made of tree bark. Could you draw that maybe?

Don't necessarily need it drawn, but I got one

>Be me, 11-12ish
>Parents are divorced, every other weekend I go to my mom's
>Usually she drops me off and runs to the store to get stuff for the weekend
>While she's doing that I'm usually alone, sometimes her husband is there
>One summer, she had been reading a book, she likes to read
>I decide while she's gone, I'll read this book till she gets back
>This happened every weekend for a whole summer
>Almost every time, while I was reading, I would see out of the corner of my eye, what looked like someone leaning their head around the corner from the hallway, in a natural sort of way, as if someone was just leaning around the corner to check on me
>Every time I looked up it would be gone
>One time I decide to test it, I see it lean around the corner but continue staring down at my book, trying to just observe from the corner of my eye
>Stayed there like that for a good 30 seconds, I start getting spooked and look up, but as always there's nothing there
is op kill?
File: face neck thing.png (220 KB, 919x800)
220 KB
220 KB PNG
sorry, my net bunked out for a bit, but it's all good now. 4chan gives me that connection error sometimes and i just have to wait
If i'll be doing more of these, would you guys be ok with having them be more sketchy and not stipply? like pic related?
You could draw it with your dick and I'm sure it would still be better than anything I could draw.
File: longboy.png (185 KB, 386x921)
185 KB
185 KB PNG
like this?
>blowfly girl checking in
Kek.. seen your blog tonight after it was linked in a thread here earlier. Crazy girl!
>blowfly girl = truly disturbing horror
>"I want to go home."
>"You are home."
I would like to see your rendition of >>19301072
Hey OP this might be creepy enough for you I don't know lol, it happened to my american aunt.
>Be 7ish year-old girl
>Live in some house in Michigan in the 70's
>Trying to sleep late at night when you hear a strange shuffling noise in your room
>Look up and see dimly lit giant man, covered in hair
>Can't move or scream as it caresses your face

And that was pretty much it, it was a long time since she told me that, anyway I just wanted to say your art is kickass dude
filmed my encounter.
lowkey that sounds like bigfoot
File: 30185c05pb01.png (139 KB, 350x261)
139 KB
139 KB PNG
The spookiest thing that has ever happened was when I was playing with legos in my basement as a kid with my cousin and got smacked in the side of the head with a Lego glass piece (pic related) and my cousin was sitting in front of me looking in the other direction.

Not the craziest thing but still, I think the fact it isn't so crazy adds credence to it.

Oh and every now and then a shadow moves or a picture has weird spot
I remember something from my childhood

>be me
>wake up in the middle of the night
>hear something knock on my bedroom window
>My bedroom was on the 2nd floor, overlooking a dense forest
>see a man with the head of a cow waving at me
>strangely enough, I wave back
>I didnt even get scared at all
>I remember going back to sleep after that not entirely sure if it was a dream or not
>fast forward next night, wake up
>same shit
>cow dude waving at me
>waved back and went back to sleep
>this goes on for a few weeks or i dont know days maybe until it tried to talk to me, my memory of it is kinda hazy
>cow dude keeps talking to me nonstop until I fall asleep
>next night, hear knocking on window again
>it's cow dude
>starts talking to me again start feeling sleepy but then my dad walked into my room with my grandfather
>my grandpa was holding his hunting rifle
>remember my dad seeing cow dude and losing his shit
>grandpa seemed calm as if he expected seeing a man cow
>remember cow dude screaming at my dad in the deepest voice ever heard
>it's like a mix between a cow howling and a heavy metal dude growling into a mic
>dad runs to the window
>cow dude bolts
>grandpa rushes to the window, opens it and fires into the forest
>heard something wailing
>dad picks me up and brings me to their room
>saw my mom crying
>she hugs me
>slept there until I was maybe 10
>never really questioned it I thought it was just something that was never meant to be talk about ever again
I think I'm late to the party, but what the hell, I'll throw my hat in just in case op follows through on all. Side note- I love that stipple effect style. Have you done any professional illustrative work?
Anyways, green text:
>me, approximately age five
>staring out bedroom window watching a thunderstorm
>lightning flashes, and as the flash recedes, I see a humanoid figure standing at the window staring back at me.
>it is vaguely man shaped, but no clear features, only dark shapes where the eyes would be
>it is glowing the same color as the lightning
>I observe it for several seconds before turning away.
>It makes no threatening moves but I sense a sort of threatening vibration from it
These were probably all hallucinations but here goes
>9 years old, lived in spooky house with Mom who was Wiccan
>Staying up late and reading
>All normal background noise ceases, as if there is something dampening it, almost feel as if something is physically muffling my hearing
>This goes on for a few seconds and I'm spooked af
>All of a sudden a deafening cacophony of voices starts from all around me
>Sounds like cheering mixed with jeers in another language
>Filled with terror and awe, before I can get up and run out of the house the noise stops
>No linguist but I think the voices were in latin
heard of similar stories in concentration camps.
>Used to have sleep paralysis all the time in this house
>Used to see shadows out of the corner of my eye
>Sometimes I'd have friends over, multiple times they mentioned the shadows too
>Once, I saw a mass of black tendrills come out of a wall in my hallway, flail around, and retract themselves
>My mother was very spiritual but never believed me
>My younger brother had experiences as well
>When I moved to my dad's house, the SP and dark shadows stopped
These are from my teen years living with my dad in rural NC
>Walking with my best friend at 3 AM, just checking shit out and trying to get spooked
>We're walking past a trail we take all the time during the day, we start heading towards it
>Hear a gut wrenching shrieking noise
>Doesn't sound like any animal I've ever heard before and it sure as fuck didn't sound human
>Decide to nope the fuck outta there
Not sure if you're still here but
>be me, 10yo
>camping in trailer with family in bumfuck nowhere
>in room by myself sleeping
>suddenly awake to loud noise and neon blue lights coming through the blinds
>sounded like humming
>try to muster up the courage to peek through the blinds
>as I eventually do I see a huge oval metal craft
>starts hovering and humming gets really loud
>shoots off in to the sky
Honestly not sure what I saw that day and how no one else heard it. I wish I could say it was a bad dream but I was too scared to sleep a wink the rest of the night and stayed awake until my family woke up.
What did the cow dude talk about?

are you Filipino? because sounds like what you're describing is a "sigbin" some sort of demonic entity that kills/eats animals
Sounds like a lucid dream(realistic dream where you are awake but can't move)
Maybe you scared it off?
File: Untitled.png (217 KB, 1884x1173)
217 KB
217 KB PNG
What happened to you shortly before Christmas 2012?
No one knows what this rice man could be?
File: 2013-01-14_16-16-12_165.jpg (3.53 MB, 3264x2448)
3.53 MB
3.53 MB JPG
Hey anon, I've had a few experiences over the years at my past house with what I always described as shadow people. Your description is similar.

Based solely on my experiences, they liked negative energy. They carried a really ominous, malevolent aura. I could typically sense them before I saw them. I would sense them quite often, but only saw them twice. They appeared as a dark darker than the surrounding dark - faint, ill defined silhouettes that just gave the appearance of a human form. I don't recall any specifics about the sound of the environment for the first encounter, but the second time around there was a lot of noise. Nothing loud. Just soft white noise, almost sounded like voices on the wind. Was weird shit. I wasn't fond of those things.
>mandela effect
>people still think the universe overlapping with another universe is more realistic than false memories
When will reddit leave?
You mean sleep paralysis, retard. Lucid dreaming is when you're having a dream and take control of it to experience whatever fun shit you want
When I was 8-13 I would see words float around my room at night. They would look like scrolls of text in different languages I couldn't read. They were colorful, red, yellow blue and green. The writing was thin but to me they were more than gibberish they were words that I couldn't understand
Sounds like a degree of synesthesia
Care to elaborate a bit?
It only happened when I lived at that house. The guy who owned it before my parents bought it said he kept hearing a ringing in his ears and almost killed himself.
I've always tried to figure out what it was. Never got any answers
Its more of a shot in the dark than anything. Most people who experience are most likely to associate a word with a color or a color with a word for instance, if you were to see the word "tire" you may see the actual word written or typed in red. There's been rare instances where people can "project" these words that sound more like what you experienced but you not being able to comprehend the words is what stumps me. It's supposed to be a cross wiring in your brain that corrects itself but it seems unlikely your brain would just so happen to correct itself when you moved out. It was just my best guess looking at it from a plausible perspective

It's only happened there. At the time we had two houses and I'd stay at my moms or dads too and they never followed.
(Raised by my grandparents) at times I'd sleep with them and they were so clear to me. They'd circle around the room and I'd ask my grandparents if they saw it too but they didn't.
Also the words would move in the same flight path regardless of if I watched them or not. Also they were more like pages from a book because there were lots of words there
Looking back at it, I think he was talking about his house or something like that I forgot. I never really responded to what he was telling me I just laid on my bed and stared at him while he talked
Did you get any negative vibes from them?
Sorry, I'm not an expert on paranormal & staying virgin like you
when i was 14 years old
>wake up late at night
>get text message from unknown saying theres a monster in my house and that its going to kill me unless i do what they say
>gives me exact instructions and knows the layout of my house, the whole fiasco is too long to put here but gets more sp00k as it goes along
>weird shit has happened before so i do it just in case
>ends with me going into bathroom to get "holy water", thinking this is some cruel prank
>turn around and the room outside the doorframe is pitch black now
>put normIphone on full brightness and point out door, still completely black
>think wtf and shut the door
>turn around, there's a disfigured glowing white hunched over skeleton thing with crude blades in the mirror, in place of me
>black out, wake up with scars on the side of my ribcage, messages are missing from phone
>go back to bathroom and there's blood splattered on the mirror, clean it up before anyone finds out
been wondering if i did it wrong and the monster fucked up its attack ever since

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