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You cannot reply anymore.

Guys I'm literally freaking out and on the verge of fucking offing myself, I feel so guilty.
>Raised semi-religon, im an "atheist" but not the autistic kind now
>still have typical christian values for the most part
>develop a FWB relationship with a [spoiler]girl(male)[/spoiler]
>feel really guilty about it and think it's gross and deviant, but keep doing it because "feels good man"
>yesterday, got to her(his) apartment before he was home
>sitting outside his apartment on a bench by the river, smoking a cigarette, watching the sunset waiting, pondering whether I really want to do this or not
>its like 8pm and nobody is around
>some lady in her 30's wearing a sweater and large cross around her neck comes and sits next to me
>asks how I am then starts talking about god
>talks about how far people have fallen, as if SHE KNEW
>says god gives and god takes away if we are not grateful
>says god sent her here for a reason to spread the word and save souls
>I wont type it all out, but talks to me for like 20 minutes about god, hell and redemption
>asks me to give her my arm and close my eyes and she will do a prayer for me
>say no I have to go
>do the devious deed
>when I leave my car won't start for like 20 minutes
>freaking out
>realize it wasn't starting because I put it in reverse before starting it
I didn't really believe in these sort of things but the timing was just too perfect
I need to find this agent sent from heaven again and see if its too late to save my soul.
any texts about angels sent in human forms to save souls?


U wot m8?
You need to belive i jesus, yo.

If you don't you're going to get it.

I don't think there ever is OP.
>I need to find this agent sent from heaven again and see if its too late to save my soul.
If you are sincere, you will find another. Do not attach to her or the specific circumstances, she was just a messenger of a larger message.
You don't need a specific religion, however, but prayer in any form from the heart is good. Just simply have the intent to be a better person.
Also, the true God (Source) does not care about homosexual relationships. So long as it is done consensually and with respect, it doesn't matter
Give her
>the arm.
File: 498265._UY200_[1].jpg (8 KB, 130x200)
8 KB

Homosexuality is occultism
Its too late now to go back now OP, Crowley himself claimed to have his most powerful occult visions when he was BALLS DEEP in boipussy

The traditional "religious" gods fear occult power because it threatens their monopoly on power, now you have no choice but to embrace nihilism and join the resistance
how do I find another, are there things I can do to increase chances. Any christian "rituals" for summoning
like should I just walk around outside a lot and hope to stumble around one, I really dont put myself in positions where I am easily available for people to talk to, mostly just sit in my room and read and lift
Well, how did you find her in the first place? The universe brought her to you. Just be open. Like I said, having the intent is what brings things to you.
There are rituals, but I will not tell you them because you don't need them. They are overly complicated and not necessary for this situation, especially for a beginner who wouldn't understand the concepts and principles.
However, a simple one would be to take some time to meditate and focus on what you wish to change in your life and why you wish to change it. Then, literally ask out loud the universe for help. Then go about your life.

Also, she probably wasn't referring to you specifically as fallen, but rather the state of the world, for it truly is fallen into never-ending darkness of pain and suffering.
lol you're a faggot.
OP come TF on. Let me explain what actually happened to you:

>Feel guilt about ghey butt secks because of backwards ass stone-age religion

>One of the (very common) stone-people comes up to you to spread her doctrine while you're in a public place

>Spews her doctrine at you, then tells you she's basically just talking to you to spread it anyway

>Prepares you for magical stone ritual with a prayer

>You decline, because you still believe in this shit in the back of your head anyway so you're already scared

>Mess up starting your car and you realize it was a mistake you made from being so scared.

If you meet the same woman again or something, start worrying. Until then, calm down.
File: fucking based (squeak).jpg (132 KB, 1600x1066)
132 KB
132 KB JPG
*tips fedorer*
Good to see a fellow rational being here, I too am highly intelligent
File: 16d.jpg (10 KB, 480x360)
10 KB
>Imblying I wasn't already already maymaying

Oh fug :D
very well meme'd my friend!
What did you do?
sodomized a girl(male)
girl (male)?

You mean a tranny?
File: demiurge.png (147 KB, 500x674)
147 KB
147 KB PNG
It's a demiurge agent
Don't fall for it or believe it
>spoilering an /x/ post
Lurk more before posting.
>on my /x/
Touching story. Thanks for sharing.
File: 1482437986390.gif (185 KB, 768x368)
185 KB
185 KB GIF
Your only hope is to use disbelief. The Christian god hates you and made you confused himself.

Disbelieve the evil bastard and you'll be free!
Blow yourself up inside an abortion clinic and Heyzoos Christmas will deposit 72 virgins into your bank immediately

They will all have girldicks however
The Bible does support this.
I like how the only argument Christians ever have is just the fedora meme.
I never see any other form of argument or point. It's always just that one meme.
Lol fuck christian propoganda there god is a userper and about to fall, the real gods can all metamorph and are bisexual they want you to become a god, christianity is about limiting human potential and keeping a monopoly
The last part of this is 100% true.
Of the Immortal Man it should be said that He is hermaphrodite, or male and female, and eternally watchful. He neither slumbers nor sleeps, and is governed by a Father also both male and female, and ever watchful. Such is the mystery kept hidden to this day, for Nature, being mingled in marriage with the Sky Man, brought forth a wonder most wonderful--seven men, all bisexual, male and female, and upright of stature, each one exemplifying the natures of the Seven Governors. These O Hermes, are the seven races, species, and wheels.
File: FB_IMG_1497343739651.jpg (38 KB, 720x704)
38 KB
>be an atheist
>talk with a loonatic for some time
>you can't start your car for some time
>oh boy! I guess god exist!
You became an atheist because you thought that will make you look Smart, Am I right? Is random encounter with a retard enough to make you start believing in a poorly written fairy tales? Sorry to tell you anon but you ain't the shatpest tool in a shed.
Explain to me what other argument can a Christian have other than "well... You are a Fedora wearing virgin autist!1!!" their religion is fake and they secretly know it. Whenever you try to show them how to think for themselves they will attack you for destroying their Perfect world of illusion.
Go to a church dumbass
Repent anon, seek the truth of Jesus.
>Pic related this thread
Show boipussi
Deception* fix'd it for you

It's funny cause the last part of your greentext answers your own problems.

"Lol car was in reverse senpai"

The reality is that your brain played tricks on you but this weird lady messed with you.

If you go into a church or a temple you'll get weird fuzzy feelings too. That isn't God or Buddha blessing you. That's the same kind of feeling your body gets amongst nature. It's aesthetic pleasure. What you experienced was the opposite and it's a great tool that Christians love to use to convince people their faith is right. Trust me, I was a Jehovas Witness. I used to use their language to "win people over".

Fuck all the boipussy you want to OP. And find a way to be at peace with yourself. If you're a kind, caring person and there is a god then what kind of lame god is gonna damn you for sticking your wang in the wrong holes? Im pretty sure god has more important shit on their plate.
Show pic of the 'she'

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