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Hi /x/,

I've been meaning to write about this memory I've had for quite awhile. I finally have a night to myself so I figured I'd make a thread out of it and really flesh out the details for you guys.

As you can see from the thread title, this is a childhood memory of mine.

We often hear about the bystander effect in school at some point. Its a term for when people witness an emergency situation that they are in a position to resolve, but they don't because they assume someone will take care of it. Keep that in mind as you read on.

I was about six or seven years old at the time. I think it was during a typical Saturday in Autumn. My father was shopping for groceries and he was towing me along as usual. It was just a normal shopping trip until we got in line to scan and pay for our groceries.

At some point, these two people - a couple, I assume - a man and a woman, walked up to the line with a very small basket of groceries. The woman was holding a child in her arms. One would think that this child was her son, but something was wrong. This kid was in a state of absolute distress. This wasn't just a young kid being a brat and throwing a tantrum because his parents wouldn't buy him something he wanted. Something was deeply wrong.

This kid was crying, screaming with all this might, pounding on this woman's chest, screaming "NO, NO! LET ME GO, LET ME GO!". He was crying his eyes out, screaming for his mother and father.

Hearing another kid my age in such a deep state of despair was new to me at that age. I was pretty horrified. I remember it vividly. He had a dark blue coat on, and a knit cap with Spongebob's face on it. His voice was raspy from crying and his face was red. He was just so small and powerless to resist these adults. It was horrible to watch.


pic unrelated

What really confused the situation was how the man and woman reacted (I hesitate to call them his parents because I am frankly not sure if they really were his parents). They tried to comfort him, saying things like "Oh, sweety, we're right here. What's wrong?". But this kid would have none of it. He was clearly old enough to know who his parents were, and based off the way he was struggling and fighting to get out of her grip, these people were NOT his parents.

And this is where we get into the bystander effect. What really confuses the fuck out of me to this day was how everyone else in the store reacted, or rather, how they didn't. Everyone just stared head, pretending not to notice. I saw some of the employees making uncomfortable glances in their direction, but nobody ever said anything. I looked to my father, and his face was just blank. It felt like I was the only person in the entire building who saw what was happening. How could all these adults, who always know what to do, and when to speak up, just not do anything in a situation like this? Clearly something was wrong.

The memory ends with me and my father just going home. I remember watching that couple leaving as well, with the child still thrashing and crying as they walked to their car.

This has always been a fuzzy memory. I have asked my father about it recently, and he says he just doesn't remember it ever happening. However, it remains vivid in my mind. It makes me think about us humans and our psychology. It makes me wonder if we can really be so dismissive and unaware of our situation. Maybe it creeped me out just because I was a kid and I thought it could just as easily happen to me.
I like the story anon. Ignoring people being bad parents out of sympathy for them and i guess out of discomfort has gotten to the point where we allow abuse and abduction
Jesus thats creepy
>TFW i had a dream that aliens where in my house when i was three
>TFW saw shadows move in my room
Virginia is a scary place
Thanks for the reply man. This is the first time I've ever really talked about this memory in detail.

I guess it just really spoke to my young mind that even if you're in a public space with lots of law abiding people watching you, something horrible can still happen to you, and nobody will reach out to help you.

The idea that a young child could have been abducted right before my eyes in a room full of people is just sickening to me on so many levels. I know he was about my age, and I still wonder where he is today. I hope he's okay.

I just felt like such an observer, I just felt so powerless.
Did you ever look up to see if anyone filed a missing person's report for him at around that time? You seem to have a clear idea of when it was and how old you were.
That never really occurred to me. For a very long time, up until recently even I thought I could have possibly dreamt it or made it up somehow, but looking back now, its too vivid and too plainly fucked up for my child mind to have just imagined such a thing.

I'm not sure where to start with a missing person report though
My second oldest brother, twin sister, and I found a massive mound of peaches in the field(with no peach trees) behind our house when we were kids.
When we looked back on it the next day, they were all gone.
Was practicing one evening being quiet and careful. Used a willow tree to obscure me while I watched what I was sure was a deal going down. Went back since and the whole thing is gone; replaced with another, it was a bit socially secretive I admit.
>We often hear about the bystander effect in school at some point. Its a term for when people witness an emergency situation that they are in a position to resolve, but they don't because they assume someone will take care of it. Keep that in mind as you read on.
I've often questioned if this is real. So have a lot of experts. It isn't necessarily an evidence based phenomenon. It was described anecdotally and generally assumed to be right because people felt it was right. It could also be explained in one of two ways 1) People just don't care under a lot of conditions. Saying they thought someone else would do something is just an excuse they tell themselves when questioned. It absolves guilt. 2) Usually a worst case assessment of a situation is not correct. Most people are hesitant to act on it for good reason. You can't have people calling the cops at every playground because some guy is creepy.
I was walking through a tiny forest next to my mothers home-house. I was between 6-10yo.

I looked up and the sky started swirling, a rainbow of colours, the sun grew and joined into the swirl, tears started flooding down my face and I woke up on the ground a few minutes later.

No idea what happened (i dont think i ate mushrooms or anything)
You made me recall something that happened when I was around 9 years old.

>Got to sleep really late because holidays, around 2 or 3 am
>Turned on my crappy walkman 'cos I listen to music until I fall asleep
>Suddenly heard a woman screaming, turned off the music immediately
>Too frighten to get out of my bed
>Screams came from the street, something like "help me, help me, they're ???? me!!!"
>Couldn't understand what she was saying
>Screams continue for an eternity
>Wake up my sister who sleeps in the same bedroom as me, she says she can't hear anything
>But she is hardly awake so I don't believe her
>Screams finally stop
>Next day waiting for parents or neighbours to say something about it
>Not even my mom who is a bit paranoid and wakes up very easily

I asked my mother but she said she didn't hear anything. The screams were really loud and there were no other noises, like another voice, fight sounds or something, just her voice, she sounded like she was crying.
>Be 10
>Go to attic for some stuff
>When I open a door I see an old ugly woman rocking on a chair and petting her black cat with yellow eyes
> I freeze
>The woman and the cat look at me
> I let our scream and close the door
>I rush to my parents and tell them someone is on attic
>We all go there, but I am afraid to look
>Noone is there. The chair dissapeared as well

I still can't explain this, but our village is known of weird encounters.
I could explain that
My old walkman could pickup tv shows audios from near tvs. Maybe that's what happened.
Is this a meme?
>Be kid me.
>Have frequent visions of monsters attacking and transforming humans.
>Society collapses due to intelligent humans disappearing.
>Planet becomes wasteland.
>Be older me.
>Visit /pol/
>Same thing is happening to white race on planet Earth.
>Oh fuck, not this again!
File: image.jpg (59 KB, 400x320)
59 KB
had a weird expierence that is weirdly fuzzy for some reason.
>be me 9 - 10 yr old
>be normal kid with normal friends
>always play in this huge forest behind my house with my pals
>for some reason I always have nightmares about this forest and the things that come out of it
>one day me nd friends were gonna go explore the forest (by exploring I mean walk around like curious lil kids)
>near the entrance of this forest is this huge downed tree
> while coming back from the deeper part of the forest to the entrance I notice something on downed tree
>looks like a blue person or entity sitting on it looking at us
>see it and get a feeling of pure fear
>run outta the forest fast af spooked outta my mind
>dont return to the forest for like a month after that
>the weird thing about this is that I dont have a good visual on what I saw, All i remember was this blue person and me being scared shitless

that house was very weird, I also had expierences with grey aliens and astral projecting, shit was weird and didnt make sense to me untill I grew up.
>living on a ranch with my older sister
>see some freaky shit going down some nights
>an eerie orange light would glow outside my window, and I'd get this ominous feeling we're about to be attacked
>everytime i go outside to check, it's all gone
>sister tells me it's just my imagination
>start to notice our cows are disappearing
>think it must be whatever that light is
>was pretty handy with a bow and arrow, had a firing range set up with little balloon targets
>station myself in the barn one night, expecting to fight off whatever it is
>orange light glows again
>memory goes fuzzy, wake up in barn

I remember feeling very unsettled and uncomfortable the next day, like I'd been violated or something. My sister seemed unnerved too, which really affected me since she was so stoic all the time.
>be me 3 or 4
>wake up in middle of night
>someone is calling for me
>walk into living room, bright light outside of door
>voice claims its my uncle, even uses his name but sounds nothing like him
>go back to bed
I've never really known if that was a dream, but it always seemed like a very real encounter to me
>be me
>be 10
>hanging around with friends
>sunny day in the summer, in late 80's
>we see 2 men in a car, bearded men, a bit fat, but actually nothing weird about them
>my friend gets close to the car, I don't know why, but he was a curious and friendly kid
>I get close as well
>the men smile and ask what's up
>my friend notices a strange lever inside the car. It shows a sun on a side and a raining cloud on the other
>my friend asks what's that
>"it changes the weather"
>One of the men turns the lever on the cloud
>Suddenly the sky turns dark and it starts raining a bit
>They laugh, but not in a sinister way
>the other man turns lever on sun
>sky is blue and sunny again
>they look at us, smiling, but in a sweet way
>then suddenly they ignore us and start talking each other in a serious way, but we can't understand what they say
>we go away, but we don't feel the need to tell anyone what happened

This is the first time I tell this story
Mine too, but I turned it off as soon as I heard the screams.
File: bircwlJ.jpg (57 KB, 269x369)
57 KB
Fucking bullshit
that's the fucking romani ranch in majora's mask, nigger
Fuck man, that shit must have been rough to watch as a kid, try googling kids that went missing that year in your area. Never know what you could find.
Reading this also reminded me of something I saw as a kid that I just completely blanked out until now.
>Be me
>Be 7 years old
>Lived in a quiet neighborhood but surrounded by bad areas
>Have a family of junkies live across the street from me
>I occasionally hung out with their son who was my age, we played vidya together, usual kid stuff
>Should say they were not the kind of junkie family who were criminals, just poor addicts
>His mom was super nice but his dad always worked late so I never really met him
>Anyways, one day I was in his house playing vidya in the living room and his moms was in the kitchen
>Hear the front door open pretty abruptly and rushed footsteps towards the kitchen
>Hear a bit of shouting but vidya was loud and walls were thick, just thought of how parents argue all the time, whatev.
>The kitchen door flys open and what sounded like someone being dragged up the stairs, not like dead body getting dragged, like someone dragged against their will, then one of the bedroom doors slammed shut
>Decide to head home because listening to all this domestic violence was making my 7 year old ass uncomfortable
>As I leave the house hear my friends mom screaming, like that pure unadulterated terror scream
>Listen for a moment but felt like eternity, decide to high tail it home
>Never told my family it happened, felt like I should have because of that scream but I didnt, I dont know why
Ill write part two up in a second post

no kidding, this place is creepy. I remember as a kid, living in rural VA, there was this barn ALWAYS behind my house, it was a rugged old barn, caving in on itself and there were always ghost stories about it, how there was dried blood staining the floors and walls, secret dungeons and shit there, but me being the pussy ass kid i was, refused to go in there. But, then, one day, it was just fucking gone. No demolition sight, nothing. I remember this vividly, because it was all the neighborhood kids would talk about, and then I asked around, and all the kids denied remembering about this creepy ass barn. To this day, I still wonder if my head just made up this fucking memory, or its just some weird thing with human psyche. But, moral?

>fuck Virginia
Its very possible it was a relative or baby sitter having a shit day with an obnoxious kid, ive had the own experience watching my neice where she thought it would be funny to scream out like i was a kidnapper when for the final time she didnt listen to me about us having to leave i picked her up and took her to the car, she started screaming "help help me, they are kidnapping me"
>Go to bed that night feeling guilty as a motherfucker, took me ages to fall asleep
>Wake up next morning and get breakfast and my parents are acting real weird with me
>Finish breakfast and my dad says he needs to talk to me
>At this point I had forgotten about the previous nights shenanigans and thought I was in trouble for not cleaning my room or some shit
>Said he has to to tell me this because he would rather tell me then I hear it off someone on the street
>He tells me my friends mom had been killed last night by his dad because she wanted to leave him, get clean and take my friend somewhere away from him
>Sudden overwhelming feeling of dread, like im fucking having a panic attack in my head right now
>My parents think its just me hearing about death for the first time is why im like this (No deaths had occurred in my family at this point)
>Look outside and theres police cars all over my street
>Fucking terrified at this point thinking ill have to be questioned
>Stay inside all day awaiting the moment the police call but they never do
>Looking back the police obviously didnt think to ask many people because it was just a junkie family killing eachother which wasnt outta the ordinary for the area
>Friend got taken into child services and I have not seen him since this happened
>Im 21 now and I still feel guilty for this
Asked my dad only two years ago or so how did he kill her, dad told me he was beating her for basically the entire time they were together but he never hit her face and was careful not to bruise her. He killed her by putting a mattress on her and beating her to death with a baseball bat, apparently this was so no bruises got left on her but with the news he was getting left he must have gone extra hard on her. Shits rough to think about and I have never spoken about it outside me and my dad since it happened.
>be me 3 or 4 years old
>all my life have this vivid, clear memory. I can remember the sun coming though the windows, what my mom was wearing, etc
>walk to kitchen, see my mom standing with a very old woman, older than I had ever seen
>mom says "anon, this is your Grandma Sullivan
>I was kind of scared of her because I was a shy kid, but she seemed nice, smiled at me, and gave me a small white box tied with a string
>was happy and liked her now because she brought me a present
>I don't remember what was in the box
>"Sullivan" was my grandma's maiden name so I always figured i met my great grandmother when I was young

>20 something years later
>at cemetery visiting grandfathers' grave
>mom says "anon why don't we go see your great grandparents too"
>go to gravestone
>says grandma Sullivan died in the late 1960s
>"oh, was it my other great grandma that I met?"
>"anon all your great grandparents died when your father and I were kids"
>don't know what is real anymore
>> inb4 the mandela effect junkies come flocking here
That's why people have to repeatedly tell their kids, if someone grabs them, scream "you're not my parents" and for help. It has to be ingrained in their minds like Stop, Drop, and Roll. Without that it could just be some kid throwing a fit, and that's what the cops would say if you called them.

The best you can do in that situation is take some pics/video and watch for missing kid reports.
Some kids are just assholes. Wait until you have a kid of your own one day. I assure you the kid was just having a tantrum, and all of the adults in the store have been through this and probably just felt sympathy for those poor parents. Fuck that kid seriously.
One day while I was finishing up a drawing I made, I went to go get some water. When I got up, I stopped where I stood - I started feeling sick, and then I got a bad headache. The next thing I know, I wake up on the floor in my own blood - coming from injuries I previously didn't have. The injuries I received likely came from me "fainting", but the type of injuries I had seemed slightly unlikely for just falling over on a carpet floor in an open room. I have faint little flickers of images that go through my mind when I think about this, and I have no clue why. Ever since it happened, I have been having the same sort of incidents over and over at least once each month. This started around three years ago. The images that appear in my thoughts when it's about to happen or when I try to remember what happened are in my nightmares. I've been to the doctor to try to get an explanation or theory of what was going on, but I don't have much info on the happenings for it to get a proper diagnosis. I wish I could find out what's going on, as I'd like to have something that could end these happenings.
That sounds like seizures. Has anyone ever seen you when it happened?
>Playing hide and seek in the forest with neighbours
>Suddenly hear kids screaming in fear
>See what's up
>2 of the kids saw a monster climb down a tree and run out on the road
>Parents went looking for this monster but never found anything

Probably 15 years ago, I don't remember the details. It was black/dark, not very tall.

One year later-ish:
>Wake up early
>Nothing on TV yet, because it's 6:00 AM.
>Sit in chair facing the woods while waiting for cartoons
>Notice a face in the tree, not sure if it is a face
>Stare at face
>Creature stands up
>Jumps down the branches and disappears
>I fucking _panic_, run in to my parents, screaming there is a monster in the tree.
>Dad goes to check, sees nothing

This thing scared me so much I actually had to sleep in my sister's room for years. I'm now 27 and I'm still having nightmares of this thing (Usually me being alone in my parents house, at night, and that thing is out there trying to get in). I can't remember the details of the creature, I only remember all the drawings I did of the creature. 1 meter tall, black/dark, had a tail. I called it the "beast" as a kid.

Anyone else with similiar experiences?

I also saw a "grey alium" (it was brown though), outside my window one night as a kid. Blacked out as soon as I saw it. Called it Santa (as in Santa Clause) for some strange reason.
hey bro similiar experience
>get up and go to bathroom at 245 am
(know cuz i changed my thermostat)
>go to cup water out of the sink with my hand since i have heart burn
>suddenly in a different position with my left hand on face and bent over sink
>Wtf some weird gel type stuff on my thumb
>go to rinse it off
>stop wait what the fuck could that even BE?
>fucking smell it cuz u know...maybe i came or something while i was blacked out?? (fuck idk)
>smells like nothing...reminds me of thermal compound and is slightly cool to touch
>grossed out and wash it off easily with water like a retard and didnt save any idk why

>fuckin check thermostat....3:46. Slightly less than an hour later

I had also been alsep initially and woken up to some weird sounds or more like a weird feeling in my apartment? I think i heard a noise right as i was dozing off again... a loud noise. Got up and chambered my glock 22. Checked entire apartments and locks...then went to bathroom and had prior incident.

>also felt kind of violated next
theres also a lot of background to my story that im not going over

I also recieved a strange message from a woman asking about something no female would ever ask about related to something i had been researching really hard for 6 months
i only had incident after i laid glock back down on bed and unloaded chambered round thinking shit was cool.

I was also sore in my lower back and the sides of my legs a bit?

Afterward i recalled being sore in that same way at least several other weekends and at least 1 or 2 stand out strongly because i remember trying to think really hard how i could be sore there when i hadnt reallly worked or worked too much the day before???

Just assumed i was getting old i think
yeah i think theyre brown too

hey anon tell me did it look like the one in this video?
do you also feel confused during this?

Ive had siezures from drug abuse and this kind of sounds like seizures to me and not something weird?
thank u for sharing

I feel like its too weird and unique to be out right bull shit like the other anon who is probably a shill faggot said
> knit cap with Spongebob's face
underage ban incoming
>be 8
>parents out of town
>grandma staying over to watch me
>I'm a little bitch of a kid so me and grandma both sleeping in my parents king size bed
I cant remember why but we were up super late, maybe we had just stayed up watching tv or something but I remember we were talking about how late it was when we were going to bed, but anyway
>grandma falls asleep almost immediately
>she is famously (within our family) really quick to fall asleep and a really light sleeper
>I stay up for a few minutes laying there, cant sleep
>suddenly the windows in my parents room and bathroom light up super bright
>I freak out and try to wake up my grandma
>she (the super light sleeper) wont budge no matter what I do
>am scared, run into kitchen to call parents because thats all i can think of (this was before cellphones so I had to use the landline)
>Every window in the house is shining bright with light in the middle of the night
>cant even see out them, its like staring into a flashlight
>realize I have no phone number to reach my parents at the hotel theyre staying at
>run back to bedroom and hide under covers, grandma still asleep
>lights go away after a few minutes
>fall asleep
>tell grandma about it next day, she says it was just a dream
I don't see how it was a dream as I both dont remember falling asleep and remember running around and everything to clearly, and remember falling asleep afterwards. I've had realistic dreams before but never ones where i go to sleep at the end then wake up for real
The whole thing was weird and typing it out made me remember a time when i masturbated next to my sleeping grandma at like age 11, god I was a dumb kid
Sorry for any typos I'm on mobile and drunk
Talk about the strange message anon
Wasn't your fault, anon. Even if you'd told your parents, she'd still have been dead by the time police arrived. I don't know why she tried nutting up to tell him she was leaving though.
When I was about 7 I use to hang out with the kid across the street, along with the other kids in the area. Some times in the evening/night we would play 'dark room', basically hide'n'go seek indoors with the widows covered and the lights off. Whoever was it waited outside the room and waited for the signal to come in.

We played that often then quit after one night. They had a single room upstairs that the staircase was in the same room that had a sheet as a door, one of the girls was hiding in the staircase and she had suddenly started to scream as she ran back down. Lights were turned on, we all came out of hiding and followed her out of the room. She had claimed that she felt a chill pass through the right side of her body. The widow upstairs was closed and the person who was it was waiting for the signal.

Another story comes from the house I lived in before moving to that area. My mom had a bird that would 'attack' people that got too close to his cage, one night he kept doing that even though everyone was in the living room. That same night the TV turned itself on with the remote being on the side side of the room and nobody knowing how to set the timer to turn it on automatic. My brother had been messing around with some terrot cards earlier that night, I remember him slapping one on my lunchbox and the card "pass through" it, like it was between it and the table, all in one motion.

I don't remember to be honest. I can only remember how I described it to my parents, the words I used. Almost as my brain didn't want to remember it.

Happened like this:
>Sleep on the first floor alone (big house) Parents and sister are on the third floor.
>Wake up at night
>Sit up in bed for some reason
>Look to my left, out the window
>Notice small brown man standing on the lawn. (I'm almost below ground level, so I'm looking up) He's probably 2 meters from my window.
>I can see his entire body
>Black out
You really don't want to know. You didn't touch those right. I did nasty things with them
I'm scared of the troll effect. Where one minor event and my minor reaction to it triggers someone's less minor reaction which in turn triggers someone else's not at all minor reaction which inevitably leads to a redneck fist fight or a stab happy monkey murder. Now we got a whole store full of half human animalistic brutes raping and killing each other, flailing their babies around like morning stars and bashing people over the heads with coconuts and canned ham. Filthy filthy savages

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