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Hey /x/, is there any way to lucid dream tonight? I've wanted to experience it since I found out about it about 2 years ago but I'm too lazy to have a dream diary and all that
Idk about lucid dreaming, but if you want a more potent dreaming experience, take a few pills of melatonin and benadryl.
You could also try using potent black datura stramonium seeds.
Only take a few up to 75 maximum or youll be in for a quite negative experience.
Reality checks. Try and do them as much as possible and then before going to sleep just sit on your bed for at least 20 minutes, no phone no nothing, concentrating on wanting to be lucid and the kind of dream you want to have. Keep the thought as short and simple as possible and repeat it over and over without letting your mind stray.
Worked for me on the first try.
Which reality check did you use? I'm guessing I should do them all day when possible? I'm terrible at remembering to do them but now I really, really want to lucid dream so I'm gonna try.
It's pretty difficult to just do it right off the bat on command. You practice >>19433466 for a few weeks and maybe it'll start happening. I began lucid dreaming by accident due to that method.
I just looked at my hands, asked if I'm dreaming and answered too, just to make sure I was being conscious about it. And yeah, try to do them as often as you can. Hands one is easy imo, cause they're kinda there, in you feild of view most of the time.
I'll start practicing then, at least it's an easy reality check.
Thank you, I'm gonna start practicing now and hope I can finally do all that shit people talk about
Keep in mind, just as a forewarning, the first time it happens can be very unnerving and possibly even frightening. In the mind you can experience all varieties of things that are impossible for you to do as a human, therefore even if you know you're dreaming the automatic fear reflexes will kick in anyways. This is why, like >>19433466 said, you keep it short and simple at first. Step slowly into the deeper recesses of the capabilities and by the time you've reached them, the feelings will likely be conquered due to exposure.

A good lucid dreaming test I've read about is the hand test. Just take your finger, push down lightly on your palm, and concentrate on the idea of pushing your finger through. If it doesn't go through then you're still in reality. If it does then you're asleep already.
Dont tell him that! Say your first time will be fun and amazing and, ..lewd..!

Alright OP here's what to do to be lucid dreaming in no time.
1. Get Naked
2. Go Outside
3. Say really loudly to the heavens, I WILL LUCID DREAM TONOIGHT!!! Or do it in your head
4. Sharpie in pooper (show pics)
5. ???
6. Lucid dream
I just did it last night. I remember seeing how life like i could make things then i ended up flying around fucking people
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