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Nope. =)
Chris Cornell just fucking sucked. Everything he touched turned to bland slow paced emotionless tripe with no energy...just a godawful sorry assed excuse for a musician.

Like an energy sucking music vampire...no music had energy or life after that faggot got near it. Bland and lifeless...everything he did bland and lifeless.

Glad the fucker is dead. Now if that asshole from pearl jam would die horribly I'd feel sated vengeance for the assfucking boring grunge we we all had to suffer through.
File: nibirufuckya.jpg (12 KB, 306x204)
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Cornell knew
Bowie knew

August 21 is unleashing of hell on Earth. And a new beginning for Mankind
Hi, I'm said incarnation of the sun aka the leprechaun. I find all of you deplorable and will destroy you demons one by one. I am a warrior of the light. House of David protects me. Your plan is insane and you dirty little blood worshippers may enjoy short success but surely the one true God will prevail in the end. I will see you all on August the 21st. May YHWH judge you all with his righteousness.

The white sun is monitoring this thread.
Chris was great, man. Sure some of his later material wasn't the best, but he still made a lot of great music. I think you just didn't like the Seattle scene in general.
isn't that 23 ? 21 is just an omen

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