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ITT : We discuss anything related to the third eye.

>Techniques on how to open it

Also, whats Christanity's views on it?
I can answer most of these things, As I'm practicing.

What are the main things you want to know? You started off very vague..

My experiences are not important unless you really want to know.

>techniques on how to open it

Meditation, Practicing Christ, DMT, Weed.

If you open it to quickly you WILL have problems in your life. You WILL regret it.

It takes study, and gradual practice.
Christian here, what is the 3rd eye important and why do I need to open it?
As a christian, you should practice the act of christhood, if you're open to more philosophical views, I'd recommend listening to Alan Watts.
I've listened to him before. do you have any lectures specifically you reccomend?

What do you see when you open it?
I am constantly feeling a light pressure in my 3rd eye area 24/7
What does this mean?
Don't try too much to make a third eye. You are the third eye looking at your mind. Instead just imagine that which you wish to see.

Warning to you: Do not talk about intention manifestation here. You will be targeted. It is one of the few things that they can, and do, go after people for.
Full of mucous

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