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I want to learn about Golf Rumors and Gang Stalking but i don't know where to start. Anyone have any leads or anything i can follow?
The Invisible Crime
Gang stalking= you know something about someone that you shouldn't know and now they hate you, often done by satanists that are not too happy you found their network.

Don't know why it's so controversial. People here talk about magic, astral projection etc. If you think gang stalking is out of the ordanary you need to get your priorities checked and fuck off to some other board.
It's made up shit that somebody put on an image compilation in MSpaint, please don't be so fucking retarded
What is the gatekeepers remorse? Also can somebody give me rundowns of CIA dates back to BC and God's ego death
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shut it down
honestly i feel like someone put "golf rumors" on those type of pics you posted as a joke one time (maybe even to post on a golf forum) and people have been trying to get their brains to light up figuring out what golf rumors could be
but i mean im probably just trying to throw you off the trail, right?
>doesn't even look at the actual golf rumors
Yeah that shit is fake as fuck
Sorry I was being sarcastic about it being fake af
Golf Rumors is fake. Do not even Google it. Leave this thread as soon as you can, clear your browser history, and delete your cookies. If you’ve written the words “Golf Rumors” on a piece of paper, burn or swallow that piece of paper. Every time you think the words together, poke yourself with a safety pin.
Golf Rumors is fake. Golf Rumors is fake. Fake. Fake. Fake.
Golf rumors are a weird conspiracy that involved psi experiments and ritual child abuse.
The golf part is easy to explain. What is one place where the wealthiest men in the world congregate on a regular basis? A place where they can be far out of the public eye? Do you really think they spend hundreds of thousands of dollars in fees just to golf?
The psi part is murkier. I don’t believe much of what I’ve read, but I believe that people in the CIA do believe it. I also believe that the wealthy pedophile elites funding and participating in the abuse aspect (“activating the children’s potential”) could care less.
I don’t have sources for any of this, unfortunately. Info about golf Rumors tends to be disappear rather quickly and I haven’t thought to save anything about it (until it became a meme I’ve run across maybe a handful of times).
Gang Stalking is a literal term, being stalked by a gang. Golf Rumors revolve around the mysterious death of a female player and funds of a star player's foundation.
>Info about golf Rumors tends to be disappear rather quickly

This is what confuses me on this whole thing. Whether a conspiracy theory is true or false, the people involved would ignore it to not bring attention. However anything posted on this subject is deleted/erased pretty quickly no matter what site or page it’s posted on.
What the fuck is "the ocean at night"?
Eagle one looks like we got ourselves a birdie, send in the ball collector.
Something about the cloaking of Atlantis only partly works at night, so you could potentially spot/find Atlantis at night.
There was a huge thread here last night with the most leads and links ive ever seen on the subject and going thru all 10 pages its now gone.. this is the only thread still up and its not nearly as big as the original..
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Elaborate please, Google only brings up (somewhat humorously) a Lost Wiki article.
So invest in chefort? Lol

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