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Yes, I know what your thinking.
Hear me out.
I want to know how to summon a succubi or sexual demon or sexual ghost, have sex with it for no cost or pain. Real stuff. No LARPing or RPing. Real shit. Im actually not half bad looking, and im not a fucking autistic fatass weeb on 4chan, despite what you might think. Any real spiritual Satanic people wanna help me out? Much appreaciated.
Also, please don't make it too complicated - can't really get candles or any thing like that.
Pic not related
You know....sexual magic is some of the strongest. If you had a willing partner you could use her energy to magnify whatever you're attempting. Demons/succubus only want to drain your power....why give them the opportunity?
>can't really get candles or any thing like that
Alright, we're going to make this real simple, but you can't do it from within your house.

>Go to nearest big city at night
>Drive until you see a scantily clad woman
>"Summon" her by flashing some cash

You can't go to the store and buy a $1.00 candle? Are you like dirt poor or 12 and would have to explain why you need a candle?
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there's no such thing as succubi, sexual demons, sexual ghosts, or anything like that.

you're lonely so hire a hooker OP jesus christ hahahhaa
Here is an ancient ritual to summon a succubus, but be warned, this is black magic and can go wrong so follow it carefully:

Go to the Craigslist casual encounters and chant this three times:

I have 200 dollars
I have 200 dollars
I have 200 dollars

You will be messaged by a hyper realistic email. This is the succubus. Tell her you want her to wear all black and to talk dirty. If she gets disinterested quickly tell her you will pay extra. If she agrees, tell her your address and get ready for the hardest part of the ritual. Turn off all the lights. Light 10 black candles, put them around your bed and wait.

If you see flashing red lights and hear the wails of a siren, something has gone horribly wrong. Immediately blow out the candles and pretend you are not home. No matter what you hear, do not open the door. The evil spirit will take you away to be raped by black beasts.

However, if you hear a knock you have been deemed worthy. But be warned, as this ritual is known to summon incubi as well. They will be disguised, but if you see something out of place chant "Fuck off, faggot" continuously until they leave. If you do not they will rape you. After that you will be followed by constant decay. You will never be able to recover from any disease. You will grow pale like a corpse and slowly wither away.

After verifying that they are a succubus, let them in and enjoy the "fruits" of your labor. But be warned. Black magic has a price. A month later you will see blisters and boils anywhere your skin touched the demon. Soon you will see the succubus outside your mother's house everyday, screaming and pounding at the door. She will continue this, each day getting fatter and more hideous, until 9 months. Then, you will pay...
You have to understand the demonic nature of your desire is that you could do it seemingly infinitely. This is the core.

You need to realize this is your new reality. You'll probably end up transitioning to female too because this succubus is alpha as fuck compared to your beta shitstain ass. It will fuck you and suck you dry.

Craft your own ritual but get the names right, it's so easy.
Say a prayer to the succubus start a dialogue,so fucking easy it doesn't matter what you do. These things are ravenous for your cum, even if you are a disgusting neckbeard, you're still HUMAN.

Just keep that infinite desire intact and let it ravage your soul because you know you can never have this choice again. It's dicks, pussy and demon cum from now until eternity.
now that you've taken my advice and are on the path you're probably going to go down, which is becoming a succubus yourself. You need to make two sigils to lilith with no fucking circles around them. The first one on good quality paper well drawn. Keep it.

The second one can be small, take it with you to your craigslist casual encounter, blow the dude that summoned your succy ass and get some of the cum on the little sigil, leave it or hide it somewhere on the person or their domicile.

Now you have a portal for the energy of the guy's semen from the small sigil to the big sigil. Go home, worship your mother, Lilith. Send the energy through the sigils to her. Your succubus training is complete.
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best reply

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