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Anybody else ever notice how when youre digging deep into certain conspiracy theories that you suddenly get really tired? But when you move to a new subject to read the sleepyness goes away? Its a strange phenomenon
if you dig into anything for long periods of time your mind gets tired. we call it "shifting gears" when you switch it up for a fresh start.
this is called losing focus

you have ADD not a paranormal happening

fucking kek
or is it . maybe add is ghost spooping your brain and they just want people to accept the false reality and not think to much about stuff because thinking was hard for them in life and they dont want people to suffer as they had when they had to do multiplication tables in school
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Stop expanding m8, there is a limit to expansion this is why you need to sleep. I've learned this only recently. It's about the pineal gland.
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Or you can use this "tiredness" to follow the truth right back to beginning. Whenever I get uncontrollably tired (on a new) subject I BOOKMARK the page and return to it once I have slept. If I get tired again then I know I'm onto some hot shit. It' just another example of their control matrix breaking down because too many people are waking up.

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