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Old thread >>19956010

Share all your creepy stories, Nopes, encounters, anything as long as it's original text.
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sheesh, how can you sleep at night?
Since no one is interested yet, I'll post one from the old thread. Not mine.

>Be me
>Be a couple years ago
>Be 20
>Just moved out of parents house
>New house is old as hell
>Most of the furniture was left by the old tenants
>Dead people shit, fuck yeah
>Neighbourhood is alright but not great
>Throw a rager first night to celebrate
>Buddies buy me some a 2 6 of fireball and a cube of beer
>Start the party off right
>Shotguns all around
>Start to feel really messed up
>Like way too drunk for what I've had
>sometime during the night black out
>Wake up the next morning on a concrete floor
>Pitch black
>Hungover and afraid
>Start feeling the walls
>Also concrete and very narrow
>Search around for a bit and find a light switch
>The light illuminates an extremely small room
>Like I'm talking small, 10ft by 4ft by 5ft(L*W*H)
>where the fuck am I?
>see a trap door on the roof and try and open it
>The door has a little give but it's clear somethings on top of it
>Give it all I got and manage to get it open
>The thing on top was a large rug
>Can't move it aside from where I am so I crawl under it.
>get out from under it
>I'm in my living room
>Phone Immediately lights up with texts and missed phone calls
>"Where the fuck are you man this isn't funny. Call me."
>Call one of my friends and he freaks the fuck out on me.
>"What the fuck anon we were looking for you all night"
>Ask him what happened last night
>"Man you just sorta walked off somewhere in your house without saying anything and we couldn't find you"
>Tell him in was in a crawl space type thing under the carpet of my living rooms
>"That's impossible I was in your living room all night, I stayed up to see if you came home."
>3 years ago
>Vidya on PC at night
>Good ol L4D
>Must have been 1am by then
>Have window on my right
>Heads up that the window was on the outside of the building nine floors up
>Heard loud scraping noise midway through game
>Almost like an iron nail against metal
>Thought it was in-game noise and continue playing
>Sound didn't stop
>Paused and removed headphones
>Noticed it was coming from window
>Sees shadow of a human hand clawing against window
>Slow, lethargic pace, think walkers from The Walking Dead
>Charged into kitchen and returned with a cleaver
>Shadow was gone
>Never happened again
>Still have no idea what it was to this day
I hope this thread gets poppin, need to get spooked

Pretty creepy
More from the same anon:

>Super fucking hot
>Install nice ceiling fan in living room
>Go to bed one night
>Wake up next morning
>Can't find my keys
>Always put them in the same place. In a key bowl next to my bed
>Get up to look around
>Must be fucking 35° out
>Walk into living room
>Turn on ceiling fan without thinking about it
>See something rocket off of the fan and through my window into my yard
>Walk outside
>Keys laying in flower bed
>I don't think the spirits in my house we're malevolent I think they were just cunts.

>Power would go out without fail whenever getting close to finishing a song perfect on guitar hero

>During the winter sleeping under a literal fuckton of blankets
>Wake up fucking ice cold
>Dick is shriveled so much it's inside me
>All blankets/sheets/pillows are folded nicely on the floor at the foot of my bed

>Tried to play beer pong with my buddies
>Literally couldnt sink any of the balls
>It was like a breeze was blowing the balls just enough to miss
(Im not bad, pls believe me it was ghosts)
Looking for a video from I think what was an old greentext story.

It was on youtube I think and it was about these two brothers who stayed in a motel or something for the night across the road from this abandoned warehouse/factory. They looked out of their motel window and saw that some of the rooms in said factory were still lit up and occasionally they could see a creepy figure or a face stare back at them. At one point they are convinced something is staring back at them so they freak out and stop recording or something like that.
First time experience here

>be me
>Friday night
>hanging out at a buddies place having some drinks and shootin the shit
>he just recently moved into this duplex with his gf and has been telling me that his place is haunted.
>don't think much of it.
>had a few too many so I crashed in his spare room in the basement.
>laying in bed for a little while, start
Hearing footsteps walking around for a couple minutes thinking it's buddy going to rock a piss or grab some water.
>after about 5 minutes of hearing this I get curious and head upstairs
Absolutely no one up there.
>couldn't have gone back to his room because the footsteps were at the opposite end of the house from his room.
>head baxk downstairs
>happens again
>this time I think to myself "shit did someone break in?"
>put pants on and slowly head upstairs. Still hearing footsteps as I round the corner
Nothing there still
>look around and see nothing, checked to make sure doors were locked. Head back to bed

>hear a third time and decide to ignore it and go to bed.
>laying there with my eyes closed but even with my eyes closed I could see movement,
>open my eyes to see a dark shape standing at the wall by the foot of the bed
>as tall as the ceiling and about 5 feet wide

Not scared but just staring at it as my eyes adjust to the dark. Still there

>didn't seem angry or anything just felt like it was staring back
>all I could think of was when someone posted /fit/ fights a ghost and it mentioned that they are powerless if you're scared
"GET OUT OF HERE" I said in a stern voice
>watched it drift away into the closet and I went to sleep.
>spoke to buddy about it the next morning and he was telling me he could hear me yelling in the middle of the night.
Told him the story and he started telling me more stories that have happened to him. Could share them if anyone wants to know. I'm on my phone so it may take a little time
File: aXm2651xjU.jpg (36 KB, 650x650)
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I live in an area where hard core drug use isn't really a problem, only really weed around this area
(Atleast in my little area)

>Old man starts walking in middle of streets screaming
>Would occasionally go into peoples driveways, take a few seconds, and then scream more
>sees me stairing at him through a window in my door
>stands straight in the middle of the road screaming in my direction
>cars go by him without noticing him, not even moving away to make sure not to hit him
>man stops screaming and goes into neighbours driveway down street
>after atleast 30 minutes go by im scared and I even load my 20 guage and just lock myself in my room
>he starts messing with telephone poles and shit

After a while he walked up the road and ive never seen this guy again. Only scary thing that happened again was that I heard my mesh screen outside my window get pulled off and heard banging on the window
unsure if proper spoop

>home alone neet day about two years ago
>windy shit weather day outside
>live on bottom floor with mom in three story apartment building
>big old window in my bedroom let's some cold in
>already got thick drapes so decide to cover it up with some extra blankets to handle it
>back to neeting
>later hear rustling outside then weak knocking sounds on the window
>usually only happens when a bird is derping around or a cat
>i ignore
>slow fading knocks then nothing
>few minutes pass
>window gets real loud hits
>think it's neighbors kids goofing trying to break the glass
>remove cover
>see tall as fuck boney tar covered person thing a few meters away
>facing straight at me
>feels like it's about to explode my insides like some film effect
>it takes a step
>I rush out of the room slam door behind
>seems it didn't follow
>decide to spend rest of the day at library and long walks till night
>finally come home
>go to room
>all seems untouched
>go to bed and sleep

>morning next day
>still in bed but awake
>door slightly open see light from other side
>hear mother doing her routine before about to leave
>I'm going to get up
>feel sudden burning and chest about to explode
>can't get up
>cue same boney from before inside room in front of door
>completely still as if preparing for my move
>mom still on the other side as if all is well
>try to call her
>want to scream
>just a breath that sounded like some deflating air mattress
>mom opens door turns light on
>tar guy disappeared
>I can move and everything's fine

I've just been assuming it was sleep paralysis or whatever.
File: 1457507625538.jpg (21 KB, 400x333)
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>Told him the story and he started telling me more stories that have happened to him. Could share them if anyone wants to know.
Probably dementia.
File: babbycuck.gif (526 KB, 500x282)
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526 KB GIF
>Old man obviously has dementia
>Instead of calling someone OP is literally such a pussy he loads a gun and barricades himself inside
>Over an old man with dementia
Sorry anon I had to take care of some work shit but I'm back now. I got two more stories. This one he told me earlier today

>be friend
>last night
>doing some cleaning in his basement
>outdoorsy type guy always doing stuff, liked kayaking
>rigs up a rack to hang his kayak from the sealing so it clears up space
Hours later
>he's hanging out watching tv upstairs
Huge crash sound
>sounds like his backdoor got kicked in
>backdoor is fine so he decided to check downstairs seeing as the stairs are right in front of the door
>takes two steps down the stairs
>gets tripped by something and goes down the stairs and fucks his back
>sees his kayak taken down and thrown across the road
Called me at about noon today on his way back from the doctor.

Got one more. Not as bad but still a little creepy
>hanging from the ceiling
>thrown across the room

Sorry autocorrect
Alright last one

>be friend
>don't know when the hell this happened but he's only lived in this place two months so couldn't be that long
>buddy is just getting into bed
> kills all the lights and gets in bed
>hears some stomping in the living room
>bolts out of bed to check it out
>walks into room and sees what looks like a head duck down behind the couch
Thinks it's his cat because he has two young kittens
>flicks the light on
>sees both his cats on the other side of the room asleep
>picks up soccer ball and throws it at the wall to bounce behind the couch.
>rolls back between the couch and a lazy boy where he can see it
>sits there for a few seconds to see if anything happens
>ball fucking rolls out a few feet. Stops. Then rolls back behind the couch
>freaks out and goes to his room

>inb4 uneven flooring
It was on carpet

That's all I really got for now but I do hang out with this friend on a weekly basis so maybe I'll head there on the weekend and something else will happen.

One more thing I forgot to mention. The previous tenant was an elderly woman who did pass away in the house. Seems to happen when he has a couple drinks. Not getting drunk or anything but like 3 beers. Almost as if it's the ghost of an elderly person who hates drinking. That's what he seems to think
Have him get rip roaring drunk while you stay sober and see what happens.
I could probably do that. He's told me the stomping gets louder and more aggressive the more he drinks. When I was there on Friday I got good and drunk but as soon as I heard what sounded like steel toe boots stompin around I sobered right up because I was prepared to go toe to toe with someone breaking in. He did just text asking if I wanted to go over there tomorrow. But he's on the opposite end of Calgary and I don't stay up till 3 on a Monday
It also seems that whenever I crash in his spare room, I don't seem to sleep. All those footsteps happened at around 3am and I didn't sleep any longer than 5:30-6:00am. Even when things go quiet it's as if somethin keeps me from dozing off

Next time you go over, try recording the sounds.
Yeah I'll give it try. Mind you I don't hear any voices. It's just some stomping noises walking back and forth in the main hallway. I'm new to the /x/ board so I don't know much about paranormal. Up until two days ago I thought ghost stories were just bs
Even if it's just weird noises and stomps and shit, we would love to hear it.
Maybe we can help.
Wow I didn't think you guys would have been this interested in these stories. Not bad for my first contribution. I texted him letting him know I'm sharing his stories. He replied and told me to mention another story of when he moved in.

He says when he moved in a bunch of his boxes were moved to the other side of the room and re stacked. I'll let him know about the recording. Possibly this weekend
This board is 95% succubus cock gargling/tulpa bullshit/tarot retardation/flatfuck conspiracy theorists/RP nonsense. The people here who really want some good spoopy paranormal shit will jump on anything that sounds halfway genuine like they're bitches in heat.

>keys through window
He said it was hot you fucking dipshit. No shit he would have the windows open. Stupid faggot
It's been kind of a dull weekend and we got flooded with shitposters recently. Plus active and ongoing happenings are usually more interesting than stories that happened when some anon was ten years old.
I can't deny that many dubs anon. I'll have to get together with my buddy on Friday and we will see what we can do. I'll start a thread. Give you guys some pictures of where he saw shit, the kayak. Where I saw the shadows. I'm going to need to figure out vocaroo works so I can upload any sounds we catch. I'm on a shitty iPhone though
Sounds good.

You could also try an actual tape recorder, but I'm kind of old-fashioned.
I don't have one myself but I'll check with my buddy. He hasn't responded in about 20 minutes so he's probably sleeping. It's 10:45pm in Calgary
That's fine, this thread will be kept alive for when you can report back.
I'll make sure to come to this thread or one that continues from it. I'll post saying that I'm there and that we are gonna get a thread of our own going. But it's 11pm I got work tomorrow. Check back in on Friday
We'll be waiting.
How do you know OP isn't old man with dementia?
People, "OP" means "original poster" and refers to the creator of a thread. Lurk moar.
alpha as fuck
So, I'm very new to 4chan overall but I love spooky stories, superstitions and all that so therefore I'm here on /x/ now.
Thought I'd contribute..

>laying in bed, trying to sleep
>head towards the wall, eyes closed
>suddenly a very strong sense/feeling of being watched
>clear picture in head of a girl, maybe 6-8 years old. dark hair, old clothes
>think it's my imagination
>wait, how can my brain just make that up?
>unsure of real or not, spooked
>decide to talk to the girl that might be
>"I'm sorry but you're making me scared, I promise to try and not be scared another time, please leave"
>feeling is gone
Later on, another day
>feel bad for telling a child to leave
>put a teddybear on a chair, out of sight from my bed

Not sure I was doing that correctly but I figured it might be easier to read like that anyway.
I don't know own if this fits but I had this fucking dream last night man and i wanna talk about it.

>In my grandmother's house (staying here at college, btw this is the dream OK)
>My dead dog is running around inside fucking around
>I think, she's dead, she's must not know it, let me tell her so I can ease her spirit
>Sister, your fucking dead man you gotta relax
>Sister (dog's name) suddenly stands up on hind legs and becomes this anthropomorphic bipedal being who I no longer see but "feel" next to me.
>As this happens wall seperate g inside/outside dissolves so I can see the outside
>Outside is heaven I guess? Apparently heaven is different for everyone, in my case it was a comfy as fuck grassland forest.
>Sister begins to tell me I need to come with her as she's been tasked to escort me to heaven. Everyone has an escort and she's mine.
>Starts talking about how since this is a dream I'll technically be commiting suicide "but it's OK because if you choose to take your life now you'll be saving hundreds if not thousands of people grief than if you died naturally when you normally would have"
>At this point I'm thinking, "no god told me that my heaven is with my ex-wife (heroin OD/suicide, legally dead for about 2 minutes) and I don't fucking see her no where"
>Sister begins to get upset, again I can't see her I just feel her standing next to me, but I did get a glimpse as I turned toward her. Literal generic skinwalker deer skeleton skull, but just for a brief second. Then poof just the feeling of being next to something.
>She's REALLY trying to sell me on walking with her across the divide and ending my life.
>"It'll only hurt for a second I promise after that it's endless bliss just take my hand"
>Super hesitant in the dream despite debating suicide all the time. Something ain't fucking right.
>Eventually wake up, go back to sleep and decide if she shows up again I'll go.
>Dreamless sleep. Released I slept for 20 hours. Thankfully it was my day off.
Anyway I think a demon was trying to manipulate my actions and thoughts in order to eat my soul. I can't know for sure, but I'm pretty sure that's what was going on.

I have combat related PTSD so all my dreams are usually horrifying and I wake up all "what the fuck should I eat my sidearm and sleep forever" kinda dreams but this one was pretty ...Idk, uneasy man.
I've decided if it happens again I'll go with her across the boundary. Fuck it. Let's see what happens.
Get some therapy, man. We don't need to lose another one to PTSD.
Gonna skip right to the spoop. Be exploring old factory with friend. Not much there place has been empty for years. Walking up these stairs when I literally watched a huge as fuck barrel move on its own and start to roll down the stairs. Fucked me up good broke my shin when it hit me friend was ok dodged it at last min. Had to get carried out by friend. Got ride to hospital by a nice cop. Who saw us walking a few min later. Told him happened while playing down by the creek. Doubted that story but he didn't say anything as I was 14 at the time.
Sorry, now all I can think of is a ghost Mario thinking you were Donkey Kong and I lol'd.
It's all good man that is funny as fuck now I think about it
He had to defend that ghost princess booty.
Shit, I'm so tired I reversed the characters, but you get what I meant.
Why a demon would try to trick you, are you really that virtuous?
File: Arena rd pt1.jpg (164 KB, 1366x768)
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164 KB JPG
I posted this once in another thread; saved it so I wouldn't have to type it again.
File: arena rd pt2.jpg (136 KB, 1366x768)
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136 KB JPG
Better than almost everything last thread, but that’s not saying much.
>Be me
>Be in corn field
>Smoking a joint
>See a flash of light
>Somethings landing in my corn
>Its some ayys
>They come looking for my leader
>Pass them my joint
>They're weak af
>We shoot the shit while eating corn
>Wake up next morning to find they probed me
That was my night last night.



Hey that OP, thanks for reposting my stories man. I got more if you guys want.
Keep the thread going
I thought they were cool. By all means, post more.
>>put a teddybear on a chair, out of sight from my bed
that's sweet. she might appreciate that. or see it as a nice gesture at least
Im 29yo now, 5yrs ago I went through a Hallucigen binge everyday dosing.

Lsd, 25i Nbome, Am2201, M1, Datura...

I had no job and made my money selling 25i Nbome blotter and M1 Crystals along with middle manning weed and coke.

I became insane and obsessed with 333, I saw it everywhere.

I started automatic writing during my nightly binge drinking and tripping, a local park in the woods was our spot by candle light.

Things I would write...333, 47, Thorn Apples, Gateway, Hello, Hi.

I stated seeing things more detailed in my tripps, chariots erupting from flames in the ground, looking in mirrors it would look like I carved symbols into my skin from head to toe.

I started seeing shadows popping there heads up from behind my bar and furniture when I would be falling asleep...Sometimes they would growl from behind the bar and furniture.

Im sober with a good job now, after I lost mutiple freinds to suicide and drugs I left and got my shot together.

But things remain, I constently see the clock at 333 and have a feeling come over me that Im innthe room with something.

Many nights I feel dred when trying to sleep like something is waiting on me, sometimes things fall out of my hands or clothing gets caught up on stuff in an odd way.

Not sure if just permennt insanity from to many drugs or something else.
File: cabin in the void.jpg (12 KB, 629x500)
12 KB
>Be me
>18, at the grandparent's cabin in the middle of buttfuck nowhere, staying alone until family arrives on the afternoon of the next day
>Middle of winter, blizzard outside, several feet of snow, minus 30 degrees Celsius
>Oh ya I'm a fucking leaf by the way
>At night a huge blizzard blows in, outside is so dark it looks like a void
>Thought of nothing but empty frozen forest for miles outside that window unsettles me, close the blinds.
>Blinds are poorly fitted to the window, no matter where I pull them there's always a small gap.
>Oh well, sit on the sofa by the window reading and trying to forget about how isolated I am and how unsettling the gap between the curtains is.
>Fall asleep on the sofa, book in hand.
>Wake up in the morning, dim light pouring in through the window.
>Been blizzarding on and off all night.
>Open blinds again, more comfortable since it's day.
>Can see footprints in the front yard.
>Go outside expected to see they're moose or deer.
>Human tracks, bare feet no shoes. Tracks started to fill from snow and probably happened sometime in the night.
>tracks lead right up to my window, at the gap in the blinds looking in. Tracks don't lead away from the house.
>The other end of the tracks start in the middle of the fucking field like this guy appeared out of nowhere midstride.

To this day I don't know how those tracks got there, but the nearest neighbor is nearly two kilometers down the road. It was minus thirty out with a few feet of snow, anyone going around barefoot would start losing toes after just a few minutes of being out there. I don't go to that cabin alone anymore
Creepy and funny as shit
I doubt it, my thoughts were it was using a familiar face in order to manipulate me due to the emotional turmoil that's going on currently. Like fucking the drunk chick at the party.

Slept some tonight. She didn't come back. Hoped that as I got off work I would be so tired I'd fall asleep at the wheel but I made it home. Maybe tommorow.

Spooky hobo
Dude, get some help already instead of offing yourself like so many other vets.
File: 1509919238776.gif (1.01 MB, 480x270)
1.01 MB
1.01 MB GIF
Hopefully. If it was real she was just a curious kid so felt bad to feel scared..

The house I lived in by the way was said to have been the place where people washed their clothes in the 1600-1700s.
About 20 metres away from my house was another building that was sort of a pub/inn around the same time, but later on also.

Makes me wonder if the possible girl was from back then, wondering why someone was sleeping among the laundry.
Oh yeah, the old pub/inn was at the time I lived there a funeralplanners workplace, and a "party"space for people after attending funerals. Sometimes saw the coffin-car (seriously, excuse my knowledge in english words, lol) driving by.

That's "hearse" in English.
Everyone says that but honestly there's not much help to get. You can't talk about it. I mean, you can, but either no one gives a shit unless their paid to, they've got their own baggage, or they straight up don't understand. You can get put on the pills, but that's just another thing I'll have to buy, they make you feel like...Like a fucking zombie man, and what happens if I can't get them for some reason and have to just suddenly stop taking them? Plus the last shit they had me on is all over the news now for giving dudes tits. Almost happened to me. They started off as cysts which I thought was just. Idk no big deal, but I didn't like filling like a zombie so I quit taking them. Dodged that bullet.

I spoke with suicide hotline a few times, last time (I feel bad even telling anyone this) I drank a bunch of vodka and hand sanitizer and took a whole months supply of Librium (I think, maybe prozac) on the phone with the dude. He spoke to me for like 8 hours and for all he knows I died even though he did his best. I should have btw, I puked up blood and bile for like 2 days completely bed ridden. No idea. That was around the to e I ODd in my kitchen and saw god and had a few good years after that.

I'll be honest with you man. Each day seems greyer and less fulfilling than the last. It's not that it's shitty, I can handle shitty, it's just...I've done everything I think a man can do. I'm done. I have nothing else to accomplish and it seems like I'm just waiting to die. Even though I'm homeless with no car I have a place to stay, and a vehicle to use and a job, but that comes with its own bullshit and worries than being a street junkie does.

Idk man. I don't even know why I'm telling you this. It won't change anything. Nothing changes. Maybe 27 is just a shitty age same way 17 was. Maybe it'll be different later.

Maybe in another life. I miss my wife, she could always talk me down. Been 6 years Oct
You wanna know what PTSD is like? It's not so much hearing fireworks blow up and being back in the shit or however Vietnam veterans say it. It's like...Muscle memory, photographic memory. Certain sights (like the way the sun glints off a windshield in a parking lot for example), smells, hell, the way the goddamn wind blows up your pant leg, triggers this response and it's like having these still frames flood into you. Idk, even that doesn't seem to quit do it justice. I can lay here at night and still remember exact dates and times and the way I felt during them and it's like doing all over again, every day. For the rest of your life. Shit that honestly you'd just like to pretend didn't happen and move in and be a regular Joe. I tried talking to my brother about it. He was 82nd OIF. He sleeps good at night, says he doesnt have a guilty conscience, but we don't talk much anymore after our last fight. I drank to much and lost some trust. And my house. Hell and j guess my brother.

Idk man. Just a few more weary days and then...
I still can't smell vanilla cupcakes without crying. I mean bawling like a child. I'll just go all to pieces.

How shitty is that lol. You know they say guys with higher intelligence have higher rates of suicide and substance abuse problems. I think, and it's just a theory idk, it's because our neural pathways are stronger, thus, positive connections (and negative) tend to leave deeper scars so to speak, and we just so happen to dwell on the negatives.

Idk. You sit here and wonder how things could have been different and how things will be and eventually you'll be 85 years old shitting in a diaper and dwelling on shit that didn't matter in the first place. Everyone loses in the end.

I'm sick of it man. All my friends are just about dead. I haven't talked to anyone except you guys in probably 3-5 years. Some girls that didn't work out.

I'm just tired. Like my soul is tired. You know?
Bro i used to feel that same emptiness. Like there's just nothing left for you, i promise that it gets better man. I used to wake up every day and talk to a gun before work about whether or not today was the day that i ended it but i stuck it out and now i have a six figure income and i met the girl of my dreams about a month ago. You wont think there is anything left until you find something. The only advice i ever give anybody because its the only advice that i can follow myself is to just go out into the world and be yourself, eventually good things will happen, and yeah bad will come too but thats just how it is man. Hang in there man. If you really need somebody to talk to then ill give you my email. Ive got you dude.
Oh man you know me, fighter till the end. I'll hang on. Thanks bud I feel better all ready.
You want that email before i vanish into the vast digital sea from whence i came? Its always good to have somebody to shoot the shit with who wont judge you for the shit youve done.
Hell, why not sure. I appreciate it too.

Hit me any time dude.
Aight I sent you a message bro. I'll be in touch.

Thank you for reaching out to him. I was trying to think of something meaningful to say, but if you have experience, maybe it's best he talks to you. I already have one friend with PTSD I'm struggling to take care of and it kind of wears me out, even if that sounds shitty to say.
This a story of the first time I experienced sleep paralysis.

>dream is fading away and my room starts fading in.
>open my eyes like I'm awake.
>can see my entire room as if I have 360 vision.
>aware of everything around me and it's position, even of items behind me, such as the desk, the window and a massive black, shadowy figure standing on my right side
>wtf! this figure is tall as the ceiling (8ft)
>try to turn my head to get a better look, but can't. My entire body is frozen except my eyeballs.
>There is also an instinctual fear that makes me not want to see its face.
>feel a thud on my chest, look down
>the black figure starts to slowly pull the scythe upwards towards my neck
>internally screaming; "fight back,fight back"
>can’t move a single muscle
>scythe nears my collar bone
>internally screaming: "don't you fucking die without putting put a fight, DO SOMETHING"
>scythe is ONE INCH from my neck
>jump 2ft straight up from my bed, punching, kicking and screaming

Legit the scariest experience I have ever had.
>as tall as the ceiling and about 5 feet wide
Holy shit, just like what I saw >>19993143
>about a year ago
>in Florida
>living with grandmother during hurricane season because I gotta make sure nothing bad happens
>sleeping in a comfy ass bed
>weird dream where a few friends I've never known and I are out camping in the woods
>everyone gets in sleeping bags and goes to sleep
>sleeping in my dream, sort of
>open my eyes and I'm seeing the forest in that weird black and white thermal vision
>someone is fucking walking into the clearing
>can't make out their features, just a figure of darkness
>trying to yell, start making noises IRL
>my yells come out as fucking gasps of air, can't alert my friends
>everything fades away and I'm in bed
>the figure almost seems to dissolve into the full body mirror on the door
>fucking remove the mirror and turn it around, can't explain to grandmum why

It's the worst feeling trying to yell and your voice just gets strangled. My heart was pounding and I felt numb, slept with the light on for a few days.
It was probably just sleep paralysis, but that was the first time I'd ever experienced it
Saved, thanks anon.
Could have been a wendigo judging from how the tracks appeared out of fucking nowhere like that and it was barefoot. I doubt whatever it was was actually human considering, like you said, there's no way a person could have been out there barefoot.
File: IMG_20171201_143649_091.jpg (1.16 MB, 1944x2592)
1.16 MB
1.16 MB JPG
Ok so this has been happening to me recently. Like the last two nights. Dont think its paranormal but idk.

>be me
>just moved to Chicago
>3 story building, 4 apts, live on second floor
>no one else lives in apts
>late at night been hearing footsteps and running water in apt above
>also sounds like someone is punching the floor
>when I come home the downstairs door is locked
>asked landlord, he came over and checked all apts. Every one is vacant.
>come home last night, door locked again
>light to the 3rd floor landing is on.

I dont know wtf I'm gonna tell my boyfriend when he moves in Friday. Plan on contacting landlord again today. Pic is the front door to our place.
I don't know if it is worthy of being here or not but here goes.
So 4-5 months ago I was a huge fan of reading creepypastas. I read about 1500 creepypastas in a month. One evening I was reading a creepypasta by the name of "The Midnight Lockup". It revolves around a monster which follows whoever sees it. I was alone in my house. My elder brother had gone to buy groceries from the store. Then suddenly, I heard a weird noise from my room. As soon as I got up all the lights of the house suddenly blew up. I ran out of the house as fast as I could and waited for my brother to return. When he came back I went in with him and found that the electricity fuse of our house had short circuited. So what do you guys think? Was it something supernatural or because of me being so scared and engrossed in the story, my mind did what happened?
There's probably a hobo or something living in there, it happens pretty frequently. I'd get the cops involved. Better safe than sorry.
Just a coincidence. Reading a creepypasta isn't gonna suddenly summon demonic entities to come and troll you by fucking up your fuse box. When I was like 12 I watched The Strangers for the first time at around midnight while my mom was gone for the weekend. About ten minutes after the movie finished the power in my house went out and I flipped shit thinking I had somehow beckoned serial killers to my house and they had cut the power and were coming to murder me.
This. They're probably only using it at certain times to avoid being caught. Get the landlord to install hidden cameras.
You are probably right. But what I believe is what you expect to happen will happen if you believe it too much. If you believe you are gonna scared you will get scared which happened in my case. If you think you will get caught in an accident, you will get caught in an accident. Its what you believe that makes wat happens, happen.
>If you believe you are gonna scared you will get scared

Well, this much is true, at least.
Sounds very much like a sleep paralysis, yeah.
I've felt the same during the ones I've had, paralyzed or/and can't speak.

Thought I was possessed once because I had had about 5 ones in one night.
Yeah mine wasn't sleep paralysis though. I'd been laying there an hour at least unable to fall asleep
What in the fuck is a 2 6 of fireball and a cube of beer??
Not good at writing stories but here.

>live in small village in Ireland
>always heard stories about the banshee and what you should and should not do when you come into contact with her

>lived in a small 3 bedroom house with my parents and lots of brothers and sisters
>used to stay awake until 1am every night during the summer to have secret wanks watching babestation
>one night I am doing my usual routine of pulling the curtains and as I go to sit down I hear this knock on the window
>I thought I was hearing things at first and then about 10 seconds later it knocks again, this time two knocks
>I fucking shit myself with fright and I turn everything off and run upstairs
> I look out my window to see if anything is there and there is nothing
>no little kids running up or down the road
>you could see the whole road from my house and our garden was quite big so nobody would have got away unseen
>fast forward 1 week and the neighbour next door (my godmother) dies in her house at age 46 of natural causes

It wasnt until a few days later I put it all together and figured it must have been the banshee, the tale goes that she will knock your door/window in the middle of the night and you must open it and your back door and let her pass peacefully through the house. I obviously didnt do that and so my godmother paid the price.
I thought banshees just screamed at people.
No they scream in the night and if you hear their scream it means someone in your family will die. I live around bog lands and meadows but I have never heard her scream because she only goes after certain family names. The other stories about her is she often takes the appearance of a small creepy old lady and you will meet her along your path if you are out walking alone at night, you must not be afraid and you must walk past her and you will be safe, but if you get scared and try to turn around to walk the other way she will appear right in front of your face and kill you.
Interesting, I didn't know that last part. What families does she target and why?
Families with a Milesian surname usually, names that start with O' or Mac and sometimes Fitz (Like O'Connor, Mac Nabb or Fitzgeralds) My village has huge families with all those names, there are plenty more names though. Not quite sure why, some people see the banshee as a guardian over the family and the scream is her crying because she knows a death in the family is coming and she could not prevent it, and some see her as the one who does the killing and the scream is like some kind of warning.
Two 6 packs of fireball and a 24 pack of beer. A 24 pack of canned drinks looks like a cube.
>London posting
>Be me
>Standing on street corner with friend
>Waiting to cross street
>"Walk" sign lights
>Start to cross street
>Truck & Trailer come barreling down hill
>Truck makes hard right turn, topples on side, slides to a stop about 5 feet away
>Tremedous crash, screeching, scraping metal
>Stand there dumbfounded
>Look at friend clinging to me in a cowering death-grip
>WTF asshole?.MPG
>Some adult runs over says you kids GTFO here
>Continue across street
>goto friend house & hang-out.
>friend discards shorts in garbage
Was it a spoopy haunted crash
Probably permanent insanity from the drugs


Alright here we go

>Wanted a pet
>Friends have tried to bring their dogs over
>Dogs just whimper and seem really uncomfortable and really happy to leave
>Don't wanna put a dog through that permanently
>Decide on fish
>Set up dope fish tank with Couple of gold fish
>They seem pretty chill maybe ghosts don't fuck with fish.
>Next day after setting up fish tank
>Go to feed my lil Bois
>No water in the tank
>Literally bone dry
>Fish dead at the bottom
>Shed a tear
>Crack open a cold one and poor alil for my fallen homies
>Decide I shouldnt have a pet
These are the last two things that happened and are the reason why I moved. The small shit I could deal with but this was too much

1st thing

>Get home from bar one night
>Open door and walk in
>Walk into living room to watch some TV before bed
>Stand in door way and look around room
>Man something smells awful
>Somethings fucky

You guys ever had that feeling when youre looking at something and you know that there's something thats off about it but you just can't place it?

>Stare into room for about 10 second
>Notice man doing handstand in the corner of the living room
>Actually shit pants
>It's head is bent upwards and is staring directly at me
>It's gone.
>Call buddy and he picks me up
>No fucking chance im sleeping there

Just remembered my ex telling me this story about her step mum. I can't remember the details too well but this is 100% true and confirmed by said mum:
>be her between ages 5-10, canny mind
>Glasgow, relatively posh area about 40-50 yrs ago
>playing with her brother who is 2 yrs older than her in upstairs bedroom
>hear knock at the door on a Sunday morning
>wtf(not very common back then, everyone was at church)
>man wearing brown robes, she said he looked like a monk from 100+ years before current time, couldn't remember his face
>he looks at the window and sees them
>"wheres your mum??" He sounded angry/urgent apparently, this scared the shit out of them
>go to get mum
>she's passed out from choking on something
>call ambulance
>look for weird man
>dude is completely gone, no trace, mother somehow survived.

Inb4 "phones didn't exist, it was about 40 years ago not 1000
>be 8
>live in nice suburban neighborhood
>drew aliens since I was like 3
>love aliens and shit
>overbearing christian mom says jesus saved humans, therefor aliens can't exist
>be 8...
>wake up one night at like 2 or 3 AM
>walk down hall past parents' room
>she wakes up since she's a light sleeper
>figures I'm going to the bathroom
>walk past bathroom
>open back door
>walk out into driveway
>she gets out of bed to find me
>I'm just walking around backyard staring up at the sky
>"What are you doing anon?"
>I'm waiting for them to get me, it's supposed to be tonight
>"...C-c-come inside anon, you shouldn't be out right now."
>tells me about it the next day and I have no recollection
>pretty sure she saved me from being intergallactic slave trade boi
Anyone got the ferret-killing aliens story?
Hey boys so this is a post from me the other night. Sitting at buddies right now upstairs playing cards and just heard a bang from the basement
Thread is empty and the guy who lives here plus another friend of hours are wasted as fuck so things are goin sideways. They're loud and were for a little talking about the ghost but now are blasted playing the guitar
keep us posted. know that we appreciate that your doing this for science
>ghosts kill fishies

Okay, they were serious assholes.


Go on.

Cool, let us know if the ghost fucks with you.
Sorry anon. They're drunk as fuck yelling at each other. But from my previous posts. The more drinking causes more shit. It's 8:12 pm right now
I'll go downstairs right now and snap a pic of the kayak rack in the basement
File: IMG_1220.jpg (1.27 MB, 3264x2448)
1.27 MB
1.27 MB JPG
This is the view from bottom of the stairs. Which is basically the doorway to the room I was jn
Does the cat react to the spooks?
My doritos became soggy.

Spooked for life m8
Yes but she's upstairs with us
> be me, 17 at the time
> stayed up with wholesome parent-mandated church friends till almost 4 am
> drumming, watching movies, eating a shit load of cold pizza. Absolutely awake, sober and unaltered.
> get bored, decide to head home.
> 30 minute drive through fields and farmland to the suburbs.
> it's a clear night with a bright moon. I'm driving my old SUV, driving in silence (no radio)

Now, I have no idea if this is important or related at all, but along my route is an old abandoned 2 story farm house about hald a mile from the road. On the road in front of it is a small bridge, under which runs a usually dry creek. The house was deserted after a fire burned most of the roof and half of the top floor about 6 months earlier. Don't know what caused the fire. Anyway, as I approach the bridge near the house, the next part of the greentext happens all within about 10 seconds as I drive towards and then pass the bridge:

Does she freak out or just stare or what?

> the road turns a bit and now my headlights are pointing toward the bridge. It's still distant though.
> I notice something tall, I seem to remember there used to be a tree or something in that general area so it doesn't strike me as odd. I keep driving closer.
> The figure appears to be a person coming up the embankment. But there's something off about them. I keep driving closer.
> Im close enough to see the figure more clearly. My headlight is hitting it. It's not a human.
> the figure is LIKE a human, but everything is wrong.
> the figure is naked, but it is almost entirely grey. There are no features like genetalia.
>The creatures limbs are abnormally long, and INPOSSIBLY thin. Looking back, I am 100% certain it was not someone in a costume or suit, because a human body cannot fit its limbs or neck into those proportions.
> like you'd expect, it has HUGE black eyes, no nose and an extremely small mouth.
> I'm strangely calm as I'm passing the thing. My brain isn't able to comprehend what I'm seeing. I am looking it dead in the eye.
> it is standing on the edge of the road. There is nothing around it. No strings, no sticks. This is not some puppet.
> we are staring at each other as I drive closer.
> it is reaching its arm out to me, its impossibly long fingers wiggling at me.
> its tiny mouth is moving. It is trying to get my attention. It wants me to stop.
> I do not.
> I am past the thing.
> I drive home in silence.
> I feel what I remember now as absolute terror, so mich so that it broke me. I was so afraid that I felt nothing at all. Like true, immediate trauma.
> I remember feeling like it was not safe to walk from the driveway to the house, but my body did so on its own despite my mind begging it not to.
> I go straight to my room and fall immediately asleep.



The next morning it was like nothing happened. I didn't even remember the event, it wasn't on my mind at all. It took me 6 months before the memory came back to me. I think my brain was just incapable of dealing with an event that it could not rationalize. I try not to think about it, because when I do it makes me extremely uncomfortable. I can honestly say I haven't had any strange encounters since, and I am 29 now. Very few people in my life know. I know that my description of the thing sounds like the generic grey alien trope, but I am 100% sure of how it looked. I truly believe it was an alien, though some religious friends have said it was a demon in an alien form... I often wonder what it wanted from me. Why was it trying to talk to me. Did it need help? Was it connected in some way to the burned house? I don't know, and I hope I never find out.

Willing to answer any questions.
Stare at the wall. Two cats. They sit and stare at the wall
File: IMG_1221.jpg (874 KB, 3264x2448)
874 KB
874 KB JPG
Main hallway. Him and his gf switched things around to fit the Christmas tree. You can see the couch and lazy boy have been reversed. As well as the cat tree
This is the long hallway that you hear footsteps

Have you guys seen shadow people before? They're like black silhouettes of people, mistaken as a shadow, despite being no one there to make up the shape.
I have seen some since I was small, it just seemed like they're passing by or something, never really bothering me.
Spooky, man.

People who say aliens are demons in disguise are just dumb religionfags trying to rationalize their beliefs with the unknown.
It looks like you've got black stuff all over your camera lens, clean that off.

Anything yet or just drunk bros having fun?
Nothin they're wasted
no fucking way! that thing you described was exactly what I've seen. every detail. I'm not joking.
It's sort of the generic tall alien in every movie/tv show, but i guess they must be based on a real thing. We've just come to accept the look as an archetypal "alien".
Sorry boys i was at work ill finish up with the last thing that happened

>Spend night at buddies house
>get a priest to bless the fuck outta my house
>bitch is supersoaked in holy water
>get him to double bless the crawl space door.

Oh, in the previous thread i mentioned that i filled the crawlspace in with concrete. my thought proccess on that was if i had put a lock on it or just covered it in flooring and left that space open i might appear there again an i wouldnt be able to escape.

>Priest leaves
>days past, no spooks
>weeks past, still no spooks
>moment of truth
>play guitar hero
>about to perfect the song
>no power outage
>pic related
>about a month after no paranormal activity
>out on the town
>meet a smokin hot chick
>seduce her with my memes
>get her back to my place
>walk into house
>ice cold.
>oh fuck
>check the furnace
>yep the switch is turned off
>the switch is also in like a really weird spot like it would be impossible to knock into it
>oh fuckity fuck
>act cool and get her to my room
>about to get down to it
>she says "im thirsty, im going to go get a drink, be right back"
>bitch im thirsty hurry up
>she comes back
>"I didnt know you had a basement tenant, he smells pretty bad"
Ahh fuck forgot pic related, here
>ummmmmmmmm wut
>tell her i dont have a basement tenant
>tell her i dont even have a basement
>grab my cricket bat from the closet and head down stairs (no, i dont play i just bought it cause i thought it was funny)
>chick is right on my heels
>instantly get hit by an overpowering rotting scent
>look in kitchen, nothing
>look in living room
>all couches pushed into the corner
>rug thrown aside
>crawl space door open, revealing the the concrete underneath
>audible screems can be heard from underneath and pounding on the concrete cover
>suddenly i could see cracks growing in the concrete
>get hit by this feeling
i honeslty have no idea how to describe what it felt like. it was like dread, anxiety, sadness, stress and anger all mixed together and it all hit me at once
>grab the girl by the arm and sprinted out of the house
>as soon as i stepped on to the lawn the feeling was gone
>the girl started freaking out at me, asking me what that was, i told her i didnt know
>i could see by the look on her face that she probably felt what i felt
>call her a cab to take her home and called my friend to get me
>never went back to that house after that.
>hire a real estate agent to sell it
>tell him its a mess in the living room
>he tells me the inside was spotless when he arrived to check the place out

Anyway thats basically all that happened in that house. Sorry it didnt end in a crazy ghost battle where i defeat it for good, thats just how it happened. Ironically enough the chick from that night ghosted me after that.
>cockblocked by ghost


Hey, maybe someone was buried under there? Could be why the crawlspace was a center for activity.
don't friend, you'll be reincarnated either back on earth or another hell. its a soul trap that a being is trying to get you into by playing the role of something you are familiar with, like a dog you loved. which is probably easier for that being to portray instead of trying to make itself seem like a relative.
This happened at my old house when i was very young. There were other things, but they were all pretty minor. A little backstory first: the previous owner of the house was a nice old woman whose husband had died in the house sometime before she decided to sell. Anyway, this happened when I was 5 years old.

>Sitting on my bed daydreaming, waiting to be called for dinner
>Suddenly a thought pops into my head
>Can't remember exactly what it was, but I remember repeating it to myself in my head
>The thought starts repeating on its own
>It gets louder and louder to the point where I can't think about anything else
>Become extremely terrified
>All of the sudden I hear the thought outside of my head, like someone is shouting it directly into my ear
>It was literally just "HEY SETH" and then a bunch of gibberish
>Bolt out of the room screaming

I told my mom about it many years later and she told me that there where a few times when she heard me upstairs screaming for her as if I were in pain. Everytime she'd run upstairs to find that I was asleep.
What else happened?
>not seducing the loli ghost
If you do, kill whatever is on the other side
Start with the Greeks
Because a lot of it happened when I was very young I don't remember it too well. I would have weird dreams, by which I mean dreams that might have been unusual for a 5-6 year old. I don't remember them all very well, but I'll describe the one I remember best:

>Wake up in my bed late at night
>Frustrated because I'm having trouble sleeping
>Grab my blanket and head into my parents' room
>Lay at the foot of their bed (I didn't like sleeping between them because it was too warm) and fall back asleep
>Wake up on a cot in my kindergarten classroom
>It's nap time
>Confused because I was literally just in my house
>Suddenly start to remember the events leading up to nap time
>Surprised that I actually fell asleep during nap time because I never had before
>Go back to sleep and wake up at the foot of my parents' bed

I'm still not completely sure whether I was at school or at home, but whatever, it was pretty weird.

Also it's worth mentioning that a couple of times when I slept with my parents I saw a hazy dark figure walk out of their closet and sort of rummage around the room before either leaving or returning to the closet. I once described him to my dad as "the night mailman" because he was a shadow wearing what looked to me like a mailman's hat. That's probably something I dreamt, though.
Some context to start, I moved in to this new apartment a few months ago and I feel I dragged something with me from my parents home. I grew up but haven't lived there for almost ten years. It was a dark childhood and I hate that place, but before moving in I spent almost a month there. Now there are some weird shit going on where I live

>be me
>be awake 3am watching tv
>cant sleep, almost used to it
>hear footsteps running in apartment above mine (this happens often)
>seems like one or two people
>neighboors dont own dogs or children
>running back and forth, heavy footsteps
>oh well lets ignore it

>be me
>get new wall clock for kitchen
>yellow, matching colors with cabinets, nice
> first night, new batteries
>clock stops
>it works sometimes for a few minutes, I think I noticed it only works at night

>be me trying to sleep
>feel weird, like someone is watching
>prolly paranoid
context: my apartment is on the 3rd floor, but my window is very close to an abandoned building and people can get in, if they try a bit so I'm scared of seeing real people in my room
>shadow man behind curtains, i see his feet
>choose not to see a fucking thing
>close eyes and pray a fucking lot even though Im not religious
>get to sleep

>cant sleep, watching tv 3am
>be bedroom or living room
>neighboors above apartment start moving furniture (this also happens often) around
>very loud sounds
>prolly just a crappy neighboor
Is your parents' home haunted?

Can't you block/lock the window?
Bumping for this
You fought back didn't you though?
That's admirable. A victory on its own.
Morning /x/. Sorry for the lack of updates on my buddies house. Just drove home and dropped other friend off. It's 6:30 am and he spent the whole ride telling me about what happened to him last night.

He woke up at about 4am to go piss. He was pissing and saw an elderly woman in the bathtub. Started screaming, me and other friend came rushing out. We calmed him down and sent him back to bed. I had no idea what he was saying at the time do to him freaking out. Wasn't until the drive he could speak about it. I also seen a shape again, it was hunched over looking at my jacket which was on the floor on the other side of the room from where I was sleeping. Much smaller this time. More human sized
>elderly woman in the bathtub
was she nude and gross like in the shining?
Couldn't tell you. But it's not the first time someone spotted her in the tub. Buddies gf saw her there too
I never have, but my dad used to work at a medical building in the city, and he was the director so he was always there long after everyone else had left. He would turn all the lights out and the only illumination would be from the red exit signs and shit, and he says he would constantly see shadowy people ducking into rooms and out of sight. He doesn't believe in paranormal shit but he couldn't explain that and he said it always made him nervous.
I was walking around at four in the morning on the hunt for dwarfs, when i walked past a car and spotted someone crouching behind it, holding a broom stick. As soon as he noticed I'd spotted him, he got up and pretended to go inside. I calmly got the fuck out of there and continued on my quest.

The next day, I was informed by the dawrfs that this man was using students at my school to implant dwarf brains into their backs, giving them full control over them, I went to investigate and confirmed my suspicion when I noticed three students walking around like dwarfs or fairies.

The stumbled about and gnashed their teeth, something was obviously wrong with them. To this day, I don't know what that was...

I called it the pixie thorns.
she stikes me as somwhat of a neat-freak.
>no drinking aloud
>the bathing
Hmmm, definetely not the response I was expecting, and nope.
>obsessed with sex ever since I was a kid
>always trying to jerk off even before I was a teenager, always doing weird sexual things when no one was home
>when I finally start ejaculating I feel fucking dead afterwards, but I couldn't stop
>it felt like something was sucking the energy out of me
>eventually get a girlfriend
>says she doesn't do much sex stuff
>ends up being completely complacent and submissive while at my house, then starts dominatrixing me
>she always gets embarrassed about it afterward and says she doesn't know what came over her
>it felt like something else was doing it through her body
>learn about recording EMF on digital recording devices
>decide to try it out one night for shits and giggles
>start asking questions and waiting about 30 seconds in between to give it time to answer
>run the audio through some visualizers on the free version of FLStudios
>"Is there anybody here?"
>"Is there a ghost?"
>just static
>"Are you a spirit?"
>suddenly there's some kind of mechanical whirring sound that I didn't hear in real life
>you could see the sound on the visualizers but only on the very low frequencies
>then i ask "What are you doing here?"
>Suddenly a womans voice
>You could clearly see it on the visualizers
>it says
>shit my fucking pants
>immediately tell my religious mom and my girlfriend
>my girlfriend begins doing research on succubi and my mom burns fucking sage in my bedroom
>there's more to the story but I won't post it unless someone asks
Ignore shitposters.

Your story was pretty crazy, though.
yeah lets hear more
Spooky. Anything else?
>i don't buy into religion or spirits but this shit had me spooked
>I start reading about protective entities like yahweh
>girlfriend is over one night when my parents are out but we're too disturbed by the recording to do anything sexual
>we're just researching ghost stuff
>we're burning sage and looking up different demons and reading about succubi
>one of the articles I read mentioned about praying in tongues to scare off dark spirits and shit
>i set up the recording software and start saying whatever syllables come naturally to me
>sounds like I am speaking fake spanish
>my girlfriend starts saying there's some kind of rythem playing in the back of her head
>like someone's making the "S" sound over and over again
>I'm totally creeped out but keep mumbling in gibberish like the website said and we just keep watching the recording software
>a couple blips come up, but we still don't hear anything in person (aside from my girlfriend hearing the rythem)
>eventually it all stops
>I'm exhausted again and I don't feel like making the sounds anymore, I just didn't have the motivation to
>we decide to listen to the recording
>right as soon as she says outloud that there is some kind of rythem, the blips in the lower frequencies start up
>i fuck with the filters and turn the volume up really high to hear it
>it's saying
>stop what you're saying it makes no sense stop what you're saying it makes no sense stop what you're saying it makes no sense
>we're both spooked as fuck
>it continues repeating itself over and over while I'm mumbling in the background
>eventually it stops, not much happens until about where I stopped speaking in tongues
>right before I stop, it fucking screams
>I mean it screams, like a hurdling shriek like if you have ever held up a snake and asked your mother what it was
>me and my girlfriend are both fucking looking at each other
>neither of us believe it really happened
Pretty much how we were seeing it
Not at the time. Just some random noises from the basement and s the cats acting strange
More staring at the wall or...?
what happened next
Nothing, he's roleplaying.
We both didn't really talk about it, listened to the recordings over and over again. This happened in 2010, I have since broke up with the girlfriend and moved out of my parents house. We both just kind of took it as it came and I don't know what to say about it. I don't want to believe in christianity or stuff but what happened just feels logical, positive and negative entities and shit. I don't know.

>le ebin roleplaying may may xD
Why are you even here you insufferable pedantic cunt?
Fuck off.
Continue please?
First time posting in this type of threads. Sharing a maybe not so spooky but it was really unsettling back then

>camping with family on a rather secluded beach near San Quentin in Ensenada
>there's this dormant volcano nearby
>dad suggests we should check out the crater
>being as adventurous as him I agree to tag along
>hop on his old jeep and get on a road we believe leads up the volcano
>it's mid November so by 5 or 6 in the afternoon it was already getting dark
>been driving about an hour and not really seeing the peak getting closer
>getting bummed
>instead the road is getting narrower
>getting worried
>its already around 7:30 and its already pitch dark
>worse is, we finally find the end of the road
>only rocks and mostly bushes around
>at least the road with a clear vehicle tracks
>ahead the path is fairly flat and it seems to go up
>feel of adventure and common sense are conflicting
>we stop to discuss the predicament we're in at the moment
>suddenly something breaks the monotony of the trip
>something rises up from among the bushes to our right
>a single red glowing eye/orb comes up as if startled by the car's engine
>me and my dad are silent, trying to figure out what sort of wildlife we stumbled upon
>options narrow when I realize the size of this thing, or rather its height
>from my seat I could see it almost at eye level so maybe 1.50m or like 5'
>still silent, thing still staring at us
>it moves closer, as if it took a step forward
>my dad shifts gears to reverse sensing this thing might actually not be wildlife
>the noise of the shifting gears seems to startle the creature
>and so it makes its exit
>motherfucker starts bouncing
>silently and floaty as if the thing was made of paper
>still looking at us
>every bounce going higher until on its last one it flies off out of sight
>needless to say we book it back to camp
>to this day i'm not sure what we saw
So did you shoot trayvon or gorilla grodd
>Be me
>Be home alone all day
>Spend all day playing games and shit
>It's night
>Have headphones on
>My cat starts trying to get into my room, I let her in
>As i glance down the hallway I see this towering shadow
>I slam my door shut with my cat inside
>Cat is shit scared too
>For about an hour theres no more weirdness
>Then after I put headphones on I hear noise above me
>Attic room is above my bedroom
>Attic enterence is in my bedroom
>I grab a big stick and knock on the ceiling
>Scurrying sounds
>Think it must be a rat or some nasty shit
>Go back to gaming
>Feel like I'm being watched
Cant really describe the feeling, but it felt like I had a thousand eyes watching me. Horrible.
>I stand up and search my room, nothing.
>Crawl under my desk and sit there clutching a knife
>Sit under desk feeling afraid to leave for about 30 minutes
>Power goes out
>I turn on my phone, flashlight doesnt work for some reason
>30 more minutes and parent's get home
>Lights turn back on
>theres blood on my hands for some reason
>Wash my hands and pretend to be normal for my parents
Have had a few weird experiences in my life. I personally attribute them to nightmares and paranoia, but a greentext is a greentext

> Be me
> about 7 years old
> Never have any problems in my life or nightmares
> suddenly start sleeping very poorly at night
> I keep hearing ringing in my ears during the night and it always starts during 3:23 AM, like clockwork
> for about a month I keep waking up at 3:23 dead stop. Always with a horrible migraine and ringing
> Things get worse
> Wake up once completely paralyzed
> fucking scared shitless want to scream
> Can't
> The ringing is so loud that my eyes start watering and i'm seeing red
> suddenly see my door slowly opening
> insanely bright light fills the room, ringing very intense
> feel myself being lifted up, hear voices as if they're playing in reverse, extremely sped up, clicking
> feel burning sensations around my body, ringing stops, but it replaced by a singular painful screetch in my head
> open mouth to scream, but can't again
> suddenly wake up standing on the other side of my room, completely drenched in sweat, start screaming my lungs out
> parents rushing in
> attributes it to childhood nightmares
> it repeats again in a week, same scenario. Ringing that grows in intensity. A lot of pain, seeing red, can't move, door open and there's a bright light with voices that talk extremely fast and click.
> parents now worried, talk about taking me to therapist

> dad especially worried when I tell him about it and he looks extremely upset, starts tearing up.
> neither me or mom understands
> He just says he's upset that I have to go through this
> things stop after the last one
> never hear ringing again
> talk with grandfather about it
> person I highly look up to
> he's basically the ideal of what it means to be a man. Never lies, always straightforward, never drinks, extremely fit, spiritualistic, well read
> he tells me not to worry about it and that it happened to my dad, to him, to his dad and his grandfather
> tells me that the feeling passes after a few times
> ask him what it is
> he just tells me that there are people on this planet that go through this, that during the night and at a specific age nightmares come
> that it's a bloodline thing and it's nothing we can do about it
> that the nightmares only look scary, but they don't want to harm us and it's better to not resist
> tells me things will stop for me and to not worry about it, that the nightmares wont come back and wont talk with me again
> tells me it will happen to my son, and his son tho and that when it does I should just calm them down
> that I might hear things and feel restless or scared, but that I should not go to his room until he yells out, because it might make things worse
> wot
> talk with grandfather about this later in life and he just tells me the same thing
> not to worry, it happens, nothing bad about it, but to not do anything when it happens and to let it take its course

In a way I kinda got angry at my dad since he never even talked about it and just told me to forget it. Also got angry at my grandfather since he was always vague. I lost some respect for both of them, because I felt that rather than taking me to a therapist about nightmares, they just blew a huge nothingburger about it and made me paranoid as a kid with these vague stories.
They both have always been quite tinfoil tier in general, but didn't share much with me until I got older. At that time and even now I see them as someone weird and too absorbed in fantasy. They told me many stories about the weird things they saw in the soviet army. Many more times they simply would go "the things I wish I could tell you, but I just can't". Especially my grandfather, as he had a very high standing in it. My father was the last one of our family to serve in the army. I wanted to do the same, but they were both very adamant in telling me NOT to do it. That it's a waste of time and that if I was serious about it, I wouldn't like the things there.
My grandfather never got too absorbed into it ,and as I said took a spiritual approach. As for my father, he simply became an alcoholic. The only reason he gave me for drinking his life away, was that "he just wants to forget about things" and that I should be happy that I don't have to know about them. Would also go full tinfoil, read about various conspiracy and paranormal stories. Break into crying, talking with himself, and binge drinking.

This is some blogposting now, but I guess it's nice to share this aspect with someone. And I am bitter about all of this as they were the two people that ruined my childhood. To end :
I had nightmares, rather than helping heard spooky stories
Dad was an alcoholic that avoided life and blamed "life in the army"
Grandfather was just weird and spent too much of his entire life in an army that caused too many atrocities. Probably affected him.
Dude, I was a male nurse in my youth and next to drug addicts being in the hospital for recovery, dementia patients are the most dangerous
Are the nightmares over now?
More or less. I did have some major problems again when I was stupid enough to get into lucid dreaming and """"""astral projection"""" almost a decade ago when I was 19, but I try to not think or delve too much into stuff that simply cause schizophrenia and paranoia anymore.
Can't flim flim the Zim Zam
flim flam* fucking phone won't even let me shitpost right
This hit me in the feels. Many layers to this, not least of all learning that people you look up to is flawed and just, well, people. I recomend you looking up stewart swerdlow. He's of russian ancestry and has a writen about bloodlines and shit.
>Couple of years ago
>Home alone , cleaning my room
>There is this huge wardrobe in my room
>Standing next to it , I hear 2 loud bangs on the dresser right next to my head
>I heard it really clearly , like someone hit it with his fist two times , I even tried hitting it and the sound was the same
>Couple of years later , talking with my mum , taking about spoopy shit , she mentions the first time she went into this apartment and going into my room she heard two loud bangs on the dresser, I never told her or anyone else about this.
>She later tells me that the previous owner killed himself in my room.

Can post more if want.
>Had awesome high-school mate called David
>his mum was an English teacher at the school we went to
>she was a beautiful human, absolutely one of the most kindest, tolerant, patient people I've ever known
>she's had MS for 20 years, uses a walking stick but somehow still walks
>anyway, one day years later David and I are piss-drunk and recalling weird stories like this thread
>he explains one from his childhood
>him and his brothers emptied their garage and layed a tarp inside of it when they were around 7 or 8 years old
>lubed the tarp up with dishwashing liquid and slid around in it, had a blast
>suddenly, they both hear a voice - in their head - clearly
>it screams obscenities at them, he distinctly remembers it was the first time he heard the word 'cunt'
>in a disjointed voice. He described it, almost cringing, as the typical 'demonic' sounding voice like there's multiple tones layered ontop of each other
>they freak out
>tell their older brother who was 18 at the time, he freaks out because he's heard the same thing too
>they investigate in the garage one day after their mum falls down the stairs (positioned behind the garage on the floor up)
>they never knew this, but the wall at the back of the garage was actually a temporary wall / DIY shed structure
>they moved the wall
>under the house is this entire catacomb-looking basement / cellar area, dark as fuck and they instantly get horrific feels the moment they peer inside
>the voice screams at them all again, in their heads
>when I raised this story with David's oldest brother a while later, he was completely white - kind of angry asking how the fuck I knew about that, so I knew it was legit. He was really shaken

Crazy story their mother told us:
(cont 1/2)
>went to a Catholic highschool
>David's mum was my English teacher
>I always derailed conversations in class and was basically as disruptive as possible
>asked David's mum about paranormal stuff
>really interesting discussion (whole glass was gripped) around the legitimacy of spirits, and the veracity of paranormal claims
>we went to a catholic highschool
>she explained that the month prior to this conversation, there was a seminar held by a priest around helping young men develop and grow (was an all-boy's school)
>they also had a similar discussion
>priest explained that yes, he'd been called many many times to bless houses and had strange experiences, and that yes the church recognizes that these things are legitimate
>he gave a crazy fucked up example
>he got called by a distraught family to a holiday house on a beach
>the family's children, aged around 17, had a big graduation party with friends at the house
>one of the kids brought a Ouija board along with them
>they were sitting around a glass table in the living room
>the living room fronted the beach, and featured a wall made of windows for a spectacular view
>the table they were all (5 of them) sitting at was in front of that glass
>soon after playing with the board, some things started breaking
>one of the boys in a chair with his back to the windows suddenly became nonresponsive
>the kids were horrified
>in front of them, him and the chair he was sitting on elevated without anything touching it
>it literally lifted up into the air, suspended, about 2 metres upwards
>the kids were screaming
>in an instant, the kid and the chair he was sitting on, launched backwards, propelling him and the chair smashing through the window
>the kid had really serious injuries, and required hospitalisation / surgery
>police were involved and originally thought it was an assault
>forensics however confirmed the nature of the incident
(cont 1.5/2)
>forensics demonstrated that the glass shatter was consistent with the boy, in his chair, being propelled horizontally through the window from a height of 2 metres
>the distance he was found from the window indicated he would have had to have been thrown through it at a speed of around 20 kilometres per hour
>that's physically impossible to achieve
>these kids could not have done it, and the police agreed
>psychologists attested to the integrity of the children's claimed, and noted no indicators of deception; and genuine trauma
>police interviews, held separately, took the independent account of each witness
>they were all identical
>police put in the report that the cause was 'unknown event - not deliberate'
>priest reckoned the moment he walked into the living room in that house, they all knew something was horribly fucking wrong

Crazy shit
Yeah go ahead.
Thanks, it's nice that someone understands. And I will look into your recommendation. In a way I don't even know if there was something "paranormal", if our family was targeted, if it truly happen to every single male and so on. I just feel it was bad parenting from both my grandfather and father, but maybe i'm wrong.
Serves you right.

I wish I could see that police report, but it probably doesn't even exist.

I always get intensely skeptical when people tell ouija board stories. Believers will swear up and down that incredible, dramatic stuff always happens, like people becoming possessed, things levitating or setting on fire, that sort of thing. And yet if any of that were true, it would be the easiest paranormal phenomenon in the world to prove true, because it apparently happens so consistently. And yet, no legitimate recordings exist or tests have ever been done. If it was real, you could give one to a group of scientists and they'd be forced to conclude that, yep, something unexplainable and spooky is going on here. Hasn't happened. In fact, it's been shown that a group of ouija board users, when blindfolded, will try to use a board as normal when turned upside down without their knowledge, proving that humans are manipulating the planchette, not spirits.

And finally, I have used one myself, but I was never possessed or cursed or saw anything out of the ordinary. So it's a nice story, but I don't buy it for a second. Should have told more about the spooky garage ghost.
Hey /x/ got an update on my buddies haunted ass duplex. Found out a little more of a backstory to the situation.

I just got off the phone with him

He tells me that the attached duplex is where the old woman passed away, but in their side of the duplex a man had died, don't know the details on that. But also they have the ashes of buddies gf grandfather in their bedroom which is on the main floor. Could possibly explain why I've seen different sized shadows.
Interesting. See if you can find details on the man.
Id like to. I feel like I should ask these questions when we aren't in the house. Do you think if these spirits would start acting out if they hear someone trying to pry into who they were? All they do is move around and make stomp noises. I'd hate to piss them off and buddy suffers the consequences. Sorry if that sounds dumb I just don't know what I'm dealing with
>get sleep paralysis
>see a pair of eyes
>hear a voice saying "Ah, I can see you now"
>hear another voice saying "Want me to battle him?"
>say no
>first voice says "I'm coming to get you"
>get excited he's getting me
>feel something grab my hand
>flinch out of fear and snap out of it

I've been trying to get sleep paralysis again to see if he "gets" me, but I can't do it.
I don't really buy into that, no, but I'm not certain. Oh, you should try recording the stomping sometime. Or even better, if you could somehow record the lady in the bathtub or one of their shadows.
bitch what the fuck
Never had sleep paralysis before?
t. literal retard.
t. lying roleplayer
t. (?)
What’s that??

t. stands for typical
No it doesn't. It's from some word in a foreign language I can't remember that basically means "signed".
you're right. I think the word is terveisin,in finnish
Anon lease use the future theme so I can read it before going to sleep. Blue light is bad for eyes that are about to sleep. It would also help if you saved the file as PNG so I my iPad can display it no problem.

Thanks for the reminder.

Know how it got started around here?
File: 1507017977712.png (172 KB, 432x391)
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172 KB PNG
Please come back this thread and see this message. Contact me @oiduakni on twitter or relikmc@gmail.com. i feel it is urgent we speak to each other and introduce ourselves in some form. I also have been experiencing 333 for a few years now. And I am plagued by it. It is everywhere on the time (constantly right when I look at it by sheer constant coincidence wtf) on liscense plates, in so many places.
If this post comes up 333 I will blast off into outer space. Anon, please contact me!!
Fuck off, you nutter.
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Uuuuu Spooky Stickman gonna get you boi
Yeah sounds to me like someone died down there. Would explain the smell and weird ass shit happening
Posting here because I'm at the brink of my fear / sleep fatigue. Every god damn night I'll awake with a night terror/ nightmare in a sweat and hallucinate or truly see what I'm seeing(i have no idea if I'm crazy or not). So, I'll awake sweating like crazy and I'll see a dark figure either sitting on the end of my bed facing away or crawling towards me(skin walker?). It always evaporates when i get out of bed to turn the light on in the room. My roomate has quoted that I've been saying things like "I'm going to die please help" or i chant a prayer to god or something. He told me this as he over hears me sometimes during is very early morning snacks. Strange thing is that I'll have a jolt or a jump scare while I'm dreaming peacefully, which then proceeds into this scenario. Any ideas on this? Is it a form of sleep paralysis? Early signs of schizophrenia?
Sleep paralysis or night terrors. Try not sleeping on your back.
Quite serious. Not role playing. This is not /b/, keep your nastiness to yourself
Even now you're roleplaying. You have to let go.
Why would I give my contact information if I was role playing
>what is a false email
Email me then trick, and I'll post it back here with reply. With time stamp. Bitch.
>putting your email on 4chan

bitch, that's got to be fake
Stupid LARPing faggot.
What was the post about?
Cheese pizza
>people who say demons are aliens in disguise are just dumb fedorafags trying to rationalize their beliefs with the unknown.
but why, anon?
Yeah, I have, Wouldn't try to have it again though, it was fucking scary.
Just a retard troll
>Rock a piss

What? Is this a common saying in America
>6th grade
>Move into my mom's boyfriend's place because i guess our own wasn't fuckin good enough or something
>Gotta sleep in the living room until my bed is moved in
>Huge tv stand with ceramic deer n shit across from couch
>Random porcelain Shirley Temple doll
>Shit has the happiest lil face, like too happy, smile is slightly open with visible teeth
>Can't help but stare at it all night until i pass out
>Just really unsettling every night
>Don't wanna touch it
>I've read doll stories i ain't moving it, not fucking with that mojo
>Eventually gets moved inside the stand cabinet to fit mom's tv, glass doors
>First night after that
>Nothing every really happened before, so at this point in starting to think I'm just being a scaredy fuck
>Go to bed
>Feelin good, ready to get them Zs
>Glance at it
>It's got this big ass grin, twice as big as it naturally fucking has
>Fucking book it upstairs to the bedroom that's supposed to be mine and sleep on the god damn floor
>Hard shit to explain to my mom
>Bed eventually moved in, no more sleeping downstairs

>10th grade
>Room has entrance to attic
>Shirley Temple doll was eventually moved in there
>No doors just stairs
>Jumbo sleeping bag draped across entrance so the heat doesn't seep outta my room up there
>Start hearing weird shit in my sleep
>Wakes me up because im the lightest sleeper known to man or something
>Get used to it

>3 months ago
>Searching for my gamecube, gf bought a new mem card online since so we're gonna play some good shit (dog chewed my mem cards)
>Hear a box tip over
>Go to put it back up, i probably bumped it and made it instable
>Shirley Temple is halfway spilled out
>Shove her back in and close the box, not afraid of her anymore man
>Go back to looking
>I hear a fucking giggle
>Metaphorically piss self
>Book it downstairs
>Tell mom I can't find it and if she could look
>A week ago mom's boyfriend's gave the doll to his bother among some other shit
>Glad that bitch is gone
Calm down plaese
>owning a porcelain Shirley Temple doll
hm... gay or pedo?
he kept a lot of shit from his mom. the rest is fucking Elvis decor
Don't tell me to calm down just because you were too outrageously dense to understand why his keys could have gone out the window. Denser than a collapsing star, you are. Faggot
No, Canadian. Basically means to take a piss
Go back to your containment board
File: 0.png (10 KB, 660x259)
10 KB
make a video showing the lights on and locked door
File: Transparent.gif (42 B, 1x1)
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42 B GIF
Not really spoopy but strange. This is a memory I have from when I was around 6 or 7 so not really young nor old.

I used to spend time with my dad in the rural area he was from, he was a simple hard working country man, used to farm work and a simple lifestyle. Also an alcoholic but in general a good man.

>be me
>6 or 7 years old as I mentioned
>hanging out with my dad
>he drove his pick up to a relatively isolated piece of land he owned
>he would do random chores like cutting up wood, check hunting trails and so on and would take me with him so I would learn and help him
>this time we're just sitting in his truck doing nothing
>it's getting dark so we must go back soon
>he's just finishing his 40 and looking trough the windshield as the night falls
>"look over there, anon. Look at the "Firebirds".
>see a bunch of raven-like birds flying around shooting (small) fire beams out of their beaks like in a synchronized dance
>continue to look at them in awe for a couple of minutes
>dad finishes his beer and drives home.
>as incredible as it sounds I thought nothing of it and forgot about it
>months later I ask my dad about the Firebirds
>he doesn't know what I'm talking about

He was a troubled man in his youth as well, will post a story next.
File: commie ghosts.jpg (209 KB, 1024x576)
209 KB
209 KB JPG
This just happened to me I'm not memeing or larping. Legit came to /x/ and searched for a stories thread, so I could post this
>be me sit at my computer
>10 past midnight
>get up for 30 seconds
>not kidding, not like when somebody says "wow this felt like 30 seconds" but meant 30 minutes, legit if you measured on a watch 30.fucking.seconds.
>sit back down
>2 am
>2 hours passed and I have no idea why or how
>didn't lie down at any point, so can't have fallen asleep
>didn't even leave the room
>2 hours fucking gone
What the fuck happened?
When I was older (11-12) I started calling my dad "crazy old man" as part of a game, we were used to jokes so it didn't seem (that) disrespectful to me.

One day my mom talked to me and asked me to stop calling him that because apparently some old girlfriend of his tried to make him go insane. She didn't give me more details but here's the story.

>30 or so years ago
>dad was sort of a hansome man (not quite Chad but he was "charming" to women).
>had his fair share of women or so I've been told
>one of them is a crazy bitch though
>apparently she was or knew someone who was into black magic stuff
>I assume dad got what he wanted or just got tired of her so he dumped her ass.
>girl got butthurt and threatened him
>"you will go crazy for me"
>months later dad got really sick
>I'm talking heatstrokes, delusions, weakness, etc
>his family thought he was going to die
>one day he just stands up from his bed
>goes to the kitchen and confronts his family members aggressively
>grandpa and uncles try to calm him down
>he had 1 older brother and 3 younger ones but somehow overpowers them all
>they are all freaked out
>he gets on my grandma's face
>tells her she should fear him
>she's a very religious woman
>tells him she can't fear her offspring
>dad throws a heavy ass sewing machine across the room and storms out of the house
>comes back some days later wearing the same clothes
>doesn't happen again
While standing? I stood the whole time and looked at the clock 2 seconds after sitting down and during the 2 seconds I was adjusting in my seat. Also not tired at all
anything else you remember from before it happended? anything at all?
Nothing unusual. We celebrated christmas today because my parents are in Florida during the actual christmas. Me, parents, sister, uncle and aunt and grandparents. Grandparents went home at 11, then after 30 minutes uncle and aunt and then my sister went to her room to go to sleep. Went to my room too after washing my hair and sat down at like 23:56 and browsed /r9k/. I got up and went to my small desk, which is at the window, not the desk my computer is on, pretty much an empty small IKEA desk. Thing is I don't remember why. This isn't unusual at alll though because I often get up and just walk around my room in circles, when my legs start hurting and I need to move. Then just went back to sit down. I know this sounds like some shitty creepypasta but it isn't. I kept wondering for 20 minutes now and tried to recall if I missed anything or if I did anything that I forgot but I legit don't remember doing anything during those 100 minutes
well it ould be microsleep like that other anon said but "loosing time" is to commonly associated with abduction and other wierd shit so hopfully you didn't spend the time getting fingered by ayys or mindraped by spirits or something.
this desk you stod beside when it happened, is it by a window?
>this desk you stod beside when it happened, is it by a window?
Right in front of a small window, maybe 30cm wide and 1m high
he said it's by the window
What happened to your real dad though
go out and look for any tracks or whatever outside that window maybe?
i missed that somehow
Too dark to see anything outside, sorry. Nothing wrong with the window itself though
they could've phased you through the window/walls.
It was about the number 333
Why are you attempting to troll me?
Wtf is your point?
Stop being a bitch if you can help it
You aren't clever.
Proof it's my email btw.
Here we go. I forgot the details
Proof. Along with the trolls email.
Matter settled.
333'er, find me.
nice larp
File: Shadow.jpg (18 KB, 696x464)
18 KB
> Live in college dorm with roommate
> Have nightmares about fairly typical scary things
> Flashes, zoom-ins on disturbing images, things that I've never seen realized in crystal clear imagery, etc.
> For some reason, I'm completely unmoved in the nightmare
> I'm not scared at all
> The part of me that normally feels fear is just not home
> Think clearly, "Is that all you've got?"
> Wake up, lying on my side in bed
> Eyes are closed, but I'm 100% awake, because something is watching me
> It's in the room about 10 feet away, staring at me
> It fucking hates me
> Like, despises me, and wants to inflict pain and suffering and terror above all else
> Sense it so vividly that I could sketch out the exact position of everything in the room, including this thing
> The nightmare wasn't scary, but I'm fucking terrified
> Know about sleep paralysis and shadow people, so I try moving my arms and legs without making too much noise or letting the thing know that I'm awake
> I slowly and deliberately move my arms and legs and shift under the covers, trying to keep my breathing steady
> Open my eye a sliver and look where the entity is
> It's an irregular ball of shadow about the size of a football, maybe 3' off the ground
> Spherical, completely nonhumanoid
> It's not a shadow person and I'm not sleep paralyzed
> Roommate snorts and turns over
> The entity pulls back, and seeps through the wall, as if it's descending towards the ground
> Disappears, and the feeling of loathing disappears with it

Even if I imagined it, and it was just some nightmare lobe of my brain made manifest -- it was creepy as fuck.

No one cares.
Did they ever figure out what was wrong with him?
This happened about a month ago

> be me
> 19, aspie af so only have 1 friend irl
> she's a pretty hot girl but she has schizophrenia so she's limited to being friends with me
> her coworkers middle aged divorced dad rents us his basement in his house innawoods, it's mostly just us though because he out doing midlife crisis shit
> friend is always experiencing weird shit, but she's psychotic so for the most part it's just silly to me
> I notice she's being especially quiet, ask if she's upset about something
> she says she feels like she's being watched
> ofcourseyoudo.txt
> hear noise outside, like someone running past the window
> I take the dog outside to check
> we circle the property, find nothing
> I go back inside
> dog stops dead in his tracks at the stairwell, refuses to go down
> whatever, I assume he just wants to go play with the neighbor dog so I enter without him
> friend is laying flat on the kitchen floor with her arms and legs up in the air
> whatthefuckamilookingat
> still not that creeped out because she does weird shit sometimes, I laugh but it's a little nervous now
> ask her what she's doing
> "submitting"
> uhm... yeah... ok
> I try to get some sleep but she stays there like that all fucking night
> I'm getting concerned enough about her I don't even realize the dog hasn't come home yet
> at one point I get up to piss
> hear a commotion, like crashing and and smacking and gnashing
> I come out and she's gone
> wtf
> fridge is open and her weird food (she is allergic to both gluten and onion powder so she has a strict diet) is strewn about everywhere
> my frozen buffalo wings seem to be the only thing absent
> as I'm looking around for her I hear another crashing noise, from the window in MY bedroom
> my window is open
> feel like I'm in a horror movie
> We have no cell phone reception in our home
> Accept death
> dog pokes head in through the open window, he seems excited
> I don't feel any safer in the house so I follow him outside
File: file.png (2.39 MB, 1633x816)
2.39 MB
2.39 MB PNG
I had two instances where my vision glitched like a broken monitor

One was in 2015, about 2 years ago

>had a series of false awakening dreams.
>the ones where you keep "waking up" but not actually being awake.
>after about 20 or so of these false awakening loops, I finally woke up for real.
>I rolled over on my side and just laid there for a few seconds after waking and let my mind wander.
>Somehow or another one of my thoughts triggered something.
>Something about a chart that I was supposed to know about.
>My vision suddenly became blurred and hyper focused. and this crazy red green glitching/shifting occurred across my entire field of vision along with some kind of low deep hum.
>I fell into a sort of trance and my focus was shifted in towards my mind.
>heard screaming from what seemed like multiple women.
>It made shiver just listening. It sounded like they were being tortured, and rather violently too.
>After that I snapped out of the trance.

pic related is what it looked like
Get a CAT scan, seriously.
why? it was probably just a dream

the other one too.


> it's like 330am so I decide I should go looking for her and follow the dog up into the woods
> after maybe 25 minutes we find the clothes she was JUST wearing hung from a tree branch, like, HIGH up in the tree
> I climb up the sturdier tree next to it and grab them
> they are radiating an awful smell and there's little drops of blood on them
> I drop them and nope the fuck out of there
> Run home, find her in the kitchen cleaning up all the food mess. She's wearing new clothes
> She looks at me like she's seen a ghost, and after a long pause goes "Anon, what the FUCK is this?"
> "I wanted to ask you the same thing but you took off into the woods or some shit!"

She insists that while I was outside with the dog the first time, that she heard me calling her, and followed my voice into the woods. Then she tripped over a branch and smacked her head on a tree, then got up and couldn't hear me anymore so she came back and *I was there*. She said I wouldn't say anything except "submitting", like I would say it with different inflections as if I had an abstract thought and only the one word in my vocabulary. She asked me why I made such a mess of the fridge, and if I would help clean it up, and all I said was "submitting". But she's so used to weird shit she just got frustrated with me and started cleaning up herself, and then apparently I walked in the door and we started having this conversation and "other me" was gone, along with the clothes she changed from apparently

What the fuck is going on
You could have brain problems. Get one if it happens again.
it happened twice

I was staring at the ceiling one night and I saw something that looked like a pixel. then my vision glitched again and I couldn't move.

90% sure it's not my brain that's the problem. I've had other experiences, non glitchy ones I mean.
File: 1511862522543.png (44 KB, 311x331)
44 KB
Your post/s are irrelevant.
The 333'er will care if he returns.
That's all that matters. Not your troll games.

Also, I avoided telling her my side of the story. I didn't want to freak her out too much by saying I chased *her* off into the woods and found her bloody clothes. Should we just move to an apartment in town? I'm used to weird shit dealing with a schizophrenic best friend but this was a little much, I haven't really slept great since
Nope, he always had his "temper" so they just assumed it got out of control that day/he was not being himself.
I liked your story because it's strange. I've had shit that I've lost sleep over too.
You should tell her so she feels less crazy.

If you can move, it probably wouldn't hurt.
Where did the blood come from?
sounds like the dover demon

it seemed pretty random, like someone was bleeding onto it instead of while wearing it. little droplets all over, no one particular area had any like large patch of blood.

she feels crazy all the time because she genuinely, so my concern would be her feeling too sane. i wouldn't want to give her a leg to stand on and validate every hallucination she's ever had/will have, make her legitimately scared about whatever the fuck happened that night because i should note that nothing like that has happened since i just can't really get it out of my head and right now she just chalks it up as any other wild inexplicable phenomenon she experiences as real, so really I'm the only one of us who's still shook about this
Sounds like it, imo. Regardless, you could always burn some sage and say a prayer. Good luck. Do what ye will, harm none.
The guy doing the handstand freaked me out. Had to turn on my light.
sounds dank, have a bump
I got one
> go on family trip to Ohio
> go to aunts house, while we were there she had the idea to go to a family friends house.
> family friends house is a semi dilapidated home that was built in the late 1700's on a huge plot of land
> we get there we cook out, fish, hang out.
> the adults start drinking and I get bored and want to go inside
> I walk through the old kitchen and into the tv room with the family friend that turns the tv on to Looney tunes.
> I sit there for a while watching tv and notice there's a room next to me
> a pale pink room, dolls on a big mirrored vanity, and other old antiques.
> watching tv I feel something watching me
> look, nothing
> feel it again, look into the room next to me and I see nothing. I turn my head and the feeling of the room got ice cold
>I froze and a young woman in Victorian clothing floated into the doorway, looked at me, and turned back and flew into the wall
> I freal the fuck out and haul was outside and jump into my dads arms.
> they're asking me what happened and the family friend said that
>Its just my great great grandmother!

I have another one too
Just some weird dreams about aliens when I was a kid, probably before I even knew what aliens were. I knew they were something from above that was going to take me and my mother away. They took her in a teleporter. I had a few dreams like that. Also psychic assaults. I had horrible night terrors as a child. IDK. Maybe all children have bad dreams like those. They are really scary to even think about, still.
Go on.
> go on atrip with my parents to shennendoah national park.
> we left early in the morning
> riding through the mountains we got low on gas and my dad stopped into a lonely one pump gas station
> dad got gas ,jumped back into the suv and we got back onto the road.
> we rode into the morning hours and asked if we needed something to eat.
> me, my brother and my mom agreed
> we found a shoney's that was open.
> something was off
> it looked like the waiters were running around the empty restaurant circling the tables fast
> I point this out
> parents think nothing of it
> dad gets out to see if they're open
> walks to the front doors and jumps back
> speed walks back to the car and gets in telling us not to look
> floors it and I turn my head back to the place and there's a woman in the window ( while these others were still running around) with an unnaturally wide smile with both of her hands on it

I've talked to my dad about it before, he quickly changes the subject or tell a me it didn't happen. I remember one thing about it. I do remember arguing with my brother over the game boy when he was walking up there. I was awake, my mom acts the same way. There was nothing around it either, just a brand new shoney's put on a lonely desolate country road.
I've had someone tell me once they could have been getting things around quickly and they were closed and my dad walked back and left. That doesnt explain what i saw, these waiters were running around very fast( I would say faster than someone could run)with their hands to their sides and you really couldn't notice their faces. It doesn't explain how scared and freaked out my dad was acting. My brother remembers it too because of my dad telling us not to look back at the place, and me turning back and covering my eyes
For the servers, they could have just been bored coworkers messing around. The lady staring out was probably a weirdo/junkie of sorts. No doubt that would skeeve out your dad. Or it was haunted, IDK.
Sounds like you mis interpreted your fathers actions as being scared. Maybe these people were obscured by mirrors reflecting light in weird ways. I can't explain why he left in a rush or told you not to look back. That's odd. How were these people running around look like?
Tall, but they had their heads held down and their sides and looked like they weren't moving but were, I can visualize it but its hard to explain.
Like an other anon said you saw something wrong. Your dads actions are strange but it could have been anything from him being piss ed they weren't open or that someone startled him and said they weren't open yet.
I believe you anon, fuck the haters.
sometimes i wake up right in the middle of a sleep paralysis, i dont know what to call it, the middle of going into a sleep paralysis maybe, its pretty frequent and im used to it, what i usually do is i relax all my muscles and i keep blinking, after 20 seconds its gone.
Why are you still roleplaying you insufferable faggot? Literally not a single person wants to see your dumb fantasy shit in this thread.
Probably you're tired brain fucking with you after a long sesh
Kek, someone else emailed you to fuck with you? I guess I'm not the only one who thinks you're a roleplaying faggot lord.
The part that I'm questioning is then"don't look" thing? What did he see? The whole situation seems creepy.

Brandon, did you ever get to go back to that house?
Those mountains are known for hauntings and strange happenings. Look it up.
Bumperino plz
You're supposed to jump those man
Probably just a fleshgait
More than one. And not every monster is a skin crawler, anon.
I got one not so interesting, but its my scariest experience thus far in life - A little backstory before i get into it.
When i was about 10 we moved into this new house, very big, quite old, cheap for its acres. It was located in the middle of a small town, had been empty for a few years before hand.

First story happened when i was about 11
the house had 3 floors, my room was on top floor.

>Be me
>Be awake late, around midnight
>Listening to music on my little boombox
>Decide to turn it off to try and get some sleep
It is important to note that my brothers room is right down the hall
>As i'm about to zone out a voice which i cant really describe as male or female says "Hey..."
>I look around my room confused
> "Hey anon over here"
>Bolt into my brothers room ask him if he just called me (even though i knew in the back of my mind he didnt)
>No anon? whats up?
>Peek out in hallway start calling for my mum and dad
>They didn't call me either

I ended up sleeping on the floor in my brothers room with a sleeping bag, didn't mention it to family until years later.

Years passed, everything was normal
>Be me
>Be having a sick lan party with 2 friends
At this point in time i have moved room to bottom floor - To give you an idea of where my room is as opposed to the door leading outside (Which will be relevant later) - If you open the door in my room straight ahead there's a window which leads outside. We have this big ass light outside that turns on by movement, and it will literally turn on by a leaf flying past.
>Home alone
>Go to store to buy candy and something to drink
>Get home
>Soon as we open door we hear a glass break in my room
>We look at each other and head on into room
>Nothing is broken, glasses still intact on table where we left them, no windows broken, nothing.
>We shrugged it off and played all night till sun rise.

Now this is the last part of the story, a few months before i moved to my own apartment in a bigger city nearby
Type faster
Once when I was driving from Texas to California, in the middle of nowhere, up ahead I saw flames. As I got closer there was a car in the middle of the road on fire. Normally this wouldn't be very creepy... Except for the fact that I was in the middle of the desert and had been driving for hours through it. There was no one and nothing around for miles and miles. I was in the middle of a wasteland. I got out of course to check and see if someone was in the car. No dice. Then I thought I heard something in the trunk. A couple of banging sounds... Of course it could have been something in the trunk maybe exploding... But I couldn't shake the feeling that maybe someone was in it. The fire was way too hot for me to get in there and try to open it... Whipped out my phone to try to call 911 had no signal. At that point it occurred to me that I may have just stumbled across a murder. That the person who did this might be watching. So I got the fuck out of there. As soon as I had a signal I called the police and told them everything that I saw. A few hours later they called me back to confirm the area that I was in...they didn't find shit.

>Be me
>Be 17 years old, mom and dad has split up since earlier years
>Dad lives in new apartment
>Mom got a job offer in another country
>So all alone in house, brother lives alone in the city aswell
>Be 3 am a summer night
>Playing video games enjoying my night with some friends
>Has to take a piss real bad
>Walk to door, open it
I've never liked living in this house and it always made me uneasy, and honestly scared.
>Look outside
>Light is off phew.png
Now when you walk out into the hallway if you take a left theres a doorway (without a door) and on the right the main entrance is located - Take a left from there and you reach the toilet
>Look towards nodoor door
>Starts walking (Quite fast) as i felt watched
>Its pitch black
I always turn off the lights in the house so i dont have to do it if i get tired at some point
>As soon as my foot steps in the doorway (with no door) the door handle flies down and up super fast and super fierce
It felt like someone was really pissed and really wanted to get inside
>I instantly jump in place eyes peeled at door and freeze for a second
>i make the fastest 180 you've ever seen and sprint back to my room
>before closing door i peek out to look at window imagining i'll spot a murderer smiling at me or some shit
>Pitch black
>Censor light hasn't turned on...
It stays on for a good 30 seconds when triggered
>I slam my door shut, barricade it, play video games till sunrise
>Walk outside to check the censor light
>Thing hasn't been touched, so no one has turned the censor around, still facing the main entrance

After this i didn't experience anything else than feeling uneasy every night, dealing with a lot of nightmares and eventually moving out.

That's my story.

classic sasquatch.

also, could have stood in the field since before snow started, making footprints magically "appear"

So you got the house at 17?
I wish, my mom decided to pay for it till i was 18, so i could move out and find an apartment myself
- So in theory it was my own house yes.

my dad lives in a priest's house that's attached to a church. i should tell some stories from that fucking place. think being all holy n shit would keep weird stuff out but naaaaah
File: Arizona Killer.png (221 KB, 1348x2320)
221 KB
221 KB PNG
>used to live in a ground floor one bedroom flat
>not a bad area really, super quiet street at night
>bedroom is pretty small, just enough room for a double bed, bedside table, and a unit for my tv. Bed is under the window, but its ok I just sleep on the other side anyway
>live on the corner with a huge hedge around the front garden so plenty of privacy
>laying in bed one night on my laptop, just lurking on 4chan with netflix on in the background
>the week before I grabbed my curtains and broke some the rings so they are a bit wonky, keep having to reach over and rearrange them so there isn't a gap letting in light from the lamp post outside spoiling my shitposting
>about 2am, thinking about getting ready to sleep, realise light is getting back through, curtains must have flopped open again
>lean over to shut them and glance out of the ~1 inch gap
>a fucking eyeball looking straight at me through the curtains
>tactically shit myself and get such a huge adrenaline dump that I just freeze and can't even hear the tv over the sound of my heartbeat in my ears
>just stare at it for about 5 straight seconds [spoiler]felt like about a full minute though, I was absolutely terrified[/spoiler]
>finally move to grab my knife from the drawer
>hear my gate open as I throw the window open
>hear someone sprint passed the hedge, don't get a good look.
>proceed to staple curtains closed and sit with all the lights on all night

I am sure it was just someone out looking for an open window for easy things to steal, but jesus fucking christ every time I open my curtains now at night to have a cigarette out the window I get a little jolt of adrenaline.

pic unrelated.
Kind of late and I browse /x/ infrequently, but I've actually heard tales of people experiencing something similar to a banshee meeting during sleep paralysis. Usually by people who have somehow never heard of a banshee because they don't read books, I guess. One of the last spooky stories thread I was in actually had 2~3 of the same banshee sleep paralysis story. I thought it was neat.
Kind of sounds like the Silence. Also reminds me of a really really fucking old gif(that I always assumed was fake or from some shitty movie) of some creature walking up the road.
Nah. The familys moved down south more.
>Is your parents' home haunted?
maybe, i used to play with a ouija board there when i was young, weird shit happened, most blocked out
>Can't you block/lock the window?
yep working on it
shut up, satan
Work for a government agency. Job is unimportant. Agency is unimportant. Will just say I was in a position to get a glance at a file or two. There's a fuck ton of bureaucracy where I work, so seeing some seal for a department you don't recognize isn't odd, seeing no seal at all is what sets off alarm bells.
For the sake of protecting my country's interests, I wont say out and out WHAT the document in question said, but here's something I'm hoping can lead you to it:
>Who is Maher al-Kadhami?
>Saddam founded what ministry during the Iran-Iraq war?
>Who was KK?
>Who did he know?
>What was his gift?
>What happened to this gift?
>Why is it that the United States has only increased spending on local "advisers" such as Imams in the middle east?
>What pest infestation is reportedly on the rise?
>Is the rise in PTSD among U.S. troops because of better understanding of it? Worse wars? Or perhaps something else?
>What courses does Baghdad University offer?
Go make your own RP thread.
holy fuck this is probably one of the best things I've read on here in a while.

Holy hell thats fucking horrifying. Something to consider: how do you know that wasn't the first time they watched you and it was just the first time you noticed? They could have watched you fap dude. Excellent thread btw guys, shit like this is why I come to /x/
New thread >>20019364

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