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If you could break the anomaly would you? And how would you do it?
p-please respond
sorry what are you talking about?
Uh to strengthen each other we must uh like you know experience more.
I think lak this maybe...idk.
To be fragile means a lot of things can hurt you. I want to protect the fragile by strengthening them for the trials ahead.
All these things these hobbies and daily lives we lead are like distractions keeping us sated until the inevitable awakening. I'm getting sick of all of it, but I don't want an apocalypse, I don't want anyone to get hurt, so I'll slowly lead the fragile down the right path. I'll continue to sit here and do nothing, and poeple have the choice to follow.

How to break the cycle though?
You've got two choices here, Anons.
1. Worship me
2. Don't and watch as I rule over Everything.
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>hey look a being that can't be defined
>it may or may not be some kind of god
>it warps reality at will
Anyone ever looked into deep fart theory and the others thing I'd
STOP worrying
STOP being overcome
I am Anon the Anomaly I'm pretty neat. Ask Me anything then I'll haunt you Also post sigils and pics for me to fuck with chosen Ones
The only way to break the anomaly is to achieve god-like power
Or you know, call his mom gay
I'll see you, /x/
You don't break the Anomaly.
The Anomaly breaks you.

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