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The point of the universe is to have fun

When you are having real, inspired fun, you make good things happen automatically

The "rational" world created by "intellectuals" is what keeps us trapped in 3D
Worse than frogposters or luxposters.

No, nothing keeps you trapped but yourself.
100% accurate thr sky is clesring for sll the worlds to connect
File: -RPaOtMYp8E.jpg (15 KB, 236x242)
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Well, about that...

I'm talking more on the collective-mind sense


Love everyone, and tell the truth

A bit better, I guess
File: qtP6KoH.jpg (95 KB, 550x717)
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the point of the universe or life is living, experiencing life

fun/happiness is god
the closer you are to god or your true self, the happier you'll be

but we are here just to experience
File: jinxlol.gif (821 KB, 253x253)
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everything's a joke, zoe posters/players are on the bad end of the absurd spectrum that is realty.
This is literally illuminati champ.
I just never had wakeup call on league until this. I was so shocked that I missed all the symbols and imageries. Look at new runes all seeing eyes everywhere. Egypt references for shurima. And satanic skins and skillshots for numerous champs. Zoe was the unconditioning point thanks to his(hes a trap!) 6 hand sign on his right eye. Fuck riot. No wonder I couldnt quit this game. They did bunch of spells and black magic. Even after I quit I can never really quit as I just delete and redownload over and over again. Have been doing that for years. Delete take 8 months break download back this constant loop. Im unranked last time I tried rank i was b3. Fuck this shit game.
But for some goddamn inconceivable unreasonable reason I come back again and again. I cant quit this game. So Sad.
Because everytime i come back even if i take break up to a year, i somehow improve when i redownload like wtf?
Im sure now I can get to silver if i try rank.
1st download - under lvl20 feeder
2nd download - usually feeding on enemy under lvl30
3rd download - best in my allies plus good playmaking lvl30
4th download - ripped in rank games unranked
5th download - lost too many games during 4th so b3 even though i won more
Got a real taste of hellenger
6th download - played unranked and winning streak on rank but unranked more fun
7th download - unranked too easy need to play ranked, keep winning
8th download - OHHHHH SHiT i can make decent plays in unranked i need to play ranked (you are in uni bitch)
9th download - i cant fucking quit this game WHYYYYY i should play ranked i know im silver.
You suck.
I left League for four fucking years, came back two months ago and still managed to get into Silver 2, you Bronzie.
Anyway I was able to play against max level-fully runed people when I first started to play League... shit was easy as I came from DotA :)
So... git gud, or leave the game, or both, i don't know.
I think riot drugs us visually with their skillshots and sound effects. Its impossible that I stick around and come back to this game again and again after swearing oaths to not play games again telling myself it is degenerate. I never had this kind of problem with other games like starcraft for example captivated me but i never had problems of quitting for life. Riot conspiracy general now. I know they are devil worshipping scums. Just look at all their demonic skins and all seeing eyes spammed everywhere. Now they are pushing lgbtq agenda.
File: 1518566121240.jpg (612 KB, 1920x2753)
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I think they're doing it with waifu material, nigger.
But even then I'm just a guy with really weird tastes, I can be playing League like I can be playing WarThunder, KSP or even motherfucking PUBG

Hey nigger then why do you faggots choke on the cock of money bitch

Trap my nuts, ho
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File: guy-debord-9-728.jpg (111 KB, 728x546)
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Absolute Disneyitis

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