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So what kind of Sumerian level of stuff is there in/about North America?

I know there were all those giant skeletons find around 1900 that suddenly disappeared in the Smithsonian, but what else?
very 'Murican
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but what does it MEAN?
A memorial to his father
I'm guessing they shared the hobby of automobile knowledge together?
One sec opie im looking for pyramids in america specific ally the midwest. Im not sure if they were summerian.
Some scholars say, it was a secret ground where ancient americans sat and masturbate each other thinking in guns and people made famous for being stupid.

An timeless ritual that is still practiced to this day.
>one sec
>1 hour ago
damn, you in a time warp or something?

Anything from this guys channel super interesting talks about ancient Roman artifacts in the Americas and Alexander the Greats tomb being in Ohio
Donald, it doesn't seem feather has reached you yet.
I will adjust the aim of my crystal.

if you live in nh/ma, there's float tanks in Somerville MA, fairy rings near Newburyport and Lowell, and a magical tree too.
if you're in Nh there's a vipassana temple offering free meditation in the woods with plants and free tea, twice a week in Newbury.
There's also the Soleil salt caves in Exeter NH, an indoor salt cave shop.
You can go in for an hour and sit in a vault made of about twenty tons of rock salt.
it clears skin diseases with several visits, apparently.
closer to west coast?
go visit holy mountains.

you have to understand there are places where you can just hang out with spiritually ascending people, and just soak in brilliant insight.
i smoke cigarettes in church/temple atmospheres, it's unreal.

people don't like my posting styles, I've already been banned twice from 4chan.eyyyy'
come on guys, i just want to make friends.
i lurked long enough, im not afraid to climb off the chair and try typing to strangers.
are namefags not recognized in other threads?
force mysticism, hermetic magician, ichigo, I feel chasisted.
I will wander until the talking gets good.
til then, count on seeing the ol' wounded druid in other places.
File: csgod2_spawnfloor.png (1013 KB, 1090x478)
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1013 KB PNG
i posted this csgo picture to the /3d photo board and people are like wtf?
basically the same responses as /x/ before i made a few jumbo threads, got on a divination board and was told by one of the named diviners that i am ascending.

this is an almost paranormal level of detail found in d2 on csgo.
on low quality graphics might i add. absurd.
dude, hermetic, force, i need ascension downloading.
i need to leave the earth, my body is failing.

Understand anon-kun.you can explore anywhere.
but if you're not with people, and you're suffering, it's your mental need for escape.
especially if your body is not destroyed like mine.

colossal whammy, x3

you can come see me near portsmouth/maine area.
there's a watering hole called the black cove.
I knew a druid named Ryuu Kaichi who needed a ride there once.
He taught me a lot, and I pass on my teachings.

Do they even still have those? Have they been verified?
Asking 'bout the gigantic skeletals.
They got disappeared and are currently denied any existence or involvement with.
>https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=X71cBqhXrTA [Embed]
>Anything from this guys channel super interesting talks about ancient Roman artifacts in the Americas and Alexander the Greats tomb being in Ohio

It was an hoax.


Burrows Cave
A Modern Hoax


More Complications

The matter of the Cave's provenance is further complicated by the colorful background of some of the people whose names have become attached to it. Writer Rick Flavin wrote a column about a fellow named Frank Collin, best known as the neo-Nazi who attempted to organize a march through predominantly Jewish Skokie, IL in the 1970s. In the article Flavin touched on the subject of Burrows Cave and the apparent relationship between Frank Collin (who is no longer a neo-Nazi but has picked up a new vocation as a "new age" icon and writer while operating under the pseudonym "Frank Joseph") and Russell Burrows. Collin is an editor for Ancient American magazine, a glossy, non-scholarly publication that publishes numerous articles in support of diffusionist theory (it is also the only national magazine to publish any articles about the Cave). Several of the magazine's publishers and staff are members of a fringe sect of Mormons who, according to mainstream members of the LDS Church, are a "bunch of loons making the rest of us look bad." (message from Ben Spackman, July 2003).

I think it came from 2 guys spending time in prison together and cooking the scam there.
Beside, all the artifacts look like fakes made in a hurry by a 12y old.
When KC was up we had this image spammer that kept talking about Nebraska and some sort of artifact/engraved rock.
Looks like I don't have the Google-Fu I used to, cause I can't find it.
The Serpent Mound, created in 321 BCE.
Frank Collin


Also in 1977, Koehl's NSWPP began a campaign in their paper White Power about Collin's father being Jewish, including publications of what they stated were Max Simon Cohn's naturalization papers. Collin and the NSPA leadership continued to deny the claim and said the images were fakes.

During this time, according to Jeffrey Kaplan, Covington found pictures in Frank Collin's desk that linked Collin to pedophilia. In what Kaplan describes as a play for power in the organization, Covington and the other NSPA members turned the evidence on Collin over to the police. After Collin was arrested, Covington took over leadership of the NSPA and moved the headquarters from Chicago to North Carolina.

A 1980 article in The New York Times reported that "Frank Collin was expelled from the American Nazi Party for illicit intercourse with minors and the use of Nazi headquarters in Chicago for purposes of sodomy with children. The report indicates that the Nazis "tipped" the police who arrested Collin. Collin was convicted of child molestation and sentenced in 1979 to seven years in prison at the Pontiac Correctional Center. He served three years.

Something's really wrong when the Nazis call the police on you lol
Yea, Ohio has a ton of cool shit. That Serpent Mound is in Ohio and is the world's largest Snake Effigy, created just one year after the death of Aristotle in Greece. There's also similar effigies created in Scotland and Ontario.

All kinds of shit. I have seen some seriously crazy stuff in my dive down the internet rabbit hole. Look into the satellite scan of the Amazon rainforest showing that underneath all that jungle are endless stone structures like a man-made metropolis. Almost like the jungle was grown on top of it for some reason.

you can still find the news articles on the discoveries online, but the smithstonian has covered everything up like the CIA niggers they are. They don't want us to know our true history because it makes us realize how bleak we live our lives under their oppression right now.
File: IndianaJ.jpg (5 KB, 344x147)
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The Grand Canyon.
Cahokia, an ancient city in Missouri dated 1050–1350 CE.
Looks comfy.
File: mammoth-cave.jpg (44 KB, 550x366)
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Mammoth Cave in Kentucky, the longest cave system in the world.
the dead ancien tcanal builders .com

achieved version
lots of mounds all up and down the mississippi
File: 1525485201848.jpg (120 KB, 796x600)
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120 KB JPG
ah yes
the giants and descendents of anak
who still bore the stature of adam and eve
that chart is fake AF
u seem autistic
The Mound Builders
Cahokia (related), an Amerindian city the size of Paris, at the time one of the largest in the world c 1000 AD
Poverty Point, mounds from ~2500 years earlier
Rune stones predating our date for European arrival in the US in Mass, Minn, Oklahoma, and elswhere
Great Serpent Mound in Hillsboro, OH
Underground cities beneath Death Valley and Grand Canyon?
Winnemucca Lake Petroglyphs are more than 10,000 years old
The Pedro Mountain Mummy, WY
The Blythe Intaglios, N. Americ's Nazca Lines
Roman coins were found in Texas at the bottom of an Indian mound at Round Rock. The mound is dated at approximately 800 AD. Similarly, an experienced botanist has identified plants in an ancient fresco painting as a pineapple and a specific species of squash – both native to the Americas. The fresco is in the ruined Roman city of Pompeii.
Bonus (not N. America, but giant related)
Tihuanaco, an ancient sea port, 2.5 miles above sea level...
Should get you started OP
>t. retarded

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