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Last night dated 6/14/2018 at around 4 AM ish I started to hear what I can only really describe as soft typing, not sure if its exactly what I mention but that is the best way I can describe this sound. I thought that it were the neighbours at first but after it went on and on I convinced myself it was impssible, it wasnt hard typing sounds it was soft typing sounds and it started to freak me out. I then convinced myself it was just some nature sounds as I live in a rural area kept thinking to myself I would only even consider it being out of the normal if it stopped, and just like that after what could have been 15 minutes of shivering in my bedsheets it stopped. I could have sworn the sounds were coming from the room next to where I was sleeping where there's a laptop.

What happened afterwards might sound super cliche but this is what followed, you know those random house noises that houses make just because they are houses, I raelly dont know how to describe them as they are very normal, well afterwards I heard some of these common noises comming from the attic, my attic is no habbitable space, its dusty, very small and not accessible without making a huge noise removing a wooden slab and bringing a ladder.

After that it was just silent.

I am a person who doesnt really belive in this sort of things but I dont have the guts to cross it off as nonsense.

The only real spooky thing that happened to me other than this in this house was 4 years back when I started hearing sounds and noises and I didnt know where they were comming from for the whole night I covered myself with sheets and could sometimes hear them get closer and louder.

any help or theories as to why this happened? I am unexperienced in this type of matter and would like to know if anyone has ever had any simmilar experiences, I am not explicitly scared but I am "spooked out" a little.

Thanks for reading
Something wicked this way comes. Just don't be afraid. Know that you can't be influenced by these entities, so long as you remain clear headed.
One time I was house sitting for my great aunt, and I think it was the second or third day I was there I woke up to typing. It sounded just like my keyboard and it freaked me the fuck out because it sounded like it was coming from the room itself. Turns out the material from the window sill made that exact same sound when it was raining. So, not trying to be a dick but... was it?
Mice? They often sound bigger than you might think.
Possibly ghost mice.
ghost mice? lmao
not discarding anything just thought it was spooky enough to post here desu
maybe im just freaking out but I clearly wrote "desu" instead of desu tf
Demons prolly playing fortnite, shit's addictive my dude
T b h changes to desu lmao

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