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Hello, it´s Dreaminterpretation time.
Give me your LAST dream, if its not, at least say it. Write it short, no novels or big stories.
Plain,simple but vivid and with detail.

What I need from you:
>Feeling during dream >Occured (e.g. right after i went to sleep,after i woke up, during a nap and so on)
>Dream itself
>https://www.storyboardthat.com/ (optional if you want a faster read, but not needed. If you use it, you will be prioritized)

Use the Website to give me more visuell content.
I know, under some circumstances, it´s not possible to create it there.

Dreams from the last thread can be reposted, if there was no interpreation.
Do not beg for being read.
Be nice, stay classy.
fear, anger, despair
before waking up after 10hour sleep in the afternoon after a week with 3hrs sleep per day (working nightshift)
former friend of mine meeting with an ex of mine, the whole situation was like we would be a group of (just) friends but they both dont know each other
kinda a crack into some classtrip scenario were I piss in the sink and recognize I didnt bring clothes for change just right before some asshole starts murdering people.
classmates change to fanily members and i am suddenly on the top floor, he kinda stabs my leg when I try to escape through the window.
I go along a railway looking for help, meet some "community" who seem to live in a old railway station. they just make fun of me, telling me I shouldnt be such a big pussy.
someone comes to help me finally, cant remember who
I wake up
I had a dream I was lying in my bed listening to a song on my phone simply titled 'BORED' and I was just scrolling through the comments which had images attached I didn't particularly like, eventually I felt this weird overwhelming feeling and when I closed my eyes I could see a white hole near the top of my forehead exuding shadows, I then had some kind of PSI battle or some shit which was represented by blue and red lines in front of a transparent photoshop background and I think I was blue and I won cause I decided that all I had to do was imagine winning.
I then woke up feeling like I hadn't woke up from sleep naturally more like I woke up out of discomfort plus I already was experiencing a hangover.
>confusion, fear, exhaustion
>right after i went to sleep at about 1am

I was walking up a flight of stairs, one floor after the other. an exiting door is on each floor to, of course, leave the stairwell. after walking up a few more flights of stairs, I realize that I'm in a dream. as soon as I realize this, I look up at the glowing red EXIT sign above a door and saw the text become unintelligible. then, I start to feel woozy and like I'm being weighed down by something as if I'm carrying a heavy backpack.
at some point when struggling to walk up these stairs, I wake up. I try to get up, but I feel stuck to the bed. I realize that I'm still dreaming. a few minutes of freaking out later, I wake up again. this time, I'm able to move. I get up to use the bathroom, but when I get there, there's nothing in there. it's just a dark, empty void. every other room in the house is like this, even my parents' bedroom. I start freaking out and screaming, but no sound is coming out of my mouth.
I wake up for real this time. this was my first lucid dream and I pray it never happens again
Confusion, anxiety, fear.

I was preparing to step off and lead a squad-sized element of Marines on a patrol. When we were about to start doing pre-combat inspections they kept physically disappearing every time I took my eyes off of them, from one second to another they were just gone, leaving behind their weapons and packs. One by one, distractions, double checking the EDL, making sure I had my maps organized, securing my radio, double checking my headcount for the patrol, every little thing that took my eyes off of those men caused them to vanish. I looked to my platoon Sgt. and he just kind of shrugged his shoulders at me, and told me to find my Marines. He told me we were stepping in twenty minutes so wherever they went I had to find them. I couldn't tell him what had happened, that they had just disappeared into thin air because I knew it would make me look like I was losing my mind.

I picked as many of their packs and rifles up as I could and carried them around the FOB, calling out for them, no one knew where they were. Everyone was acting like nothing was wrong, like maybe I was crazy.

When I woke up I was actually sleepwalking around my house, looking for men that weren't there.
>Before somewhat sulky. had a good day but regretful
>during sleep good
>after waking, disgusted and disappointed

Dream went somewhat smoothly. I was inside a house, white exterior with light colored interiors and full sunlight. I was just roaming around, received a call from old irl friend, went to meet her but I never went out of the house. I remember just further seeing her and 2 other friends inside my home. She cooked something, I helped and we ate and we watched TV. Then suddenly, turns out we are married, 2 of the friends who were in the home just disappear and I dont try and find them. We do normal husband wife stuff, I hug her from back, she slaps spoonful of flour on my face. Usual shit. Now a scene of outside of house which is in a desert in the middle of nowhere. Next, she has turned into some other person I have never seen before irl. Its like a mix face. Lights in the house go off, storm and dust storm develops and skies go brown with sand. I run out of house door and get stuck in sand. This new person who has appeared in the house dissolves in sand storm and I fall down into a dark hole. As i see light, i see dream wife's face but she also evaporates and in the next thing I remember, I am very slim and startved and cannibalizing bodies of those 2 other friends. Finally I get on fire and burn alive.

woke up all sweaty in freezing cold. overslept and it was January 1. I was not drunk and went out to a non party that day. This was my last dream. I wrote it down since it was so strange
Welcome back!
Adore and fear
>Repeating my own dream of escaping obstacles
>see tall shadow with glowing eyes
>decide to change path and go left door instead of exiting
>the thing saw me and I ran towards the exit
>look behind
>its a very cute cgi monkey
>get out together
>someone is trying to kill us both
>hide monkey in restroom
>gather information and go upstairs in the restroom with monkey whos now a regular ape
>see 2 giant apes on a bridge
>im now a spectator
>2 people appeared and tried to negotiate
>ape went inside a classroom but got taunted
>left jumped on the giant apes while they tried to stop him
File: QTlizzt.jpg (209 KB, 2880x2160)
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209 KB JPG
sad scared
This dream took place during an afternoon nap
So I was walking in the supermarket and saw Anthony Fantano. I saw him eating and picking chocolates straight off the shelves so I knew he didn't pay for it. Anyways I went up and talked to him and we had a good convo ( can't remember the dialog) anyways I was sad cause I knew I was bothering him on some level and scared because he was stealing candy but I also really wanted candy and was thinking about stealing one too and I think I did but one of those cheap hard candies. then I woke up
File: no-mans-land.jpg (64 KB, 718x326)
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Not my last dream since I can't remember it, but I do remember a dream I had a few days ago about war. The dream has 3 distinctive stages. You can pick any stage to interpret.

>Confused, Calm, Scared/Hesitative
>Right after I went to sleep

I met 3 people, 2 guys and a girl. For some reason I felt compelled to become their friends, after messing up my first time I somehow reversed time and kept trying to befriend them until I succeeded. Then afterwards I teleported into a balcony looking over an audience. The 3 people apparently were in a band, and they played the song Creep by Radiohead, in the middle of the song a clown entered the room and started terrorizing the crowd of people. I reversed time. jumped down the balcony, and stopped the clown from coming in, he ran away after I showed up. The crowd cheered at the end of the song and the 3 friends I made were crying happily. Stage 1 of my dream ends.

I suddenly wake up in a bus, I see Donald Trump in the bus with me, then I look outside the window and all I can see is dry land, with 3 concrete buildings in the distant. I teleport into a field with 20 other people, we were all in uniform doing training exercises. We do jumping jacks in sync and that's it. Stage 2 of my dream ends.

I teleport into a mud field. I feel confused about what's going on, it's raining and it's pitch dark, I can barely see anything.I later realize I'm an American soldier hiding in the mud with an M14. I then decide to crawl towards a nearby sandbag fortress. But then I see a bunch of Japanese citizens running away in fear. For some reason I decided to throw a grenade towards them, and use my M14 to shoot them, but my shots were inaccurate. I felt bad after killing them, but I continued towards the fortress which was 30-40 meters away. I get to the fortress and ask my Lieutenant for my next orders. Apparently I was in a fight between the British and the Japanese. I then wake up from my dream. It felt real, all of it.

You will think about how your former friend and your ex could get along. But you know, they both make you pretty aggressive.

You will get very aggressive and this will cause a situation where you will loose money because of that.

Troublesome times are about to happen and people around you ( who you tell about this story) are making fun of you on how you have handled the situation with your aggressiveness and your friends...

There is an upcoming illness . Its because you let yourself into these feelings of doing nothing.

You have to fight and do the right thing if you don´t want to get ill

fighting for the right thing starts in your mind.and you have to say it to yourself.
I don't know what the right thing is
I just had a weird dream where I was with a girl I don't particularly like and we was in a place I have been before in a dream but it doesn't exist. I've been there many times and can describe in detail, though I don't know if the location means anything
Whats the girls name?
Last week I dreamed that my parents were aliens in disguise.
>Occured yesterday after pulling an all-nighter, I tried to stay awake but I ended up crashing from 4PM to like midnight
An old friend from high school was over at my house (we talk occasionally on facebook IRL but not so much lately). He was sitting on the couch in the living room and I was looking down at him from the second floor.
Music was playing and we were talking about The Strokes (he said they were lame and I defended them, IRL he loves The Strokes). Eventually the song "The Sad Skinhead" by Faust starts playing. My friend gets super excited about it.
Sometime during all this I go from being on the second floor to standing in the living room next to my friend.
Last night consisted of two dreams coinciding each other between bathroom breaks. While i fell asleep invisible men, and wisps, danced devils in my eyes and corners of my vision. I went to sleep very weary and condoning. Whatever was to happen to me would be in my sleep.
>amphetamines iv and up for three days,days time for sleep.
>im feeling tired.
>aliitle unnerved that ive got two jinn dancing )moving( in both sidededs of my visual area.
>so imA little unshufftled, and ready for the dreamland encounter
>thedream took place in my room ) the iving troom of the two bedroom apartment flat i rent ( ]slc[ im in my bed and the silence from Doctor Who are there.
>standingnext to my bed
>overwatching my dreamworld
>theytouch me and i honestly dobt have any feeling besideds confidence in what was about to take place
>silence tries 15 times a 5 minute dream
>A repeated dream that involves them having “supreme order and say”
>i began feeling confident
>they would not restart and restaret and restart my game if something wasnt going wrong
>i grow weary of their haunt. I am sick of the same dream over and over.
>silencefell in my house.
>i saw a weakness in them and
>i felt great confidence in their failure.
>thedream was a close up of one and he would tell me things i chose to forget.
>over and over i x on these futile antagonists
>they finally retreat. Stop touching me, and head out to their ]retreat, ?reangage[
>they, who write themselves out of the great book of life see, i am something
>i amsomething
> i wake up with no rest, completely baffled as to why i drempt like that

You see that bight they were showing up in the quarterview of my eyes on videos and photos i looked at on my computer. Then the Overwatch engaged me physically. I guess that thats what they do anyways. The whole recognition and remember, is too hard to figure out. Whether they exist or not i dont really know.
>felt entirely confident.
Something came to me

Age 30+
Dream was calm but someone was there

A black man with dark freckles. Problem was he wasn't dark skinned but completely white with a black guys facial structure and freckles. Picture Morgan Freeman as a white man
Anyway. This black guy was the controlling factor in my life

He gets to make the decisions where my mind or life goes.
Let me add some details to that. I dreamed I was visiting my grandma's place, and we were just getting ready to leave. Me and my siblings were waiting outside by the family car, and we all started wondering what was holding up our parents.

I decided to go see what problem was, and soon as I opened the door I noticed all the lights were off, except for the one in the kitchen. As entered the kitchen my parents and my grandma were just standing around and talking in hush tones, and then turned their attention to me as soon as they noticed me.

And then I noticed their eyes were all black, and they didn't quite look human. I stumbled back and hurried towards the still open front door, but they grabbed me a few feet from the door. their touch partial paralyzed me, greatly affecting my movement and greatly nullifying my speech. All I could do was make a weak barely audible cry for help as they pulled me into the darkness, either to turn me into a drone or replace with some duplicate.
File: clearing.png (957 KB, 820x600)
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957 KB PNG
>12 (At the time)
>Not my last dream, happened right after my childhood friend's open-casket funeral.

>Had a dream where I was in a circular meadow or clearing surrounded by forest
>pic related, was something like that
>With my family on the outskirts of the clearing, the clearing was not that large, maybe 50m across
>Can see other families and friends around the perimeter of the meadow
>I can see my friend who's funeral I just attended
>He comes to us and we hug and I tell him its so good to see him
>Sister hugs too as she was good friends with him too and parents say hi, might have been a big group hug, dont remember that much
>after saying hello to our family im pretty sure he went to the family to our right, cant remember that much
>wake up or dont remember much after that point

i like to think that he visited me in my dream to say one last goodbye, but i know its probably just my brain coping with the fact that he died, but i would like to see another interpretation and opinion
Nothing at first, then fear.
I am nude in a white space. I notice I have a third nipple near my left armpit. Its swollen and very red. I touch it a little and some small white bubbles start going out. Then some blood. Then the flow of blood increases dramatically and I realize that I'm dying of blood loss. I try to stop the flow with the hands but it keeps going. Then I start to feel weak and begin to fall down. Am very scared at this point but I wake up.
i drift in and out sleep sometimes and happened between times i was awake

i was on a date with this girl , my friends sister if thats important, for the date we went to my grandparents house and alot of people i knew were there. the girl wanted to leave so my aunt said she would take her home , in the dream my aunt drove an suv and she dosent in reality, we went up stairs to say goodbye to everyone and my aunt took her home while i stayed . i went down stairs and found some stuff she left .
>nervousness, anger, frustration
>I was projected/flung into the house of someone I've encountered in dreams before.
>I don't know why I was in their house but they saw me and ran after me with a liquor bottle.
>I turned around and as they were getting close to me and about to smash the bottle, I distinctly remember either slapping or punching them in the face, which made them freeze or almost glitch out, like they had never had to deal with someone fighting back before.

I also kept getting this feeling of money or some kind of heightened social status while in the house.
I know that this person has some kind of psychic tether or attachment to me,.
Shame, Despair, Anger

I’ve been having dreams where I’m back in middle/high school. I’m always missing classes or I have failing grades because I’ve been gone from school. This really freaks me out because I’m a senior in college and I always get confused as to why I’m back in grade school.

This time I was in middle school again and I was missing my schedule for my classes. From the way things were going I was probably going to be held back.

I called in a bomb threat because I was pissed. Nobody knew it was me but the teachers asked me for help to catch whoever was responsible. They had me setting up IEDs in the hallways. I remember planning their placement in a manner where I could actially take out the whole school instead of catching one student.

Then I left the school and people started chasing me. I had to hide myself in the snow. A bunch of swat officers were all over the place but they couldn’t find me. Then the dream ended.
>feeling during
dunno, neutral to happy/content
Before I woke up
>dream itself
I was with a bunch of people(I forget now) and came across a house(kinda Victorian style like I like). There was a little patio off to the side with a table with an umbrella coming out of the middle and a couple chairs. On one of the chairs was a kid I knew was 10 years old some how. I "interacted" with the kid, but didn't really talk because there were no words exchanged. Suddenly I realized it was actually my kid. Never saw his face.

Then I woke up and was kind of ashamed because I started thinking about how I would feel if my kids could see the sad state my life is in right now.

Also, I'm a virgin so there is no way I have some kid floating around out there.
I desperately want to sit and have a couple drinks with you. You seem fun.
I was on a house on a hill, my family was there. I looked out to the back porch to see Russian block style apartments burning in the valley below.
We looked to the TV, there was a news article playing
It was drone footage from the Devils Tower in Wyoming, it had been destroyed and dust covered the area
You could see shadows moving in the dust/fog
Something took out the drone and the news cast ended.

Second part. I was sitting in the kitchen of my grandmothers house looking outside.
There was suddenly a forest there and overgrown grass
Grandmas house was completely dark, no lights on
The house across the road had their lights on.
My cousin was behind me on a laptop looking at something
I went to the window in the front of the house
Saw what looked like greyhounds but sew’d back together really shitty and darker run from the forest and ram themselves into the house
I heard gunshots and the breaking of glass
They rammed themselves hard enough to break through the siding and the front door
More gunshots, then silence.
I felt a sense of hopelessness
That shit fucked me up for a few days
This was just a part of a very long and detailed dream, but it was by far the most interesting.

Group of aboriginal people come out of a nightclub onto the street. They have white paint on them, some of them are old and fat.
They form circles consisting of 4 aborigines on the outside dancing, and one on the inside.
The one on the inside pops his head up through a piece of paper, in the dream I understood this to symbolise birth.

Any ideas?
File: 1529784922369.png (102 KB, 236x213)
102 KB
102 KB PNG
Male (male)
>Feeling during dream
After I woke up one morning and went back to sleep
>Dream itself
I was at a public pool with my family and some guy announced he had Hepatitis C before cutting his arm and jumping in the pool. I was the only person who was worried about it, everybody else stayed in the pool.

pic unrelated

Your current situation gets better and better, so you are planning on making your own rules. You will have your own idea on how to plan your next time.

Even if you are having a good time,difficulties will now make your everyday life harder.

You will have a good time, but it will be more diffcult now to make it better.

You will miss a chance to stop this and because of that, an illness will compromiss you.

There will be another chance to get this illness off you... but you can´t take it.

The option for healing is gone. Bad days are about to happen.
You will loose your mind and cry for help but nobody will come.

You can pray, but it won´t be heard. You had your chance to live by rules and you took the wrong path.
Change this one since I had another one again
>remember dream from the past thats about a cult
>everyones evacuating the building
>follow a few people entering a secret room to avoid it
>grocery store
>zombie apocalypse
>people are after me
>go through vents
>sadistic zombie fuck squashed my rib
>apply something cold on it
>as I try to escape things get bloodier and filled with zombies
>people pretending to be one doesent try to help me
>prayed and sang so I can wake up

A situation that looks pretty nice and promising, will lead you to an old friend. Another 2 people and her are now in a conversation. She wants to know if she can trust anybody of you...

It looks right and the time you people have spend together was ok.

A marriage could be an option... its seems to be nice and the compliance would be good.

Sadly, she is not really the person she is telling you. There will be times of renunciation and she wants to start a fight about who is the culprit.

There will be no answer on how this ended up like this.

You will flee from this situation and there will be no money left for you to overcome this situation without huge difficulties.

You will have now a really bad time with alot of bad days and very low money.

You have thought this could be the best that would ever happen to you, you will beg your friends to help you out. They will help but not without a good argueing.

After this hard time, you will rush on decisions to stop this misery. A good friends from your past will be a very good partner for you now.

Since you said this happened on january 1. The whole story is about to end. You are currently aft the point where you want to end this relationship.

You have a hard time to identify yourself with a well known person. If they are not really following rules, is it right to follow their steps because they came so far?

You will struggle on moralic views if its right to follow other people even if you know its against the law, espacially, when it comes to fun...

You will try out the best way to be friends with a couple of people you barely know. It will end well.

You wanna show yourself on how nice you are, to get the attention of those new made friends. They are very very harmonic in their friendship.

An unknown person who is a trickster but known as a pretty good friend will try to cause problems... but you know it way before he is able to make a move.

Second stage:

With the power you inhibit, you think about the poverty and how politics could end this... but you know, the rules and the boundings of the government won´t let this happen... You will get to know this very well.

Stage 3:

As times get a bit more rough and you are saddened, you need more discipline to get through it. Your situation is bound to the rules of a higher status person. You will do as he will tell you what do, but you will understand that it will go against your moralic views. You see it as your duty.

Do you allow for lengthy dream descriptions? I usually record my dreams and the ones that interest me are usually very lengthy in how I describe them. I'd prefer to just copy and paste my descriptions already typed out
can't remember how I felt, this dream is from some time ago. I can't remember my most recent dream as well as this one though

>I remember everything was tinted green. Two small islands float above a lake surrounded in fog. I am on one island and another person is on the other. There is a huge chain that links
the islands togther but it can only be seen in the reflection of the lake. I knew that me and the other person were suppose to fight, possibly to the death. I don't think the other person knew of the chain though. As I look down at the chain in the reflection of the lake that is very far down I touch the invisible chain.

That's all I remember though, part of me thinks the other guy was already running on the chain but most of me thinks that was not the case
Calm and numb during the dream, tired and slightly irritated after I woke up.

I found myself in my room. I could see a thick white mist through the closed, yet uncovered windows. My mom was silently preparing a meal in the kitchen. I moved to the bathroom and noticed what looked like a tornado in the distance. I was captivated by the sight of it as it drew closer and closer. I wondered if I should alarm my mom about its presence but I couldn't seem to decide. Slowly, I grew cold and still, and there was snow falling on me through the open window.

The tornado and me gazing upon it unable to react is a common theme in many dreams I've had ever since I was a kid, despite me never seeing one up close irl.

An old friend from high school will tell you on how his relationship is slowly getting to an end. He will argue about the harmonic in this relationship is bad. You will argue back that its not that bad.
You have a good point and he is admiring that. He will find a new harmonic path...
File: 09u.jpg (166 KB, 1280x861)
166 KB
166 KB JPG
>Mixed bag of fear, wonder, amusement
>don't remember most of it or any order of it

>at one point was in front of this strange house
>like soem construction going on with boards and holes and stuff
>little boy, kind of resembling myself playing on one of the boards
>there is an abyss beneath these boards
>tell the kid he shouldn't be playing there
>kidfalls but grabs onto one of the boards
>hesitate to help because i dont want to fall
>think to yell for someone to help but unable speak any words because of intense fear
>kid loses grip of board and quickly brabs other board with other hand
>say screw it and move up to help right when he loses grip again and pull him out
>mutter something about being afraaid of heights and he runs off
>at some later point i am walking next to this truck moving down a neighborhood street
>see ball and start to kick it
>truck gorws larger into like a wall thing
>kicking ball like soccerball with some other "things" they were like other people but unidentifiable and had no explainable form
>continue kicking around ball as moving down street
>did some kind of trick and turn to kick the ball at it again and it has dove off
>wake up at some point.

Damn that bitch is ugly

After this time of sorrow and sadness, there will be a new beginning in your life.

You will find peace.
i'm driving in a car to leave a location i commonly go to, however there are two exit paths to choose, either left or right, both paths have different names. there's the sense the decision is important. one path (left) is somehow more well-inclined towards me - i get a sense that in so many meanings and levels and layers, this is the correct path to go and reach this conclusion by connecting the dots using all the information i know. however my companion in the car points out that the other path, the right one, is literally the correct way to go, and the left one leads to the wrong place. i feel embarassment, as though my knowledge may be useless, somewhat indignated, and my companion teases me about me thinking the other way was right.
>This isn't for me, but I was wondering if you can interpret for my gf.
>>age 18
>>gender female
>>dream itself pic related
>regret, warmth, love. nervousness
>after I had woken up in the morning and fell back asleep

I was in my house with my brother and my childhood friend (female). We were all talking about music, and she started talking about Taylor Swift and how she loved her new music. I started berating her for this really hard. Like really really hard. I drove her to crying, and she ran to another room. Instantly I felt the regret. I felt extremely bad.
My parents soon told me that I need to console her because she's threatening to call the police, and they didn't want the police at our house for whatever reason. I went into the room she was in and sat down beside her and scooched in close to her. I apologized profusely and we leaned our heads against each others. We talked a little about things I can't remember, I just remember feeling really warm and nervous. Whatever we were talking about somehow lead to her asking me if I loved her. I asked why she might think that, and she responded with something along the lines of "Because you left your jacket down, I can feel your heartbeat."
Right after she said this my heartbeat became extremely apparent to myself and the feeling of warmth got warmer. It felt super surreal. I said yes, I do love her, and asked if she felt the same. She said yes, and the feelings of love and warmth just kept increasing more and more. Soon we closely hugged, which lead to a kiss. I woke up soon after.
first happy, then sad and angry
before waking up from a 9 hour sleep during a campout
really weird fucking dream, im taking my pet snake, stick, a ball python on a walk in my neighborhood. hes slithering around like a normal snake. My mom is talking to me about how she doesnt like how long hes getting and wants to cut it in half and it can regrow like an earthworm(my mom is not this stupid in real life) and i agree for some reason. Then she cuts it with a kitchen knife and it starts rotting immediately, and i pick it up. it looks at me and starts talking like a human, asking why i would do this, and i start crying, then wake up, feeling really fucking confused.
shoulda mentioned my snakes name is stick, the way i phrased it sounds confusing
Why waste time asking for a dream interpretation when a fucking pleb like me can tell you to just call this friend up and ask her out. ffs, Anon, even I'm not this autistic.
File: 1528821230377.jpg (34 KB, 500x493)
34 KB
I'm no longer in contact with this friend and haven't been for 7+ years. Based retardbro.
I'm sure you can figure something out. When there's a will, there's a way.

What happened you fell out of touch?
You doing vision interpretation as well as I had one that left me horrified and sick and has something to do with an entity I am communicating with.
>terror, confusion
>woke me up at around 11 am
>Was just around the house, when i look out the window at the sky witnessing this massive round object (planet?) dominating the entire sky. It seemed to be approaching the earth rapidly. Upon seeing this object my heart drops into my stomach with panic. I gather with my family and take shelter in the basement. I remember praying and then my family mocking me for doing so. Shortly after everything started to shake like an earthquake, then just a loud boom, which woke me up.

This was last night, also worth noting that i've been having very vivid and intense dreams lately, but this one was the most intense yet, possibly the most intense dream i've had in a long time.
File: NotMyCupOf.gif (693 KB, 659x391)
693 KB
693 KB GIF
Serious concern, dread somewhat. Very frantic feeling
Teeth falling out. Just looking in the mirror freaking out as all my teeth were loose and bleeding. Fell out from rubbing tongue on them. All of them.
Thanks bro
classic dream for when you're concerned about your physical appearance.

There is a slight flirt with your sisters friend. You both will get get into a situation about how family works and how supportive it can be. She isn´t really interested in such stories.

Your aunt will have an idea on how to react to this situation.

You had good intentions first, but you got that she has left some personal belongings.

You will get into a situation where you have to argue about a person that was overacting. He is just mongering and has no idea how to act.
File: cucumber.png (293 KB, 494x385)
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293 KB PNG


wonder, excitement, then turning into severe stress and anxiety at the end

Regular day, sleeping at the usual time

I woke up in a field, not perceiving anything in the field but this giant metal structure. I climb the structure and reach a flat portion near the top, then suddenly the thought that I didn't finish my class assignment pops into my head and it's like finals week in my senior year. Can't think of anything but how much work I need to do and am stressing out like mad. I wake up at some point during that panic attack drenched in sweat face down in my pillow struggling to breathe.
Wacky shit, yo. I finished school like a year ago. This not finishing schoolwork shit pops up every few months desu.
Relaxed nap a while back

My car wasn't working or something so I was hitchhiking. An asian guy stopped and picked me up. It was the second day in a row I hitched a ride with him. I hopped in the passenger seat and he got in the seat behind me to drive. The car was like a boat with an outboard motor. As we drove along the highway, I felt like I was obstructing his view of the traffic and crouched down on the floor.

We stopped at a gas station. As I was perusing the merchandise, I heard the driver asking the clerk if a product had much sugar in it. The clerk laughed at him so he dropped the item and ran off into one of the aisles. I looked down and it was a tin of spam or some other kind of meat. I found the driver looking at the items on a shelf and as I approached, he started frantically telling me how it all has sugar and he can't have sugar. I calmed him and told him that he can have something with sugar but like anything else, it has to be in moderation.

Fucking weird dream. Especially because I don't usually have crazy symbolism in them. They usually feel realistic.

You are currently avoiding to learn. Your priorities are set on what you want... instead of what its needed for you.

Because you are aware that you can´t keep up with the lessons, you will make up a plan which is based on a true story but extremely exaggerated. People won´t notice that its from you, but will be very cautious about it.

This story is made up for catching their attention on your made up story.

You will flee as soon as you are realizing on what you have done. You will act as numb as anyone can to show that you have nothing to do with it.

You will get into a situation which is pretty nice and promising.You will think about how you would see yourself to a family you could have.

Basically, you are worrying on how you could improve your life, if you would support someone.

You will be confronted with a situation where a not known person will bring up a plan that is pretty dangerous. He is filled with energy and wants to see who is getting off this plan when he shows how cautious it can be to follow his advice.
Anxious,drowsy, really scared
I woke up in cold sweats after a horrible dream where I was sitting in my chair and my grandson was standing near me. He wore blue jeans and a blue jumper. I caught his attention and asked if he wanted to know something. He said "Yeah what is it old ma- what is it grandad, tell me." I told the little tike that the secret to my life was a jewel that I had sitting on a small round table next to me, and I warned him that if he touched it I would die, so I repeated to him that he should not touch it.
The kid nodded and said he would not touch it and he went back to staring out of my stained window.
Something, some kind of power, overcame me and I reached out to the jewel and I touched it. Immediately, my whole body started to melt, as if my very bones whittled away and my internal organs and skin fell onto a heap. I saw this from someone's perspective who was standing next to me and my grandson. It was horribly disturbing.

Im pretty sure, you can shorten it.
File: Untitled.jpg (191 KB, 1279x716)
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191 KB JPG

Last dream I had last night, I should preface it that I wrote my intention before going to sleep to have my guardian spirits, guides or higher self reveal themselves to me.

Felt powerful & confident
Had just finished shift at a department store
Went to counter to pay for yoghurt
Kait was there, girl I know IRL, she served me, had to call someone down for something
I went and sat down, a shady guy in a trench-coat came in and was hanging around, Kait sort of notices and goes to go over then doesn't, I'm just watching
Guy pulls out a shotgun from the shelves, shoots it into the air, I leap at him, grab the gun, he shoots me, it clips me on the right side (not much, just a few bits of buckshot)
We fight for a bit, I keep the gun aimed at the ceiling, he keeps getting shots off, eventually, the gun jams, he runs away
I chase after him, find him down in an alley, some people including someone I used to work with have stopped him & tied him up, waiting for police
I go back to store, see Kait, she's ok, she's drying her hair with a store dryer, I make a joke of it
Then she takes a selfie, looks great (I never really noticed her like that physically IRL), I go to leave & she asks me how she's going to get into my room later, I'm like it's ok, I'll be home, but she's like I need to get in, what if you're not there, etc, give her a key, walk down through hardware section, then wake up.

The guy who attacked was pic related from black mirror, if you have seen it you know what his character is like, if not I don't really want to spoil it. The spooky part, about a week ago, I wrote the same intention & had a very similar dream, not the same but similar.

I should add, the similar dream from the week before real brief

I'm a consultant for some potted plants company, I follow this woman around the world looking at the operation, we end up at this big warehouse full of potted plants
I tell her something doesn't add up financially, that someone is running drugs or doing something shady
She backs away, guys with guns appear, guy has a gun behind me and leads me to an open space
there's a noise, he's distracted, I spin around and grab the gun, get clipped on the left side
firefight, ducking in and out of trees, guys are all dressed in black
By the end of it they're all dead (8 - 10), 3 guys run away to another end of the warehouse
I chase after them, they end up on a loading lift, surrounded by civilian workers
I ditch the gun, notice I'm bleeding, confront them anyway
I tell them either we are OK & if not, I will hunt them down and kill them
2 of the guys have no issue with it, the last guy, big fat guy in armor that looks like the cross between a gimp suit & body armor starts talking
"We had a good thing going, then you had to ruin it, you ruined it all", lift starts descending, then I woke up.

Different dream but same intention & same elements
File: 61CsedAjawL.jpg (66 KB, 500x491)
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>feeling during the dream
nervous, but excited
last night, it was probably a few hours ago because I don't remember most of the details
>the dream
I was stuck on an island that I wasn't supposed to be on. I think I was there by mistake. I had to ask some pirates to let me ride on their ship with them. It took some convincing, but they turned out to be really chill guys so they let me hitch a ride with them to my destination. Also I think the leader of the pirates had blue skin.
>felt like a memory, slightly melancholic, slightly confusing
>just before I woke up

I was sent to a camp with many of my friends, many of them from long long ago (elementary and middle school). I remember it being mostly indoors, and the colors seemed a little grey and whatnot (which might explain the melancholic feeling). We were all younger than we are now, (probably middleschoolers) and we were tested by the adults at the camp. It was a weird test. They told us we had to eat a spider frozen in hardened sugar. They placed maybe 20ish spiders on the table of varying size and ugliness. I remember how grey the table was, despite the fact that it was made of wood. I also remember the blindingly bright light from the window, also colorless. The room was cool, not hot or cold. I saw my old elementary school friend take a spider, and I remarked that it was the smallest of the remaining spiders. I went to pick one, and I hesitated with my hand hovering over a small one. I remember thinking "Should I go with the small one that's easy? Or should I challenge myself?", then my hand moved over to a larger, more horrifying and disgusting spider, which I ended up choosing. I went to a table to eat it, but before doing so I just kind of looked at it. It then began to break out of the hardened sugar, it was still alive. I was surprisingly calm about the event, and for some reason it meant I wouldn't have to end up eating a spider, so I was relieved. It didn't attack me or anything, it just kind of wandered off. More stuff happened at the camp, but that's as far as my memory goes.
10/10 wouldn't waste time again lol

thanks, bud

As you grow, you have to learn that you can have a better future in your career.

It´s the fight that you can have the job or the other person.

You both have the chance and its always to the person that can show off it better.

Your argument will start with the need for each other...

Your own issue, is to find out if a situation is dangerous of just common problem. You are not sure if you have the trust of your family and you don´t want to cause any issues with not being able to decide if a situation needs to be overseen by your family or if you can take it alone.

You need to learn to judge better on situations and that you can express yourself better.

You are not alone.
File: 1485102595723.png (384 KB, 866x960)
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384 KB PNG
I had a dream about impending nuclear war. I kept trying to warn everyone about it but they didn't believe me.

What does it mean?
too many happening threads on/pol/
File: 1509823486716.jpg (87 KB, 600x600)
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as a /pol/lack

The other person in the dream was a woman


Feeling: Relaxed into Fear

Ocurred in the middle of overnight sleep

A party at a familiar place, have never been here irl. Possibly lived there, went on the roofed balcony that overlooked the neighbor's house. Distance was about a football away in length. Someone yelled which stirred the neighbor's pet. It comes from around the house, a ferocious bear-like beast wearing a collar attached to a thick chain connected to the ground. Gigantically large, as tall as their two story housr. It called out seemingly angry in our direction. I begin to yell trying to provoke the beast who is now rhythmically tugging at its chain. A few men come out with guns to settle it right as it finally whips its collared chain breaking it. They try to subdue it in failure, dying in the process at which point we run inside terrfied. Im unsure if this happened towards the end of my sleep, i usually dont recollect having dreams especially as visual as this one
bump for OP
I had a dream I was at my old job from 5 yrs ago(theme park) and I was scrambling around trying to find a bathroom cuz I had to take a shit. I was panicking unable to find a bathroom, asking for directions from other workers and following whatever direction they pointed me toward with no luck. I began crapping myself until I finally conceited to diarhea-ing into an empty garbage. Out of nowhere my two yr old daughter was in the back room I was in with me, and I began to notice there was greenish shit all smeared on the floor and she had gotten some of it on her. I saw a worker walk by an open door and yelled for cleaning supplies, panicking about how I was gonna handle the situation and get/keep my daughter clean when I realized I had shit in my mouth. I don’t recall the taste except just being totally disgusted, freaking out, and I woke up having to piss very, very bad. Probably around 3-4 am. Fuckin bizarre and disgusting dream.
aight fuck it
>be me
>go to bed feeling happy
start dreaming
>hop fence at pig farm i used to work at
>find biggest pig there
>old boss who i was really close to is there
>we start chatting
>my whole family shows up
>we have good time
>I walk into my room which is close to farm for some reason
>as im walking out pick up small statue of othinn that has 4 rocks in a small cup part
>almost to door
>entire earth starts to shake and thunder roars
>a rock falls out of cup
>thundering voice says "one will die"
>wake up in cold sweat
sorry its not that format btw

You will get into a situation where you have think about what to do.

The situation itself is complex and you need to figure out what is needed to get further.
Keep a cool head and be focused, because without that, there is a chance you will fall into a misery that could hold on for a while...

One mistake has alread been made.

The situation will get more intense, as you realize on what you could loose...

You will have to put alot of effort to this, if you want to get out of it.

After this situation, you will find yourself integrating into a group and it gets bad.

You don´t want to integrate and do your own thing.

Boundaries will be made...

I tried, but the story is too vague to get you a good read.

I need the place,time and more details on the situation.

Basically its about doing the right thing when it comes to seduction. You need to show her moralic views, so she doesn´t get lured into bad situation. Since she is kinda thrill seeking.

You will get into a situation where your brother and a long lost friend will come together.

The topic is about how harmonic a relationship should be and what it needs to be a partner. You don´t care for these kind of relationship ways.
You will argue her down and tell her that she has false views.

She is extremely mad that you have hurt her feelings and is even willing to seek the law..

An advice will get you to her, to apologize for what you have said. But in order to do that, you need to go to her...

You will get into a conversation where she will reveal why she is loving you.

You gave her money and showed how much you care...

You will get to know each other pretty well after this incident.


This is the future... and the Time window is kinda small. You have to make the first move and you can do it better than argueing about how relationships should look like...
Age: 26

Fear of heights. Always afraight to fall down to the point of being paralised.

Occured before waking up in the morning.

Dream itself:
Be with a good friend and someone else I can't identify on an old property on the roof on what seems to be an industrial building. Climbing on pipes tanks. We are trying to get somewhere, but I don't know where. Now I remember: we were supposed to paint the stuff we were climbing on. Always fear of heights.
In the next moment we are in the buildung and it turns out to be a old farm building like a barn. It is nearly abandoned. My friend, I and the unknown person (I also don't recall his or her face) walk along the barn and talk shop about the equipment in the barn. It has grain processing items and there are also some milkcows left in the barn. Someone tells us they are from a farmer I know. As we walk on we get to a point, were we can't get further. I realise that I've been here before and was able to go further. My friend has the same oppinion. It was like a verranda on the first floor leading between two buildings. It feels like last time I was there I was able to go there. Still the fear of falling down where the verranda was. As we turn back some people down in the yard in a car tell us to leave the property and that we are not supposed to be there. We tell them, we were doing some painting on the roof and they calm down.

Then I woke up.

Now I remember a dream happening right before the last one:
I was in clothes shop looking for something I can't remember. It is really hot in there and the vender tells me the airconditioner doesn't work. As I walk along the shop I see a backdoor half open. I open it and see a cattle stall. I walk in it and a big bull jumps over the grids out of its compartment. (cont. 1/2)
It comes closer and I start petting it. The bull enjoys it, but I can't figure out if it is friendly or wants to harm me, as it pushes me against some other grid. I'm kind of trapped, fearing if I stop petting and scrubbing it, it will hurt me. The feeling during this is a mix between "yeah I got this" and "I am srewed". (2/2)

You are pretty known for your snake and you want to show it off. The problem is... not everybody like snakes. Your mom will tell you that you should give it away now. You want to agree, but you regret that you have agreed on giving it away... and you will ask yourself why you agreed in first place.

You will get into a situation where your future looks pretty bad and you need to act right now. You will ask your family for advice and if there is any trick you can do.

You will belive and pray, but none of your family is a beliver...

Bad news will come and a shock moment will cause huge panic.

Keep praying, even if you were told you are stupid. Next time, do it in private and not infront of anyone.

You really really need to see yourself and how you represent yourself to other people.

Follow rules... don´t be sexually or seducing. No offending words.

You will loose money and health...

You want to seek a new job/career and its a pretty solid but cold job. You have to put alot of effort into it, so that you are able to even get in there...

As you are able to make into the place, you will realize that your experience is extremely low and how much you need to learn in order to fullfill the need of this new job.

The job is very promising...

I'm 26.
Feeling during dream was tense, depressing.
It occurred after I went to sleep.

The dream itself was set in what looked like an old gothic college. Stone masonry, polished wooden doors, windows and furniture. My ex girlfriend and I were taking classes, and I was melancholic because I missed her, but I didn't want to be around her, but she was ignoring me, and she was cold, and it was just all awkward and sad. I did my best to avoid her.

She was seeing a therapist at the college and the dream allowed me to hear and see what they were talking about and doing. She was cold and uninterested in whatever the therapist was saying, since he was over-bearing and obviously falling in love with her. He was reading a paper she had written, and was singing her praises, telling her "That guy(me) is no good for you, and it's great that you've separated yourself from him. Some one like you shouldn't have to deal with somebody who had so many demons following him".

Then she perked up, like life had been added to her eyes again, and she leaned in to the desk towards him and said "You can see them too?". Now, the therapist was just speaking poetically, and not literally, but she took hold of that statement and jumped up from the desk and found a gun somewhere, and set out to kill me. The dream ended with her finding me down a long hallway, and firing three shots at me. I woke up with full-body chills, as if I was coming down from adrenaline.

You have a plan, but you have not enough money/material to make it on you own. You are asking for support. You will get to know a pretty materialistic man.

You will both exchange on what goal you have in mind and he is slightly different on what you are seeking.

Since he is the one who is helping you out, you kinda fear the his views on how to do, could collide with yours...

You both will get into a party like situation and he wants to know if its a real party or just a made up pseudo meeting.

The leader of this is kinda intrigued and will rush on decisions. He wants to prove that everything is right, but your materlistic friend has a really high expection on how this should look like.

You will calm him down and tell him that every party has some overdone announcement.

You can´t keep up with your current duties and your grandson is kinda worried on whats wrong with you.

You will tell him that you have liabilities and rules that you need to life by. If you keep it up, there will be no issues at all.

Your grandson will understand what you told him.

He will judge on what really is going on but doesn´t understand what this situation is about.

You will get to a point where you will not have a chance to do anything about it and you should need to wait where the dynamic of this situation gets to a point, where you can give up the control and give it to somebody else.
Thanks for the reading.

You are trying to impress a girl known as kait, but it doesn´t really get into situation where you know if she does like it or not.

You will get into a situation where are obviously mad man wants to complain about everything.
As you try to calm this situation, he freaks out.

He is really raging and complainign how bad this is and you will argue against him and hold him back.

He runs out of this situation, because he gets that this will lead to nowhere...

Because of the situation this mad man caused, you will get after him and find him. You will call for justice on what he did.

Kait will explain how much this situation has caused her stress and what she needs now to calm down.

You will say that it wasn´t that catastrophic...

She will tell her friends and other people how she has withstand this dangerous situation.

She will ask you what it needs to stay with you in contact and you will tell her what she needs to...
Thank you.
>idk, I guess “high”?
>Flying though the air above my neighbourhood, saw my high school friends below me and one of them told me “get down from there anon”. I proceed to swim frog style towards the ground and I land on my palms. I wake up the moment I touch the ground
I would like to preface this by saying I'm not a superstitious person, nor am I a religious person. I also hardly EVER remember my dreams.

20/m/don't remember. All I remember was that I woke up afterwards.

>be me
>catch a really big fish
>want to show someone
>while walking home I see a snake in the water
>approach the snake
>snake slithers away kicking up murk in the water, when the murk clears i see fingers sticking out of the sand
>snake looks at me and says "I can't believe what I did to that woman"
>sky darkens
>there is no longer a sun, instead there is a gaping wound in the sky
>wake up

I was absolutely shocked I had a dream so vividly strange and cryptic.
>absolute desperate terror
>a night after I had a panic attack and a friend had to drive me home from the bar
>In the dream I'm trying to park along the street next to my driveway, then suddenly there's this freaky looking black and white cartoon looking thing that had a cartoonishly wide body and toothy smile. It's face was like a fucked up mouse and the nose drooped down depressingly, its eyes were black hollow circles with black dots, it was wearing a worn out tux and tiny top hat.
>I kept ramming into it and the sign in front of me trying to get out, screaming my lungs out even as I woke up. Or perhaps I wasn't running into it, but I kept seeing it in my rear-view mirror and behind me when I looked backed so I guess I didn't want to get any closer than I had to. >What the worst part was is that it was always right behind me, no matter what I did. That and it was like 3 am at night
I often have dreams where I get to walk through walls and stuff
File: 1484841418179.jpg (28 KB, 481x479)
28 KB
recently (mybe a week ago) i rarely dream or even not remember of them but this time i got a dream of two person getting open like in a horror movie with the sound of flesh tearing and blood spiling and i was unable to move but to watch most of it after i woke up i was thinking of it all day and it was the most disturbing dream i got

You are currently living in isolation and to escape your misery, you will find new people. They are not honest and will cause problems if you put too much trust in them.
>mental strain to the point of waking up in the morning sweaty, sometimes nausea
I frequently (1-2 times a month) dream that I can see these huge data sets and am trying to interpret them to solve some grand problem. In the dream I know the problem, but when I wake I don't remember. The problem solving is ethereal. eg My consciousness is floating around in a sea of information (not just numbers, words, images, but more!) Other times it's like I'm playing a cross between EUIV and league of legends except I'm playing every character/country and it's not a game it's the real world.
I link these because in both I have no physical body. I am everywhere and everything, and I'm always trying to solve something.

There will be a need to find out if you fall for seducing traps. (traps = planned acts to fraud you)

You have to proof if you can see through these frauds. They look pretty nice, but are obviously made to seduce.

You will ask yourself if you can withstand the most obvious or if you go for the one thats holds your personal interests...
Scared and hopeless
Two weeks ago I dreamed that I went to a friend's place to watch a movie. The movie depicted Earth seen from space and had a voice narrating a series of event. The narrator said that the Large Hadron Collider at CERN was a tool for the elite to contact the Annunaki (yes, the word Annunaki was used). It said that its purpose was to open a portal into their realm; I could see the black void around the earth swirl and open up to reveal a purple-black hole in the sky, and a beam of yellow light entering this hole and disappearing. It also stated that once we reached the Annunaki, they would send something back across that portal: a terrible black shard that would pierce through the Earth and destroy it. This was the Reaping, and only those who were deemed fit by our creators would go up to the next realm; the rest of us would be destroyed along with our planet.

Did I have a prophetic dream about the end of times?

You will get into a situation where you cheer yourself and others. All of you feel pretty superior and will announce it to others.

You will be confronted whith a person that lives nearby, he is mad because of the vulgarity that is happening.

He will say that everything will be allright as long as nobody is overdoing it...

You will overdo it and provoke a clash...

People around you will try to calm him by telling it wasn´t that what it looked like...
At first, not sure. The first part was sort of dread i guess? Second part was annoyance. Occured not long before i woke up
I had a dream i was watching a movie about ayys. It was the intro and i dont remember much other than its was fucking trippy as hell. Like watching static and pics of ayys and the government establishments. Then it becomes more clear and im near an underpass where im listening to a radio or something about an ayy that came to our planet. He was a friendly visitor with a camera that took pictures of buff chicks. Like you could see his face and he was happy as fuck because of all the buff chicks on our planet. Their was creepy music in the background however and the media made it seem like some creepy precursor to an alien invasion. Then all of a sudden its not a movie and im at home in bed where my mom comes in and wakes me up pissed because i let the ayy live in my room. Shes pissed off as fuck and tells me to leave with the ayy.

Then i wake up

You think about telling anyone how it was working at theme park that was 5 years ago. You can´t really find anyone or a place to do so...

You will realize that what you have to say is a secret and not everybody should know it.

If you would toll anyone what really happened, you could get into trouble and even your family.

You should stop being childish.
Was in highschool at the time. 16 or 17
First despair then afterwords confusion

A two part dream where i was in a brightly colored but abandoned theme part(think windows xp default screensaver). I was happy but then got thirsty. I drank water from a water fountain but it tasted like shit. Like goddamn why does this taste like such shit. Repeated two or three times looking for good water then i get to one end of the amusement part that leads into an abandoned commercial street. I go inside a barber shop to drink from the fountain and once again it tastes like shit. Finally i go back to the amusement park and drink from the first fountain. It tasted great. Like holy shit this is the best water ever.

Then i see a flash which was apparently a lightning bolt and im in my bed. Its raining inside and windy and lightning goes off. I see light shining on to the left side of my room and look out the window to the left. Yep rainy and stormy. The. I look to the right side. On the wall i normally have a asian calender with a geisha on it but now its a tapestry of the virgin mary and the source of the light. Its billowing in the wind. I get the strangest feeling like its sapient and watching me. A christfag friend told me of a urban muth of a christfag scientist that held a stethoscope to the belly of the mary in the tapestry and could hear a heartbeat. I hear it and im just like "oh shit". Then my phone rings and see the caller id. Its just "?????????". I wake up to my alarm going off.

I was in catholic school at the time and was agnostic for awhile. Atheist for a decade now
>Confusion & Bliss
After falling asleep
Generally my dreams are lucid in which I give my mental area the foundation of a giant city which I generally know inside and out. During a general lucid trip down in my little dreamscape city I am met by a girl, a recurring person that matches no one I know or have seen in real life but yet trust whenever she appears, and get dragged to one of the random buildings in the area. Around this point the second we leave any bit of the building the whole area gets changed into some oriental floating city where there is nothing but oriental style bridges and wooden/paper houses.Generally start off by walking around the bridges looking over the edge seeing nothing but orange clouds and a sunset sky while having conversations I can not recall but all I know is I'm happier than usual. Greet more people who appear in random parts and be on my way with said girl till the sky turns dark with the dream ending with her and me finding a small circular door with a thin paper sheet hiding a room with nothing but pillows so we can sleep. Generally at that point there is either another small conversation that I struggle to recall or we both sleep which leads to me waking up.

I have no idea if the girl's appearance can mean anything but might as well list her if it gives any insight:
- A bit shorter than me (~5'2ft)
- Black long hair
- Shiny Black Eyes
- Always dressed in something with the mix of Blue, Black and a trim of Orange
- Very dainty frame



>Feeling during dream >Occured (e.g. right after i went to sleep,after i woke up, during a nap and so on)
During/Pleasure/After/A strange feeling I can't explain

>Dream itself
Wrists tied with chains to floor sitting on my knees, then a blonde girl comes into the room and proceeds to cut up her stomach and pull out her intestines then put them into a weird spike machine and manually crushes them and feeds them to me on a plastic plate. After that too many to count come into the room and start doing the same then I woke up
had a fairly vivid dream in which one very powerful alien being more or less took control of all of humanity and put us all into a sort of matrix-like simulation to make the population none the wiser that it was harvesting thousands of humans in order to resurrect 5 fellow alien beings, in order to basically eradicate the human race without us realizing it. it was very specific that it only required 6 of them to accomplish this. however there were 4 people (including myself) that were aware of the deception and had some ability to fight back, however futile it may have seemed. battled countless enemies in the form of regular people who "turned" without notice. 2 of us died. i remember a vivid depiction of the "resurrection" of one of these aliens.
same person

I remembered I felt like I lost emotions if that makes any sense at all.
F, 27, regular night of sleep with socially awkward feelings during the dream.

Am cleaning an old abandoned house with several coworkers, one coworker thinks I am flirting even though I am basically married and have not made any kind of passes at him. When we are alone in a room, he picks me up and slams me against a wall, restraining my arms and trying to instigate rough sex. I scream in surprise and then laugh it off trying to diffuse the situation and keep cleaning trying to ignore the whole thing. A coworker sees us and is so offended that they leave the abandoned house, I apologize as they leave and say nothing happened. Lots of mine and my friends old childhood belongings keep popping up as we clean, as if whoever lived in the abandoned house has spent their entire lives stealing our childhood belongings. The house is extremely creepy but no one seems to acknowledge it. I decide to live there.
Casual feeling like it's any other day
The dream is nothing special really, but I liked the thread so posting anyway..
So it begins with me and my friends going to forest camping. We settle down by this river area and we decide to go swim.. at this point everything turns rusted and old..
water feels dirty and stones are mossy.
We get out of water not mentioning how everything has changed. As if no one has noticed. We go down to some kind of rural area where everything is even worse it's even scarier but I don't feel scared in any kind of way for some reason. After exploring few places we just casualy leave.
It's weird cause usually I'm scared of those kind of things.
File: 1463690929274.jpg (1.99 MB, 4032x3024)
1.99 MB
1.99 MB JPG
A river God call, better to ignore him.
I had a dream that I had a girlfriend who always wore a strap on and we would double team girls she would bring home and she would grind on me with the strap on to mess with me.

My father is suddenly some sort of pro chess player and he's about to play against his opponent in the final match.
It's almost time but before that he needs to eat food for preparation. He's sitting on the floor in front of this table with all this japanese food. He says I have to feed him like I'm his caddy or something.
I put some fried chicken in his mouth with chopsticks but I fuck up by putting it in sideways and too fast, now it's in the middle of his throat and he's choking.
I try to do the ham lick man over on him to make him not choke to death but he still dies.
I don't know how to interpet this.
>confusion and anger in the dream
I was sitting in a convertable seabring I use to own 6 years ago. Texting my ex gf arguing of course. Three villainous looking guys walk past the car with a skateboard in hand. My close friend and a couple others I cannot make out who are following. I try to get their attention by locking and unlocking the doors frantically. It does not get their attention. I jump out of the car to find out the thugs have taken my friends skate board. I rush over to them ready to fight with one of my friend's friends. As they see us running up they throw the skateboard to my friend. I noticed it was a bright yellow and orange board with only one set of wheels on it. It was very dark out in an apartment complex I have never been to.
>wake up in a panic ready to kill
Can you upload an image of a skateboard please i cant find one and this thing is amazing
File: WTFAWESOME.jpg (112 KB, 1139x336)
112 KB
112 KB JPG
Okay I love this website
File: dream.jpg (41 KB, 1600x385)
41 KB
>Discomfort, rejection/being disapproved of
>Early morning, after sunrise

I was walking through a hallway that closely resembled the storage area of a flat I grew up in. It looked like the first panel of pic, but more dimly lit and weathered. Earlier, someone had handed me a key to unlock a door there—I think it was my childhood friend, but I don't remember exactly.
Anyway, the location of this door seemed to be exactly where our old cellar used to be, but as I approached it, the door was already open and who else walked out of the room but fucking Prince.
He looked me up and down sceptically, and said something like "you want to hang out with us, huh?" and I said I did. He responded with "well... you're kind of boring, but I do like you, so alright.". I entered the room, and Prince left, not to be seen again.
Inside the room was a sort of hangout of what I assume was his entourage. The room was very small and L-shaped. It was smokey, dark and humid, and people were watching a movie on an old CRT television and a VCR. It was a Prince movie.
I recall two men and two women—there may have been a few more people in the background, but if there were I didn't interact with them. The men were dark-skinned, in their 30s or 40s, and seemed primarily interested in watching the movie. The women were white, late teens or early 20s and they seemed very absent-minded, perhaps just waiting for Prince to return. They showed no interest in the movie, and certainly not in me.

(continued from >>21101620 )

I tried to initiate conversation with one of the men watching by asking if it was "Parade" (there's no Prince movie by that title) but the guy didn't really pay me much attention. I thought he didn't understand me, and as I tried to move closer, I got stuck between two other people (the two women) and they seemed irritated by my presence. The heat of their bodies was very intense, and rather unpleasant. After a short struggle I managed to wrestle myself free of them and sat down on a sofa next to one of the men. I had a brief conversation with him, and he seemed fairly affable at first, but soon seemed to lose interest in continuing the conversation. Disappointed, I turned the other way, where one of the women was sitting. I still felt the heat of her body radiating, and for a second I considered striking up a conversation but it was obvious that she wanted nothing to do with me. Both women had a high and mighty air of heroin-chic models who seem perpetually bored. The men were slightly friendlier, but still made me feel unwelcome.
This is when I woke up.

Some context: the dream was dominated by feelings of social rejection; I don't recall any sexual element. The friend whom I suspect handed me the key has been out of the country since februari and I don't have many other close friends so this is a rather lonely period in my life.
File: giphy.gif (641 KB, 200x154)
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641 KB GIF
Fuck meant to reply to

Thanks for the response, ill try to be considerate and mindful moving forward
taking a 3-4 hour nap

It was about finding a thing I called the table of heaven, the table had a solid front and two solid sides but no back so it was more of a box with the back missing, it had a "V" sigil underneath a melted stone cage adorned by a skull made out of a black stone containing it's power source (I was told it was the Heart of Lucifer) in the hollow.

Anything placed on this table duplicated (except for living things), so that when you picked it up again there was an exact duplicate in it's place (and assuming you could pick the item up without "bouncing" it you would only have two things at this point), using the table though drained it's power and every now and then it would need to recharge with nearby life forces, eyes would turn green with concentric rings and people would exhibit random behavior (mostly a catatonic seizure) but it would go away after a while (think it took some years off of you, or made you more prone to accidents). In the dream it was explained to me that this was because the table lost it's connection to God due to being abandoned or God being absent, thus it needed to power itself. (one creation feeding on another, but an exchange nonetheless)

Thinking about it this is how Jesus could have fed the starving masses but ofcourse it was safe for him.

Anyway, the dream ended with me selling it to someone for 1000 dollars out of worry, the catatonic seizures were very scary, and happened to multiple nearby people in turns at random times.
i want her to smother me with her foot. that's the dream i had last night. wtf does it mean????
can I still post mine
Will there be any judgement?
Asking since I just checked my journal and I realized I dream up the weirdest shit like, I dunno Arnold Schwarzenegger appearing to me in a swarm of bees to give me a copy of Half Life 3 and canned coffee
File: Giant bat.jpg (6 KB, 307x164)
6 KB
I had this dream when I was kid if that means anything. I was standing in the driveway of my backyard and we had massive gum trees there and I could see something there I thought it was a bird but then it started flying towards me and to was a pure black giant bat flying towards me at least a wingspan of 2 cars I think more anyway it flew down to me in a rage and was screaming and it bit my rude finger off and I was screaming in pain the creature flew away then I woke up in a sweat.

It looked almost exactly like the picture except with a bats head.

what does it mean
I was angry and partly scared in the dream but mostly angry and my age was I think 6 to 9
also the dream occurred when I went to sleep for the night.
Alright its worth a shot.
>19 but its a reoccuring dream that ive been getting since i was 5
>feeling of hopelessness, fear during dream
I walk around a parking garage for several minutes.looking outside, i see nothing but a white void. After a while of this i begin being chased by multiple bouncy balls. They are 2D, almost like they are animated. I run away from them screaming for my life but no audible noise is made. It is after i scream that i wake up.
dude I don't think anyone is ever going to reply
Be patient. This thread was started saturday, OP responded to a bunch of posts every day.

You walk correct.
>Feeling during dream
slight discomfort, no significant emotional response like in general nightmares
I believe most of my dreams occur around 5-7AM (that's usually when I wake up from nightmares). It probably occurred during that time, I woke up normally later though.
>Dream itself
It had many acts but the two I remember were:

A blonde attractive man with glasses whom I recognized as a clinical psychopath gave me a drug/roofie in the form of a candy and I ate it despite knowing what it was. We were in a small dark bar that he had decorated with flowers and candles. I was drugged and when I regained consciousness it was after the fact that he had sex with me and had drugged himself too so he could feel something. I asked him out of curiosity if he felt guilt or empathy for drugging and "raping" me and he said "No, I did give you flowers".

Second scene was me using a pregnancy test despite knowing fully well I am not pregnant. The result was a line and a half which meant not pregnant in my dream. In really - one line is not pregnant, two lines is pregnant.

Just for reference all my dreams tend to revolve around uncomfortable and sometimes dark aspects of female sexuality (pregnancy, rape etc) and the men in my dreams are usually out to get me. I am a virgin in real life and men don't mistreat me in general.
Also the drug which I described as a "candy" in really looked like a block of pink kinetic sand that crumbled as I took a bite of it.
File: khan.jpg (150 KB, 634x721)
150 KB
150 KB JPG
during regularly scheduled sleep
>Be me in the dream
>Young, like 14-16 area
>Going to watch The Lion King 3 with mum
>Step into the theatre, everyone is black
>everyone stares at us for a few seconds, they all look extremely cartoony, then turn back to the movie
>their heads now have cartoony butts on the back of them
>I plan to bootleg the movie off my flip phone
>It's called a "Quart phone" in this world because it functions off of quarters
>The movie begins, the lion king crew is living on a steampunk settlement with nothing but open plains outside of it
>Simbah's son goes to check on the people growing crops
>the crops are arranged in the minecraft block system
>no water
>Simbah's son offers to help, everyone grateful
>then boom, I am in the movie world, helping the harvest
>the harvest ends, the foreman announces it is time for winter hibernation
>go back to my family's old house
>it starts raining
>go inside, up to my old room
>there is a pile of cartoony warthogs hibernating on my bed, huddled together for warmth
>pumba is on the floor, wrapped in all the bed's blankets
>go to my parent's room, attempt to call for my mom on her old landline, which was hidden in her jewlery box
>as I do so, behind me, GENGHIS KHAN emerges from the bedsheets, like a fat guy out of a pool
>apprently in this universe, I was raised by sentient rats in the basement
>he laughs these words at me, but I can understand him
>he says that the phone lines are down because of the blizzard (in mongolian laughter)
>I look out the window, can't see anything, it's a white sheet of snow
>he holds up 3 fingers, which I understand means that he's going to hunt me
>I run downstairs to try and go out the door
>It's frozen shut
>go to the basement
>Chinese basement goblins throw poison darts at me
File: mongolian.jpg (100 KB, 1920x1080)
100 KB
100 KB JPG
>decide to hide under my bed
>Genghis has slain all the warthogs, used their pelts for a cape
>get under the bet, have to stuff myself with lots of effort because of all the trash underneath
>a hand grabs me out from under it
>It's Darkk Mane
>he speaks to me in an old-english, archaic way of speaking
>he draws his sword, but is stabbed straight through his chest by Genghis's three foot long falchion
>I'm able to escape, run into the spare room on the first floor
>there is a standard 90's movie crew of kids
>fat kid, white girl, black kid
>they're on old toshiba laptops, trying to email the police
>decide to help, but then get bored and look up "anime tiddies"
>Go to the first image I see, but genghis is blocking the hentai
>he laughs, and starts winding up his blade, and brings it down
>the computer is cleaved in half
>fat kid takes off his mask, revealing a full sized genghis
>real fat kid is still alive, screeches in terror
>benny hill yakety sax chase scene that I can't remember happens
>all of us wind up in the foyer
>Genghis is bearing down on us
>white girl stabs him in chest with steak knife
>while Genghis is down on the floor, writhing in pain, the girl uses the blood on the knife to burn open the door
>this weird thing teleports into our midst, which I inherintly know is a "explination gnome"
>he explains to us that Genghis's blood has fire properties
>attempt to grab him and harness his magic
>he starts shrinking as I get close to him, disappears entirely
>Genghis is back up, we run out to the car
>we start driving off, but genghis throws an orcish axe at the car, breaking through the trunk
>he chases us, but we back up into him, running him over, and disabling him again
>we drive off, and get to an old boomer and his wife's house
File: boomer.png (70 KB, 380x349)
70 KB
>he says, "Oh yeah, the first part is crap, but part five is t he best. We learn about his tragic past and his dead wife!"
>falls over, axe'd through the back by genghis
>Genghis retrieves the axe and grins at us madly
>wake up

I only have 2 dreams that I remember per year, but they are weird as all hell.
what does is it mean when all people in a dream have a head of an animal? many different animals.
Uncertainty and confusion.
In this dream I was hanging out with some old friends of mine. We were at a cafe or something. I started talking about mediation. I then entered a second dream within the first, and found myself in San Francisco. I walked down the street, and found that it abruptly turned into a sheer cliff. I closed my eyes and jumped off, falling into a white void. Then I woke back up in the cafe, took ectasy, fell back into city dream, and proceeded to jump off into the void again. This repeated a couple more times, and I woke up confused.
You might have a rape fetish. Not saying go slut yourself but might be a good kink if you do ever get a man in your life
Age 22
Gender M
Feeling during dream Occured:passed out drunk
Dream itself

>Visiting some hooters girls house
>says we should make a bank
>idc i just wanna fuck
>she's talking about lending and shit when im fucking her and im about to nut
>a bunch of agent smith looking guys bust in through all the windows
>"we're with the federal reserve banking cartel and she's one of ours, get the fuck out of here"
>leave in the dead of night with boxers around my knees
>wake up

What do you think it means guys??
all 23 year old virgin women have the sickest fetishes
> 18
> Male
> Fear, Anger, Rage, Grief

I can never tell when they begin or end.

For the first part of the dream, I was mainly concerned about my digital wristwatch running out of batteries. I wear a Casio, but in the dream the display was very different than it actually is, with a low battery indicator and all. I was walking around some vaguely familiar but generally unfamiliar sprawl trying to fix it and get batteries. I walked into a gas station at one point but could not buy any batteries. I disassembled the watch but could not put it back together, and became increasingly upset each time I failed.

The second part of the dream was sort of Blade Runner-ish. There was a clone, and he looked a bit like a young Phillip Seymour Hoffman. He had been made by an old man and an old woman, and they all lived together in an old Victorian mansion. I evidently knew this clone well and was his close friend. He had a name - something ridiculously fancy sounding, like Milton.

In the dream, he figures out that he is a clone and storms into the room where I am chatting with the old man and the old woman. His face is a mask of rage and sadness, tears running down his cheeks as he stares us down. He angrily rants at us, the content of which I don’t remember. We all try to calm him, but he won’t listen.

Suddenly, he rushes at the old man and kills him by gouging out his eyes, like how Rutger Hauer killed the old scientist in Blade Runner. The old woman tries to stop him, but it’s too late. The clone turns and breaks her neck. She falls over the body of the old man.

He turns to me and advances slowly, arms outstretched, reaching for my neck. I fumble in my pocket, pull out a pen. As he draws closer, I jab the pen in his wrist and slice upwards along the length of his arm, slicing open the vein (think how Albert Brooks kills Bryan Cranston in Drive, if you’ve ever seen that).

He withdraws, clutching his wrist, staring at me with eyes filled with tears and rage. He looks at me as if I’ve betrayed him. I attack him, punching him repeatedly. At first it does nothing, but finally I’m able to knock him down with a few good ones to the jaw. Once he’s on the ground, I begin kicking and stomping, screaming curses at him. He cowers and cries, but does not make a sound. Finally, I feel his head come apart under the heel of my boot. I exult for a moment. Then I look at him, the old man, and the old woman, and I start to sob.

I woke weeping and calling out the clone’s name.

Oh, right. This must have been around 9:30AM yesterday morning. I don’t start work until later in the day, but I had some errands to run and was trying to get up at 8:30 to get a good head start. I had set my alarm to 8:30 but it didn’t go off. That might explain the watch.
didn't really feel anything

this dream happened about last week. Had a dream where I met up with my stepbrother at a mall and watched a video where a guy bled to death through his eye sockets. Some sort of zip
rope accident cause his eyes to be pulled out.
oh yea also I doubt there's really any meaning to it. watched videos of people dying before going to bed so that's probably it. Had also been thinking of my step brother earlier
I didn't feel much other than confusion after I woke up.
>I was a prostitute denying my services.
>Man accompanied with a swarm of rats hires me and I go with him.
>Man was in black with a cowboy ish hat
>Wake up confused.
File: Skies_Sunset.jpg (698 KB, 1920x1080)
698 KB
698 KB JPG
Feelings:: Nervous, Happy, Attraction To Something Unkown

Re-Occuring Dream: Wake up in small white room, think like clinically clean where not even a speck of dust exists. Nothing in room but a sink with a mirror, a door with a slot that occasionally has food when the dream occurs again and a cabinet of clothing articles [Contents include: Shirts and sweats with form fitting variants of both and diapers]. Anything and everything about the room is white, every piece of furniture and article of clothing in the cabinet is plain white. The only exception to this rule seems to be any food that appears by the door.

As I imagine with most dreams the passage of time is hard to tell but mentally I am aware that I have been in the room for a while, if I do anything that can result in any kind of mess the room will eventually clean itself. After what generally feels like a week in that room the door is unlocked revealing a broken down building outside with no one there. As if by cue a pair of shoes are waiting in front of the door still following the all white motif laid out by the room. Generally it seems like an hour or so till I decide to put the shoes on and leave, approaching the outside the overall building looks ruined and in the middle of a desert. At this point the dream slightly varies from each time it occurs but generally follows a trend of unknown alarms going off and the sense of a pull coming from a random direction. As I walk in the direction of the pull my setting changes from desert to jungles, ruined cities, tundras and grasslands. Occasionally I'll see a small black hair girl wave at me as I go thru my journey. At the end I always find myself next to a new door which I proceed to open only to reveal a new White Room similar to the last but white a slightly change configuration which at that point I decided to lay down in bed and wake up.

It's been a reoccuring dream for 3+ years at this point.
Fuck man this shit is too accurate for you to know all about. Dafuq kinda sorcery is this? My friends did reluctantly helped me in the relationship. She turned out to be an unknown person. I got back with a girl I knew since primary school and I pretty much instantly ended things with the one who made mw miserable. I have lost my job and she took out some mortgages in my name.

Guide me further. This is fucking amazing
35 Male

The other night I was having a typical dream for me... I dont remember it tho.

Suddenly I got attacked by four hellhounds. I was a little scared. The first one attacked me, biting at my wrists. I was surprised that I didnt feel it, I was holding it back with my mind, like it wasnt quite touching my wrists yet. then the second one attacked at me, I was struggling to hold them back. The third and fourth stayed back for a while, then one after the other they all charged at me.

Then they were gone, I dont know where they went, but their master was there. He was It was a clown. I dont remember his face, or anything, only that he was wearing black and white checkered outfit and was a clown. I wasn't looking directly at him, but I saw him as if it was his reflection or appearance or something. He was raising out of the ground and I had a surge of fear.

I then regained half-consciousness and started praying. I didnt feel like dealing with this one, I just wanted to pray and let someone else handle it. My eyes were closed but in my mind I could see light fill the room, and heat. I prefer to be cold, but the heat wasn't uncomfortable, just needed to get used to it. After a minute I was completely awake
>Feeling : Extreme distress
>No clue when it happened, middle of the night? Not an experienced dreamer.

I was walking down a hallway in my own home. My parents were there. I don't know why, but suddenly I felt very angsty, like I needed to release some pressure. I instinctively went to hit a door, out of the blue. My fist landed with no impact like a pillow. I started rapidly hitting the wall, no impact, no release of emotion. I tried to scream but no words came from my lips. The pressure is mounting and is almost unbearable, I turn to my parents. They ignore me. I collapse on a rug bawling (silently, as I cannot speak). My relatives act as if I am invisible, they cannot see me balled up on the rug. I wasn't actually invisible though, it was as if they just could not see my distress. I wake up shortly after.

It was one of the worst feelings I've ever had in a dream. I think I know what it means already, it's not unrelated to some issues I've already been grappling with. Just want another opinion.

And thanks OP, for doing stuff like this.
I'm ok if you interpret this dream before anyone else who posted.

Im here to help out who is willing to listen to me.

I want to keep people out of misery or at least help them who are in trouble.

People who have a higher status in spirituality don´t listen to me at all. Even if i give foresight over months and they really come true.

So if they don´t wanna listen, im going to help anyone who wants to listen to me.
Okay then I have kind of stabilized my life now. I am still damn near broke but things are about to work out but as I said previously, I haven't had a single dream in 7 months. Usually I used to get 1 every week. Back in school days, I had 2-3 a night. What's happening to me now?

The dream was given to you ,was about 8 months forecasting. As long as nothing changes and you are not aware of the sitation, there will be no new dream to interprete.

No forecasting is written into stone. Everything can change if you are aware of the situation.

A new dream will come as soon as this situation is going to end.
Dream after I went to bed that night
I dreamt I had gained the power to infect people and any metal objects, like I was a living computer virus. ( for example if I infected a person, their skin would turn pale white regardless of race, and their hair would turn either black, green, or purple. If I infected something like a car, the vehicle itself would be reconstituted to whatever I needed it to be and look how I wanted it to look.) All I needed to do was touch someone to infect them.

In my dream, I had made it my goal to infect the world and make a better species. There would be no war because everyone would be working towards my goals. ( just to note, those infected retained their personalities and everything. The only change to their mind was that they literally could not process thoughts that would be a betrayal to me)

So the majority of the dream was me trying to hunt down resistance factions try to stop me
Cute feet
12 (at the moment)
>Feeling during the dream
really bad, fear
>dream itself
The milka's cow from the TV advertissment swim in a river, then she look at me and eat me, I'm not dead but I see my body inconscious and in front of me the cow eat my whole family. I dream of it every night during my childhood
>14 at the time
>surprise, annoyance, worried
>went to sleep after listening to minecraft's soundtrack while trying to fix the wifi and failing

>be dream
>be home alone
>playing minecraft decorating my home there
>go fry some eggs because of idea i had while playing
>hear a noise at the front door
>open door
>it's my dog which ran away some months ago
>get down and pet him, hug him
>don't care if he's dirty or smells
>take him to the back yard
>give him some fried egg
>go to living room
>see plane tickets for somewhere like my country's LA
>go there in plane
>i was supposed to do something here but forgot
>while waiting for my plane to go back i talk to some guy about why i was here and explore
>find a corridor with hotel rooms
>enter one of those rooms
>it's my uncle and his wife
>they're there too and i forgot to ask why
>say hi to them hug them (usual family encounter stuff)
>then my actress cousin comes in the room
>i'm surprised to see here because i rarely do, even in family reunions when even her little brother's there
>family greets her
>annoy her a bit to pass time
>get tired of it and grab my uncle's cellphone and starts playing playing some fan pokemon game in it
>suddenly my grandma comes in with something for me to taste
>i taste it
>it's good
>she goes out to make some more of it
>get worried about when plane's coming because i still have to go to school
>time passes a little bit
>get to plane, get home
>mom's there
>oh fuck
>explain to her what happened and why dog's in the backyard
>she starts lecturing me about why she's having some hard times
>i somewhat ignore it
>something else happends but don't remember what
>USSR anthem starts playing as my cue to wake up
>dream ends
I am disappointed I never get interpretation
That idiot is a hack fraud who can't 'interpret' shit
My dream last night, was that I was killing all my close friends, but not with a knife or gun or some shit, but with kinda telekinesis, and there was this Shadow man with a hat encouraging me to do it, I felt really sad for everyone, but I the same time, I felt relieved.
What does it mean?
>was feeling a little bit confused, scared, and angry
I was in my childhood home in SoCal. I was still my current age (21) in the dream, and I was in my parents room. There were air raid sirens, I had a rifle, and I was defending my childhood home from waves of ww2 era Imperial Japan armed forces. The firefight lasted for a while, and by the time the firefight died down, I woke up.
19, almost 20
>Feeling during dream
Intense confusion and slight fear
>Occured (e.g. right after i went to sleep,after i woke up, during a nap and so on)
During a two or three hour period of sleep, sometime between 6AM and 10AM
Also occurred in some form after waking up, when closing my eyes and attempting to sleep but not asleep again.
>Dream itself
No real story with this dream. I was crouched in a fetal position in a small dark space, which opened at one end in a way that didn't seem physically possible. Similar geometrical impossibilities and such occured, sometimes overlapping one another, which only furthered the impossibility of it. No colors present, only black and white.
Oh, and I'm not sure if this is important, but I woke up with gas I was unable to release until I peed.
I dreamed of Three swords plunging into two black skulls and one red skull, It was arranged how Christians depict Christ on calvary hill.
>feeling during dream
I was drowsy and sort of started to fade into sleep, when I woke up I was resting on my right cheek
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can we do this instead?
File: loss-highres.png (162 KB, 701x629)
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162 KB PNG
File: 1375596426655.png (197 KB, 1572x540)
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the seven arrows are actually 7 big black cocks

bitch gonna get gangraped behind the hotel
File: 1462282258914.png (393 KB, 397x384)
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393 KB PNG
>being this new
>not knowing erica
anger, fear
I was just spectating in the dream, there was an old man and his wife sitting on a table with a candle on it. I felt as if the fire stared at me there was something sinister in it, the old man started speaking in a steretypical demon summoning manner. The fire flickered, he looked up and went quiet, when he came to he started to insult his wife, insults turned to yelling, yelling turned to him furiously screaming at her while she cried. His screams blown out the candle, he let out a shriek in his regular voice, realized what he did and hugged her.... I woke up

I remeber being aware the whole time that blowing out the candle will stop it, and I had a clear image of the demoness that possesed him in my mind but I couldn't do anything. I also know I was trying to wake up the whole dream but for some reason I couldn't till the candle was blown out.
I never get one either, so they are probably NPCs.
>Feeling during dream
Paranoia, anxiety
last night, presumably during REM
First of all, everything is B&W, and I'm a school child again. Under mysterious circumstances I somehow killed both of my living grandparents and the only evidence of it is their skulls, which I have hidden at home. The dream begins with a wave of paranoia coming over me as I realise the seriousness of the situation. I don't know why I did it, and I'm terrified of getting caught. I go to school, which is a weird underground industrial facility. It's basically a hallway that leads to a classroom, and on the other end is an underground train station. I have a mental breakdown during class, and am brought to an office overlooking the station. There's a stern male teacher and a nice female teacher. He wants me to go home ASAP, but she tries to comfort me. The bell rings and everyone heads to the station. I get on the train with the rest of the students. As I'm walking down the carriage, everyone stops talking and their heads all morph into skulls and fall to the ground. I'm alone on the carriage with a bunch of headless children and up to my knees in skulls. Woke up then.
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I am convinced you are an NPC after that
Underage b&
Also checked
>End of dream; deep into a very convoluted narrative, all I can remember of which included writing the date "December 14, 1994" on a paper to correct some unknown error I made (definitely had something to do with parallel universes/time travel)
>Trying to have dream sex with waifu in the back seat of a car; she turns into my ex... I don't really want to anymore, but I do anyway, and an opaque veil appears between us through which I try and stick my ding-dong, but I have self-awareness that something isn't right and wake up

plz magic eye me ty; I will try to psychic awesome back if possible

Also I had this dream about 20 minutes before timestamp seen on this post

In my dream, Ellen Degeneres has problems with her vagina and she needs semen to balance out her cunt. She picks me because I'm the least manly man she could find.
So I'm fucking her from behind and she's just bored as fuck. Then I tell her, just use a turkey baster to get cum in your cunt you BITCH!
And then I wake up.
Annoyance, disgust
Just before waking up
I dreamed that the one of the landscapers working outside my apartment tripped and sawed through the front of one of the other workers’ face. Basically severed his jaw and it was just hanging by some shreds of skin and muscle. Then I woke up and realized there were actual landscapers outside, and the noise had affected my dream.
>before: drowsy and tired. Pretty neutral.
>during: unsure, confused, content
>after: huh.

>actual dream:

A large amount of people are gathered for a concert. As the show ends, the crowd morphs into a mob of people. They're all part of a cult. The pop star on stage is leading them all and I sway to what she's saying as if the mood hadn't changed. She gets more serious and more sinister about what she's saying and rallies up the crowd. Someone behind me pulls me onto their lap and despite being worried about my surroundings, I allow them to console me.

It was a great dream cuz they were rubbing my tummy and it was hella realistic. The dude doing it was a freshly shaven tall guy. Kinda thin and lanky but toned.
I had this weird dream man.
And yanno how you like have a nightmare and it's so intense,
even your leg tries to wake you up.
Your leg's like,
Your leg kicks awake. And you wake up.
I- this was the dream right. I was being chase by a giant crab.
It's not funny. This huge like 50 foot crab.
He was chasing me down a beach and he was doing that
crab run where he was like... and snapping at me with his little snappers.
And he was all night long... he was trucking.
He was doing like 100 miles an hour.
You know like when you're bring chased by a killer or a beast?
In the dream they can run as fast as they want but you can't fucking-
you're like AH COME ON I CAN'T MOVE.
But the fucking crab is like eh... and his eyes were up here and there
was lighting shooting out of its eyes and he was wearing little loafers or
something. I dunno. Oh my leg just fucking went "GET UP!"
And I woke up for like a second and they I went right back into the fucking
dream. Which only happens witha nightmare.
You never like wake up like yanno it's like if you're having sex with
Cindy Crawford. Yyou know how you like wake up and you pretend
you're not awake? Yanno? Try to trick yourself.
Oh no! I'm not awake I'm in Cancun with Cindy. NOOO.
But I fell back into the into the dream and the crab was like waiting for me.
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>pic related
I was in elementary school at age 12, and my Indian friend with a beard and a blue shirt who was 13 at that time told me to follow him and he brought me to a boxing ring, and before we could start fighting, my Italian friend who was beside my Vietnamese friend, both 12 at that time tripped me several times, and then I woke up at 5:50 AM.

slight panic, worried

this dream was 2 nights ago. it was night time and a small black bird was injured. it was trying to fly but it was hurt and moving erratically/not natural. i wanted to help it and i tried to put it in my jacket pocket, the bird freaked out more and flew on my head, i grabbed it off but it gets away from me. i have a keychain flashlight and im on my hands and knees in the grass looking for it but its gone. then i woke up. fucked me up when i woke up of how real it all felt.

You will get to know a person that is currenlty struggling with a situation. You want to help out because this person really seems to be lost.

You will try to force on the decision what this lost person has to do, but obviously, this person doesn´t trust you at all...

You will do everything to find this person, because this person left and tries to hide from you.
chill, then a bit panicky, then relief
before I woke up in the morning after a full nights sleep

I dreamt about getting some sweet insurance, the woman selling it was very nice to me

Next thing I remember is that I start losing hair, like in chunks, I easily pulled out a bunch of it with a layer of dried skin near the roots

Look funny with the weird bald patches on my head, no skin damage though

Decide I have to shave my head

Insurance covered the hairdresser bill, pretty sweet I think to myself and then wake up

I guess the message is something like prepare for the worst and you'll be fine, but I'm interested what you have to say.


Your minds immediately come up with "fetish" when I was describing things that were clearly nightmares and causes of distressing and unpleasant feelings. I think your responses say more about you than me.
File: MLLGreenNosalis.png (394 KB, 442x608)
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394 KB PNG
I didn't see a sleep paralysis thread so I'll post mine here since it was like a dream.
It was the worst case of sleep paralysis I ever had.
I slept in the nude last night because it was hot and I had just drank hot tea. When the sleep paralysis started there was no monster anywhere near, but I had a memory that there was a monster that could come at any time. I was attempting to get dressed with using all my willpower to make extremely slow movements because that was the best I could do. I kept feeling that the monster could come out of the closet that leads to my attic any time, and I tried to get dressed as fast as possible. Eventually I was near standing up and getting dressed, then I passed out.
When I woke up I was placed back on my bed in the previous position, like it didn't want me to escape. I tried to get dressed again as fast as possible, and felt something warm under me like urine, although there was none when I woke up.
Eventually I just woke up, still naked and in my starting position. This time I could move fine and I was really awake.
For more information on what the monster looked like, it was like a cross between the montauk monster and a nosalis from metro, and was bipedal and walked slowly. I had specific memories of encountering it before, which must have been fabricated by the dream because I never saw anything the least bit similar to either of them.
Also, I am a male 20 year old, my feeling during it was terror and being preyed upon, and it occurred 2 hours earlier than I normally wake up after sleeping. It actually caused me to miss sleep because I woke up early from it and refuse to go back to sleep.
I haven't had it for a while, but I regularly had dreams that I was back in high school, there weren't any people from high school in the dream, just the school and the teachers, and random npc students that were just sort of there but not a main part of the experience. The general gist was often that it was English lesson next (I disliked the teacher but not powerfully so) and I hadn't done my homework/wasn't up to date with the work, so there was a dread. Though on another occasion it was PE that was the next lesson, and that was the last lesson (as it actually was when I was in high school) and often in these dreams I'd realise or suspect that I was too old to be in school, but only a couple of times was I able to realise I was dreaming, which then made me relax in the dream, and also attempt to lucid dream and have fun with it.

But overall it was usually an unprepared feeling that resonated, a feeling that I did have when I was in school and hadn't done the homework, and had to decide whether to make an attempt in the lunch break, or make up an excuse why I hadn't done it. This happened a few times irl.

I'm 36 now, male
also these happened since I had moved back to the area of the school irl.

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