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File: nordic-alien-woman.jpg (22 KB, 400x565)
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Please respond. I've met some of you in my dreams but I wish you meet you in person. I definitely don't mean you any harm. My desire for truth is consuming me. All of this energy could be best used on your behalf. Give me direction and focus. How can we help fix humanity and the galaxy?
ITT victims of Sorcha Faal psyops projecting
If you want to meet them go Brazil.
They have Internet at all the research stations. Just email them.

Not paranormal.

I thought most of them went to Argentina? Most live underground or underwater.
>Nordic literally means "from the north"
>I want to meet a northerner from the south pole!
They don't exist. They're just people from /pol/ fairytales
File: Do_it_faggot_trollcat.jpg (91 KB, 530x421)
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>you want to meet them go Brazil.
>They don't exist. They're just people from /pol/ fairytales
Sure they exist it's called scandanavia
>Please respond.
Dude could you sound more desperate
>I definitely don't mean you any harm.
Thats convincing
> My desire for truth is consuming me.
Sigh. Here is at the very least your best bet on quenching that desire.
Go to Mexico to the zone of silence (400 mi south of el paso). Bring a poleroid camera but no electronics and bring enough gear to camp and explore.
South west and South america has lots of UFO and paranormal activity. If you wander the desert you will see weird shit you aren't supposed to see. However, this can also be Cartels, human trafficking, cults, and people getting rid of bodies. GOOD LUCK NOT DYING
just go to the amsterdam redlight district
File: frozen-elsa.jpg (961 KB, 1600x1470)
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961 KB JPG
>I wish to contact a Nordic from Antarctica
hey bro, valiant thor here. you may know me?

put a pine cone up your butt and i'll send helga to pick you up. thanks man

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