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Would the demiurge ever single out a person to torment?
this guy is like my coworker at Lexis Nexis Steve Nolan
some individuals have less psychic barrier between the material and non-material world
demons will single out these individuals, they call it schizophrenia

>Also, general discussion about reverse gang-stalking.
His followers sure would, and have.

is sprite made by the demiurge?
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Yes, those who go down the path of becoming a powerful magus and have natural talent are prime target for his archon minions, he sees them as a potential threat to his rule.
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Sort of like this but the panic has subsided into a kind of vague existential dread. It's never been what you would call a "local" experience unless I'm on drugs. But lately it's been (((stuff))) about my family, coworkers, people I've met contorted into whatever shape would disturb me the most
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Isn't the Demiurge just another word for God?
no, but he would curse a large group of people with the instilled belief that they are being singled out for torment

make of that what you will
Is Varg a strong Magus?

The Demiurge is the Impostor of God. He wants you to think he is God.

He is a Pretender.

Demiurge means Half Creator.
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It helps to think of the Demiurge as an Autistic child who thinks he is superman.
No, he's a demon who can create, but is still a creation of the actual god.
The demiurge is the gnostic god


The Demiurge is the Gnostic Satan.

The Gnostic God is called the Monad, the One or the Logos. He is sees as Unknowable.
Hear and be wise. The God of the sons of Adam is not the highest monarch of the heavenly zones.
Above him swells one so much greater that his greatness cannot be measured. Even the name of God
defiles him, for he is not a god but a singleness of being without discontinuity. He shines with a pure
light no eye can see and speaks in thunder no ear can hear. There is none existing prior to him to limit
his duration. He is ineffable and perfect, standing alone complete unto himself.
Neither male nor female, neither large nor small, neither breath nor flesh, the mind of man can never
question his qualities for he is unknowable. He endures outside of time and encompasses duration. He
is the Father of Aeons. He rules before and above all existence. He gives knowledge but is not Wisdom.
He gives mercy but is not Love. The name of him is forever unspeakable, for in it are all names and
moments in the existence of things, and if ever it were spoken aloud the universe would unravel like the
hem of a garment and come to an end.
No according to gnosticism the abrahamic god is the demiurge and above him there is another bigger god called the monad or the source which created him. That being said the gnostics are retarded heretics.
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My understanding is that the demiurge is a chaotic Producer, not exactly a creator because it lacks divinity

Demiurge is literally Latin for Half Creator.

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